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«MEMORANDUM TO: Presidents Business Officers Systems Administrators E-mail Administrators Network Administrators FROM: Dr. Saundra W. Williams, Senior ...»

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R. Scott Ralls, Ph.D.


May 31, 2011


TO: Presidents

Business Officers

Systems Administrators

E-mail Administrators

Network Administrators

FROM: Dr. Saundra W. Williams, Senior Vice President

Technology and Workforce Development

SUBJECT: Change of the College System E-mail

On April 4, 2011, the System Office notified colleges of the impending changes from the current CC and LL lists to the new CC and LL distribution groups. The requirements and target dates established in the memorandum have been met.

The System Office has concluded testing for the new CC and LL distribution groups and has verified that they are functioning correctly. To insure a smooth transition to the new distribution groups, the System Office will be removing the old GroupWise CC Lists on June 2, 2011 at 6:00 PM.

Effective Friday, June 3, 2011,  Colleges must use the CC and LL distribution groups (SMTP addressable) for college system-wide E-mail communications. The provided attachment ‘Distribution List Information Sheet - Update31May2011.pdf’ is the latest validate list of approved distribution groups.

 Colleges are strongly encouraged to remove all system-wide post-office connections to force SMTP E-mail. This change is recommended to prevent E-mail delivery issues.

The provided attachment ‘GroupWise_Cleanup.ppt’ will help colleges clean up their Novell GroupWise E-mail system after synchronization of the GroupWise post offices is no longer needed.

 Colleges are required to maintain all local distribution groups identified by the System Office. A complete list of approved distribution groups will be validated semi-annually or as needed.

CC11-010 MAILING ADDRESS: 5006 MAIL SERVICE CENTER ~ RALEIGH, NC 27699-5006 Street Address: 200 West Jones ~ Raleigh, NC 27603 ~ 919-807-7100 ~ Fax 919-807-7164


 Colleges are encouraged to maintain a web-based Staff directory to assist in locating and contacting staff. The provided attachment ‘Staff_Faculty_Directories.pdf’ is a current list of current web directories provided by Coastal Carolina Community College.

 Colleges are allowed to deploy E-mail systems that best meet their individual business needs.

 Colleges are asked to keep the System Office updated on E-mail system platforms, migration intentions and timelines.

If you have any E-mail or Distribution Group related questions, please contact Stephen Reeves, Director of IT Security, at 919.807.7054 or reevess@nccommunitycolleges.edu.

SWW/ssr/st Attachments (3) c: Dr. Scott Ralls Kennon Briggs Jennifer Haygood Bruce Humphrey Kim Van Metre Arthur Hohnsbehn Stephen Reeves Technology Review Committee

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Add External Addresses to Global Address Book Releasing External Domain

• Remove Link Configuration

• Remove all Users, List, Agents, Resources, Libraries, Nicknames, and Gateways, and last Post Offices

• Remove External Synchronization Rule

• Remove External Domain Open Console One – Groupwise View Choose Your Domain | Groupwise Utilities | Link Configuration Change Link to Undefined to prevent new items from synchronizing.

Right Click | Groupwise Utilities | Link Configuration Highlight the Domain you wish to change Right click | Edit Change Link from Direct to Undefined

–  –  –

Choose OK Be sure to choose Edit | Save then File | Exit Do Not just close out of Link Configuration Once you have changed the Link Configuration, Close Console One and Reopen This gives the MTA time to finish the change as well as clear any cache that may be open in Console One Reopen Console One Highlight the External Domain you wish to remove

Delete all Objects Under the Domain in the following order:

Users Nicknames Resources Libraries Distribution List Post Office Agents Message Transfer Agents Gateways Delete Post Office Do Not Delete Domain at this point **Be sure you are deleting the EXTERNAL DOMAIN Objects not YOUR Domain objects

–  –  –

Be PATIENT This can take up to 30 minutes Leave your machine alone Do not close Console One It would be best if the screen saver And power management are off.

Your screen may actually go completely blank for several minutes When Complete External System Synchronization will return The External GroupWise System should now be gone.

If you had removed the External Link Prior to deleting the users, etc You will notice that all users, etc are removed with the link.

This can leave residue in a system.

In Console One Groupwise View Delete the External Domain Your system should now be cleaned of the External Domain Verify by checking Tools | Groupwise Diagnostics | Records Enumerations

Use the drop down arrow to find :

Domains by ID Internet Domains by name Internet Domains by referencing object Make sure that the domain you just deleted is NOT in the above list Mailbox-Client Cleanup

• Users may need to delete all references to users at this domain from their Frequent Contacts.

• Frequent Contacts should be deleted regularly to maintain fresh accurate names

• Users can move addresses from the Frequent Contacts to another address book if there are addresses they need to keep.

Address Book Clean Up

• Open Groupwise Client | Address Book

• Open Frequent Contacts Select All and Delete or

• Create new address book - Frequent Contacts Old Go back to Frequent Contacts Select all and Move to Frequent Contacts Old The second method allows the user to have an address book to find the addresses that they may need, yet it is not in the Name Completion Search Order. You need to let users know that address in there to the domain you deleted may not deliver unless they use the “Internet address next to the name” If they just send to the address it may try to go out the MTA and there is no longer a path to that domain through the MTA.

• Users replying to Older emails from the deleted domain may not deliver. If the addressing is the Groupwise Address and not the Internet address, then the mail will get stuck in limbo since there is no longer an MTA Link.

• Users should use the new internet address.

• Users trying to send to CC List or the LL List will not deliver once the domain owning the list is removed. Your users will need to know the new cc-list@nccommunitycolleges.edu addresses to send. It may be helpful if you also let them know that there is a corresponding ll-list@eachcollege.edu

• You can create an External Non-Groupwise Domain and put externally addressable list into your system-wide address book Create Non-Groupwise External Domain In ConsoleOne go to your “GroupWise System”.

Right-click it and select NEW-Non-GroupWise Domain.

Give the new domain a name. Internet (Choose something generic that will encompass any future users that are added regardless of the domain on their email address. That is why I normally call it Internet) The other settings are fine as they are. Click OK to create the domain.

Also you can reference:

Adding Adding External Users to the GroupWise Address Book http://www.novell.com/documentation/gw8/gw8_admin/?page=/documentation /gw8/gw8_admin/data/bx6yf2p.html Now we need to tell the GroupWise system that any emails sent to this domain need to still leave our system and travel on the public internet as a normal external email.

To do this right-click on the “GroupWise System” and go to Groupwise Utilities - Link Configuration.

Right-click the external domain that was just created and select Edit.

A prompt will appear that asks if you want to set the path to the same as the domain.

It doesn’t matter what you do here because it will be changed soon anyway.

Say No.

Once in set the link type to “Gateway” Select your GWIA as the Gateway in the drop-down menu.

Click OK then go to the Edit menu and select Save.

The next part requires some planning. If you are going to have a lot of users from the same domain it’s best to put them in the same external PO. The reason is because you need to set each user’s specific domain one-by-one if you don’t do it at the PO or domain level.

I recommend making one external PO and set the domain for all the users in the PO to the same thing.

To do that: Create a new external PO under the newly created external domain by right-clicking on the external domain object and selecting New - External Post Office.

Give the PO an appropriate name and click OK.

Open properties on the external PO and go to the Groupwise - Internet Addressing tab.

Check the Preferred Address Format override Select UserID@Internet Domain Name.

Then select the override for Internet Domain Name Type in the domain of the email addresses that the users of this PO need.

Example: you can type in nccomunitycolleges.edu if the users in this PO are something link cc-list@nccommunitycolleges.edu.

Select OK and that sets the domain for this PO.

Properties of Post Office From here you can add users by right-clicking the external PO object and selecting New - External User.

In the new window that appears type in the username of the email address. Let’s create the example of cc-list@nccommunitycolleges.edu Let’s give the list a user name cc-list. In this new window you’d type cc-list and click OK.

Then you’ll want to do a properties of the cc-list user and fill in it’s given name as cc-list and surname as cc-list nccommunitycolleges. Now this list will populate the GroupWise address book as a user. You want to add a space and the name of the college or ncccs to the surname. This makes the list searchable via either firstname, lastname or lastname, firstname for the auto-fill.

See example on next page.

From your users perspective the cc-list is just another single email address, therefore it looks like a user, not a distribution list.

*There is a command line tool and will import entities from a csv file.

http://gwcheck.com/dpml/tools download gweui Properities of External User Visibility of System does not matter Non-Groupwise Systems do not sync Across systems only domains and po

Additional Notes on Non-Groupwise Systems:

You may wish to create other Post Offices for external email accounts that you would like to have visible in your Groupwise system.

You can create additional External PO’s under the External Domain If you decide you don’t want all the users in your PO to have the same domain then you wouldn’t set the two overrides described above at the PO level.

Instead you’d go in to each individual user and set them specifically for them.

You can create a group/distribution list in the GroupWise Address Book for some or all of these users.

It’s not as easy as a normal user within your system but it’s not much more difficult. What you’ll want to do is create a new distribution list as you normally would in your Primary Groupwise System.

Then you need to go in to the properties of each user individually and select GroupWise - Distribution List and click the Add button. From there navigate to the distribution list you want that user to be in and click OK and OK. Now you have them in a group that appears in the GroupWise Address Book.

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