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Consequences of Demonic Covenants with Bones Bone Powder Spell - causes tremendous pain or minor fractures • Accelerating time within the victim ages the victim with many years.

• This spell causes the victims entire skeleton to twist and fracture • inducing extreme pain and death.

Osteoporosis • Leukemia • Bone cancer • In the natural, physical bones make blood within the marrow. This principle is hijacked in the demonic kingdom, by the magicians and sorcerers taking dead human bones and calling up the “dead blood” as spiritual blood, which they then use as “fuel” for the demonic kingdom.

[Ritual abuse victims suffer severe rituals and many times their bones get broken. The Bone magician uses a spell called “regeneration”. This spell allows him to regenerate and mend broken bones.] Spiritual Warfare We need to repent on behalf of ourselves and our forefathers for making demonic covenants with satan concerning the dead, the realms of the dead and using bones of dead people and animals to perform witchcraft for personal gain.

We asked the Lord to show us in His Word how does He makes war against these evil practices. We found very interesting Scriptures … God will scatter the Bones Psalm 53:5-6 “5 There they are, in terror and dread, where there was [and had been] no terror and dread! For God has scattered the bones of him who encamps against you; you have put them to shame, because God has rejected them. 6 Oh, that the salvation and deliverance of Israel would come out of Zion! When God restores the fortunes of His people, then will Jacob rejoice and Israel be glad.” Jeremiah 8:1-3 “1 AT THAT time, says the Lord, [the Babylonian army will break open the sepulchers, and] they shall bring out the bones of the kings of Judah, the bones of its princes, the bones of the priests, the bones of the prophets, and the bones of the inhabitants of Jerusalem from their graves. 2 And they will [carelessly] scatter [the corpses] before the sun and the moon and all the host of heaven, which [the dead] have loved and which they have served and after which they have walked and which they have sought, inquired of, and required and which they have worshiped. They shall not be gathered, or be buried; they shall be like dung upon the face of the earth. 3 And death shall be chosen rather than life by all the residue of those who remain of this evil family (nation), who remain in all the places to which I have driven them, says the Lord of hosts.” Pray against the army of skeletons that has been raised up against your family, your ministry, and so forth. This is a demonic replica [satan’s copy] of the army of bones, sinew, and flesh that Ezekiel saw.

Prayer Strategy for Dealing with Bones of Death, the grave, and hell Father, I ask You to show me very clearly where there is any legal right on my life that has not been addressed, those dealing with bones of death, the grave, and hell. I ask this that I can be fully released, in Jesus' Name.

Father in the Name of Jesus, I repent of the abominable worship of foreign and destructive gods, where my generations have ignorantly opened spiritual doors through false religions and divination practices.

Father, I repent of the family sin of worshipping both the bones of dead people and animals, and believing that they have control over my life. Please forgive me for going to workers of iniquity to have the bones thrown to divine things over my life.

I realize that I have opened demonic doors to spirits of death, hell, and the grave. This has brought some major consequences in my own life as well as the lives of my family.

I repent of the family sin and worship of the gods of Baal, Molech, Asherah, Ashteroth and Chemosh. This worship has opened spiritual doors to death and hell, and has come down my family generations and opened the door for the destruction of my children.

I repent of the family sin and worship the god Molech, who is worshipped with human sacrifice in occult worship and occult initiation, as an iniquitous sin.

In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over the stronghold of death, the grave, and hell that for generations has destroyed young babies, brought early deaths, terrible deaths, plagues and shattered lives.

I repent of the worship of this destroyer that has brought death through abortion, sudden deaths of babies, and the accidental death of my children.

Father, I thank You that You sent Jesus to deliver me from death, the grave, and hell, and from living in its eternal torment.

I declare in the Name of Jesus that I will come out of the dominion of the destroyer, his lordship and fatherhood through family worship of him. I will be birthed out of destruction of the father of lies … and into righteousness and safety, in Jesus Name.

Accidents In Jesus Name, I break the curse of death through accidents where death and hell has bound my family line with freak accidents, accident-proneness, and a pattern of continuous accidents.

I break any family curse of hell bringing death that has come with accidents, and all the torment of loss, torments of financial disaster, and emotional torment that has followed the accidents … and even torment of the mind.

In the Name of Jesus, I break the curse of accidents with loss, and the grief and pain that the accident and the loss has brought.

In Jesus Name, I break the family curse of grief over loss through accidents.

I apply the Blood of Jesus to cleanse this iniquity, in Jesus' Name. I break any family curse of physical death through accident.

I choose life today according to Your Word … I will live to declare the Works of the Lord!

Where there has been a stronghold of fatal injury, down the family line, I declare that curse broken, in Jesus' Name.

I declare a release of these chains off the lives of my children and grandchildren, in Jesus' Name.

I break the curse of the spirit of death and hell where there has been a sustaining of permanent injury through accident … accidents in the neck, the legs, hands, joints, and so forth.

[If the injury torments you with pain, it is the spirit of hell tormenting you. You may need to fast and pray over a period of time to begin to see any change.

Release life to the injury.] Rejection Father, where there have been seeds of rejection passed down the family

line with:

–  –  –

I curse those seeds of rejection and desolation, in Jesus' Name.

Where the doors have been opened to death and hell over my life through rejection, I choose to forgive those who rejected me knowingly or unknowingly.

I break the cycle of rejection and abandonment with death and hell, where I have in turn seeded my children with the same rejection.

I break the cycle of rejection and abandonment with death and hell and the loss of purpose in living.

That is not my inheritance in Jesus Christ, and I will no longer live under it.

In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over the torment and the tormenting spirits of abandonment that keeps the feelings of rejection alive.

In the Name of Jesus, I cut off all abandonment from my children, my spouse, and close relationships.

Where sickness has come into my body through rejection and abandonment, I close the door to all sickness and disease, as well as continual sickness and affliction, in Jesus Name.

Where the access through rejection and abandonment has opened the door to terminal illnesses, I close the door, in the Almighty Name of Jesus!

[You may need to do some strong praying if you have had any physical symptoms of severe or threatening illnesses. Name any family terminal illness in your family line and renounce and break them very specifically.

Renounce all fear of death through these illnesses and the torment of the fear … especially of cancer.] In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over the demonic power that comes with these plagues … to whip, to scourge, and to bring suffering and calamity.

Father, I break every chain of abandonment linked to infirmity and every cord of hidden self-pity, in Jesus Name!

Father, I renounce the family curse of a continual death-wish because of death and hell bringing destruction down the family line.

Apollyon / Abbadon – Spirit of Death Father, I ask You for specific words of knowledge that I need regarding any covenants of death that I have not discerned and that have not been broken.

Father, I repent for my own sins and the sins of my forefathers in worshipping Apollyon or Abbadon, and making demonic agreements with this spirit of death.

In the Name of Jesus, I break the family curse that has brought a destruction of Apollyon / Abbadon into my family line.

I choose to break all subtle agreements with death that my family and I have made, unknowingly binding myself to destruction.

I renounce all covenants with death, in Jesus' Name.

I choose to reject every word or words of death that have been spoken over my life that are not in agreement with God's Covenants.

I bind the demons assigned to those words and break their power and their legal right of death from my life. I render those words powerless, in Jesus Name!

[Release words of life as you break the words of death, in Jesus 'Name.] The weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but Mighty through God to the pulling down of this stronghold.

I declare that the very mouth and jawbone of death and hell will be broken off my life.

I declare over my life … “Destruction will not overcome me, but destruction will be overcome by the Blood of the Lamb and the word of my testimony.” We declare that we will be released into the abundant life of Christ in all things!

The Shadow of Death In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over the power of the shadow of death. I declare I will come out from the darkness of the shadow of death, hell and the grave … in every part of my life.

I choose to hide under the Shadow of the Almighty … and under the powerful protection of God.

I declare that death will not cast its shadow on my physical body or my health.

I smash the legal right of the grim reaper of Molech and Chemosh from reaping my life, emotions and mind in destruction.

I renounce and break the chains of divination and witchcraft that lead to deep depression, despair, hopelessness, and seduce to suicide.

I take the Sword of the Spirit and cut the chains pulling me into the torment of the pit of depression.

I lay the axe to the roots of all depression linked to abandonment, bringing destruction.

Mutilation In the Name of Jesus, I repent of any worship of the gods of Ashteroth in my own life as well as in the lives of my forefathers.

I renounce all worship of these foreign gods and I ask You Father to cleanse me with the Blood of the Lamb!

In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over their hold and command a release from all mutilation … as well as mutilation through accidents or even emotional circumstances.

I now choose to get off the sacrificial altar of mutilation and destruction.

In Jesus Name, I cut all ties with witchcraft, divination and mutilation.

Alcohol In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over the alcoholic iniquity of the generations of my family line that resulted in financial trauma, continual financial distress, and family arguments because of it.

I break any curse of occultic accidents in the family line, and any curse of alcoholic accidents, in Jesus' Name.

I break all patterns of unusual outbursts of rage and anger because of financial loss, financial problems or financial insecurity.

I break the family iniquity of inflamed anger and rage, and insane rage with alcoholism, or occult rage.

Father, in the Name of Jesus, I take authority over the family iniquity of alcoholism, with living continually under emotional stress, from one situation of having no rest, and going into another situation of emotional distress.

I break the family iniquity of "no rest" from emotional distress, continual grief, pain and hopelessness, and emotional breakdown.

I break the alcoholic swings of emotion because of stress and tension, and "living on my nerves".

Father, I break the occult iniquities of emotional brokenness, and emotional dysfunctionalism under an occult curse, including all mood-swings, depression, continual crying, and breakdowns.

I break the family iniquity of carrying the emotional burdens of the entire family as the one who takes all the responsibility for the household.

[Break the alcoholic curse of false burden of the family that you cannot possibly bear, and the emotional pull into a breakdown because of being the burden-bearer. If you lived in this pattern as a child, you will carry the same burden, even in your adult life, and it must be broken if you are going to find emotional release. Jesus Christ is the Burden-Bearer. Declare that – emphatically!] Finances and Alcohol I break the curse of going from one financial crisis to another as an ungodly pattern in my life, and the living in fear and waiting for the next financial crisis, because of the family disease of alcoholism.

I break this alcoholic arm off my life and the distress of my home, in Jesus' Name.

I break the family curse of even unusual schizophrenic behaviour, distress and loss of self-control over financial affairs.

I break the curse of occult in bringing financial calamity, financial collapse, "bad luck", suddenly everything turning bad, bankruptcy, the loss of all savings, the loss of all assets, and the emotional distress, grief and breakdown because of loss.

I break the family iniquity of financial destitution, and the fear of being thrown out on the streets with nothing.

Fires of Death and Hell I break the tribulation and ravaging fires of death and hell in every area of my life.

I break the fires of hell that come with fevers, unusual fevers, and mystery fevers.

I break every family iniquity of death through fevers and the tormenting fires of hell with the fever.

In the Name of Jesus, I take authority over burning fires of inflammation of the nerves resulting in pain, and inflammation of the joints, and arthritis and other diseases that are rooted in inflammation. I declare that these curses be broken now, in Jesus Name!

I loose my nervous system and joints from all inflammation, in Jesus Name!

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