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«for Teen Parents 9al148c – 02-09 You give your child the gifts of Life Love Health Happiness Being a good parent is the most important ...»

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Child Care







Teen Parents

9al148c – 02-09

You give your child the gifts of





Being a good parent is the most important

responsibility you will ever have. You will face

many challenges, difficulties, joys and special

moments. This guide serves to let you know of

services to help your child and yourself.

9al148c – 02-09


(listed alphabetically) Page Abuse Register

Adoption Services

Adoption and Related Services

Alcohol, Drug and Mental Health

B.E.T.A. Center, Inc.

Caring Friends Pregnancy Counseling

Catholic Social Services, Inc.

Center for Drug-Free Living

Children's Medical Services (CMS)

Child Support Enforcement — Department of Revenue

Community Coordinated Care For Children (4C)

Community Service Center of South Orange County, Inc.

Crisis Nursery

Department of Health/Orange County Public Health Clinics (OCPHU)................ 14-17 Developmental Disabilities

E.P.S.D.T. (Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis and Treatment)

Family Education Centers

Frontline Outreach

Home Visitor Program

Hope and Help Center

Hospital/Homebound Program

House of Hope

Legal Aid Society of the Orange County Bar Association, Inc.

Metropolitan Orlando Urban League

New Horizons Program

Orange County Head Start

Orange County Family Counseling Program and Orange County Youth Shelter........31 Parents Anonymous of Florida

Pediatric Health Choice

Peer Mediation Program

Pregnancy Counseling

Preschool Evaluation Center (PEC)

Single Parent Program

Teenage Parent Program (TAP)

Vocational Training for Adults

We Care

WIC – See Department of Health (Page 16) 9al148c – 02-09

Agency Name:

–  –  –

Services Provided:

Hotline receives reports of abuse, neglect and exploitation 24 hours a day, seven days a week for investigation by local HRS staff.

Receives complaints alleging:

• Child abuse and neglect

• Abuse, neglect and exploitation of aged persons and disabled adults

–  –  –

Services Provided:

• Counseling regarding parental rights, adoptive families' rights and responsibilities

• Termination of parental rights

• Placement of child with adoptive family

Services Provided:

• Termination of parental rights

• Places children with special needs in permanent adoptive home

• Support services to adoptive families of special needs children Population: Special Needs children within DCF Custody

Services Provided:

• Help for emotional, marital or family problems due to alcohol and drug abuse

• Community-based alcohol and drug abuse programs

• Counselors are available in most communities to help people understand and resolve emotional problems

• Counselors also help find agencies which can assist with vocational, economic and social needs

• Crisis counseling on a 24-hour, seven days-a-week basis also is provided

• State-operated mental hospitals are available for people who need to be hospitalized for their own protection or for the protection of others

• Residential treatment

• Daycare

• Outpatient

• Methadone maintenance and detoxification

• Aftercare and other related services

–  –  –

Services Provided:

B.E.T.A. is a multi-service facility for women and children. Services include:

• Crisis counseling

• Pregnancy tests

• Parenting classes

• Food, formula, clothing, diapers

• Youth Empowerment Program

• Bed and shelter during pregnancy

• Alternative School, Grades 6 to 12

• Special bus is provided for pregnant students, new mothers and infants

• G.E.D.

• Teaching/developmental child care for all B.E.T.A. program participants

• Home visit teams to help pregnant and parenting women

• Anger Management

• Child Abuse

• Children of Divorce

• Family Counseling

• Legal Aid

Services Provided:

• Counseling regarding crisis pregnancy options

• Referrals/Assistance with medical care plans, housing, continuing education

• Adoption placement services

Services Provided:

• Pregnancy Counseling

• Post-pregnancy counseling

• Adoption counseling

• Semi-open adoption

• Assistance with medical care plans, housing, etc.

• Birth parents select adoptive parents if desired

• Adoption placement

Services Provided:

Three main areas: Prevention, Intervention and Treatment Prevention

• School-based

• Improvisation Theater

• Community Partnership

• Alpha Intervention

• New Horizons (Middle School Level)

• Treatment Alternative to Street Crime Treatment

• Assessment and Evaluation

• Counseling

• New Horizons (High School Level)

• Methadone Treatment Center

• Residential Facilities and Outpatient Treatment

• Corrections

• Child Care (while in the program)

• Parenting Skills

–  –  –

Services Provided:

For eligible children under age 21 who have chronic, disabling medical problems

• When you think your baby may have special medical problems, this service will help you. First, see your doctor or clinic.

A child's medical condition may be treated in a local CMS clinic or in appropriate

hospitals and referral centers. Specialty clinic services such as:

• Heart

• Brain

• Bone

• Muscle

• Kidney

• Eye, ear, nose and throat

• Referral centers that are located in special hospitals

• Other specialized medical care (renal disease, genetic disorders, diabetes, spinal cord injury, perinatal, adolescent and young adult as well as hematology, oncology)

• Statewide programs also provide valuable services to infants and children.

(pulmonary, rheumatology, cleft lip and palate, infant metabolic screening, infant hearing, rheumatic fever, and child protection teams for abused and neglected children)

• Referrals to specialists

–  –  –

Services Provided:

• Locates absent parents to establish paternity for children born out of wedlock and collect unpaid, court-ordered child support monies

• Establishes paternity, medical support, and money support orders

• Enforces support orders

• Collects and distributes support payments

• Available even if parent is out of state

–  –  –

Services Provided:

Provides a variety of child care services and resources to parents, child care professionals and the community. 4C is a private, non-profit organization serving Orange, Osceola and Seminole counties through the generous donations of many funders.

• Free Child Care Information and Referrals. 4C maintains an up-to-date computerized data base of all child care programs in the tri-county area. We help parents make informed choices about child care. We give referrals to programs, not recommendations. Receive a free “parent pack” of consumer information on how to make the best child care choice for your family.

–  –  –

Services Provided:

Provides a safe haven for children during crisis, and non-threatening service for parents.

• For children, 0-10 years of age

• Any parent in need during a time of stress

• Stay at the nursery up to three days

• No cost to parent

• Open 24 hours per day, 365 days per year

• Confidential services

• Assistance in finding support groups

• Follow-up services


• Fear of losing control

• Need time out

• Experiencing spouse abuse

• Overcoming alcohol or drug abuse

• Require hospitalization and have no one to care for child

–  –  –

Services Provided:

In addition to the services listed on the following pages, the Department of

Health/OCPHU refers teen parents to the following community based agencies:

Frontline Outreach Center, BETA Center, Inc.

–  –  –


Call any clinic to find out the clinic nearest your area. Opening and closing times may change. Please call for the correct information.

–  –  –

Communicable Diseases Investigation/Education A Investigates reported cases of communicable disease, identifies source of infection and applies control measures. Provides education on available treatments.

–  –  –

Services Provided:

This program serves people with developmental disabilities such as:

• Mental retardation

• Cerebral palsy

• Autism

• Spina bifida. Services are designed to help a person live as normally as possible and develop skills toward independence

• Help with living arrangements for people who are mentally retarded

• Train parents in ways to care for their handicapped child at home

• Provide special equipment for the home, such as lifts or ramps

• When disabled people cannot live with their own families, the program can sometimes find another place for them to live.

• Group and foster homes

• These homes offer family living in ordinary houses in residential neighborhoods

• Clusterhouses

• Residential rehabilitation centers

• Intermediate care facilities for the mentally retarded (ICF/MR)

• Residences and training

• Florida law requires that developmentally disabled people receive the best services possible without violation of their legal or human rights

• These rights are safeguarded by citizen committees that can be reached through local HRS offices

–  –  –

Services Provided:

• Complete medical physical exam

• Blood tests

• Eye exam

• Referrals to specialists as needed

• Urine analysis

• Dental services

–  –  –

Family Education Centers are located throughout Orange County at all of the Adult Community Education Centers (see following page). For information contact the Student

Assistance Office at:

–  –  –

Services Provided:

• Family Counseling This component consists of eight to 10 sessions and stresses the importance of the entire family participating in each session.

• Parent Education Classes Parents are provided with an opportunity to develop effective parenting skills in a program held in the afternoon or evening.

• Parent Support Group Parents who have completed the parent education classes are encouraged to participate in and co-facilitate a parent support group that provides an opportunity to develop positive interpersonal relationships.

• Suspension Reduction Program This program is an alternative that a family may choose whose child has been suspended or who is at risk for being suspended due to alcohol and/or other drugrelated offenses and/or acts of verbal or physical aggression.

Medical Referrals Social Functions Bi-Weekly

• Picnics, Banquets, Catered Holiday Dinners

• Dine-Out Socials STORK'S Nest Thrift Shop Daycare On Site (6:30 a.m. - 6:00 p.m.) Baby Layettes Emergency Rental & Utility Assistance (When Funds are Available) Emergency Food

–  –  –

Services Provided:

In-home counseling regarding:

• Parenting—child care issues

• Child discipline

• Child nutrition/medical needs

• Parents' Store (infant clothing, diapers, etc.)

• Problem-solving skills

• Stress management

• Time management techniques

• Accessing community resources (Food stamp/AFDC applications, housing applications, parenting classes, etc.) Population: Pregnant teens and adults, or families with a child under age 1

Services Provided:

Information, referral and resource agency for anyone affected by Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) or Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

• Teen Peer Education Program

• Case Management

• Emergency financial assistance (when available)

• Nutrition seminars

• Physical fitness information

• Referrals to other agencies/support groups

• Community education and prevention

• Wellness support groups

• Food pantry

• Transportation

–  –  –

Services Provided:

Hospital/Homebound is a program that serves students who have a medically diagnosed illness which confines them to the home or hospital. A licensed physician must certify that the student is unable to attend school for at least 15 school days.

Students will be involved in one or a combination of the following services:

• Instruction in the hospital or the home

• Teleclass instruction

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