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«Summary I am a problem solver and software architect with more than 30 years of experience specializing in mobile and web technology, and information ...»

Charles S. Assaf MSc. IT charles@charlesassaf.com


Software Architect

+27 (0) 760119350, Cape Town


I am a problem solver and software architect with more than 30 years of experience

specializing in mobile and web technology, and information security across various


I have been involved with start-ups and established companies as a senior level

employee and/or consultant in roles including Chief Technology Officer (Velloe), Consulting Practice Manager (Schlumberger), Business Analyst (RPM), Program/Product Manager (Atos, Schlumberger, TD Waterhouse), Chief Systems Architect (TD Waterhouse), and Software Developer (Velloe, TD Waterhouse, RPM).

I earned a Master of Science, Information Technology degree from the University of Liverpool in 2006 with a dissertation entitled "Secure Delivery of Syndicated News Feeds", and have twice completed the Canadian Securities Course, in 1983 and again in 2005, permitting me to trade equity, fixed income and derivative financial instruments in Canada when I worked in the financial services industry.

I am originally from Toronto, Canada, and have extensive international business experience, managing projects and consulting teams for Schlumberger across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia; developing new business units in Europe for Atos;

guiding a team of relatively inexperienced developers in India for RPM Technologies;

and establishing a software outsourcing consultancy in India.

In 2013 I moved to Cape Town, South Africa and subsequently co-founded Velloe Inc.

with a former associate from Toronto. I served as its Chief Technology Officer, responsible for the design, development and implementation of its DevOps, web services and mobile and web applications that are deployed in Amazon Web Services, until January of 2016, whereupon we parted ways.

During my time with Velloe, I gained considerable, practical knowledge and experience with Amazon Web Services, Ecommerce, WordPress, Booking Management, PHP based RESTful web services, IOS/Android application development, SEO and B2C Marketing.

I am currently seeking a new opportunity in a startup-up or established business that can utilize my skills and expertise.

Charles S. Assaf MSc. IT charles@charlesassaf.com https://linkedin.com/in/charlesassaf Software Architect +27 (0) 760119350, Cape Town Skills & Expertise Technologies and Platforms Expertise Amazon Web Services (AWS) Software Architecture Cloud Computing IT Strategy Xcode Solutions Architecture

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Solutions and Applications Developed 2016 AWS Web Service and Data Model (Community Empowerment Lab) Private Web Service and Data Model CEL is community-entrenched global health research and innovation organization based in northern India led by the esteemed Dr. Vishwajeet Kumar. A new data model was created for CEL and implemented in Amazon Web Services on MySQL with an associated PHP based application web service API using Propel ORM, and HTML5 front end for the collection, analysis and dissemination of information related to studies for the World Health Organization.

2016 Tallee (Composite Apps) Commercial Mobile Application Bar Inventory System consisting of an apache/MySQL based RESTful PHP web service API using Propel ORM; HTML5 front end web application using jQuery and jQueryMobile, underscore.js, Bootstrap.js, owl.carousel, NoUISlider; iOS wrapper in Xcode/Swift 2.0; Android wrapper in AndroidStudio/Java.

2016 IE LogoWords (Imperial Enterprises) Custom Logo Application for a Corporate Web Site Conversion of a jpeg logo image to an interactive and animated HTML5 application consisting of a JavaScript application using jQuery.

2013 – 2016 Velloe (Velloe Inc.) Commercial Web Site and Mobile Applications Phase 1: Online Booking System implemented on Amazon Web Services for SmallMedium Sized Enterprises consisting of a Ubuntu/apache based RESTful PHP web service API connected to an RDS Aurora/MySQL database; WordPress based responsive HTML5 front end web application and WordPress plugin for User Registration, Business Services Portal and embeddable widgets; Appcelerator Studio/JavaScript based iOS and Android client applications.

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2012 – 2013 PC Quote Ticker Plant (PC Quote Canada) Private Ticker Plant for Financial Services and Professional Trading Companies Java based high performance, low latency ticker plant engine with a.Net/IIS/MSSQL based RESTful web service API for real-time enquiry/response streaming of financial market data feeds from North American Financial Exchanges and financial data feed consolidators.

2012 Gmarkets Web Site (Gmarkets Inc.) Commercial Web Site.Net/IIS/MSSQL based web site for real-time display of Gmarkets’ proprietary fixed income and money market data, and benchmark rates and news scraped and databased from global central banks. Plugin created for embedding Gmarkets proprietary data on the TMX Markets web site.

2007 – 2011 R-Broker (RPM Technologies) Corporate Brokerage Back Office Account System.Net/IIS based web front end providing access to RPM Technology’s brokerage back office accounting engine, providing client, account and portfolio management capabilities for retail financial representatives.

2003 Products and Security Services (SchlumbergerSema for 3 Mobile) Commercial 3G Network Security Layer Program management of the integration and global rollout of SchlumbergerSema’s security management solutions for 3G networks for (then) Hutchison Mobile’s new 3G network, now known as ‘3’.

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Solutions and Applications Developed (continued) 1996 – 2000 FIRES - Fixed Income Retail Entry System (TD Waterhouse) Corporate Desktop and Web Application.COM/.Net/IIS based system providing real-time access to TD Bank’s fixed income inventory for the searching, purchasing and sale of fixed income products by retail brokerage agents and clients.

Education University of Liverpool 2003 – 2006 Degree of Master of Science, Information Technology Canadian Securities Institute 2004-2005 Canadian Securities Course, Investment Management Techniques, Conduct and Practices Handbook 2004 - 2005 Ryerson University, 1988 Marketing Management

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Work History President Harley-Bass Inc., Toronto, Canada September 1994 - Present Harley-Bass is the formal side of my personal consulting and software development activities, where I provide custom and bespoke full-stack software development and business technology consulting, specializing in mobile and web applications, RESTful APIs, ecommerce systems, booking management systems, transaction processing, financial services solutions, real-time data delivery systems and automation systems.

Clients include Community Empowerment Lab, Composite Apps, Imperial Enterprises, Velloe Inc., RPM Technologies, Gmarkets, PC Quote Canada, TD Bank Financial Group, Merrill Lynch Canada and SQI Diagnostics.

Products released under the Harley-Bass name include MyCompany™, SteakGuys™, and MarketWall®.

Chief Technology Officer Velloe Inc., Cape Town, South Africa August 2013 – January, 2016 As CTO, I was responsible for the DevOps, design, development and implementation of Velloe's mobile and web applications, web services and high-availability Amazon AWS based cloud infrastructure.

–  –  –

Work History (continued) President & CEO Infintx Software Private Limited, Mumbai, India July 2011 - June 2013 Infintx Software Private Limited was my Indian co-venture, which developed and sells financial services software including loan management solutions for the microfinance industry, as well as high performance solutions for the delivery of real-time securities market data and financial information. It also provided offshore software development services for overseas clients and outsource software development for local Indian clients, engaged primarily in financial services, and those looking for mobile solutions. I left Infintx upon relocating to Cape Town.

Securities Consultant RPM Technologies, Toronto, Canada and Mumbai, India March 2007 – July 2011 As the company's Securities Consultant (Project Manager and Senior Business Analyst), I was responsible for the design of the company's flagship R- Desktop brokerage front office and R-Broker back office platform, supporting real-time trading and P&L, order management, routing and execution, margining and clearing/settlement of Equities, Options, Fixed Income, Mutual Funds and Term securities. In 2009, I relocated to Mumbai, India to oversee the development of a new client UI for R-Desktop. RPM Technologies provides high performance front and back office processing for Banks, Wealth Managers, Mutual Funds, Investment Counselors and Securities Brokers.

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Work History (continued) Director, RFID Program, Atos Origin Global Consulting Atos, Brussels, BE January 2004 - May 2004 Atos is a global systems integrator where I launched a global RFID consulting programme after SchlumbergerSema was purchased by Atos from Schlumberger.

Global Practice Manager, Wi-Fi Technical Consulting SchlumbergerSema, Montreal, Canada/Houston, TX, USA/London, UK/Paris, FR March 2002 - December 2003 SchlumbergerSema was the systems integration unit of Schlumberger that was acquired by Atos at the end of 2003. While with SchlumbergerSema, I was responsible for the creation of a global Wireless Technical Consulting Practice that was focused on the secure deployments of wireless networks and enterprise applications for Schlumberger's customers in the Oil and Gas and Telecoms industries. I worked extensively with Hutchison Mobile in preparation for their launch of the 3 Mobile network in 22 countries around the world, directing teams of consultants to deploy 3's Products and Security Services infrastructure.

Director, Wireless Solutions Architecture Schlumberger, Montreal, Canada/Houston, TX, USA January 2001 - January 2002 Schlumberger is a global Oilfield Services company which, at the time, was also the world's largest supplier of SIM cards via its Schlumberger Network Solutions division, and provided technology and network solutions to its customer in the Oil and Gas industry.

After PCS Innovations was acquired by Schlumberger, I was assigned to Schlumberger Network Solutions, which was subsequently merged with Sema Group (also acquired by Schlumberger Network Solutions) and renamed SchlumbergerSema. I was responsible for design and development of wireless solutions targeting Fortune 500 companies, Government and global Telecom companies.

Charles S. Assaf MSc. IT charles@charlesassaf.com https://linkedin.com/in/charlesassaf Software Architect +27 (0) 760119350, Cape Town

Work History (continued)

Director of Professional Services PCS Innovations Inc., Montreal, Canada July 2000 - January 2001 PCS Innovations was a startup company building Smart Card, SMS and Mobile Financial Services solutions, and was acquired by Schlumberger Network Solutions in 2001. As Director of Professional Services, I was responsible for the company's mobile application solutions and strategy.

Chief Systems Architect TD Waterhouse, Toronto, Canada and Parsippany, NJ, USA January 1998 - July 2000 I was responsible for design and development of various internal online trading systems, focusing on front- end tools for Investment Advisors and Retail Brokerage Call Centre including Fixed Income Trading systems, Brokerage Account Management systems, Market Data Distribution systems and contingency systems for Y2K crisis operations and management. I was also extensively involved in the technology interoperation and integration between TD Green Line (now TD Waterhouse) and Waterhouse Investor Services, after TD's acquisition of Waterhouse Investor Services.

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Work History (continued) Systems Analyst Toronto Dominion Bank, Toronto, Canada May 1992 - December 1993 Upon starting with TD, I was first involved in the analysis of various internal processes leading to software development and programming assignments to improve upon those processes.

Product Planner Dataline Inc. (CANQUOTE), Toronto, Canada October 1988 - July 1990 I was involved with the Product Planning group for Canada's largest market data provider at the time.

Investment Advisor (Registered Representative) Davidson Partners Limited, Toronto Canada January 1985 - September 1988 I completed the Canadian Securities Course in 1984 and assumed the dual role of Investment Advisor and Computer Systems Coordinator, until 1995, whereupon my responsibilities were 100% investment management related. I managed the accounts of my clients valued up to CAD $5M, where I became most familiar with the trading of Equity and Derivative products (Options and Commodities), and worked with various companies to raise equity financing through the firm's Corporate Finance department.

Charles S. Assaf MSc. IT charles@charlesassaf.com https://linkedin.com/in/charlesassaf Software Architect +27 (0) 760119350, Cape Town Work History (continued)

–  –  –

Honors and Awards 2003 - Schlumberger - SchlumbergerSema - "President's Silver Award" Programme Management of the Hutchison "3" Product & Security Services platform.

1993 - TD Bank - Systems Research and Development - "The Best Award" Development of the RR Workstation 1987 - Davidson Partners Limited - "President's Club" Achieving the highest tier in brokerage commissions earned for the firm.

Patents Method and Apparatus for Securely Transferring Wireless Data United States Patent Application 20030072451 (assigned to Schlumberger) Decreasing Bandwidth for Wireless Data Interchange United States Patent Application 20030163 (assigned to Schlumberger) Publications Secure Delivery of Syndicated News Feeds University of Liverpool 2006, Masters Dissertation Security Within a Mobile World GSM Daily, 3GSM, Article on Mobile Security for 3GSM 2003 Conference

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