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«Before registering for a course, students must satisfy prerequisites as indicated in the following course descriptions. When changes are made, ...»

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Prerequisite:IT-317 IT-410 - Needs Assessment 3-0-3 This course provides an introduction to assessing the informational needs of an organization.

Topics covered include equipment requirements, information design and technology integration as they impact the needs of an organization. Special attention will be given to usability studies and design development. Prerequisite:IT-320 IT-499 - Project Management 3-0-3 This course focuses on strategic management of technology projects. Acting as a project manager, students learn techniques to elicit the support and acceptance of new technologies within organizations. Through the creation of a project plan, students learn how to integrate informational technologies into an organization's mission. Prerequisite:IT-410 LAWEN-301 - Plann for Law Enforcement Org 3-0-3 This courses covers strategic and tactical planning broadly conceived. The focus is on law enforcement; theories, examples and perspectives will be drawn from other fields in the non-profit sector. Topics that will be addressed include forecasting, personnel planning, GIS, and personnel and resource management issues including budgeting and program evaluation.

LAWEN-310 - Contemp Law Enforc Strategy 3-0-3 Understanding that law enforcement professional must attain an in-depth understanding of contemporary policing strategies and critical issues face law enforcement today, students will examine crime analysis, patrol techniques, training, information systems/GIS as well as other issues such as government relations and criminology.

LAWEN-410 - Advanced Law Enforcement Theory and Mgmt 3-0-3 This course focuses on the underlying theories of expert practices in police management and administration. Students will examine ethical issues specific to the field of law enforcement. This course builds on knowledge obtained through LAWEN-310 and utilizes academic and professional literature to address critical issues in the field. Prerequisite: LAWEN-310;

LAWEN-499 - Applied Project in Law Enforce 3-0-3 Using concepts learned in CPS Core Coursework and Law Enforcement Leadership courses, students conduct an indepth analysis of the law enforcement industry and design an innovative law enforcement initiative. Students will use knowledge of statistical analysis, process planning and data gathering to complete their analysis and report on a sector or organization in the industry. Students will demonstrate their ability to assess the efficacy of a program design as well as describe the project planning and implementation processes. Students' projects will be evaluated based on the capacity to incorporate familiarity with systems and planning in a comprehensive project analyzing the dynamics of the law enforcement industry in the context of their project. Prerequisite:LAWEN-301, 310 & 410 and take MGMT-320 or CRJX-309 LCSX-105 - Elements of Organization ----Students need a basic understanding of how organizations work in order to manage their personal and professional lives. This course provides an interdisciplinary perspective on the foundations underlying all organizations (businesses, non-profit and governmental organizations) specifically as they relate to the nature of: management and leadership, economics both domestically and internationally, ethics, social responsibility, entrepreneurship, human resource management, marketing/advertising, e-commerce, information technology, accounting, investments, money and personal finances.

LHS-350 - Fund of HmLand Defense & Secu 3-0-3 Overview of the homeland security situation in the post-9/11 era. Students will develop an understanding of factors that affect government efforts to prevent terrorist attacks in the U.S.

including terrorist groups, both domestically and globally, organizations involved in Homeland Security, and the challenges and legal issues facing homeland security professionals. Students gain a basic understanding of homeland security principles, national security, and its importance in securing our borders.

LHS-360 - Unconventional Conflict 3-0-3 This course provides an introduction and examination of terrorist threats to the United States in the form of unconventional conflict, sabotage, and subversion. Discussions explore the character and history of these threats, as well as examine the operational and organizational dynamics of terrorism. Individuals, group cells, and large organizations that are engaged in clandestine activity for political purpose or effect are explored. Effective measures for both countering and responding to these terrorism threats are discussed.

LHS-403 - Critical Infrastructure 3-0-3 This course provides an introduction to the wide variety of threats to critical infrastructure sites and facilities in the United States from both terrorist activities and natural disasters. The importance of these sites to the nation's overall safety and security is examined, with Local, State, and National icons highlighted. The Department of Homeland Security and it's concept of an "All Hazards" approach to disasters is explored, with focus on the core principles of Prevent, Prepare, Respond, and Recover.

LHS-407 - Disaster Policy & Politics 3-0-3 The response to and the planning for disasters and catastrophic events entails complex public policy decisions by local, state, and national political officials. A disaster event can influence many policy agendas, sometimes leading to sweeping changes by public officials that can have long term consequences for society. Both recent and historical disasters and their ensuing public policy changes are examined, with a focus on the perception versus the reality of effective legislation.

LHS-499 - Capstone Sem., Appl Project 3-0-3 Students will explore the relevant scholarly literature and then conduct an in-depth analysis of the Homeland Security sector and design an innovative project. Knowledge of statistical analysis, process planning, and data gathering will be used to complete their analysis and report on a contemporary topic or aspect of the sector. Students will demonstrate their ability to assess the efficacy of program design as well as describe the project planning and implementation process.

Student projects are evaluated based on the capacity to incorporate familiarity with systems and planning in a comprehensive project in the context of their subject. Prerequisite: STAT-311 LHS-350 LHS-360 LHS-403 LHS-407 EMS-410;

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MATH-215 - College Algebra 3-0-3 Heavy emphasis will be placed on applications and mathematical modeling. Topics covered include those in a traditional College Algebra course. Students will gain knowledge and skills in problem solving and modeling using graphing calculators and computer software

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MATX-120 - College Algebra ----This course provides a review of the fundamentals of algebra: a study of function theory, specifically linear and quadratic functions; matrix operations; and linear programming. Emphasis is placed on problem-solving techniques with special attention given to business and other applications.

MGMT-320ACC - Human Resource Pract & Tools ----This course surveys the roles, policies and procedures of human resource management (HRM) in organizations today. Students learn the steps to staff and motivate a workforce, and appreciate the role of quantitative and qualitative decision making in HRM. Course materials deal with environmental impacts on HRM, equal employment opportunity, human resource planning, selection, performance evaluation, wage and salary administration, training and other relevant topics.

MGMT-330 - Organizational Ethics 3-0-3 This Continuing and Professional Studies course deals with current controversial issues in organizational ethics. The course will be conducted as a seminar. Students will research specific topics and present this information to other seminar members.

MGMT-361 - Leadership Theory and Ethical Practices 3-0-3 This course will heighten awareness and broden the participant's knowledge of leadership theory, trends and applications, with a strong focus on ethical leadership. The course encompasses leadership/management theories, techniques, organizational applications, managing ethical gray areas with intergrity, and intergrating leadership skills into daily work practices, Students will review organizational structure/functions, leadership styles, managerial processes, strategic planning, and change-oriented ethical leadership and consider the impact of public policy.

MGMT-401ACC - Operations Management ----This course is a comprehensive survey of production and service operations management, topics and functions. Topics include methods and work measurement, materials management, plant location and layout, production planning and control, maintenance, quality control, "Total Quality," Japanese management styles, "Systems Approach;" and decision tools such as PERT, linear programming, queuing theory, sampling and simulation. Service-delivery applications and activities are also highlighted. Prerequisite: take STAT-311 MGMTX-401 - Operations Management ----This course is a comprehensive survey of production and service operations management, topics and functions. Topics include methods and work measurement, materials management, plant location and layout, production planning and control, maintenance, quality control, "Total Quality," Japanese management styles, "Systems Approach;" and decision tools such as PERT, linear programming, queuing theory, sampling and simulation. Service-delivery applications and activities are also highlighted. Prerequisite: STAT-311;

MGTX-105 - Principles of Management ----This course is an introduction to the principles of management and their application in public and private, profit and non-profit organizations. Students will explore the areas of employee motivation, group behavior, leadership, strategic planning, organizational design, and career opportunities. Emphasis is on the research and techniques available to assist in the development of requisite management skills.

MGTX-201 - Human Resources Mgmt. ----This course includes the presentation, analysis, and discussion of the specific functions of an organization's Human Resources Department, including the human relations knowledge and skills vital to the success of any manager. Students will explore the standards of performance that are expected of managers, subordinates, and the organization with a special emphasis on the supportive relationship needed between employees and their organizations. This course also will explore a number of contemporary and controversial issues related to human resource management.

MGTX-303 - Labor/Management Relations ----This course is an introduction to labor/ management relations. It acquaints students with current problems encountered by management in the negotiation and administration of labor relation agreements. Prerequisite: MGTX-201;

MGTX-305 - Managing a Diverse Workplace ----This course focuses on a variety of topics related to meeting the demands of an increasingly diverse workplace. Students will explore the difference among Affirmative Action, valuing diversity, and managing diversity. Characteristics of diverse populations, including ethnic minorities, gender issues, older workers, workers with disabilities, and foreign workers will be studied. Students will learn strategies for implementing diversity and building cooperation and trust among diverse work groups.

MGTX-307 - Compensation & Benefits ----This course focuses on the strategic choices in managing compensation. Major compensation issues are discussed in the context of current theory, research, and practice. Students will explore the issues that influence the determination of compensation and benefits in an organization, the design of the various forms of compensation and benefits, and how organizations manage the compensation system. Prerequisite: MGTX-201;

MGTX-308 - Training and Development ----This course focuses on the role of training and employee development in organizations. It acquaints students with current theory on learning and program design, training methods and evaluation, e-learning and the use of technology in training, and the relationship of training to career management. Prerequisite: MGTX-201;

MGTX-405 - Organizational Behavior ----This course includes the study of individual and small group behavior in organizations and the interpretation of this behavior in the context of the managerial environment. Students will explore the nature of such concepts as influence, power and control, attitudes, communication, conflict, and interpersonal relations as a means of understanding of the dynamics of group behavior.

Prerequisite: MGTX-105 MGTX-408 - Organizational Theory & Dev. ----This course examines the nature and problems of organizational design, development, and change in complex organizations. The application of organizational theories in the treatment of technological, economic, and behavioral problems confronted by the practicing manager is examined. Theories of organizational growth, change, and development and their impact on organizational outcomes are explored. Prerequisite: MGTX-105 MKTG-102ACC - Principles of Marketing 3-0-3 Principles of Marketing A basic course in which the main functions, institutions and concepts of marketing are studied. Attention is focused on providing an analytical and corporate framework for studying and understanding the marketing system within changing environmental forces.

MKTG-307ACC - Principles Social Media Mktg. 3-0-3 Principles of Social Media Marketing is an advanced course in marketing that explains how social media can impact themarketing mix of an organization. Emphasis will be on for-profit companies, but will also cover non-profit organizations. Topics covered will include legal issues, building professional influence and how social media differs from othermarketing tactics.

MKTG-320 - Visual Literacy 3-0-3 A survey course in which students will examine, appreciate and communicate with visual media.

Students will enhance their capacity to look at a design and evaluate what is effective, with an understanding of design language and the process by which good communication is created.

MKTX-404 - Consumer Behavior ----This course examines marketing from the point of view of key behavioral science concepts, relevant consumer research, best practices and practical marketing applications with a customer focus. The course also analyzes motivation, personality, perception, learning, attitude formation, and the importance of group dynamics, social class, and culture on behavior in the marketplace.

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