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Amanda Buys’ Spiritual Covering

This is a product by Kanaan Ministries, a non-profit ministry under the covering of:

River of Life Family Church, Vanderbijlpark

Pastor Edward Gibbens

(Contact: Sharmain Joubert

Personal Assistant to Pastors Edward and Dalene Gibbens)

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P.O. Box 15253 27 John Vorster Avenue Panorama Plattekloof Ext. 1 7506 Panorama 7500 Cape Town Cape Town South Africa South Africa Tel: +27 (021) 930 7577 Fax: 086 681 9458 E-mail: kanaan@iafrica.com Website: www.kanaanministries.org Office hours: Monday to Friday, 9 AM to 3 PM Kanaan In Europe - Basel Larwin and Silvia Nickelson Oikos International Church Reinacherstrasse 3 CH-4142 Münchenstein Basel, Switzerland Co-ordinator: Lydia Wenger Office hours: Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 8 – 12 Telephone: +41 (0) 61 332 15 40 Email: kanaanministries@bete.net Website: www.kanaanministries.org Contents Introduction To Fertility Cults … 6 The History Of Fertility Cults … 14 Deliverance From The Power Of The Fertility Cult Or 28 Baal Worship … Ancestral Worship … 32 African Prayer Of Renunciation … 39 Prayer Of Renunciation Of Ancestral Worship … 59 Bone Magic... 71 Prayer Strategy For Dealing Bones Of Death, The 85 Grave, And Hell...

Prayer To Break All Ties To All Fertility Cults As Well 93 As Spirit Husbands And Wives...

Petition For The Placenta … 99 Dealing With Covenants That Have To Do With Our 108 Names … A Word On Jealousy … 111 Covenants That Provide Protection For Demons … 113 Foreword … We want to focus your attention on our in depth study that we have done on the Four Elements.

In this book, we cover in detail an understanding of what animal spirits, water spirits, tree and forest spirits, as well as the spirits of the air and wind, earth spirits, and so forth, are.

In dealing with African witchcraft, it is very important that you have this understanding.

We have not repeated any of these teachings in this book, and therefore want to encourage you to make a complete study of the Four Elements.

We want to suggest you also work through our six part DVD series entitled “Cleansing Our Generations” that will give you a very good understanding of how things work in the spirit realm, and how to break the demonic covenants that our forefathers have made with satan.

We want to dedicate this book to the Almighty God of Israel, YAHWEH!

We want to thank Jesus our Messiah – Y’SHUA – for paying the price for Africa! Thank You that Your Blood has the final word over Africa!

We are forever grateful for the Holy Spirit – THE RUACH HACHODESH – Who is hovering over Africa and calling out to born-again, Spirit-filled children to intercede what Jesus is interceding for, as High Priest of Africa, before the Father!

Shalom And Blessings!

Roly and Amanda Buys Africa!

Break the chains!

We call you forth out of bondage... and into the Marvelous Light of Your God and King!

–  –  –

o The description of Atlantis given by Plato is not a fable, but history.

o Atlantis was the true sight of the Garden of Eden and all other mythical earthly paradises, and home to the first human civilization.

o The gods and goddesses worshipped by the ancient Greeks, the Phoenicians, the Hindu’s and the Nordics were the kings, queens and heroes of Atlantis.

o The children of Atlantis were the founders of Egypt, Mexico, America and Peru.

o Egyptian and Peruvian religions are remnants of Atlantean sun worship.

He gave the Atlanteans credit for creating the Alphabet, medicine and nearly all the arts and sciences.

1 Excerpt from “How Fertility Cults Devour Our Blessings”, available on the website or for order from the office.

There was no civilization that matched the beauty, elegance, sophistication or spiritual achievements of the island world.

Despite its very advanced science, Atlantis suffered a cataclysmic destruction in which the entire island sank with nearly all its inhabitants.

However, a few lucky Atlanteans escaped in ships. These culture bearers spread throughout the world, telling the tale of their homeland that was like paradise.

The leader of Atlantis was Atlas. He was the first priest-king and leader of the Titans. Atlas we know was “the god who held the world upon his shoulders”.

The ancients would lift up their eyes to the heavenly bodies and suggested that earthly forms are copies of heavenly originals. From the heavens come the patterns and energies which rule human events.

Dualists have been trying throughout history to transform earth into heaven on earth. Then they studied the heavenly bodies like the sun, the moon, the stars and planets, deified them and worshipped them.

The word galaxy originated from the Greek word gala, which means “mother’s milk”. In numerous traditions, the four rivers of paradise – Eden, Thule, or Tula – were characterized as four streams of milk from the four teats of the white, horned, milk-giving “moon cow”.

Egypt worshipped this “moon cow” as Hathor and depicted them as goddesses wearing two horns. Figures such as Isis were seen wearing the horns of Tula or Eden on their head.

–  –  –

Symbols: cow, lioness, falcon, cobra, hippopotamus, sistrum, musical instruments, drums, pregnant women, mirrors, and cosmetics.

The horned cow-goddess of love … Hathor was also the deity of happiness, dance and music, and the protector of women. She is depicted as a cow, as a woman with the head of a cow, or as a woman with who wears the stylized cow-horns which hold in them the solar disk. Her symbols also included the papyrus reed, the snake and a rattle called a sistrum.

Early in Egyptian mythology she was known as Horus’ mother. Later Isis assumed this role.

Proof of this is seen in her name, "Hathor", which means the "house of Horus". As the mother of Horus, the queen of Egypt was identified with her.

This is natural, as the queen was the mother of the Pharaoh, the living Horus. Isis was often shown with cow-horns like Hathor's on her head when the artist wanted to emphasize her role as the mother of Horus.

–  –  –

Ancient Astronomical Tools Discovering the sun's position and path enabled ancient people to understand the cycles of nature in the world that surrounded and supported them.

They became able to predict these cycles, knowing when rains would arrive, which conditions foretold floods and the patterns of winds, drought, heat, storms and cold.

They observed the migrating patterns of birds and animals, the growing, and flowering, fruiting and ebbing of plant life, and the movements of the ocean and understood that all these events were interconnected with the movements in the heavens.

This knowledge, they knew, was crucial to their survival, since they too were a part of these great heavenly cycles.

–  –  –

These sites were always carefully selected by the priest, astronomer or druid.

Examples of such sites are … o The Incan temple of the sun at Machu Picchu in the Peruvian Andes o The Aztec and Mayan temples of Central America o The spiral and solstice marker of the Native Indians at Chaco Canyon o The Hopi Indian horizon calendar o Stonehenge and Avebury in England o The Great Pyramids of Egypt o The temples of Babylon o The inscrutable statues of Easter Island o The countless Buddhist temples in Tibet o And the Mountain of the Sun in Japan Temples to the numerous Indian gods and goddesses were also carefully positioned, as were the places of worship of the Dogon people of North Africa.

We all know how to tell the time from a sundial, by reading the shadow that pivots around the central gnomon and falls onto the circular dial.

Ancient sundials, which worked in a similar way, include … o The bowl sundial of the ancient Greeks o The pyramids of Egypt, with their internal passageways angled towards the constellation of Orion o And Stonehenge, with its great dolmens, which create a passage through which the light of sunrise and the stars passes at the Summer Solstice The ancient peoples who created these sacred stargazing and seasonal watchtowers all understood how the cycles of nature were interconnected with the greater cycles of the cosmos.

Each system may have been unique, but all paid homage to the indestructible link between all aspects of life. And so our ancestors built their temples to honour the power and forces of nature which united them all, weaving together their lives and the lives of their children with the great afterlife and rebirth into the next.

–  –  –

Mountains around the world are home to some of humankind's most important

sacred places. For example:

o Japan’s inscrutable Mount Fujiyama o South Africa’s Table Mountain o Peru’s Machu Picchu o The Asian Himalayas in which are located thousands of Buddhist temples

–  –  –

Table Mountain was known to the Khoi as Hu-gais, meaning “veiled in clouds”.

Some examples of sacred mountains:

o Moses received the Ten Commandments from God on Mount Sinai o Christ ascended to Heaven from the Mount of Olives o In China, the World Mountain – Kunlan – was a symbol of harmony and order, and a dwelling place of immortals and of the “Supreme Being” o Fujiyama in Japan is a sacred site of Shinto pilgrimage o Mount Tlaloc in Central Mexico was seen as a personification of rain and the fertility god

Other sacred mountains include:

o The Celtic White Mountain o The Qaf of Islam o Mount Meru, the Hindu World Mountain Mountains are often seen as being figuratively layered, representing stages of spiritual ascent. These stages of ascension are clearly seen in the stepped pyramids or ziggurats of Central America, Mesopotamia and Egypt.

According to Credo Mutwa, the tip of Africa is a sacred place where people first gained knowledge from “god”. We need to revisit the homes and pathways of these ancient beings to look for signs of their great spirit. We need to understand the honour and respect they held for the earth and sky.

Their monuments and temples have been fashioned from the rock they revered, built to honour their entire natural and spiritual world, while recording the path of the sun and the light (life) and shadow (death) seen throughout the day. Their appreciation for their great protector, the nurturing mother earth, is clear.

They slept safely within her caves and rock shelters at night; they used her bountiful resources to gather their daily bread. And their appreciation for the Sun, the fire of life, is also evident.

–  –  –

o The pyramids of Egypt contain chambers and passageways that are positioned to align with the stars of Orion o The stepped outer walls of the ziggurat pyramids of Assyria and Babylon led to shrines perched on their summits o Similar steps scaled Central American temples such as the Pyramid of Kukulkan in the ancient Mayan city of Chitzen Itza where, on the day of the Equinox, the sun creates a serpent that appears in shadow on the stone steps Over the centuries, the design of these holy shrines has fascinated humankind, and much has been written about their astronomical significance, their mathematically precise layout, and their strange magical properties.

All mountains may be seen to have a roughly step pyramidal structure, with the lower contours representing the lower steps and the higher contours the upper steps.

The steps you climb may not be regular;

some may be steep and wide, others narrow and shallow; some may be approached from the east or west, and others from the north or south.

Rough and untouched by human hand, these natural steps lead from the lowest levels to the apex - the viewpoint from which all below is revealed.

Geometrical marker stones and human rock profiles are carefully positioned on each pivotal corner and contour level, acting as guardians and sacred monuments placed to interact with and honour the heavenly movements of the sun, moon and stars and signify the spiritual steps of ascension.


–  –  –

Nearly every ancient culture had some worship of the mystery of fertility and the rhythms of procreation, birth, and death. Most of these were handed down from generation to generation, in myth and story form as well as in song and ritual.

Not all of these fertility cults developed into full-fledged witchcraft, but many of them furnish the key elements of the current generational fertility cults.

Witchcraft is specifically forbidden by God as a detestable practice of the Canaanites that the Hebrew people were to reject.

Deuteronomy 18:9-14 “9 When you come into the land which the Lord your God gives you, you shall not learn to follow the abominable practices of these nations.

10 There shall not be found among you anyone who makes his son or daughter pass through the fire, or who uses divination, or is a soothsayer, or an augur, or a sorcerer, 11 Or a charmer, or a medium, or a wizard, or a necromancer.

12 For all who do these things are an abomination to the Lord, and it is because of these abominable practices that the Lord your God is driving them out before you.

13 You shall be blameless [and absolutely true] to the Lord your God.

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