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USO E MANUTENÇÃO Questo manuale è parte integrante dell'apparecchiatura alla quale fa riferimento e deve accomI pagnarla sempre anche in caso di vendita o cessione. Conservatelo per ogni futuri riferimento;

ARAG si riserva il diritto di modificare le specifiche e le istruzioni del prodotto in qualsiasi momento e senza alcun preavviso.

This manual is an integral part of the device to which it refers and must always accompany it, even GB in case of sale or transfer. Keep it for future reference; ARAG reserves the right to modify the specifications and instructions regarding the product at any time and without prior notice.

Ce manuel fait partie intégrante de l’appareil auquel il se rapporte. Il doit toujours l’accompagner F même en cas de vente ou de changement de propriétaire. Il est à conserver et à consulter en cas de problèmes; ARAG se réserve le droit de modifier à tout moment et sans avis préalable, les spécifications et les instructions concernant le produit.

Este manual es parte integrante del equipo al que hace referencia y deberá acompañarlo siemE pre, aun en caso de venta o cesión del mismo. Consérvenlo para efectuar futuras consultas;

ARAG se reserva el derecho a modificar las especificaciones y las instrucciones del producto en cualquier momento y sin aviso.

Dieses Handbuch ist wesentlicher Bestandteil des Gerätes, zu dem es gehört, und muss immer, D auch im Fall eines Verkaufs oder Weitergabe, mit diesem zusammen aufbewahrt werden. Heben Sie es für jede evtl. zukünftige Notwendigkeit auf;ARAG behält sich das Recht vor, die Vorschriften und Anweisungen des Produkts jederzeit und ohne jegliche Voranzeige zu ändern.

Este manual pertence ao aparelho ao qual se refere e deve acompanhá-lo no caso de seja cediP do ou vendido a terceiros. Guarde-o para qualquer consulta futura; a ARAG conserva o direito de modificar as características e as instruções do produto a qualquer momento e sem nenhum aviso prévio.


1 Introduction

1.1 Precautions

1.2 Intended use

1.3 Models and characteristics

1.4 Contents of the package

1.5 End cable

1.6 Liquids separator

2 Installation

3 Use

3.1 Description of the controls and their functions

3.2 Operating mode

3.3 Indicators

3.4 Adjustment of the control unit

3.5 Pump Protector

4 Troubleshooting

4.1 Maintenance / diagnostics / repairs

4.2 Pump protector sensor cheking

4.3 Problems and solutions

5 Technical data

6 End of life disposal

7 Accessories

8 Guarantee terms

• Conformity declaration

Note English


1.1 Precautions

• Never expose the equipment to water jets.

• Never use solvents or petrol to clean the external parts of the container.

• Comply with the specific power supply voltage (12 Vdc).

• In case of electric arc welding, make sure that the power supply to the device is disconnected; if necessary, disconnect the power supply cables.

• Use only original ARAG spare parts or accessories.

1.2 Intended use The device that you have purchased is an electric control box that, connected to a valve or a suitable control unit, allows the management of all the treatment steps in agriculture, directly from the cabin of the agricultural machine on which it is installed.

This device is designed for installation on agricultural weedkilling and spraying machines.

The device is designed and constructed in accordance with directive 89/336/EEC of 03/05/1989 and subsequent amendments, and with standard EN ISO 14982.


1.3 Models and characteristics

The code on the control box identifies the functions available:

–  –  –

For example:

466 4 6 5 3R

- 466 series control box preset for the signalling of pump diaphragm failure,

- P type operation,

- 5 section valves,

- digital display with indication of rotation speed.

–  –  –

(*): the illustration is provided as an indication only. The box varies according to configuration.

(**): the cables supplied in the package vary according to the specifications of the control box.

–  –  –

1.5 End cable The control box is supplied without the cable for connection to the valves unit. The cable codes are illustrated in the table below and should be ordered separately.

–  –  –

1.6 Liquids separator The use of a liquids separator is recommended if a control box is installed with glycerine pressure gauge (code 466 350).

–  –  –

I The installation, connection and starting of the control box, the unit and the sensors connected to the latter must be carried out by trained personnel.

All information pertaining to the installation and initial programming is included in the installation manual provided to trained installers.

ARAG is not liable for any damage to equipment or crops, or injury to persons or animals caused by incorrect installation or if installation is carried out by unauthorised or untrained personnel.

All forms of warranty are rendered null and void in case of damage to the control box or any equipment and sensors connected to it, which has been caused by the above.


–  –  –


The control box is equipped with an internal self-resetting safety device that cuts the power in case of operational defects or problems.

If the safety device starts up, all the warning lights on the box go out, but since no other signal is provided for, the operator must pay attention that the box is still active and that when a command is selected on the box the action is performed by the system. If the control box goes off due to the safety device and the operator wishes to stop spraying (if in operation), he must do so by acting on the pump.

If the internal safety device starts up, it is necessary to remove power from the box (by turning off the tractor) and wait at least 20 seconds before restarting.

Should the problem persist, contact the nearest aftersales service.

–  –  –

3.2 Operating mode The 466 series of control boxers can operate in "M" or "P" mode. To find out the operating mode of the control box you have purchased, refer to the table on page 16.

The configuration is set by the manufacturer and cannot be changed.

"M" operating mode: The section valves are closed or opened by acting on the main valve as long as the switch controlling the section valves is correctly positioned, i.e., if the section switches are OFF (lever down), acting on the main valve control will not control the sections. If one or more section valve switches are ON (lever up), when the main valve is closed or opened, the section valves will also be closed or opened.

"P" operating mode: the section valves are controlled independently.

The opening or closing of the main valve has no influence on the opening or closing of the section valves.

3.3 Indicators The control boxes are available with or without indicators. The indicators can be glycerine type pressure gauges (refer to the coding grid on page 16) or one of the versions of the DIGIBLOCK digital displays.

The pressure gauges indicate the operating pressure in the system and can be fitted with a linear or isometric scale.

The DIGIBLOCK module, according to model, can indicate the pressure, the speed of the vehicle, the flow rate in l/min (or US GPM), the rotation speed, the working hours, and the surface of the area treated or the volume of liquid sprayed.

All information pertaining to the operation of the module is provided in the enclosed manual.

3.4 Adjustment of the control unit I Connection, adjustment and operation of the control unit are described in the operation and maintenance manual provided with the unit.

3.5 Pump Protector The 4664 model boxes are preset for connection to the "Pump Protector": a dedicated sensor for installation in the oil tank cap. This provides a visual and acoustic signal in case of pump diaphragm failure, or should the minimum oil level be reached, to warn the operator of the possibility of pump damage.

Switch the pump off immediately if the alarm is given.

The PUMP PROTECTOR is not designed to switch the pump off in case of alarm therefore it should not be considered a protective device. The operator must switch the pump off manually in order to prevent further damage to the pump.

I ARAG is not liable for any damage caused to the pump caused by failure to comply with the above indications or by failure of the system to operate.

Correct installation is a prerequisite for the correct functioning of the alarm (as indicated in the installation manual) together with regular control of the correct operation of the sensor and the control box (section 4.2 - Pump protector sensor cheking).



4.1 Maintenance / diagnostics / repairs

• Only use a soft damp cloth for cleaning.

• Do NOT use detergents or aggressive substances.

• Do NOT use direct jets of water for cleaning the display.

4.2 Pump protector sensor cheking

Once a month check correct working of the module:

• disconnect the sensor with the module switched on,

• open the oil lid with the module switched on to simulate minimum level.

In both cases the red warning light should come on and the module should give an acoustic alarm signal.

I Carry out the above procedure ONLY WHEN THE PUMP IS SWITCHED OFF.

–  –  –


To be disposed in compliance with the legislation in force in the country in question.


The following accessories are available for the 466 series control boxes:

• Power supply outlet and plug

• Liquids separator kit

• Extension cable for digital display

• Speed detection kit

• Flowmeter

• Pressure transducer

• Sensor for "Pump Protector" For further information, please refer to the ARAG general catalogue, reference code C103, or our website www.aragnet.com English

–  –  –

1. ARAG s.r.l. guarantees this apparatus for a period of 360 day (1 year) from the date of sale to the client user (date of the goods delivery note). The components of the apparatus, that in the unappealable opinion of ARAG are faulty due to an original defect in the material or production process,

will be repaired or replaced free of charge at the nearest Assistance Centre operating at the moment the request for intervention is made. The following costs are excluded:

- disassembly and reassembly of the apparatus from the original system;

- transport of the apparatus to the Assistance Centre.

2. The following are not covered by the guarantee:

- damage caused by transport (scratches, dints and similar);

- damage due to incorrect installation or to faults originating from insufficient or inadequate characteristics of the electrical system, or to alterations resulting from environmental, climatic or other conditions;

- damage due to the use of unsuitable chemical products, for spraying, watering, weedkilling or any other crop treatment, that may damage the apparatus;

- malfunctioning caused by negligence, mishandling, lack of know how, repairs or modifications carried out by unauthorised personnel;

- incorrect installation and regulation;

- damage or malfunction caused by the lack of ordinary maintenance, such as cleaning of filters, nozzles, etc.;

- anything that can be considered to be normal wear and tear.

3. Repairing the apparatus will be carried out within time limits compatible with the organisational needs of the Assistance Centre.

No guarantee conditions will be recognised for those units or components that have not been previously washed and cleaned to remove residue of the products used;

4. Repairs carried out under guarantee are guaranteed for one year (360 days) from the replacement or repair date.

5. ARAG will not recognise any further expressed or intended guarantees, apart from those listed here.

No representative or retailer is authorised to take on any other responsibility relative to ARAG products.

The period of the guarantees recognised by law, including the commercial guarantees and allowances for special purposes are limited, in length of time, to the validities given here. In no case will ARAG recognise loss of profits, either direct, indirect, special or subsequent to any damage.

6. The parts replaced under guarantee remain the property of ARAG.

7. All safety information present in the sales documents regarding limits in use, performance and product characteristics must be transferred to the end user as a responsibility of the purchaser.

8. Any controversy must be presented to the Reggio Emilia Law Court.

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