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The Telephonic Case Manager (TCM) continues to impact the direction of the case, focusing on early return to work, maximum medical improvement (MMI) and appropriate duration of disability. Facilitation of appropriate treatment, assertive negotiation with medical providers and directing the care of the injured worker continues to be the Case Manager’s role until the closure criteria is met. Utilization review of provider treatment remains ongoing until discharge from treatment.

In the event that a claim may require an onsite referral, a Field Case Manager (FCM) will be assigned to the claim. Cases can be referred to CorVel based on geographic location and injury type to the most appropriate FCM. Specialized case management services include catastrophic management, life care planning, and vocational rehabilitation services. All FCMs have iPads that provide access to the Company’s proprietary mobile applications that provide instant access to detailed case information and the ability to enter case notes. An additional feature of our iPad applications is the ability to electronically approve and email signed case management forms and documentation.

24/7 Nurse Triage Injured workers can call at the time of injury or incident and speak with a registered nurse who specializes in occupational injuries. An assessment is immediately made to recommend self-care, or referral for further medical care if needed. CorVel is able to provide quick and accurate care intervention, often preventing a minor injury from becoming an expensive claim. The 24/7 nurse triage services provide channeling to a preferred network of providers, allows employer access to online case information, comprehensive incident gathering, and healthcare advocacy for injured workers.

Utilization Management Utilization Management programs review proposed care to determine appropriateness, frequency, duration and setting. These programs utilize experienced registered nurses, proprietary medical treatment protocols and systems technology to avoid unnecessary treatments and associated costs. Processes in Utilization Management include: injury review, diagnosis and treatment planning; contacting and negotiating provider treatment requirements; certifying appropriateness of treatment parameters, and responding to provider requests for additional treatment. Utilization management services include: prospective review, retrospective review, concurrent review, professional nurse review, second opinion, peer review, precertifications and independent medical evaluation.

Vocational Rehabilitation CorVel’s Vocational Rehabilitation program is designed for injured workers needing assistance returning to work or retaining employment. This comprehensive suite of services helps employees who are unable to perform previous work functions and who face the possibility of joining the open labor market to seek re-employment.

These services are available unbundled, on an integrated basis as dictated by the requirement of each case and client preference, or by individual statutory requirements. Vocational rehabilitation services include ergonomic assessments, rehabilitation plans, transferable skills analysis, labor market services, job seeking skills, resumé development, job analysis and development, job placement, career counseling and expert testimony.

Life Care Planning Life Care Planning is used to project long-term future needs, services and related costs associated with a catastrophic injury. CorVel’s Life Care Plans summarize extensive amounts of medical data and compile it into a comprehensive report for future care requirements, aiding improved outcomes and timely resolution of claims. The Life Care Plans also provide working guidelines and points of reference for the family of a disabled person. Some of the features of the Company’s Life Care Planning services include: comprehensive documentation, projecting future care requirements, customized reporting, certified documentation and costs specific to local areas.

Disability Management CorVel’s disability management programs offer a continuum of services for short and long-term disability coverages that advocate an employee’s early return to work. Disability management services include absence reporting, disability evaluations, national preferred provider organizations, independent medical examinations, utilization review, medical case management, return to work coordination and integrated reporting.

Liability Claims Management CorVel also offers liability claims management services that can be sold as a stand-alone service or part of patient management. The Company’s services include auto liability, general liability, product liability, personal injury, professional liability and property damage, accidents and weather-related damage. This service includes claims management, adjusting services, litigation management, claims subrogation, and investigations.

Auto Claims Management Injury claims are one of the largest components of auto indemnity costs. Effective management of these claims and their associated costs, combined with an optimal healthcare management program, helps CorVel’s customers reduce claim costs. The Company’s auto claims services include national preferred provider organizations, medical bill review, first and third party bill review, first notice of loss, demand packet reviews and reporting and analytics.


Infrastructure and Data Center The Company utilizes a Tier III-rated data center as its primary processing site. Redundancy is provided at many levels in power, cooling, and computing resources, with the goal of ensuring maximum uptime and system availability for the Company’s production systems. The Company has fully embraced server virtualization and consolidation techniques to push the fault-tolerance of systems even further. These technologies bring increased availability, speed-to-production and scalability.

Adoption of Imaging Technologies and Paperless Workflow Utilizing scanning and automated data capture processes allows the Company to process incoming paper and electronic claims documents, including medical bills, with less manual handling and which has improved the Company’s workflow processes. This has benefited both the Company, in terms of cost-savings, and the Company’s customers, in improved savings results. Through the Company’s internet portal, www.caremc.com, customers can review the bills as soon as they are processed and approve a bill for payment, streamlining the customer’s own workflows and expediting the payment process.

Redundancy Center The Company’s national data center is located near Portland, Oregon. The Company has migrated its redundancy center from Fort Worth, Texas to Las Vegas, Nevada. The redundancy center is the Company’s backup processing site in the event that the Portland data center suffers catastrophic loss. Currently, the Company’s data is continually replicated to Las Vegas in near-real time, so that in the event the Portland data center is offline, the redundancy center can be activated with current information quickly. The Las Vegas data center also hosts duplicates of the Company’s websites. The Las Vegas systems are maintained and exercised on a continuous basis as they host demonstration and pilot environments that mirror production, with the goal of ensuring their ongoing readiness.

CareMCSM CareMC (www.caremc.com) has become the application platform for all of the Company’s primary service lines and delivers immediate access to customers. CareMC offers customers direct access to the Company’s primary services. CareMC allows for electronic communication and reporting between providers, payers, employers and patients. Features of the website include: report an incident/injury, request for service, appointment scheduling, online bill review, claims information management, treatment calendar, medical bill adjudication and automated provider reimbursement.

Through the CareMC Website, users can:

• Request services online;

• Manage files throughout the life of the claim;

• Receive and relay case notes from case managers; and

• Integrate information from multiple claims management sources into one database.

The CareMC website facilitates healthcare transaction processing. Using artificial intelligence techniques, the website provides situation alerts and event triggers, to facilitate prompt and effective decisions. Users of CareMC can quickly see where event outliers are occurring within the claims management process. If costs exceed pre-determined thresholds or activities fall outside expected timelines, decision-makers can be quickly notified. Large amounts of information are consolidated and summarized to help customers focus on the critical issues.

Scanning Services We continue to leverage our scanning technologies which include scanning, optical character recognition and document management services. We continue to expand our existing office automation service line and all offices are selling scanning and document management. We have added scanning operations to most of the Company’s larger offices around the country, designating them “Capture Centers.” Our scanning service also offers a web interface (www.onlinedocumentcenter.com) providing immediate access to documents and data called the Online Document Center (ODC). Secure document review, approval, transaction workflow and archival storage are available at subscription-based pricing.

Claims Processing We continue to develop our claims system capabilities which fit well with the Company’s preference for owning and maintaining our own software assets. Integration projects, some already completed, are underway to present more of this claims-centric information available through the CareMC web portal. The Company’s goal is to continue to modernize user interfaces, and to streamline the delivery of this information to our customers, giving more rapid feedback and putting real-time information in the hands of our customers.


CorVel serves a diverse group of customers that include insurers, third party administrators, selfadministered employers, government agencies, municipalities, state funds, and numerous other industries.

CorVel is able to provide workers’ compensation services to virtually any size employer and in any state or region of the United States. No single customer of the Company represented more than 10% of revenues in fiscal 2014, 2015 and 2016. Many claims management decisions in workers’ compensation are the responsibility of the local claims office of national or regional insurers. The Company’s national branch office network enables the Company to market and offer its services at both a local and national account level. The Company is placing increasing emphasis on national account marketing. The sales and marketing activities of the Company are conducted primarily by account executives located in key geographic areas.


The healthcare cost containment industry is competitive and is subject to economic pressures for cost savings and legislative reforms. CorVel’s primary competitors in the workers’ compensation market include third party administrators, managed care companies, large insurance carriers and numerous independent companies. Many of the Company’s competitors are significantly larger and have greater financial and marketing resources than the Company. Moreover, the Company’s customers may establish the in-house capability of performing services offered by the Company. If the Company is unable to compete effectively, it will be difficult to add and retain customers, and the Company’s business, financial condition and results of operations will be materially and adversely affected.

The past few years have seen acceleration in the technology world, and advancements seem to be progressing at a pace that few, if any, have ever witnessed. The proliferation of smart phones and tablet computers allows the Company’s clients to stay connected at any time, from anywhere. This capability provides immediate access and begins to present business opportunities that were previously predicated on a less connected environment. The Company continues to leverage the new wave of technology in order to connect all of the parties involved in the workers’ compensation process in ways that were unimaginable in the past. As with general health, the workers compensation line continues to migrate to being a medical management business, with policymakers, employers, and carriers struggling to manage and control the costs of medical care (Source “National Council on Compensation Insurance”). The Company will continue to focus the execution of its strategy to provide industry leading claims management and cost containment solutions to the market.

We are required to be licensed or receive regulatory approval in nearly every state and foreign jurisdiction in which we do business. In addition, most jurisdictions require individuals who engage in claim adjusting and certain other insurance service activities to be personally licensed. These licensing laws and regulations vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. In most jurisdictions, licensing laws and regulations generally grant broad discretion to supervisory authorities to adopt and amend regulations and to supervise regulated activities.


General Managed healthcare programs for workers’ compensation are subject to various laws and regulations. Both the nature and degree of applicable government regulation vary greatly depending upon the specific activities involved. Generally, parties that actually provide or arrange for the provision of healthcare services, assume financial risk related to the provision of those services or undertake direct responsibility for making payment or payment decisions for those services. These parties are subject to a number of complex regulatory requirements that govern many aspects of their conduct and operations.

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