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«HP ALM 11.00 Patch 13 is a cumulative patch and includes the enhancements and fixed defects of patches 1 through 12. This document provides the ...»

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HP ALM 11.00 Patch 13

March 2013

HP ALM 11.00 Patch 13 is a cumulative patch and includes the enhancements and fixed defects of patches 1

through 12.

This document provides the following information about HP ALM 11.00 Patch 13:

Known Limitations


Certified Environments

Fixed Defects

System Requirements

Installation Instructions

Multi-language Support

HP Software Support

Legal Notices

See also:

Issues Addressed by Previous Patches OTA API Actions Appendix Known Limitations QCCR1J30708 - Extra cells are pasted into the table when trying to fill it using cut+paste in MEMO and rich text fields.

QCCR1J30669 – Border lines of table row in rich text are broken after merging cells and undoing this action.

Enhancements QCCR1J29474/ QCCR1J29605 - HP ALM server can now connect to SMTP mail server with authentication

enabled. This is done by turning off the STARTTLS command using a new Site Parameter:

SMTP_ENABLE_STARTTLS=N QCCR1J19252 - A dropdown was added to the Planned Host Name field in the Test Lab/Test Set execution grid for selecting pre-defined hosts.

Certified Environments

As of patch 13, HP ALM 11.00 is certified for the following servers, databases, and tools:

 MS SQL 2008 R2 SP2  PC 11.00 Patch 7

The following are some limitations relating to the new certifications:

 STM is not certified on MS SQL 2008 R2 SP2 For an overall description of certified environments see the System Requirements section below.

Fixed Defects Analysis QCCR1J30074 - In specific cases an exception occured when creating or generating a live analysis graph of the Test Plan module.

QCCR1J30079 - The Edit Categories dialog box of a graph configuration in the Analysis module handled plus sign characters as a carriage return.

QCCR1J26467 - The Requirements progress graph did not properly reflect the accumulation of requirements across time.

 If an entity was created within the graph period with a NULL Group By field value, and this field was not modified during the graph’s period, then the entity appeared as created (in the unknown group) at the beginning of the graph period.

 If an entity’s Group By field value was NULL at the beginning of the graph period, and this field was assigned a value during the graph’s period, then the entity appeared as newly created (in the new value’s group) at the time of the Group By field modification.

General QCCR1J30201 - Uploading a file to the HP ALM server took longer than expected.

QCCR1J28138 - Some memory resources were not cleared as expected after consecutively switching between projects.

Customization QCCR1J25632 - Alert indication that a requirement linked to a test was modified was not displayed until logging out.

QCCR1J29725 - In a user-defined field of multiple selections from a drop-down list, no error was displayed when selecting too many items from the list exceeded the length of the field. As a result, the modification to such a field was not saved.

QCCR1J29263 - Scorecard view of the Releases module could not calculate KPIs based on numeric userdefined fields.

QCCR1J28956 - When the Performance Center extension was enabled for a template or linked project, customization could not be applied from the template to the linked project.

QCCR1J29813 - A Test Run was created upon ending a test run, even though the Run_CanPost method in the workflow was cancelled using Run_CanPost = False in the workflow code.

QCCR1J28688 - Grid columns remained displayed even if set to be hidden by workflow. A new site parameter keeps these columns hidden: ENABLE_COLUMN_VISIBILITY_TRACKING=Y.

Defect Module QCCR1J29332 - Exporting the Defect Grid view to Excel took longer than expected.

Installation & Upgrade QCCR1J29470 - The Site Administration schema could not be accessed and patch installation failed if schema connectivity details were modified only in the siteadmin.xml file and not in the qcConfigFile.properties file. The issue is now resolved by retrieving the connection details from the siteadmin.xml file.

Integration QCCR1J29278 - An Excel add-in based document showed wrong characters for Korean field names.

QCCR1J29998 - Notepad application failed to launch and an error message was displayed after clicking the Launch Notepad button on the “HP ALM Export Wizard - Scan Error Report” dialog box of the HP ALM Excel addin.

QCCR1J29995 - New role created in a project template did not reflect all permissions set for that role when utilized in a project based on the template.

QCCR1J29301 - HP ALM could not be connected from Quick Test Professional after installing both HP ALM and Quick Test Professional in silent mode, and activating Quick Test Professional by a non-admin user via Citrix.

Libraries and Baselines QCCR1J30446 - Size and date details of attached files with comma characters in their file names were not shown properly when viewed from baseline.

Releases QCCR1J29737 - The Scorecard tab of the Releases module displayed a warning when too many cells were selected. Now rows or columns in the scorecard are truncated to fit the maximum size limit (900 cells).

Versioning QCCR1J29810 - In a version controlled project, viewing the History of a requirement that had not yet been checked out resulted in the sending out of unsolicited email.

Requirements Module QCCR1J29177 - In specific scenarios one could not assign a cycle to child requirements after assigning a cycle to the parent requirement.

QCCR1J29334 - Setting a URL in a rich text field converted special characters such as ampersand to URL encoded characters.

QCCR1J24270 - A rich text template defined with a multiple table structure was not displayed properly.

QCCR1J29056 - When an entire table column inside a rich text field was selected and cut to the clipboard, only the content was cut and the column remained part of the table.

Site Admin QCCR1J31073/QCCR1J31069 - Server connections were not properly released even after considerable time passed following a timeout defined by the site parameter of Wait_Before_Disconnect.

QCCR1J30977 - Copying a project with the MSTM extension enabled, copied the requirements when only Customization was set to be copied.

QCCR1J29921 - Quality Center license was not released after user was disconnected by inactivity timeout.

Business Process Testing QCCR1J29062 - Some components were missing from the Choose Components dialog box after attempting to apply invalid filter criteria.

QCCR1J29491 - The upgrade process of an HP Quality Center 9.2 project to HP ALM 11.0 on Unix made wrong use of the slash character in the repository path. As a result, objects in Business Process Testing components were displayed using question mark icons instead of their actual test object icon, and failed to run from Quick Test Professional.

QCCR1J20331/QCCR1J26555 - Double-clicking the scrollbars of the Test Script grid for a business process test unintentionally opened the Component Details dialog box.

QCCR1J30084 - The Quick Test Professional process kept running after a business process test failed and was set to exit On Failure.

QCCR1J29825 - An Automatic Runner test set with a Host Group failed with "Another test is running", instead of waiting for the host to become available.

QCCR1J29805 - After upgrading a Quality Center 10.00 project to HP ALM 11.00, the values of business process test parameters got mixed up during execution.

QCCR1J30037 - The default value of Test Parameters in Test Plan Test Configuration Data for business process tests was not displayed correctly.

Tests Module QCCR1J29416/QCCR1J29653 - Copying a project with the MSTM extension enabled, copied some attachments when only Customization and Users and Groups were set to be copied.

QCCR1J29205 - The Execution Date of a test instance was not refreshed to reflect a Fast Run execution.

QCCR1J30111 - Copying and pasting a test set resulted in an error message when data hiding was defined for the Test module, even though the test set was eventually pasted properly.

QCCR1J29762 - Quick Test Professional test set execution did not stop when a failure occurred, even though the On Failure instruction was set to "Stop the Test Set". Now the test set execution stops on failure, however it should be noted that the following cases do not constitute failed tests: Host is not available, Quick Test Professional is not installed on the destination host, and Quick Test Professional agent fails to run the test.

QCCR1J22896 - Exporting the Test Plan grid view to Excel after re-ordering the grid columns did not reflect the new column order.

QCCR1J29467 – Values entered in Test Run fields such as Actual, Expected and Description were not kept after opening the Attachments dialog and clicking the Cancel button in that dialog window.

System Requirements This section includes recommended and supported environments for HP ALM 11.00 and HP Quality Center

11.00. It also describes system configurations for installing for HP ALM Starter Edition.

Important: The supported environment information is accurate for the HP ALM 11 release and for HP Quality Center 11 release, but there may be updates for HP ALM 11 patches and HP Quality Center 11 patches. For the

most up-to-date supported environments, refer to the HP Software Web site using the following URL:

http://www.hp.com/go/TDQC_SysReq Server-Side System Requirements Following are the server system configurations for installing HP Quality Center 11.00 and 10.00 on Windows, Linux, and Solaris.

Note that these requirements do not apply if you are utilizing Managed Software Solutions for Quality Center. In that case, the Managed Software Solutions team provides a hosted version of HP Quality Center, so the only requirements are the Client-Side System Requirements listed below.

All database servers, unless otherwise stated, have been validated on 64 bit configurations.

–  –  –

Note: For large production deployments it is recommended that HP ALM be deployed on 64-bit systems.

For environments marked with *, see the notes and limitations in the corresponding patch’s section.

Recommended Environments The following table includes recommended configurations for each operating system.

–  –  –

Server System Configurations for Starter Edition This section describes the server system configurations for installing a Quality Center Starter Edition server.

–  –  –

Note: For environment marked with * see the notes and limitations in the corresponding patch ReadMe section.

Note: ALM 11.00 client is certified on Windows 7 64-bit. However, the Quality Center client is still a 32-bit application that is based on ActiveX 32-bit and runs under WOW64 (the Windows 32-bit On Windows 64-bit emulator).

To enable the Quality Center or ALM client on Windows 7 64-bit, use a 32-bit instance of Internet Explorer. By default, 32-bit Internet Explorer is located in "C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer".

To verify that the client process is running in the emulation mode – open the Windows Task Manager Processes tab. All 32-bit processes should be marked with*32.

For more details regarding this limitation, see:


For more details regarding WOW64, see:

http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/aa384249(v=VS.85).aspx Since Quality Center Client runs as 32 bit process - 32Bit versions of Visual C++ 2005 SP1 ATL Security Update Redistributable and Microsoft Office should be used.

HP Quality Center 11.00 and HP ALM 11.00 have been tested against FDCC regulations.

Installation Instructions This patch is intended to be installed over HP ALM 11.00 only and any previous patches.

To check the version you are using, log in to ALM, and select: Help About HP Application Lifecycle Management Software Additional Information. Another way to check the version is on the ALM Platform machine: Control panel Add or Remove Programs HP Application Lifecycle Management Support Information.


 In this section, “ALM Platform machine” refers to the server machine on which ALM Platform is installed.

All operations detailed below should be performed on the ALM Platform machine.

 IMPORTANT: To prevent loss of files that were added or changed in the qcbin application folder or the site administration repository, before you install the patch, you must make sure they are saved in the correct paths.


–  –  –

To enable opening and running tests from with HP ALM 11.00 Service Pack 2, HP Sprinter 11.00 Patch 4 must be installed. To install this patch, see the Sprinter Add-in page, Help Add-ins HP Sprinter.

Installing the Patch This section describes how to install the patch on the ALM Platform machine.


 Before installing the patch, make sure that all users are logged out of ALM. You can check active connections from Site Administration, in the Site Connections tab.

 If ALM Platform is deployed over a cluster, you must install the patch on each of the cluster nodes.

 After the patch is installed, the next time users log in to ALM, new files are downloaded and installed on the client machines. If file downloads are prohibited through your browser, you can install these files through the HP ALM Client MSI Generator Add-in on the HP ALM Add-ins page, or contact HP Customer Support (http://support.openview.hp.com/) for assistance.

To install the patch:

On your ALM Platform machine, run the appropriate patch installation file for your server’s operating system, and follow the installation and deployment instructions.

–  –  –

2. After installing the patch, deploy the qcbin.war file on the ALM Platform machine.

 If you use a JBoss application server, the war file is automatically deployed during the installation and

deployment process. The war file is named 20qcbin.war, and located in the following path:

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