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Federal Lands

Federal Mineral Royalties

International Trade


Postage Stamps


Wilderness and Parks







RULES AND REGULATIONS (Legislative Orders)


Balanced Budget

Tenth Amendment




Corporations (Article 10)

Declaration of Rights (Article 1)

Education (Article 7)

Elections and Suffrage (Article 6)

Executive Department (Article 4)

Irrigation and Water Rights (Article 8).................. 35 Judicial Department (Article 5).

Legislature (Article 3)

Mines and Mining (Article 9)

Miscellaneous (Article 19)

Municipal Corporations (Article 13)

Public Funds

Public Indebtedness (Article 16)

Public Officers (Article 14)

Schedule (Article 21)

School Finance

State Officers and Committees

Taxation (Article 15)

-2CONGRESS - LEGISLATION Federal Lands (Congress-Legislation) Original House Joint Memorial 6 - 1961 Noxious Weeds on Federal Lands Asking Congress to consider legislation appropriating funds to control noxious weeds on federal lands and on reclamation projects

Original House Joint Memorial 13 - 1961 Tax Loss Due to Federal Land Ownership Asking Congress and the President to consider legislation granting Wyoming funds equal to the amount of tax revenue lost because of the large amount of federally owned land in Wyoming

Original House Joint Memorial 2 - 1963 Additional Public School Sections Asking Congress to return to Wyoming two additional sections per township of land from the public domain for the support of public schools

Original House Joint Memorial 15 - 1963 State Jurisdiction Over Federal Lands Asking Congress to enact legislation governing the acquisition and relinquishment of state legislative jurisdiction over federal holdings within the thirteen western states

Original House Joint Memorial 29 - 1963 Federal Rights of Way Asking Congress to impose as a condition for power line rights of way on federal land that excess capacity on the lines be reserved for power generated by federal agencies 388 Original House Joint Memorial 5 -1969 U.S. Land Swap Seeking a land exchange between the United States Forest Service and Wyoming for development of the Kennaday Peak ski area

House Enrolled Resolution 1 - 1983 School Lands from Act of Admission Requesting that the governor through the board of land commissioners identify and account for all lands owed to the state in lieu of lands granted to the state by Congress for public schools in the act of admission but committed by the federal government to other purposes; and urging the governor

–  –  –

Senate Enrolled Resolution 3 - 1989 Federal Land Management Relating to the future management of federal lands within the boundaries of the state of Wyoming

House Enrolled Resolution 3 - 1995 Wolves-state regulation of hunting Requesting Congress to amend the Endangered Species Act to allow the State of Wyoming to regulate the hunting of wolves within the State of Wyoming, but outside the boundaries of Yellowstone National Park

Senate Enrolled Resolution 3 - 2002 Wolf reintroduction – effect on elk populations Requesting Congress to direct all federal authorities responsible for wolf reintroduction in the state of Wyoming to manage wolves so that the elk, moose and deer population, moose and deer habitats and elk feed grounds are preserved and to reimburse the state for the loss of elk, moose and deer to wolves

House Enrolled Resolution 1 - 2002 Tribal health care services pilot program Requesting Congress to sponsor a tribal health care services pilot program for the Arapahoe and Shoshone Tribes on the Wind River Reservation

House Enrolled Joint Resolution 2 - 2012 Resolution – Support of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ("ANWR") energy development.

Requesting Congress to pass legislation to open to the development of energy resources an area of ANWR known as the 1002 study area. Opposes a reduction of federal mineral royalties to Alaska from production from the area.......379

Federal Mineral Royalties (Congress-Legislation)

Original House Joint Memorial 3 - 1961 Federal Mineral Royalties Asking Congress and the President to consider granting 90% of all monies from the sale of, or bonuses, royalties or rentals received from federally controlled minerals in Wyoming to be paid to Wyoming for use in construction and support of public schools and other public educational facilities, or for the construction and maintenance of public roads............. 675

-4Original House Joint Memorial 7 - 1963 Federal Mineral Royalties Asking Congress and the President to consider granting 90% of all monies from the sale of, or bonuses, royalties or rentals received from federally controlled minerals in Wyoming to be paid to Wyoming for use in construction and support of public schools and other public educational facilities, or for the construction and maintenance of public roads............. 371 House Enrolled Joint Resolution 2 - 2012 Resolution – Support of Arctic National Wildlife Refuge ("ANWR") energy development.

Requesting Congress to pass legislation to open to the development of energy resources an area of ANWR known as the 1002 study area. Opposes a reduction of federal mineral royalties to Alaska from production from the area.......379 House Enrolled Joint Resolution 2 - 2014 Resolution – Moose-Wilson roadway.

Requests the United States secretary of the interior, the director of the national park service and the superintendent of Grand Teton National Park support continued two-way vehicle access and the construction of a pathway and recreational infrastructure on the Moose-Wilson road for the continued historic access and visitor enjoyment of national park lands within Wyoming

International Trade (Congress-Legislation)

Original House Joint Memorial 1 - 1961 International Trade Seeking return of authority on international trade decisions to Congress from the Executive Branch. Seeking quotas on imports of dressed and live meat animals, wool, woolens and other meat animal products

Original House Joint Memorial 20 - 1963 Timber Importation Asking Congress for legislation which would place the timber industry of this country in a competitive position with foreign production through the establishment of import quotas or other means

House Enrolled Resolution 4 - 1978 Import of Agricultural Products Calling for a national policy to discourage the use of imported agricultural products

Senate Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1987

–  –  –

Senate Enrolled Resolution 3 - 1987 International Trade - Feeder Lambs Asking Congress to enact trade legislation to restrict imports of live feeder lambs to the United States........ 677 Senate Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1988 Free Trade Agreement Asking Congress to modify and clarify certain energy provisions contained in the proposed Free Trade Agreement between the United States and Canada

House Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1997 Balanced budget amendment Requesting that the Balanced Budget Amendment to the U.S.

Constitution be submitted to the States for Ratification. 564 House Enrolled Joint Resolution 1 - 2014 Resolution – Support of Taiwan.

Requests that Congress support Taiwan's participation in appropriate international organizations and resume free trade activities with Taiwan and reaffirms Wyoming's commitment to a strong and deepening relationship between Taiwan and Wyoming

–  –  –

Original House Joint Memorial 4 - 1961 Discrimination Against Middle Aged and Older Persons Asking Congress to act to remove the basis of discrimination against middle aged and older persons

Original House Joint Memorial 19 - 1963 Opposing Disarmament Asking Congress to repeal the "Arms Control and Disarmament Act"

Original House Joint Memorial 21 - 1963 Flaming Gorge Dam Asking Congress to name the lake and recreation area created by the Flaming Gorge Dam on the Wyoming-Utah border after the Honorable Joseph C. O'Mahoney

Original House Joint Memorial 22 - 1963 Cuba - Communist Threat

–  –  –

Original House Joint Memorial 23 - 1963 Cooperative Extension Service Asking Congress to not use the Cooperative Extension Service as a promotional arm of the federal government's agricultural policies

Original House Joint Memorial 24 - 1963 Youth Training Camp Asking Congress to give Wyoming land for the purpose of establishing a county or state youth training camp....... 385 Original House Joint Memorial 26 - 1963 Workmen's Compensation Asking Congress to not encroach on state-administered workmen's compensation programs

Original Senate Joint Memorial 1 - 1965 Scenic Road Asking Congress of the United States for a scenic road from Rawlins, Wyoming, to the Little Snake River Valley in Carbon County, Wyoming, because of its scenic nature and because of its utilitarian value during the construction of the Savery Pothook Dam

Original House Joint Memorial 9 - 1965 Veteran's Administration Office Closure Asking Congress to leave open the Veterans Administration offices at Cheyenne, Wyoming

House Enrolled Memorial 1 - 1971 Rail Passenger Service A Joint Memorial requesting the cooperation of the Congress of the United States in the continuance of rail passenger service through Wyoming under Public Law 91-518, 91st Congress H.R. 17849, cited as the "Rail Passenger Service Act of 1970"

Senate Enrolled Memorial 9 - 1973 Interstate Trucking Regulations Requesting Congress to repeal the size and weight limitations placed on interstate trucking

Senate Enrolled Resolution 1 - 1974 Federal Predator Control Asking the federal government to provide Wyoming with a means of controlling predatory animals which threaten deer, antelope, sheep and cattle

-7Senate Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1977 Telephone Service Asking Congress to examine the Consumer Communications Reform Act of 1977 and to reaffirm the National Communications policy and the authority of the State Public Service Commission all with the intent of maintaining cheap telephone service

House Enrolled Resolution 6 - 1978 Jackson Hole Airport Asking the federal government to cease efforts to move the Jackson Hole Airport as a means to protect Teton National Park

House Enrolled Resolution 3 - 1984 Acid Rain Recommending an equitable, cost-effective acid rain control program which allocates the costs of control to those responsible for the problem; calling for recognition of past emission reduction efforts; and encouraging research to resolve the problem effectively and inexpensively........ 326 House Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1985 Monopolistic Railroad Rates Asking Congress for legislation to protect captive shippers from unreasonable rates charged by railroads having a monopoly and to establish procedures to require railroads to show the reasonableness of rates charged................. 553 House Enrolled Resolution 4 - 1985 Internal Revenue Service - Records on Vehicles Requesting the Internal Revenue Service to eliminate its burdensome record-keeping requirements for vehicles used for business, charitable and personal purposes............... 554 House Enrolled Resolution 6 - 1985 Interest Rates Requesting appropriate action by the federal government to reduce interest rates

Senate Enrolled Resolution 3 - 1985 Agriculture Development Bonds Asking Congress to authorize agriculture development bonds

Senate Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1986 Federal Reserve System Audit Requesting Congress to Audit the Federal Reserve System294

-8Senate Enrolled Resolution 1 - 1987 Speed Limits Asking Congress to restore to each state the right to determine what speeds are appropriate within its state boundaries

House Enrolled Resolution 1 - 1987.

Federal Power Marketing Agencies Asking Congress to oppose any efforts to sell the federal power marketing agencies

Senate Enrolled Resolution 1 - 1990 Health Block Grants Expressing opposition to the federal government's management of Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health Block Grants376 Senate Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1991 Federal Substance Abuse Block Grant Requesting Congress to appropriate funds to be administered by the state for alcohol, substance abuse and mental health programs

Senate Enrolled Resolution 3 - 1991 Unemployment Trust Fund Requesting Congress and the U.S. Department of Labor to explore alternatives to provide funds for employment and unemployment programs in the state

Senate Enrolled Resolution 4 - 1991 Maximum Weights on Highways Requesting Congress to allow Wyoming to determine the appropriate weight limits for vehicles operating on interstate highways in the state

Senate Enrolled Resolution 5 - 1991 Federal Aid-Highway Fund Sanctions Requesting Congress to allow states to determine penalties upon driving privileges of drug offenders. Resolution was required to avoid the withholding of federal highway funds

House Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1991 Highway and Aviation Trust Fund Requesting Congress to make the highway and aviation trust funds permanent and to remove the funds from the federal unified budget

Senate Enrolled Resolution 1 - 1994 Oil Pollution Act of 1990

–  –  –

Senate Enrolled Resolution 2 - 1995 Federal health reform Requesting Congress to adopt legislation implementing certain health reform matters in order to facilitate reform at the local and state levels

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