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State statutes and court decisions control many aspects of the compensation process, including claims handling, impairment or disability evaluation, dispute settlement, benefit amount guidelines and cost-control strategies.

In addition to the compensation process, cost containment and claims management continue to be significant employer concerns and many look to managed care vendors and third party administrators for cost savings solutions. The Company believes that cost drivers in workers’ compensation include: implementing effective return to work and transitional duty programs, coordinating medical care, medical cost management, recognizing fraud and abuse, and improving communications with injured workers. CorVel provides solutions using a holistic approach to cost containment and by looking at a complete savings solution. Often one of the biggest cost drivers is not recognizing a complex claim at the onset of an injury often resulting in claims being open longer and resulting in a delayed return to work. CorVel uses an integrated claims model that controls claims costs by advocating medical management at the onset of the injury to decrease administrative costs and to shorten the length of the disability.

Some states have adopted legislation for managed care organizations (MCO) in an effort to allow employers to control their worker’s compensation costs. A managed care plan is organized to serve the medical needs of injured workers in an efficient and cost-effective manner by managing the delivery of medical services through appropriate health care professionals. CorVel is registered wherever legislation mandates, where it is beneficial for the Company to obtain a license, or where the MCO is an effective utilized mandate. Since MCO legislation varies by state, CorVel’s state offerings vary as well. CorVel continually evaluates new legislation to ensure it is in compliance and can offer services to its customers and prospects.

FISCAL 2016 DEVELOPMENTS Company Stock Repurchase Program During fiscal 2016, the Company continued to repurchase shares of its common stock under a plan originally approved by the Company’s Board of Directors in 1996. In November 2015, the Company’s Board of Directors increased the number of shares of common stock authorized to be repurchased over the life of the plan by 1,000,000 shares of common stock to 35,000,000 shares of common stock. During fiscal 2016, the Company spent $31.5 million to repurchase 893,771 shares of its common stock. Since commencing this program in the fall of 1996, the Company has repurchased 33,886,259 shares of its common stock through March 31, 2016, at a cost of $392 million. These repurchases were funded primarily from the Company’s operating cash flows.


The Company offers services in two general categories, network solutions and patient management, to assist its customers in managing the increasing medical costs of workers’ compensation, group health and auto insurance, and monitoring the quality of care provided to claimants. CorVel reduces claims costs by advocating medical management at the onset of an injury to decrease administrative costs and to shorten the length of the disability. These solutions offer personalized treatment programs that use precise treatment protocols to advocate timely, quality care for injured workers.

Network Solutions CorVel offers a complete medical savings solution for all in-network and out-of-network medical bills including PPO management, specialty networks, medical bill repricing, true line item review, expert fee negotiations, professional nurse review, automated adjudication and electronic reimbursement. Each feature focuses on increasing processing efficiencies and maximizing savings opportunities.

Bill Review Many states have adopted fee schedules, which regulate the maximum allowable fees payable under workers’ compensation, for procedures performed by a variety of health treatment providers. Developed in 1989, CorVel’s proprietary bill review and claims management technology automates the review process to provide customers with a faster turnaround time, more efficient bill review and a higher total savings. CorVel’s artificial intelligence engine includes over sixty million individual rules, which creates a comprehensive review process that is more efficient than traditional manual bill review processes.

Payors are able to review and approve bills online as well as access savings reports through an online portal, CareMC. The process is paperless, through scanning and electronic data interface (“EDI”), while proving to be cost effective and efficient. CorVel’s solutions are fully customizable and can be tailored to meet unique payor requirements.

Bill Review Services include:

• Coding review and re-bundling

• Reasonable and customary review

• Fee schedule analysis

• Out-of-network bill review

• Pharmacy review

• PPO management

• Repricing PPO Management PPOs are groups of hospitals, physicians and other healthcare providers that offer services at pre-negotiated rates to employee groups. The Company believes that PPO networks offer the employer an additional means of managing healthcare costs by reducing the per-unit price of medical services provided to employees. CorVel began offering a proprietary national PPO network in 1992 and today it is comprised of over 750,000 boardcertified providers. The Company provides the convenience of a PPO Provider look-up mobile application for use with iPhone, iPad and Android. The application is available to the public and makes it convenient to locate a provider in the CorVel network. Users can search providers based on quality, range of services and location.

CorVel has a long-term strategy of network development, providing comprehensive networks to our customers and customization of networks to meet the specific needs of our customers. The Company believes that the combination of its national PPO strength and presence and the local PPO developers’ commitment and community involvement enables CorVel to build, support and strengthen its PPO in size, quality, depth of discount, and commitment to service.

The Company has a team of national, regional and local personnel supporting the CorVel network. This team of PPO developers are responsible for local recruitment, contract negotiations, credentialing and recredentialing of providers, and working with customers to develop customer specific provider networks. Each bill review operation has provider relations support staff to address provider grievances and other billing issues.

Providers are selected from criteria based on quality, range of services, price and location. Each provider is thoroughly evaluated and credentialed, then re-credentialed every three years. Through this extensive evaluation process, we are able to provide significant hospital, physician and ancillary medical savings, while maintaining high quality care. Provider network services include a national network for all medical coverages, board-certified physicians, provider credentialing, patient channeling, online PPO look-up, printable directories and driving directions, and Managed Care Organizations (MCO).

CERiSSM CERiS, CorVel’s enhanced bill review program, allows claim payors to adjust individual line item charges on all bills to reasonable and customary levels while removing all error and billing discrepancies with professional review. The enhanced bill review program scrutinizes each hospital line description and charge as a separate and distinct claim for reimbursement. CorVel’s proprietary Universal Chargemaster defines each code and description, enabling its registered nurses to identify errors, duplicate charges, re-bundle exploded charges, correct quantity discrepancies and remove unused supplies.

Professional Review CorVel’s services offer a complete audit and validation of facility bill accuracy. This solution also includes review of in-network facility bills. The Company’s experienced nurse auditors have clinical backgrounds in all areas of medicine, medical billing and coding to ensure an accurate, consistent and thorough review. If a bill is identified for professional review, the bill image and its associated medical reports are routed within the system to an experienced medical nurse for review and auditing.

Provider Reimbursement One of the interfaces of CorVel’s bill review service is the automated issuance of provider reimbursements.

CorVel’s provider reimbursement service allows the ability to determine dollars spent and bills reviewed and to assist in setting reserves through charts available online. Through the bill review system, CorVel has the capability to provide check writing or provider reimbursement services for its customers. The provider payment check can be added to the bill analysis to produce one combined document.

Pharmacy Services CorVel provides patients with a full-feature pharmacy program that offers formulary management, discounted prescriptions, drug interaction monitoring, utilization management and eligibility confirmation. Our pharmacy network of nationally recognized pharmacies provides savings off the retail price of prescriptions associated with a workers’ compensation claim. The Company’s pharmacy services program includes preferred access to a national pharmacy network, streamlined processing for pharmacies at point of sale, first fill and next fill programs, mail order and 90-day retail options, out-of-network management, medication review services and clinical modeling.

Directed Care Services CorVel offers a national directed care network that provides access to specialty medical services which may be required to support an injured worker’s medical treatment plan. CorVel has contracted with medical imaging, physical therapy, diagnostics and ancillary service networks to offer convenient access, timely appointments and preferred rates for these services. The Company manages the entire coordination of care from appointment scheduling through reimbursement, working to achieve timely recovery and increased savings. The Company has directed care networks for CT and bone scans, diagnostic imaging, physical and occupational therapy, independent medical evaluations, durable medical equipment and transportation and translation.

Medicare Solutions The Company offers solutions to help manage the requirements mandated by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Services include Medicare Set Asides and Agent Reporting Services to help employers comply with new CMS reporting legislation. As an assigned agent, CorVel can provide services for Responsible Reporting Entities (RRE) such as insurers and employers. As an experienced information-processing provider, CorVel is able to electronically submit files to the CMS in compliance with timelines and reporting requirements.

Clearinghouse Services CorVel’s proprietary medical review software and claims management technology interfaces with multiple clearinghouses. The Company’s clearinghouse services provide for medical review, conversion of electronic forms to appropriate payment formats, seamless submittal of bills for payments and rules engines used to help ensure jurisdictional compliance.

Patient Management CorVel offers a unique approach to claims administration and patient management. This integrated service model controls claims by advocating medical management at the onset of the injury to decrease administrative costs and to shorten the length of the disability. This automated solution offers a personalized treatment program for each injured worker, using precise treatment protocols to meet the changing needs of patients on a frequent basis. The Company offers these services on a stand-alone basis or as an integrated component of its medical cost containment services.

Claims Management CorVel has been a third party administrator (“TPA”) offering claims management services since January

2007. The Company serves customers in the self-insured or commercially-insured markets. Incidents and injuries are reported through a variety of intake methods that include a 24/7 nurse triage call center, website, mobile applications, toll-free call centers and traditional methods of paper and fax reporting. They are immediately processed by CorVel’s proprietary rules engine, which provides alerts and recommendations throughout the life of a claim. This technology instantly assigns an expert claims professional, while simultaneously determining if a claim requires any immediate attention for triage.

Through this service, the Company serves clients in the self-insured or commercially-insured market through alternative loss funding methods, and provides them with a complete range of services, including claims administration, case management, and medical bill review. In addition to the field investigation and evaluation of claims, the Company also may provide initial loss reporting services for claims, loss mitigation services such as medical bill review and vocational rehabilitation, administration of trust funds established to pay claims and risk management information services.

Some of the features of claims management services include: automated first notice of loss, three-point contact within 24 hours, prompt claims investigations, detailed diary notes for each step of the claim, graphical dashboards and claim history scorecards, and litigation management and expert testimony.

Case Management CorVel’s case management and utilization review services address all aspects of disability management and recovery including utilization review (pre-certification, concurrent review and discharge planning), early intervention, telephonic, field and catastrophic case management as well as vocational rehabilitation.

The medical management components of CorVel’s program focus on medical intervention, management and appropriateness. In these cases, the Company’s case managers confer with the attending physician, other providers, the patient and the patient’s family to identify the appropriate rehabilitative treatment and most costeffective healthcare alternatives. The program is designed to offer the injured party prompt access to appropriate medical providers who will provide quality cost-effective medical care. Case managers may coordinate the services or care required and may arrange for special pricing of the required services.

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