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«by: MA. ALETHA A. NOGRA Civil Def fense Offic III cer Office of Civil D e Defense-Departmen of Natio Defen nt onal nse R Republic o the Philippines ...»

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Seal of Disaster Preparedness The Seal of Disaster Preparedness (SDP) is initiated by the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG). It is conferred to a local government which demonstrates an acceptable level of disaster preparedness and disaster preparedness response before and during calamities as an official symbol of excellence.

The Seal has two levels of assessment. The first level looks into disaster preparedness before a calamity occurs. The second level focuses on disaster preparedness-response during a calamity.

A local government that passes Level 1 Assessment receives a Certificate of Recognition.

This Certificate is to be sent through official correspondence from the Secretary of the Interior and Local Government.

On the other hand, a local government that passes both Level 1 and Level 2 Assessments receives the Seal and Disaster Management Fund or Disaster Equipage.

Objectives of the Seal of Disaster Preparedness

1. To recognize and incentivize local government performance in institutionalizing disaster preparedness.

2. To assess performance gaps, link gaps to policy or program intervention and monitor improvement(s) on disaster preparedness.

Assessment Tools

Tools used for this assessment are as follows:

1. Data Capture Form-tool for gathering data requirements for assessment.

2. User`s Guide-operations guide for key implementers in the conduct of the assessment, data verification, data processing and reporting.

3. Disaster Preparedness Index Template- is an automated spreadsheet that is capable of computing the Disaster Preparedness Index or the Disaster Preparedness-Response Index

Level 1 Assessment Criteria: Disaster Preparedness which is a test of a local

government capability to address the potential effects of a disaster to human life, disaster preparedness implies a window of 6 to 12 hours. However, in the thinking of the Seal, being prepared for a disaster accords emphasis on the foundational administrative requirements, i.e., structure, competence and tools, of disaster preparedness.

Leadership Structure Organization of the Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Council and the Disaster Reduction and Management Office Incident Command System Disaster Operations or Emergency Centre Guide to Action Risk Assessment and Mapping Institutionalized Planning and Budgeting Disaster Preparedness Technical Competency Community Awareness Contingency Planning, Early Warning and Evacuation Alert System, Pre-emptive Evacuation, Stockpiling and Equipping Partnership, Volunteerism and Innovation or partnering with national government agencies, other local governments, society and the private Sector, presence of organized volunteers and the spirit of volunteerism, and local innovation.

Level 2 Assessment Criteria: Disaster Preparedness Response is a test of a local government capability in ensuring basic survival and subsistence needs of the affected population based on acceptable standards during a disaster.

1. Search and Rescue Trained Personnel Response time Equipage Zero Casualty

2. Evacuation Centre Management Adequate Temporary shelter for evacuees Power Food and Water Supply Health and Sanitation Counselling Trained Centre Management Personnel According to the DILG, being the Vice Chair of Disaster Preparedness in the Philippines, SDP is intended to “establish a benchmark information on disaster preparedness of local governments from which will evolve government interventions to influence a progressive capacity build-up among provinces, cities and municipalities, assess post-intervention disaster preparedness to determine performance gaps that need to be aggressively addressed, and incentivize institutionalized disaster preparedness as a proof of official recognition to the valuing by a local government of public safety and welfare.”

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Conferment of Certificate and the Seal A local government that passes Level 1 Assessment receives a Certificate of Recognition.

This Certificate is to be sent through official correspondence from the Secretary of Interior and Local Government On the other hand, a local government that passes both Level 1 and Level 2 Assessments receives the Seal and Disaster Management Fund or Disaster Equipage.

Frequency of Assessment Level 1 Assessment is done annually while Level 2 Assessment is undertaken when an actual disaster occurs.

Incentivitizing Commitment to Disaster Preparedness The Seal of Disaster Preparedness is linked to a Disaster Management Fund or Equipage Support, subject of a separate Guideline.

Implementing Mechanism The Bureau of Local Government Supervision shall create a Seal of Disaster Preparedness National Team. Likewise each DILG Regional Office shall create a Seal of Disaster Preparedness Regional Team.

Bakas Parangal NDRRMC Memorandum Circular No. 11 s, 2012 provides for the institutionalization of Bakas Parangal to recognize those who exhibited exemplary and extraordinary acts of bravery and heroism during calamities. The NDRRMC adopts and institutionalizes the grant of awards to groups or individuals for their outstanding display of valour and selfishness amidst the great peril brought by a disaster. Bakas Parangal is a Recognition of Merit and Token of Thanksgiving bestowed by the NDRRMC to individuals or groups who exerted exemplary and extraordinary acts of selflessness in reaching out to those who are in urgent need of assistance in times of calamities and disasters. This recognition will also serve as a reminder to the honouree and to others that their efforts were not done in vain, and that the Filipino people recognize what they have done and that they did not only saved lives but also changed lives. This very act of altruism will serve as an inspiration not only to the people they saved but also to others proving that heroes do exists in the homeland.

BaKas comes from BAyaning LiKAS and Bayani means a Hero. Bayan connotes people, town or community and Likas is defined as inherent or innate to a person or community.

Bakas is also attributed to its literal meaning which is an imprint or remarkable impression that an individual leaves to those whom they have saved, rescued or extended help and urgent assistance during calamities and disasters. Bakas Parangal shall be given by NDRRMC to eligible honouree/s who manifest exemplary and extraordinary acts of bravery and heroism after every calamity and disaster.


Bakas Parangal has three categories for both individuals and organization namely Parangal ng Kadakilaan, Parangal ng Kabayanihan and Parangal ng Kagitingan.

Category I – Bakas Parangal ng Kadakilaan is bestowed to honor the noble service of units or groups and organizations who participated in the rescue efforts despite the obvious hardships of the situation. The honouree group will be given a Plaque of Recognition acknowledging its participation and noble deed during calamity.

Category II – Bakas Parangal ng Kabayanihan is granted to the leader of a unit/group that exhibited exemplary acts of heroism beyond their call of duty, upholding the core values of their responsibility to reach out to those in need in times of disasters. The honouree will be bestowed with a Plaque of Recognition for the leader of a unit/group accompanied by a certificate of recognition for the members of the unit/group.

Category III – Bakas Parangal ng Kagitingan is given to individuals who exhibited extraordinary acts of bravery by extending assistance to those in need in times of disaster beyond the call of duty with a full understanding that such a volition has dire consequences to their person or ultimately their life. The honouree/s will be bestowed with Bronze Medalyon ng Kagitingan accompanied by a certificate of recognition.

Basic Qualifications/ Requirements

Any individual or groups/organization is eligible to award provided that the nomination will include testaments to their acts of bravery and heroism during calamities and disasters.

The candidates should be bonafide participant/s in the search, rescue and relief operation in response to calamity or disaster. If the candidates are government officials, a recommendation should be made by the immediate supervisor and Head of the government agency, narrating such exemplary or extraordinary act performed in search, rescue or relief operations. If the candidates are non-government officials, the recommendation should then be made by any Local Government Official including Barangay Official. The recommendation should be filed a the NDRRMC not later than six months after the occurrence of a disaster or calamity. Any identification issued by a government institution which states the candidate’s full name, address and date of birth. Investigation should be conducted by an OCD official on the following 1) candidates’ personal background: and (2) details narrated on the candidate’s recommendation.

An Assessment/Review Panel composed of representatives from DND, OCD and church-based organizations shall be created to assess and review the information submitted and therefore have the authority to deny or approve the candidate’s merit for the granting of the award. The Department of National defense will issue the corresponding Department Order for the creation of the Disaster Awards Committee.

The insignia which will be given as part of the award speaks of the rescuers who go through tremendous lengths to save lives. As in the case of flooding, they often have to go through darkness, intense rain, and mud with limited rescuers just to reach those who are in need.

It was thus conceived that footprints on mud would best symbolize the extreme hardship rescuers have to endure, putting their very lives on the line and going barefoot if they have to, just to save a fellow human being. The rope which surrounds the circumference of the medal, represents the many uses of rope in rescue and response operations. The footprints are shown as pointing downwards (or outgoing), signifying that it is the footprints that belong to the awardees. Furthermore, the footprints symbolize how the heroic occurrence left an imprint on the lives of those who were rescued, a lasting mark which says there are those in his world who are willing to risk life and limb to save the lives of others.

For an appurtenance or a device added and attached to the basic decoration to distinguish each deed and succeeding deeds of achievements falling under the same category of the decoration. Instead of awarding the same decoration and service medal, an appurtenance is substituted for the medal. The Service Star appurtenance is further categorized into Bronze, Silver and Gold.

The Bronze Star shall be awarded and affixed on the medal for each succeeding response mission and/or major disaster operations. The Silver Star is given instead of the fifth Bonze Star, and shall be affixed on the medal for every fifth succeeding response mission and/or major disaster operations. The Gold Star shall be awarded in place of the fifth Silver Star.

The Platinum Star shall be awarded in place of the fifth Gold Star and the Diamond Star shall be awarded in place of the fifth Platinum Star.

E. Examples of Good Practices in Community-based DRRM in the Philippines

Municipality of San Jose de Buenavista, Province of Antique San Jose de Buenavista, or San Jose, is the provincial capital of the province of Antique. It is located in the southern part of the province, fronting Sulu Sea and South China Sea. Its geographic location makes it susceptible to the threats of both natural and human-induced hazards.

The Municipal Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Office (MDRRMO) of San Jose has identified 12 different hazards in the locality and ranked them according to probability of occurrence. These are: (1) Typhoon; (2) Earthquake; (3) Storm Surge; (4) Monsoon Rain;

(5) Landslide; (6) Drought; (7) Flash Flood; (8) Fire Incident; (9) Tsunami; (10) Vehicular Incidents; (11) Disease Outbreak; and, (12) Tornado. In the latest risk assessment conducted by the MDRRMO, almost all constituent barangays (communities) of San Jose are vulnerable to weather related hazards like typhoons and monsoon rains. Typhoon winds put 12,966 individuals or 2,161 families at risk, in 26 out of 28 barangays.

With major river systems dissecting the town, San Jose experiences annual bouts with flood and siltation. Forest degradation in upland and watershed areas intensifies the severity of these threats. Siltation poses an added problem as it buries natural sources of spring water for drinking and irrigation. Fifteen barangays have been identified to be susceptible to flooding with 4,830 individuals or 850 families at risk. Storm surge brought about by strong winds is pronounced in 14 coastal barangays, putting 3,075 individuals or 512 families at risk.

The municipality also contends with the risk of earthquake, landslide and tsunami because it is sandwiched by an active inland and undersea earthquake generating fault and trench with potential to trigger high magnitude earthquakes. A total of 13,695 individuals or 2,283 families in 27 barangays have medium to high risk exposure to earthquakes. At least five barangays are in jeopardy to landslides that could be earthquake or rain induced, due to their sloping and elevated topography, exposing 665 individuals or 111 families. Offshore earthquakes that can trigger tsunamis threaten 19 coastal and the low-lying barangays or a total 14,428 individuals or 2,405 families.

Processes that accompany urbanization including high population growth rate, rapidly expanding built environment, in-migration and congestion due to informal settlements are identified as sources of fire hazards. There are 14 barangays with known impuissance to fire, most especially in areas that host Cebuano and Moslem migrants where congestion is rampant. A total of 5,712 persons or 952 families are exposed to fire hazards.

Climate variabilities are expected to affect San Jose as well. Observed precipitation increases exacerbate flooding concerns which could be further heightened by continues degradation of watershed areas. Intense flooding events could potentially result to food insecurity, heavy siltation, destruction of investments and displacement of communities.

Drought and El Nino events threaten agriculture through decreased yields and reduced water supply for irrigation.

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