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«by: MA. ALETHA A. NOGRA Civil Def fense Offic III cer Office of Civil D e Defense-Departmen of Natio Defen nt onal nse R Republic o the Philippines ...»

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Throughout all activities, ensuring “Safer, Adaptive and Disaster-Resilient Filipino Communities toward Sustainable Development” will be the main focus. It will be essential that this learning is captured and shared amongst the various stakeholders, leads and partners. Relatedly, throughout its implementation, reporting on the progress on the NDRRMP will be communicated through various media and partners, making sure that we are able to share the learnings effectively. These will then feed-into the NDRRMP, making it adaptive to the changing environment and needs on the ound. In the Monitoring and Evaluation activities, it will be essential to link up the learning from this NDRRMP with that of the NCCAP and other related plans.

RA 10121 requires the National DRRM Council through the OCD to submit to the Office of the President, Senate and House of Representatives, within the first quarter of the succeeding year, an annual report relating to the progress of the implementation of the NDRRMP.

D. Recognizing Communities’ DRRM Initiatives The National Disaster Consciousness Month The National Disaster Consciousness Month brings to the fore various stakeholders from the national to down to the community level through the conduct of several DRR activities.

Proclamation No. 296 dated July 29, 1988 declared the first week of July of every year as the National Disaster Consciousness Week aimed to increase the awareness of every Filipino to the ever threatening disaster for a better appreciation of the government’s disaster preparedness programs. However, there is a need to lengthen the observance to one month, to include man-made disasters and other emergencies. One month of observation will provide national government agencies and local government units ample time to implement disaster awareness campaign with longer focus and on a comprehensive basis. It is also imperative to empower and reinforce the capacity of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils at all levels to ensure a coherent, integrated, proficient and responsive emergency management system in the country. To achieve this desired result and to effectively ensure the sustainability of the disaster risk management program of the government, at the grassroots level, dedicated personnel from local government units gave to be deputized or designated as focal points of conduits of the program in keeping with local autonomy. The President of the Republic of the Philippines, on August 10, 1999, declared the whole month of July as the National Disaster Consciousness Month to be collectively observed by all Filipinos throughout the country through the conduct of fitting activities for the occasion.

Various month-long activities are conducted in schools, barangays, cities, municipalities and government offices for the observance of the National Disaster Consciousness Month (NDCM) such as hanging of streamers bearing the year’s theme, motorcade, foot parade, fluvial parade, poster-slogan making contests, essay writing contests, orientations, seminars, fora, drills and exercises.

The National Fire Prevention Month

Presidential Proclamation No. 115–A dated November 16, 1966 declared the Month of March to be the official month-long observation of Fire Prevention Month in order to provide education and awareness to lessen the incidence of fire in the Philippines. March is the start of summer season in the Philippines and temperature range to 36 to 39 degrees Celsius. Summer can cause about 9,000 – 10,000 fire incidents nationwide and all types of households can fall victim.

The Bureau of Fire Protection under the Department of the Interior and Local Government, is the lead agency to implement the conduct of month-long observance in coordination with various stakeholders especially the local government units, the schools and communities.

Every year, a theme for the observance is formulated where the various organizations can focus on with their series of activities such as display of streamers, unity walk, fire fighting drills, fire safety Olympics, fire prevention games and contest, fire safety awareness campaign and conduct of symposia, for a and orientations as well as trainings. The schools are the most important target stakeholder since kids who can learn at an early age will bring the learnings as they grow up and share such knowledge to their parents and the rest of the members of the family. Berong Bombero sa Paaralan or Advocacy for Fire Safety in Schools are conducted. The BFP also conducts a three-day open house on all fire stations. School children are invited to the fire stations where a showcase of equipment and accessories with firemen are held. The BFP advocates that in creating a safe environment, fire safety must begin at home.

One of the main highlights also of the month-long observance is the house-to-house Fire Safety Inspection wherein BFP personnel conduct ocular visits inside houses and educate residents on exit drills and the proper use of fire extinguishers since BFP statistics reveal that most of the affected during structural fires are residential areas Gawad KALASAG Gawad KALASAG is the highest form of recognition bestowed upon an individual, groups and organizations who have done exemplary contribution in the field of disaster risk reduction and management and humanitarian assistance in the Philippines.

Gawad is a Filipino terms which means “award” and KALASAG stands for KALAmidad at SAkuna Labanan, SAriling Galing ang Kaligtasan. Kalasag is the Filipino term for “shield” used by early Filipinos as a means of protection from attacks of enemies or harmful animals.

As such, Gawad KALASAG was conceived to protect or shield high risk communities against hazards by encouraging participation of various stakeholders in designing and implementing Disaster Risk Management (DRM) programs.

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In 2005, at the World Conference on Disaster Reduction in Kobe, Japan, the international community signed a 10-year Disaster Risk Reduction (DRR) strategy called the Hyogo Framework for Action (HFA). The HFA sets out three (3) strategic goals, namely, (a) integration of disaster risk reduction into sustainable development policies and planning; (b) development and strengthening of institutions, mechanisms and capacities to build resilience to hazards; and, (c) systematic incorporation of risk reduction approaches into the implementation of emergency preparedness, response and recovery programs. Moreover, the HFA outlines five priorities for action, which cover the main areas of DRR, as follows: (a) ensure that disaster risk reduction is a national and a local priority with a strong institutional basis for implementation; (b) identify, assess and monitor disaster risks and enhance early warning advisories; (c) use knowledge, innovation, and education to build a culture of safety and resilience at all levels; (d) reduce the underlying risk factors; and, (e) strengthen disaster preparedness for effective response at all levels. The HFA also suggests important areas for intervention within each priority.

As a signatory to HFA, the Philippine Government, through the National Disaster Coordinating Council (NDCC) had. adopted the above-mentioned strategic goals by developing and enhancing current plans, programs and activities on DRR. In June 2007, NDCC initiated, through the Partnership for Disaster Reduction in the South East Asia Phase 4 Project (PDRSEA 4), the formulation of the Philippine National Strategic Plan on Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM). The PDRSEA 4 outlined activities, which laid the foundation in establishing an effective system to promote CBDRM.

As Gawad KALASAG moves toward a decade in celebrating the best practices of stakeholders in DRM, it will expand its current recognition scheme to include award categories which will promote awareness and eventual expansion of CBDRM program in the Philippines. In addition to the above list of DRM practitioners, initiatives from media, donor agencies, and the community themselves shall also be publicly acknowledged. The promotion of CBDRM, through Gawad KALASAG, is one advocacy strategy which helps realize the priorities for action, set by states, organizations and other actors, in implementing the HFA.

–  –  –

As of February 2008 data, 42 LDCCs, 17 NGOs, 14 individuals and 49 groups/institutions have received various recognitions from Gawad KALASAG.

Gawad KALASAG Guiding Principles Gawad KALASAG is guided by a set of principles, to include among others: stakeholders' participation, transparency, innovativeness, partnership, self-reliance, and the spirit of volunteerism. It encourages the active participation of key stakeholders throughout the conceptualization stage to the actual implementation of the program. Through the years, Gawad KALASAG's selection process is kept transparent and the evaluation result is consistently reliable.

In the light of the most recent development on DRR at the global community, Gawad KALASAG expands its award categories in order to be more responsive to the priorities set in the HFA implementation. Building on the existing scheme, Gawad KALASAG henceforth gives emphasis on DRR.

Gawad KALASAG Objectives

The Gawad KALASAG aims to recognize outstanding performance of Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils (LDRRMCs), private/volunteer organizations, local, national and international NGOs, donor agencies, and the communities as major stakeholders in implementing significant DRM projects and activities and, in providing humanitarian response and assistance to affected communities. It also aims to recognize individuals, groups or institutions that have shown extraordinary courage, heroism, self-sacrifice, and bravery in times of natural and human-made emergencies and disasters.

–  –  –

Urban Category Rural Category Gawad KALASAG for Non-Government Organizations (NGOs) on Humanitarian Assistance NGO (local) NGO (national) NGO (international) Gawad KALASAG for Private Volunteer Organizations, Government Emergency Managers, Schools and Hospitals Private Volunteer Organizations Government Emergency Managers Schools Hospitals Gawad KALASAG for Heroic Act/Deed of Individuals/Groups during Emergency Response and Rescue Operations Individuals (surviving and posthumous) Groups Special Recognition Awards Individuals Support Organizations/Institutions (local) Support Organizations/Institutions (international) Gawad KALASAG for Community-Based Disaster Risk Management (CBDRM) Donor (for sustained contribution on CBDRM program in the country) Media/Institution (for promotion of effective public campaign measures on the dissemination of information on CBDRM) NGO (for sustained contribution on CBDRM program in the country) Coverage of the Award The period of assessment for the search of Gawad KALASAG on all categories shall be the preceding year or from January 1 to December 31 of that year.

For Local Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils (LDRRMCs), all provincial, municipal, city and barangay local DRRMCs are eligible for recognition subject to the guidelines and criteria set forth by the National Selection Committee (NSC).

For Humanitarian Assistance, local and national NGOs with humanitarian assistance program and officially recognized by the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) and the Philippine National Red Cross (PNRC) are eligible for recognition subject to the guidelines and criteria set forth by the NSC.

For Private Volunteer Organizations, Government Emergency Managers, Schools and Hospitals, all private/volunteer organizations and government emergency managers who are not members of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Councils but officially recognized by NDRRMC, are eligible for recognition subject to the existing criteria set forth by the NSC. Only those schools and hospitals with official accreditation from the Department of Education (DepEd) and Department of Health (DOH), respectively, shall be considered to receive awards.

For Heroic Act/Deed of Individuals/Groups During Emergency Response and Rescue Operations, individual/s who exemplifies deed of heroism in saving lives in times of emergencies and calamities are eligible for the NDRRMC Gawad KALASAG. Any awardee who risked and lost his/her life in carrying out heroic deeds shall be given a Posthumous Award.

For Special Recognition Awards, international and local organizations/institutions and individuals that have rendered exemplary support to the country's DRM program are eligible for recognition subject to the guidelines and criteria set forth by the NSC.

For CBDRM, donor agencies and NGOs which have sustainably implemented CBDRM projects in the country for a number of years as well as media outfits/institutions that have promoted effective public campaign measures on CBDRM are eligible for recognition subject to the guidelines and criteria set forth by the NSC.

Gawad KALASAG Hall of Fame Those LDRRMCs, organizations, institutions, groups, and individuals that have garnered the Gawad KALASAG for three (3) consecutive years, since 2001, shall be given the Hall of Fame Award, provided that the potential awardee has consistently obtained an excellent rating (91-100%) from the NSC. The Hall of Fame Awardee may again join the Search only after five (5) years from receipt of their Hall of Fame Award. However, they may be bestowed with a special citation award every year of the search

–  –  –

Assessment Checklist Assessment Checklist on LDRRMCs Basic Disaster Risk Management Capability will be one of the bases for evaluation. On preparedness, LDRRMCs (P/M/CDRRMCs) capability to “influence” positively their respective lower DRRMCs will be included in this category; how they were able to exercise their leadership role on the functionality of lower DCCs; and if they were able to duplicate their efforts on mitigation, preparedness, response, and rehabilitation at the lower DRRMCs. The 44 points for preparedness have been reallocated to give 14 points on the above.

The privilege of receiving the awards in the form of Gawad KALASAG trophy and cash prize in Malacañang Palace to be handed by the President is given only to first prize winners and separate awarding ceremony for the second and third place winners will be done in the region.

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