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«Organisaiton of the Finance and Accounts Wing General Instructions. The Finance and Accounts Organisation of the Board is under the charge of the ...»

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In order to ensure prompt preparation, dispatch of transfer memos, the Superintendent of Banking section will intimate the compilation section the voucher Nos. and amounts in respect of which the compilation section has to issue a transfer memo to the branch office.

The compilation Section shall immediately issue the transfer memo by reference to the cash voucher. The compilation Section shall also issue the transfer memos. in respect of journal vouchers as soon as they are received in the section.

14. Classification of Receipts and Expenditure

All receipts and payments pertaining to the Board will be classified under the heads of accounts prescribed by the Board and circulated separately. Any new additions or deletions of the account heads should be done by the coordination section after obtaining orders of the competent authority. Such classification will be recorded by the various sections on the debit cash voucher indicating therein the amount payable and other charges included in the bill as well as the classification of the recoveries from the bill, if any. The debit cash voucher will be signed by the officer authorized to sign in token of his having verified the correctness of the classification.

15. Apportionment of Management.

Various ratios will be prescribed by the management from time to time regarding apportionment of management expenses incurred at Division/Circle levels and at headquarters on different schemes and of capital and revenue accounts. It will be the duty of the AA&R section to obtain the order of the Board regarding the proportion in which the management expenses are to be so apportioned and carry out the necessary adjustment in accounts. The adjustment in so far as it affects the divisional account will be transferred by a transfer memo to the Division through accounting unit concerned.

16. Provisions

Provisions will be made in the accounts for the outstanding liabilities and income accrued, but not realized, debts considered bad or doubtful, interest payments or receipts accrued, but not discharged for various payments, and for various other liabilities and receipts, which are likely to be carried over beyond the current financial year. It will be the duty of the AA&R section to identify all the transactions of this nature for which due provision has to be made in the accounts. The decision regarding the quantum of provision to be made will be taken in consultation with the concerned accounts sections, before they are incorporated in the accounts.

17. Annual Accounts of the Board

The accounts for the year ending 31st March should be closed by the 30th April each year and with this object in view the account records should be so maintained as to make it possible to close the account by that date. Detailed instructions will be issued by the Chief Accounts Officer on all aspects of accounts, giving a schedule of dates by which various actions should be taken by different sections, in order that final closing of accounts by 30th April is made possible. Some of the aspects in regard to the closing of accounts are given below:i) The annual accounts will be in the form prescribed under the Electricity (Supply), Act, with the concurrence of the Comptroller and Auditor General of India. The instructions issued by the Chief Accounts Officer referred to in para-1 above will ensure that all the data and information required for the presentation of the accounts in this form will be furnished by the sections/divisions/circle all concerned by due dates to the compilation section.

–  –  –

Provision for Liabilities :- Detailed instructions about the maintenance of (ix) liability registers in the head quarter offices and field units are contained in Part-III, Para 9 of Accounting Manual Vol-II. The Central Accounts Section will issued suitable instructions during March each year drawing the attention of the Drawing and Disbursing Officers to the requirements of said instruction and obtain necessary data about outstanding liabilities from each office by the 15th of April without fail. On receipt of necessary data suitable account adjustments if called for will be prepared by the Central Accounts section for incorporation in the Annual Accounts of the financial year concerned.

18. Net Revenue and Appropriation Account

After drawing up the consolidated revenue and expenditure statements for the year, A.A.&R. section will prepare the net revenue and appropriation account for the year showing the showing the details of various appropriations made and the balance of profit/loss carried over to the next year’s account. The A.A. & R. section will also prepare all the subsidiary statements as are required under the Electricity (Supply) Act, to accompany the Annual Accounts.

19. List of Resolutions At the time of submission of accounts to the Board, besides other resolutions, that will be required to be passed by the Board for a particular year that following resolutions will also be passed:

–  –  –

Procedure for ear-making, sanctioning, payment etc., of advances to the employees of the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board, for the purchase of Plots, Construction of Houses, purchase of ready built Houses etc.


1. For the purpose of release of House Building Advances, the various Wings/units of Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board will assess the requirements of funds in the ensuring financial year and communicate their demands to the Finance and Accounts Wing (Budget Section) by the end of October of the preceding year.

Budget section will call for the above information from all the Wings/Units of the Board by the end of September each year alongwith the Budget documents. After receipt of demands from all the Wings/Units of the Board, Budget section will consolidate the demands and put up proposals for allotment of funds for this purpose to the Board for approval. The funds approved by the Board for the purpose will be centralized in the Budget section and will be available for ear-making/payment to the applicants in accordance with the instructions contained in the subsequent paras.

Applications and Ear-making of funds.

2. Employees of the Board desiring advances for the purchase of plots, construction of Houses and Purchase of ready built House etc., will submit their applications (in duplicate) in Form HB (CAO) No. 96 to the Sanctioning authority.

The following documents should accompany the applications.

(i) A declaration in regard to the house/property, if any, owned by the applicant, applicant’s wife/husband/minor children at the time of applying for such advance.

(ii) If the advance is require for enlarging living accommodation in an existing house, an attested copy of the sale-deed or any other documents establishing that the applicant possesses an indisputable title to the property in question.

The site plan should also be furnished.

(iii) In cases, where an applicant happens to be in possession of land and desires to built a new house on it, a copy of the sale deed or other proof of the applicant having a clear title to the land on which the house is proposed to be built, along with the site plan. If the land happens to be lease hold, an attested copy of the lease deed should also be enclosed.

(iv) In case where the applicant desires to purchase land, an attested copy of a letter from the seller of the plot to the affect that subject to the settlement and payment of the price, he is in a position to hand over the vacant possession of a clearly demarcated developed plot of land to the applicant within a period of three months from the date of payment of advance.

(v) In case where the applicant desires to purchase, a flat/ready built house, an attested copy of a letter from the seller to the effect that subject to the settlement and payment of the price, he is in a position to hand over possession of a ready built house/clearly distinguishable flat to the applicant within a period of three months from the date of payment of such advance.

3. The sanctioning authority will scrutinize the applications carefully to satisfy themselves of the correctness of the facts stated therein. They will ensure from the title deed and other documents furnished with the applications that the applicant possesses a clear title to the property in question. The sanctioning authority will also ensure that the requirements of the rules and instructions contained in H.P.F.R. Vol. -1 on the subject have been compiled with, after this had been done, the sanctioning authority will forward the application to the Finance and Accounts Wing (Budget section) for ear-marking of funds. Budget section will keep record of all the applications received on a chronological order with reference to the date of receipt of each applications in the Finance and Accounts Wing in a Register Form HB (CAO) No. 97. Budget Section will ear-mark the funds in favour of each applicant on ‘first come’ first served’ basis, exceptions being made in the case of such officials who have already been granted a part of the loan for the purpose. Such an official will get an overriding priority over others and will be placed on the top of the Register in Form HB (CAO) No. 97 ibid for the purpose of ear marking funds. In case there is more than one official of this category, their inter-se-priority for the ear-marking of funds will be determined with reference to the date of receipt of the application in the Finance and Accounts Wing.

Certificate regarding availability of funds will be issued by the Budget section in Form HB (CAO) No. 98.

4. If an advance, in respect of which certificate of availability of funds has been issued by the Budget section is not drawn within 3 months from the date of issue of the certificate of availability of funds, it will be treated as cancelled unless the sanctioning authority obtains within such period of 3 months extension of the period of utilization of funds from the Budget section in a particular case, giving full justification for such extension.

5. To enable the Budget section to keep a watch that funds, ear-marked to different applicants are utilized within the aforesaid period of 3 months, copies of sanctions will also be endorsed by the sanctioning authorities to the Budget section. Similarly, pay section while issuing authorities for payment in the case of non-gazetted employees and intimation regarding release of advance in the case of gazetted officers will endorse one copy of each such authority/intimation to Budget section. Budget section will review the Register of ear-making of funds in Form HB (CAO) No. 97, every week to ascertain the cases in which prescribed period of 3 months has already elapsed but the funds have not been drawn.

The funds already ear-marked in such cases will be cancelled by the Budget section under intimation to the sanctioning authority and if there are any applications on the waiting list, the funds thus released will be ear-marked in favour of the person(s) next on the waiting list.

Before cancellation of funds in a particular case, the Budget section will ensure by reference to the Pay section whether necessary sanction in that case has not already been received in that section. With a view to making the best use of the available funds and to avoid lapse of funds, it is necessary that the sanctioning authority take prompt action to issue sanctions after availability of funds has been certified the Budge Section.


6. On the receipt of information about the ear-marking of funds, the sanctioning authority will issue formal sanction to the grant of advances after completing the necessary formalities. The sanctioning authority will himself before sanctioning the advance that the applicant does in fact posses a clear title to the property free from encumbrances and attachments. The sanctioning authorities will also arrange to complete the prescribed formalities such as execution of Agreement, Security, Bond, etc. in the prescribed forms. In the sanction order, the following particulars should be specifically mentioned :

–  –  –

(iv) A certificate by the sanctioning authority to the effect that the requirements of relevant rules in H.P.F.R. Vol. I have been compiled with.

–  –  –

(viii) Date of birth and date of superannuation of the loanee.

7. All sanctions to advance will be received in Finance and Accounts Wing (Pay section). The sanctions will be entered serially in Register of sanctions in form HB(CAO) NO.99. The sanctions will be scruitinised with reference to the rules contained in H.P.F.R.

vol-I. It will also be seen that the sanction is complete in all respects and gives the necessary information as per para 6 above. The following points will be particularly seen:i) That the sanction has been accorded by the competent authority as per “Delegation of Power” of the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board.

–  –  –

8. After scrutiny, if the sanction is found in order, Pay section will authorize payments to the official concerned through his drawing and disbursing officer in the case of non-gazetted employees. The authority will be issued in form HB (CAO) No. 100. In case of gazetted officer, payments will be released by the Pay section direct to the officer concerned.

9. Note of payment of each advance will be kept by the Pay section in the Board sheet in Form HB(CAO) No. 101 under dated initials of Branch officer. Figures in the Broad sheet will be posted on the basis of the amounts appearing in the vouchers/schedules. The totals of the figures posted in the case of each class of advance will be agreed every month with the figures appearing in the books of Central Accounts section and discrepancies, if any, reconciled. The Board Sheet will be put up to Branch Officer on the last working day of each month. A note to this effect may be recorded in the sectional Calendar of Returns maintained in Pay sanction.

Pay section will review the Broad Sheet every month to ensure that all the formalities laid down in the rules are fulfilled after the drawal of advance necessary certificate to this effect are received from sanctioning authorities.

10. At the close of the financial year, the outstanding balances in the Broad sheet should be verified with the balances under the relevant Accounting Head and then carried over to the next year’s Broad Sheet. Thereafter, outstanding balances as on 31st March of the preceding year will be got confirmed from the loanees concerned. On receipts of acknowledgement, the Superintendent (Pay Section) will attest the relevant entries in the Board Sheet of the current year. The requisite acknowledgement should be furnished by the loanees within one month after the close of account of each year.

11. When the advance alongwith interest accrued thereon has been recovered in full from the employees, pay section will furnish a certificate to that effect to the sanctioning authority to enable him to cancel the Mortgage Bond executed by the employee.

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