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«CV : Professor Dr. Stefan Collignon Address: 11 RUE D’ORMESSON 75004 PARIS, FRANCE Mobile: +33 6 180 426 40 Email: s.collignon Personal ...»

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CV : Professor Dr. Stefan Collignon




Mobile: +33 6 180 426 40

Email: s.collignon@lse.ac.uk

Personal Details:

Born: 11 December 1951, Munich Germany

Nationality: German

Status: married

Languages (fluent): English, German, French, Italian;

(reading) ancient Greek and Latin


Professore ordinario di prima fascia di Politica economica, Sant’Anna School

• of Advanced Studies, Pisa, since October 2007 Faculty Political Sciences, IMT, Lucca, October 2007-2010 • Harvard University, Faculty of Arts and Science Government Department • and Centre for European Studies, July 2005-2007 Centennial Professor of European Political Economy London School of • Economics and Political Science, January 2001-2005 Guest professorships Visiting Professor London School of Economics, 2013-14 • University of Hamburg, Germany, 2007/8 to present • Beijing Normal University (北京师范大学) Institute of Economics and • Resource Management, 2010 to present Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Lille, 2005 to 2007 • Collège d’Europe, Bruge, 1998 to 2005 • Postgraduierten-Studiengang Europawissenschaften, Freie Universität Berlin, • Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Technische Universität Berlin, 2002 and Privatdozent 1996-2000, Freie Universität Berlin;

• Maître-Conférence, Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Paris • Previous employment

- Deputy Director General (Europe) (Unterabteilungsleiter), Bundesministerium der Finanzen Berlin;1.1.1999 - 31.12.2000

- Director of Research and Communication, Association for the Monetary Union of Europe, Paris, 1989-1998

- Chairman and Managing Director, Dorcas Ltd, London, 1981-1988

- Secondary School Teacher (economics), Deutscher Entwicklungsdienst, Lindi, Tanzania, 1977-1979

- Financial Analyst, First National Bank in Dallas, Paris, 1975-1976 Academic Qualifications and Education Freie Universität Berlin, 1999 Habilitation • Freie Universität Berlin, 1989 PhD – (Dr. rer. pol.) • London School of Economics, 1986-1989 Research fellow • Queen Elizabeth House, Oxford, 1981 Research fellow • University of Dar es Salaam, Tanzania, 1978-79 Research fellows • Freie Universität Berlin, 1977 Diplom-Volkswirt • Institut d’Etudes Politiques Paris, 1974-1975 Certificat d’Etudes • Politiques Humanistisches Ludwigsgymnasium München, Abitur • Other Professional Activities European Parliament, Member of the European Expert Group advising the • Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs, since 2009 Centro Europa Ricerche (CER), Roma, Presidente del Comitato Scientifico • 2007-2010; International Chief Economist since 2011 European Commission, 2005 – 2010; Special Advisor to the European • Commissioner for Regional Policy, Mrs Danuta Hübener Glunz AG, Germany; Deputy Chairman of supervisory board, 1998-2010 • Sonae Industria SGPS, Portugal Non-executive Board member, 2003-2005 • Honours and prizes Prix du meilleur livre politique, awarded by the Association Le Banquet républicain for the book Vive la république européenne (2004) Professional and other Activities Academic activities Director Euro-Asia Forum, a cooperation between Sant’Anna School of • Advanced Studies and WASEDA University, Tokyo and Beijing Normal University and Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok Organised student exchanges between Beijing Normal University and • Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (in 2011, 2012 and 2013) Research fellow, Centre for the Study of Global Governance 2009-2011 and • Hellenic Laboratory since 2011 at the London School of Economics Trustee of The Federal Trust, London since 2004 • Member of editorial board, International Economics and Economic Policy • (IEEP) Visiting fellow, ARENA – Centre for European Studies at the University of • Oslo. Research, funded by European Commission (Framework 7) RECON program. September 2007

International conferences:

• Speaker at the hearing of the Committee on Employment and Social Affairs of the European Parliament on “Cross-border collective bargaining and transnational social dialogue, 20. February 2013.

• Speaker at the European Parliamentary Week on the European Semester for Economic Policy Coordination; Interparliamentary Committee meeting organised by the Committee on Economic and Monetary Affairs: “Who gets to set the path for Europe's Recovery? The semester, democracy and subsidiarity.” 29 January 2013

• Speaker at the European Commission’s Employment Policy Conference, panel "Wages - adjustments and strategies", on 6 September 2012

• Key note speaker at Annual Conference of Asia Development Bank Institute, Tokyo, December 2011

• Organising academic conference: Competitiveness in the Euro Area: Italy and Germany; Rome, July 2011

• Organising academic conference: Dealing with global imbalances, conference organized in the context of Euro-Asia Forum in cooperation with Bertelsmann Stiftung and Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna, Pisa, July 2010

• Speaker at European Commission Expert Conference on: Wage trends in Europe, Brussels, 15 September 2011

• Speaker at ECB in-house workshops on monetary policy, 2010 and 2011

• Speaker at The lessons of the financial crisis for Asia and Europe; organized in the context of L’Italia in Giappone, Tokyo 2009 §༊ Speaker at ADBI-IEA Conference “International Monetary and Financial Architecture: Asian Perspective” Tsinghua University, Beijing, July 2011 §༊ Speaker at Annual Meeting of Austrian National Bank, Vienna, 2011 §༊ Asia-Europe Economic Forum, Conference: G 20: completing the agenda;

Paris, January 2011 §༊ Speaker at ASEM Conference on Europe-Asia Inter-Regional Relations, Brussels, 12-13th July 2010 §༊ Speaker at Italy-Japan Business Group, Tokyo 2009 §༊ Speaker, Euro Finance Week, Frankfurt 2008, 2009 and 2012 §༊ Speaker Harvard Asia Conference, Kuala Lumpur, 2008 Publications

1. Books Competitiveness in the European Economy (with P. Esposito), 2014; Routledge forthcoming Macroeconomic imbalances and comparative advantages in the Euro Area;

European Trade Union Institute (ETUI); Brussels, 2012.

Rebalancing the Global Economy. Four Perspectives on the Future of the International Monetary System (with Richard N. Cooper, Masahiro Kawai, Yongjun Zhang); Bertelsmann Stiftung, Güterloh, 2010 Pour la République européenne (avec Christian Paul); Odile Jacob, Paris, 2008 Viva la Repubblica Europea!, Editore Marsilio, Venezia, 2008 Bundesrepublik Europa? Die demokratische Herausforderung und Europas Krise.

Vorwärts Verlag, Berlin, 2007 (Chinese translation:

聯邦共和歐洲?民主的挑戰與歐洲的危機) Vive la République européenne; Éditions de La Martinière, Paris, 2004 The European Republic. Reflections on the Political Economy of a Future Constitution, The Federal Trust, London, 2003 Private Sector Involvement in the Euro. The Power of Ideas, Routledge, (with Daniela Schwarzer) Routledge, London, England, 2002.

Monetary Stability in Europe, Routledge, London, England, 2002.

Exchange Rate Policies in Emerging Asian Countries, Routledge ; S. Collignon, J.

Pisany-Ferry and Y. Chul Park (ed.),London, England, 1999 Handbuch zur Europäischen Währungsunion; Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Bonn, 1998 (three editions).

European Monetary Policy, (editor) Cassel Academic, London, England, 1997.

Geldwertstabilität für Europa, Verlag Bertelsmann Stiftung, Gütersloh, Germany, December 1996.

Europe's Monetary Future (Volume I), published by Pinter Publishers, London, 1994 The Monetary Economics of Europe (Volume II), with C. Johnson editors, published by Pinter Publishers, London, 1994 Regionale Integration und Entwicklung in Ostafrika. Institut für Afrikaforschung, Hamburg, Germany, 1990

2. Articles and papers (peer reviewed *) * European monetary union, competitiveness and nominal exchange rates. A comment; Asian Economic Papers,12.3:82-91, Autumn 2013 *How (not) to reform the Euro Area’s economic governance; Global Policy, 4.1: July *Macroeconomic imbalances and competitiveness in the Euro Area; Transfer:

European Review of Labour and Research, 19.1, February 2013 Economic growth and competitiveness: a Franco-German tale; Imprint, Bertelsmann Stiftung; September 2012 *European Sovereign Bailouts, Political Risk and the Economic Consequences of Mrs. Merkel, (with Piero Esposito and Hanna Lierse), Journal of International Commerce, Economics and Policy (JICEP) 4.3, 2013 *Europe’s Debt Crisis, Coordination Failure and International Effects. ADBI (Asian Development Bank Institute) Working Paper Series, No. 370, July 2012 (also to be published in an ADBI book) *Fiscal Policy Rules and the Sustainability of Public Debt in Europe; International Economic Review, 53. 2, May 2012 *Rebalancing the Global economy, 2012. In Global Policy; 3. 2: 154–168, May 2012 The Governance of European Public Goods; in: Daniel Tarschys (ed.) The EU Budget. What Should Go In? What Should Go Out? – SIEPS (Swedish Institute for

European Policy Studies) 2011:3

*Die Europäische Union als Republik. In: Europarecht; 2013 (an Italian translation is to appear in a book on the Euro crisis edited by Thierry Vissol for editore Il Mulino.

English version submitted to International Organization The failure of the macroeconomic dialogue on wages (and how to fix it); In: Raúl Letelier and Agustín José Menéndez (eds),The Sinews of European Peace Reconstituting the Democratic Legitimacy of the Socio-Economic Constitution of the European Union; ARENA Report No 7/09 & RECON Report No 10. Oslo, December 2009.

*Policy Challenges for Euroland over the Next Decade. In: Revue d’Economie financière, Paris 2009 (double publication in English and French) *Why Europe is Not Becoming the World’s Most Competitive Economy. The Lisbon Strategy, Macroeconomic Stability and the Dilemma of Governance without Governments; International Journal of Public Policy, 3.1/2, 2008 *Three Sources of Legitimacy for European Fiscal Policy; in: International Political Science Review, 28.2: 155-184, 2007 *Adjusting the U.S. Current Account Deficit: What Role for the Dollar, Euro and Yen? In: Journal of Asia-Pacific Business, Vol. 7(2) 2006; earlier version published by Claves, Madrid 2005 (in Spanish).

*Democracy and Europe’s Crisis of Legitimacy, in: Intervention. Journal of Economics, vol. 3.1, 2006 The End of the Stability Pact? In: International Economics and Economic Policy (IEEP) 2004 Volume: 1, Pages: 15 - 19 *Is Europe going far enough? Reflections on the EU's Economic Governance. In:

Journal of European Public Policy, 2004 Vol.

11.5: 909-925 *Unemployment, Wage Developments and the European Policy Mix in Europe; in:

Empirica, 26:259-269, 1999 Theoretical models of fiscal policies in the Euroland. The Lisbon Strategy, macroeconomic stability and the dilemma of governance with governments, ARENA, Recon Publication, Oslo The failure of the macroeconomic dialogue on wages (and how to fix it), ARENA, Recon Publication, Oslo The European Republic: Utopia or Logical Necessity? ARENA, Recon Publication, Oslo Europas Sozialdemokratie in der Sackgasse. In: Neue Gesellschaft / Frankfurter Hefte (07/08.2009). La socialdemocrazia opportunista. In: Mondoperaio (05.2009).

Die Moral des Geldes und die Zukunft des europäischen Kapitalismus; In: Vorgänge Heft. 2/2009, S. 4-22 Social Democracy after the Financial Crisis, in: Social Europe, 2009, Vol. 4 Issue 1 Warum Europa nicht zusammenfindet. In: Neue Gesellschaft / Frankfurter Hefte Dezember 2008 Europa reformieren - Demokratie wagen; Friedrich Ebert Stiftung, Internationale Politikanalyse, Reihe Europäische Politik, April 2006 "Nouvelle" Stratégie de Lisbonne, pacte de stabilité et de croissance et démocratie européenne. In : Le banquet No 22, 2005.

Fiscal Policy and Democracy; Vienna, 2004 ; published as ÖNB Discussion paper No. 4, November 2004 Le fédéralisme budgétaire dans la zone euro; in. Maxime Lefebvre (ed.), 2004. Quel Budget Européen à l’Horizon 2013 ? Moyens et politiques d’une Union élargie. Ifri, Paris Wirtschaftliche Governance in Europa; in: federalismi ((www.federalismi.it)) Un gouvernement pour une République européenne; La Lettre de Confrontations Juin-juillet 2002 : Lettre n°56 Reflections on Europe’s Economic Constitution. Paper delivered to the InterAction Council. Paris, 11-12 April, 2002. (also translated into Japanese) Download from: ww.stefancollignon.de Taking Europe at Face Value; On Values and Currencies. Perspectives from Five Continents. In: Zeitschrift für Kulturaustausch; May 2001 I vantaggi dell'UEM per l'economia europea; in: Il Giornale Telematico della

Provincia di Pesaro e Urbino, conference proceedings to "La moneta unica europea:

perché, come e quali prospettive", Pesaro, Italy, 18 July 1997 The Monetary Dimension of European Unemployment, written evidence to the SubCommittee A of the House of Lords' European Committee on Growth, Competitiveness and Employment in the Community, 1994 Progressive Participation or two-speed Europe?; in: The Economist Intelligence Unit, European Trends, no. 4, Dec. 1990 Single currency or common currency?; in: The Economist Intelligence Unit, European Trends no.3, Sept. 1990 L'écu moderne et son rôle dans le système monétaire européen; in: Aria Créations, Histoire de l'écu européen, Paris, France (rotopresse s.a.) 1990

The Commercial Use of the Ecu: a victim of EMS-success or an infant industry?; in:

EBA Newsletter, Oct. 1989 The Consequences of European Monetary Union for Eastern Europe; in: De Pecunia Vol. II, no. 2/3, 1990

The Implications of German Monetary Integration on European Monetary Union; in:

De Pecunia, Vol. II, no. 1, 1990 Etre Européen: Essai sur l'identité européenne; in: La Revue du Groupe des BellesFeuilles, Paris, France, Automne 1991

3. Chapters in Books Europe’s Crisis, Coordination Failure, and International Effects; in: Masahiro Kawai, Mario Lamberte and Peter Morgan, eds., Reform of the International Monetary System: An Asian Perspective, Tokyo: Springer 2014.

Political Lessons from the Economics of the Euro Crisis; In: Maria João Rodrigues (ed.), Eurozone Crisis and the Transformation of the EU Governance; Ashgate forthcoming 2014 Unit Labour Costs and Capital Efficiency in the Euro Area: a new competitiveness

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