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«Before registering for a course, students must satisfy prerequisites as indicated in the following course descriptions. When changes are made, ...»

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Undergraduate Course Descriptions

This letter/number system is used to designate the colleges and the disciplines and

subjects offered within these colleges.

Key to Course Description Information

Before registering for a course, students must satisfy prerequisites as indicated in the

following course descriptions. When changes are made, students are to follow the

requirements in the most recent catalog.

Course Prefix

ACCT Accounting

ACCX Accounting (PhilaU ONL) ARTX Arts (PhilaU ONL) BEHLT Behavioral Health BIOL Biology BIOX Biology (PhilaU ONL) BUS Business CISX Computer (PhilaU ONL) COMM Communications COMX Communication (PhilaU ONL) CRJX Criminal Justice (PhilaU ONL) CSSEM Continuing Studies Seminar CSSX Foundation (PhilaU ONL) ECON Economics EMS Emergency Services ENGX English (PhilaU ONL) FINC Finance HIST History HISX History (PhilaU ONL) HLTSV Health Services HRM Human Resources HUMN Humanities IT Information Technology LAWEN Law Enforcement LCSX Legal Studies (PhilaU ONL) LHS Leadership & Homeland Security MATH Math MATX Math (PhilaU ONL) MGMT Management MGMTX Management Philau Online MGTX Management (PhilaU ONL) MKTG Marketing MKTX Marketing (PhilaU ONL) MUSX Music Online OTA Occupational Therapy Assistant PHLX Philosophy (PhilaU ONL) PSYCH Psychology PSYX Psychology (PhilaU ONL) SCI Science SOC Social Sciences SOCX Social Science(PhilaU ONL) STAT Statistics WRTG Writing Undergraduate Course Descriptions ACCT-101ACC - Financial Accounting 3-0-3 Designed to introduce all business students to the field of accounting, the course covers the fundamental principles of accounting, highlighting balance sheet and income statement presentation. Primary emphasis on accounting as a source of financial information, with procedural details kept to a minimum.

ACCT-102ACC - Managerial Accounting 3-0-3 Objective analysis and interpretation of accounting information. Use of accounting information as a basis for planning, control and managerial decisions. Prerequisite: ACCT-1XX ACCT-203ACC - Intermediate Accounting I 3-0-3 An in-depth study of basic accounting principles and theory followed by a detailed analysis of cash, receivables and investments (including the related revenue and expense transactions).

Text supplemented withthe current rulings of the AICPA. Prerequisite:Accounting I ACCT-204ACC - Intermediate Accounting II 3-0-3 Continues the analysis of a company's balance sheet with a study of inventories, fixed assets and liabilities. Text supplemented by current rulings of the AICPA. Prerequisite: ACCT-203 or ACCTACC ACCT-303ACC - Accounting Theory and Practice 3-0-3 This course will enable students to study topics such as corporate entities, cash flow statements, pensions and leases; along with other material not covered in previous accounting courses.

Prerequisite: ACCT-204 or ACCT-204ACC ACCT-309ACC - Federal Taxes I 3-0-3 This course examines the federal tax laws as related to individual income taxation. The textbook is supplemented by using the actual 1040 tax forms and the related supporting schedules. The course is open to all students. Prerequisite:Accounting 1 ACCT-316ACC - Cost Accounting I 3-0-3 This course includes study of job order, process and standard cost systems; cost-volume-profit analysis; absorption versus direct costing; inventory-control systems, including EOQ and JIT systems concepts; relevant costing in decision making; time value of money concepts; and capital-budgeting theory and application. Prerequisite: ACCT-203 or ACCT-203ACC;

ACCT-409ACC - Auditing 3-0-3 Principles, standards and procedures of auditing. Emphasis upon the public accounting profession, its current pronouncements, practices and problems. Prerequisite: ACCT-204 or ACCT-204ACC ACCT-412ACC - Advanced Accounting 3-0-3 This course includes study of business combinations and consolidated financial-statement preparation, foreign subsidiary operations, foreign transactions, and government and not-for-profit

industry accounting. The text is supplemented with current rulings of the AICPA. Prerequisite:

ACCT-303 or ACCT-303ACC;

ACCX-111 - Financial Accounting ----Designed to introduce all business students to the field of accounting, the course covers the fundamental principles of accounting, highlighting balance sheet and income statement presentation. Primary emphasis on accounting as a source of financial information, with procedural details kept to a minimum.

ARTX-101 - Art History I ----This course provides an introduction to the history of the visual arts from prehistory to the early

Renaissance. Major works in architecture, sculpture, painting, and graphic arts are covered in chronological order.

ARTX-102 - Art History II ----This course provides an introduction to the history of the visual arts from the Renaissance to the

Twentieth-Century. It presents a chronological coverage of architecture, sculpture, painting, and graphic arts, stressing the characteristics that identify periods and styles.

BEHLT-290 - Clinical Interactions/Behavioral Health 3-0-3 This course builds on communication and clinical skills learned throughout other coursework and provides the student with a framework for the development of critical thinking skills and patient centered care perspectives within a variety of healthcare settings. Clinical reasoning skills such as patient triage, hierarchy of needs, short term and long term goal setting, and advanced assessment will be covered. Prerequisite:TAKE COMM-310,PSYCH-233;

BEHLT-341 - Behavioral Health & Neurorehabilitation 3-0-3 Focusing on the needs of clients and patients in specific environments, this course integrates behavioral and health sciences in the description of a range of interventions. Students will study specialized services used in the delivery of neuropsychology, rehabilitation nursing, occupational therapy and a variety of other fields.

BEHLT-499 - Applied Project in Neurorehabilitation 3-0-3 Using the principles learned in CPS Core coursework, and/or applied psychology, neurorehabilitation, or behavioral health, this course requires students to design and develop a program directed toward addressing the health needs of an individual client/patient or group of individuals. Students are encouraged to apply their project to the future work environment where they plan to apply their expertise. Portfoliobased assessment allows students to demonstrate proficiency through display of artifacts related to their plan along with the presentation of documents that either assess the design of the project or describe project implementation.

BIOL-101ACC - Current Topics in Biology 3-2-3 (for non-science majors) Explore contemporary biological topics that you hear and read about or that are part of your daily life and learn the fundamental scientific concepts that underlie them.

Topics will cover molecules to cells and organisms to populations as well as inheritance, development, infectious disease and what constitutes well-supported science. The course utilizes projects, hands-on activities, online discussions and group work to illustrate concepts.

BIOL-103ACC - Biology I 3-0-3 (required for Science majors) The objective of this course is to gain an understanding of the cellular, molecular and genetic basis of life. Students will be introduced to the physical and chemical principles involved in biological processes, the microscopic world of the cell, regulation of gene expression and the laws that govern inheritance. This course and BIOL-104 and BIOLL Biology II are the introductory courses for science majors. Prerequisite: BIOL-103L or BIOL-103ACC BIOL-103LACC - Biology I Lab ----This laboratory course reinforces the understanding of cellular, molecular and genetic processes learned in Biology I lecture. Exercises include microscopic examination of cells and tissues, biochemical analysis of enzyme activity, osmosis, cellular respiration and genetic investigation, including electrophoretic analysis of mutation. Prerequisite: BIOL-103 or BIOL-103ACC BIOL-202ACC - Human Anatomy and Physiology II 3-0-3 This course is the second of a two semester sequence. This course will examine anatomical and physiological aspects of the following systems of humans: sensory, endocrine, circulation, respiration, nutrition-digestion, excretion and reproductive. During lecture, both anatomy and physiology will be discussed. While some lab sessions will focus mainly on the anatomy of the current system, most laboratory sessions will involve physiological experiments to provide students with greater insight into the physiology of the current system. A close correlation between lecture and laboratory topics will be maintained. Prerequisite:BIOL-201 - Minimum grade C- Corequisite: BIOL-202L BIOL-202LACC - Human Anatomy and Physiology II Lab 0-2-1 The A&P laboratory sessions will provide students with hands-on learning opportunities to help conceptualize content discussed in lecture. During lab, students will work on problem sets, examine and dissect organs and/or anatomical models, use microscopes, perform basic physiological experiments and examine cadaver specimens. While some lab sessions will focus mainly on the anatomy of the current system, most laboratory sessions will involve physiological experiments to provide students with greater insight into the physiology of the current system.

Prerequisite:BIOL-201L - Minimum grade C- Corequisite: BIOL-202 BIOX-120 - Concepts of Biology ----This survey course assists students in understanding the basic and unifying principles of life.

Students focus on a wide variety of topics including structure and function, organization, diversity, biochemistry, evolution, behavior, ecology, and population dynamics.

BUS-499 - Business Capstone Seminar 3-0-3 The process and techniques of strategy formulation, implementation and evaluation are studied and applied. Case studies of domestic and international companies and not-for-profit organizations will be used to integrate strategic management concepts with knowledge acquired in other classes. This course will include extensive written individual and team assignments and oral presentations. Prerequisite: MGMT-401 MKTG-102 ACCT-101 ACCT-102;

CISX-112 - Introduction to Computing ----This course strives to meet the high level of computer literacy required of all students earning a degree from the university. Special emphasis is placed on the ethical use of computer technology for information analysis and communications. Computer units introduce the Internet, Windows, word processing, database analysis, spreadsheets,and presentation software.

COMM-310 - Communication Theory and Dynamics 3-0-3 This course is designed to provide viable frameworks in communication and organizational theories and dynamics. Diagnostic criteria and delivery techniques will also be explored, within both theoretical and pragmatic realms. The class will be conducted in an interactive seminar format.

COMM-320 - Professional Communication Skills 3-0-3 This General Education Core course requires students to analyze, produce, and revise professional communication in a variety of written, oral, and multi-model formats. Students produce individual and group projects in print and multimedia settings as they explore how economic, social and political perspectives apply to workplace communications, the professions and the professionals themselves.

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COMX-307 - Public Relations & Media Wrtg. ----WRITING INTENSIVE: Students in this course learn the fundamentals of writing for multiple public audiences in multiple communication formats and genres. Areas addressed include public relations, public affairs, media relations and press releases. Students will also learn to judge the importance of information as well as set priorities and tailor writing to meet the needs of different audiences.

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CRJX-102 - Intro to Law Enforcement ----This course studies the role of police in society with attention to the history of law enforcement, the organization of police forces, centralized police power, community policing, and the recruitment and training of police officers.

CRJX-309 - Police Admin & Management ----The student is introduced to the basics of administering and managing law enforcement professionals. The focus is on particular issues faced in managing police officers-federal, state, or local. The course addresses relations with non-governmental community leaders. Budgeting and planning are also covered. Prerequisite: take CRJX-102;

CSSEM-300 - Professional Practice Seminar 3-0-3 The introductory core course in Continuing and Professional Studies Bachelor of Science Accelerated Degree Completion Program. Course draws on a variety of sources to provide students the opportunity to create their own conceptual framework regarding their professional and personal experiences and understand how to integrate those frameworks into a personal plan for learning. Students are introduced to the requirements of the Continuing and Professional Studies Portfolio and create the first draft of their personalized portfolio. Required of all CPS majors.

CSSEM-499 - Professional Studies Capstone Seminar 3-0-3 This General Education Core course examines emerging global issues in the areas of politics, economics, technology and the environment; and explores intercultural communication and the cultural dimensions of international business. Students present their final Continuing and Professional Studies Portfolios and analyze a relevant global trend and its expected impact upon their professional field. Required of all CPS Accelerated Bachelor of Science Degree Completion students.

CSSX-101 - Learning Across the Lifespan ----This course provides theoretical bases and practical strategies for lifelong learning. Students will become aware of university resources, as well as the policies and procedures critical to success.

Emphasis is placed on critical thinking, study skills, analytical reading, effective writing, reasoning, problem-solving, time management and strategies for college success necessary to support learning in a university environment. Students will analyze their own learning abilities and styles and develop effective practices for learning throughout their lifetime. Students will explore their motivations and the external determinants that affect their educational, personal, and career success. Students will learn the role of active learning in a successful life.

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