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ECON-331 - Economic Decision Making 3-0-3 This Continuing and Professional Studies Core course introduces principles underlying the behavior of business firms, resource owners, and consumers within a system of markets. The theory of value and distribution and the implications of international trade on both value and distribution are addressed. Overall purpose of the course is to introduce many of the factors underlying sound economic decision making in the rapidly emerging global economy. There is a strong course focus on critical analysis of cases.

EMS-310 - Emergency Services Law 3-0-3 This course explores the essential framework of federal, state and local laws that impact on emergency and public safety services. It will provide an overview of the most important federal and state legislation that impact emergency services management and disasters.

EMS-320 - Emergency Mgmt Planning 3-0-3 Topics covered in this course include: program planning and management, financial planning, managing information, leadership and followership styles, decision making skills, community building skills, intergovernmental relationships, negotiating and communication skills and professionalism.

EMS-330 - Pub Hlth Iss Impactng Emer Srv 3-0-3 This course explores the relationship of public health and emergency and disaster prevention, response and recovery environments. Discussions examine the changing and unique role of public health in emergency management paying special attention to epidemiology, integration with traditional emergency services, medical and first responders, public safety, bioterrorism preparedness, and the need for comprehensive pre-education of professional and public communities. The class will cultivate insight into the necessary integration of public health in the development of effective emergency response contingencies specific to natural, accidental and international disaster events.

EMS-410 - Disaster Resp & Recov Planning 3-0-3 Disasters can be natural, technological, or terrorist in nature; and a pro-active rather than reactive approach to disaster preparation is the best means of mitigating damage. This course covers systematic planning and recovery efforts for when disaster emergencies occur. Students will examine issues in their respective fields and develop strategies for response and recovery methods and techniques from related case studies.

EMS-499 - Applied Proj in Ems Leadership 3-0-3 Students will explore the relevant scholarly literature and then conduct an indepth analysis of the emergency services industry and design an innovative project. Knowledge of statistical analysis, process planning, and data gathering will be used to complete their analysis and report on a comtemporary topic or aspect of the business. Students will demonstrate their ability to assess the efficacy of program design as well as describe the project planning and implementation process. Student projects are evaluated based on the capacity to incorporate familiarity with systems and planning in a comprehensive project, in the context of their subject.

Prerequisite:take stat-311 ems-310 ems-320 ems-330 ems-410;

ENGX-110 - College Writing ----This course is designed to develop and refine the analytical/critical reading skills and the substantive writing skills of freshmen. This intensive writing class will focus on writing essays of varying length and expose students to the various rhetorical modes of writing that will contribute to their success in university courses and their chosen careers.

FINC-323 - Financial Decision Making 3-0-3 A Continuing and Professional Studies Core course that examines financial decision making both from the corporate and individual points of view. While the emphasis is primarily on the corporation, discussions and analysis will be extended, where appropriate, to the individual.

Prerequisite:STAT-311 HIST-114ACC - Amer in Focus: Themes US Hist 3-0-3 Students will become historians by asking questions about the changes wrought by the transformation of the United States from an agriculturally based, rural society to an urban, industrial and increasingly multi-cultural society in an interdependent world. This course will require students to read, write and speak about issues in the American past. This course may be used to satisfy a College Studies requirement, but not free elective credits.

HIST-232 - Hist & Philosophy of OTA Prac 3-0-3 The history of the OT profession will be described, including founding principles, key figures in the development of the profession, founders of OT in the United States and the history of the practice of OT throughout the United States beginning with the Reconstruction Aides. Key dates, events and philosophical underpinnings will be outlined, particularly the move from holism through the rehabilitation movement following World War II and the effect of technology on practice in the US. The OT Practice Framework will be introduced. 3-0-3 Prerequisite:take wrtgHIST-321 - Business Industry Work in Amer History 3-0-3 This General Education Core course surveys major themes in the history of work in America, focusing on how economic, technological and political changes have transformed the nature of work in America. Course readings explore industrialization, the emergence of mass production and modern management, the history of worker organizations, the decline of manufacturing and rise of a service economy, and the impact of globalization on work in America. Throughout the course, students consider connections between changes in the workplace and broader social and political developments, including changing gender roles and the civil rights movement.

HISX-101 - World Civilization I ----This course provides a survey of significant developments relating to the rise of early Mediterranean, European, and Asiatic societies. Economic, political, and religious themes are stressed from the foundations of civilization to the eve of the Western Enlightenment.

HISX-102 - World Civilization II ----This course is a companion to HIS101, surveying the development of civilization from the Western Enlightenment to contemporary times. Emphasis is placed on the emergence of ideological movements; regional,economic, and political patterns; and technological innovations that fostered periods of war and peace.

HISX-201 - United States History I ----This survey course traces the origins of American society from colonial times to the close of the Civil War. Emphasis is on the development of liberty and equality as core social values in American culture.

HLTSV-210 - Ethical Issues for Health and Human Services 3-0-3 Providers This seminar style course is intended to provide tools necessary for considering and discussing ethical dilemmas in today's multicultural society. Meaningful dialogue requires an understanding of the evolution and development of ethics from the beginning of civilization. Sources used for this course include films and directed readings (text, newspaper articles, and internet resources).

The goal of this course is to enhance the understanding and language skills of the provided so that he/she can engage in meaningful discussions of potentially highly charged emotional issues.

Prerequisite:WRTG-101 OR WRTG-105 HLTSV-310 - Surv of Health Services Delivery Systems 3-0-3 This course provides an overview of the history, evolution and major components of U.S. health care systems. Topics covered include the organization of health care services, the hospital, the roles of health care providers, supply and demand in health care, third-party payers, the role of government and managed care and comparisons of health care systems in other countries.

HLTSV-315 - Public Policy & Planning in Healthcare 3-0-3 An analysis of the processes related to the planning, organizing, staffing, directing and controlling of health care services. Specific emphasis is given to the key indicators and organizations that drive policy and planning in health care systems. The course also considers the impact of policy on practitioners in health care. The techniques of effective decision making and problem solving are also addressed.

HLTSV-325 - Emerging Issues in Healthcare 3-0-3 This course explores the current trends in health care and issues affecting the organizational changes in the industry with regard to delivery of health care services in a wide variety of settings. Topics include history of U.S. health care services, current reform proposals, universal health care insurance, ethical issues, gerontological issues, labor relations, the changing workforce in healthcare and comparative perspectives of health care in other countries.

HLTSV-499 - Capstone Seminar in Health Services Management 3-0-3 Students use knowledge of statistical analysis, process planning, and data gathering to complete an in-depth analysis and report on a sector or organization in the health care industry. Students' projects are evaluated based on demonstration of an understanding of systems, planning and dynamics of delivery in the context of their project. Prerequisite:HRM-350 HLTSV-310 HLTSVHLTSV-325 HRM-321 - Staffing and Resource Management 3-0-3 This course focuses on the recruitment and retention functions of human resource management, including EEO/ Affirmative Action and career planning. In addition, the course focuses on the training and development functions inherent in retaining and enhancing a skilled work force.

Training development includes needs analysis, programming and evaluation.

Prerequisite:MGMT-320 HRM-336 - Compensation, Benefits, Health & Safety 3-0-3 Focusing on the complex structure of employee benefits programs, this course also introduces students to compensation structures. In addition to the focus on compensation and benefits, the course also develops students' understanding of the legal and organizational aspects of health, safety and security. Prerequisite:MGMT-320 HRM-350 - Cross-Cultural Commctn Diversity Management 3-0-3 This course will examine how to manage the growing multicultural workforce in the United States.

Topics include issues of intercultural communication and cross-cultural relations, ethnocentrism, racism and ageism. Students will develop an understanding and appreciation for cultures other than one's own and will be able to discuss current techniques used in cultural analysis.

HRM-421 - Organizational and Employee Relations 3-0-3 This course focuses in part on the function of union representation and collective bargaining in managing a large organization. In addition, it focuses on the role of planning, control, and information resources in the practice of human resource professionals. Prerequisite:MGMT-320 HRM-499 - Applied Research & Practice in Human Resources 3-0-3 This project-centered course requires students to develop a comprehensive human resource plan for an organization. Plans must include considerations of planning, staff development, compensation and benefit structures, and organizational health and safety requirements.

Students will write and present a comprehensive plan, including materials targeted for employee development and relations. Prerequisite:HRM-321HRM-336HRM-421 HUMN-301 - Art and Context 3-0-3 An in-depth examination of images and objects from throughout history and world cultures.

Emphasis will be on the materials and techniques of painting, sculpture, architecture and landscape architecture, and on what these objects and images say about the cultures that made and make them. Class format will be lecture, class discussions and student group presentations.

Two self-guided Philadelphia-area field trips will be required.

HUMN-310 - Globalization and World Politics 3-0-3 This course provides an overview of the forces which are shaping global economics and politics.

Students will develop an understanding of the roles of international institutions such as the World Trade Organization, the International Monetary Fund and the United Nations, as well as nongovernmental groups like Amnesty International and al Qaeda. Students will also examine the process of economic globalization in order to understand its varying impacts on different world regions.

IT-101 - Intro to Information Systems 3-0-3 This is an introductory course in Continuing and Professional Studies for students with no prior computer experience. The course is designed to teach students to use informatics that combine computer science, information processing, data-base management, word processing, spreadsheets and information presentation skills to facilitate management and processing of industry-related data.

IT-201 - Learning and Technology 3-0-3 This course will utilize students previously-acquired abilities to use Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint in conjunction with information retrieval, management and communication tools.

Research methods are combined with resource use, leading to careful evaluation and ethical use of information. This course will be taught in a computer lab, combining lecture with hands-on activities and group work. Can complement courses in which the student is concurrently enrolled and that require research beyond the course's texts.

IT-315 - Information Technology I 3-0-3 This course prepares future managers to be effective organizers and users of modern information technologies. Emphasizing a global perspective of information technology and related business issues, students learn to view IT in broad terms and function as 'internal consultants' to functional areas in an organization. The course covers office and manufacturing automation, telecommunications, decision- support systems and executive information systems. Students learn to integrate the informational needs of the organization with suppliers, customers and other decisionmaking entities. Course introduces management techniques to support effective employees whose actions are guided by the power of modern information technologies.

IT-317 - Information Technology II 3-0-3 This course introduces the fundamentals of computerapplication development. Students will develop basic facility in digital media, electronic publishing, and decision support systems. The course also includes the use of information technologies for the automation of both office and factory environments. Prerequisite:IT-315 IT-320 - Database Management 3-0-3 This course will provide an introduction to the creation and management of electronic databases.

Topics covered include database design, relationships, normal forms, structured query language, importing data and creating reports and forms. Data-modeling techniques will also be covered.

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