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«PacifiCare’s medical management guidelines represent the recommendation of the PacifiCare Medical Management Guideline (MMG) committee. They are ...»

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History/Updates Policy update. HCPCS codes P3000, P3001, Q0091 and CPT code 58999 added to policy. Policy 2008T0473E 3/27/2009 archived.

Policy updated with codes 0031T and 0032T deleted. Policy 2008T0473D archived 1/2/2009 12/15/2008 Policy update. CMS information updated. Coding reviewed with no changes. Policy 2007T0473C archived.

10/11/2007 Updated medical policy: Screening For Cervical Cancer. Policy approved 09/20/2007. Combined ComputerAssisted Screening For Cervical Cancer (2004T0473A), Hybrid Capture HPV Testing for Cervical Cancer (2004T0061D), Magnified Chemiluminescent Visual Exam (Speculoscopy) for Screening for Cervial Cancer (2005T0176C), Cervicography (2005T179C) and Thin-Layer Cytology For Cervical Cancer Screening (2004T0173C) into this policy. These policies have been archived. Policy posted now as implementation review has been completed Policy Reformatted including Coverage and Clinical Recommendations sections 2/18/2002 Coding The Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) codes and HCPCS codes listed in this policy are for reference purposes only.

Listing of a service code in this policy does not imply that the service described by this code is a covered or non-covered health service. Coverage is determined by the benefit document.

HCPCS Codes:

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