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Therefore You have visited and made an end of them and caused every memory of them [every trace of their supremacy] to perish.” Because of ignorance many serve Satan. Some white people, called satanists, worship satan by drinking animal blood, making incisions on their bodies and making covenants with satan. All this also happens in ancestral worship.

Ancestral worship is Satanism!

1 Corinthians 10:20 “20 No, I am suggesting that what the pagans sacrifice they offer [in effect] to demons (to evil spiritual powers) and not to God [at all].

I do not want you to fellowship and be partners with diabolical spirits [by eating at their feasts].” We believe in the sufficiency of Christ Jesus, and we pray to Him alone.

John 15:7 “7 If you live in Me [abide vitally united to Me] and My words remain in you and continue to live in your hearts, ask whatever you will, and it shall be done for you.” Mark 7:7 “7 In vain (fruitlessly and without profit) do they worship Me, ordering and teaching [to be obeyed] as doctrines the commandments and precepts of men.” Many people are ignorant of this truth, but my advice to you is this: If you have a Bible, seek your answers there.

Proverbs 3:5 “5 Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.” Deuteronomy 6:5 “5 And you shall love the Lord your God with all your [mind and] heart and with your entire being and with all your might.” Exodus 20:3 “3 You shall have no other gods before or besides Me.” May God enlighten you. May Jesus Christ be your refuge, because He alone is your hope for salvation, healing and deliverance from demonic oppression.

John 8:36 “36 So if the Son liberates you [makes you free men], then you are really and unquestionably free.” By repenting from ancestral worship you stand to gain! You will be delivered, healed, and set free in Jesus Name!!

Philippians 3:8 “8 Yes, furthermore, I count everything as loss compared to the possession of the priceless privilege (the overwhelming preciousness, the surpassing worth, and supreme advantage) of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord and of progressively becoming more deeply and intimately acquainted with Him [of perceiving and recognizing and understanding Him more fully and clearly]. For His sake I have lost everything and consider it all to be mere rubbish (refuse, dregs), in order that I may win (gain) Christ (the Anointed One),”


The Religious System Of The African People5 The religious system of the A f r i c a n Tr i b e s c a n b e studied effectively under the

following headings:

–  –  –

Customs and taboos help to keep the African People bound to their beliefs.

They protect the Believer against enraging the “spirits”. For example, spitting on the soil in the hand at funerals immediately before it is thrown into the grave shows that the rite is done respectfully and prayerfully. Customs are symbols or outward spiritual realities.

The African Tribes believe that this earth is a land of both happiness and sorrow. The powerful evil spirits bring hardship, sorrow, and death upon the people inhabiting it. They believe they need to look to someone more powerful to protect them. The “ancestral spirits” who act like “guardians” do this for the People. They fight the “enemy”, sustain life, and provide riches for the Tribe.

The obvious danger or “enemy” is the witch, or sangoma. When the “ancestors” read the intents of the witch, they come to the specific man or woman in a dream and warn them of the action being planned by the witch.

The “ancestors” may send an omen instead of a dream or vision.

A tribe is the offspring of one man and related tribes acknowledge one chief “spirit” over them. The spirit of the dead father or mother mediates for the living. When the head of the home dies, he turns into a snake. These snakes bestow blessings on the living relatives. They protect, give health and long life, as well as wealth to the family.

5 For additional studies … see our Soul Care Course 7 Manuals, available on the website or for order from the office.

Clans And Totem Animals When the nomadic life ended, families began to group together to form small communities under a powerful head.

To distinguish one group from another, the system of totems was introduced.

Each clan or family chose an animal as its own totem. This is how the Dube, Mpofu, Sibanda, Nkomo, Ncube and so on … received their names.

The chosen animal-totem became both a member of the clan, and leadingpatron … a modern-day “mascot”. The meat of this chosen animal-totem was declared sacred, and is never eaten. As the groups of clans or family grew … they eventually joined together and lived as a tribe. However, each clan or family retained its own animal-totem and respective belief system.

However small a belief may be … it will influence the life of the Believer in one way or another. Beliefs are like grooves or traffic lanes which direct vehicles in which routes to take in order to avoid collision. Failure to observe these beliefs may cause not only the offender to suffer, but innocent people as well.

Clan taboos apply from soon after birth. The birth initiation into the clan brings the sense of belonging and the joy of being a member that will enjoy the benefit of security in life offered by the “ancestors”.

Belonging to a particular clan means adopting the religious beliefs of that clan.

Totems and clans are not interchangeable … the ancestral spirits will not allow it.

Beliefs And Taboos A certain standard of living must be maintained if the relationship between the “ancestral spirits” and the living is to be of any significance. Our behavior towards those in authority over us – chiefs, leaders, parents, and neighbors – count a great deal towards linking this relationship and cementing it. Taboos are used as the guidelines in this “cementing” process.

–  –  –

Kinds Of Spirits These are different kinds of spirits that take possession of individuals. Some are “good”, and others “bad”. These spirits vary in strength and influence upon the person acting as a host or vehicle. Once you are selected as a desirable host, you cannot escape as the spirits quickly move into you to take residence.

The indwelling spirit overpowers the host and then dictates terms suitable to it. The victim becomes its vehicle or springboard for attacking the spirit’s enemies. The activities of the spirit may cause the person (host) to be hated by his or her neighbors. This is because if the spirit is a witch, there can be frequent night flights and activities.

If it is a “good” spirit, the host will be loved by all in the community and looked to when there is illness in the home or neighborhood. This “good” spirit can often become a type of “doctor” spirit.

The “good” and “bad” spirits are continually at war with each other … and there can be no reconciliation. The “bad” spirit is bent on harming or killing.

The “good” spirit fights against this mission.

Sometimes a spirit is baptized into the host by parents. However, most times the ancestor spirit forces itself into the host.

Their activity in the person is marked by disturbances so that the host becomes aware of what the intention of the spirit is. The host normally acts under instruction backed by force.

Sometimes the disturbance occurs in the head, while at times it takes place in the body causing it to quiver and/or shake violently. The victim may speak the language of the indwelling spirit while he/she is in a trance, and may have supernatural power and perform wonders.

“Good” Spirits – The Inyanga An “inyanga spirit” is a so-called “good” spirit. Its chief work is to heal the sick, bring good luck, as well as protect and drive away the evil spirits which cause suffering and death.

This kind of spirit is often hereditary, although at times one acquires it through invocation … that is, from an experienced witchdoctor by using charms. The witchdoctor wiill summon a friendly spirit to make use of the applicant as host.

The ancestor, who had the inyanga spirit, will often visit one of his descendants in a dream and show him or her roots and herbs for healing different kinds of diseases. The sleeping person may be even told where he can find these plants – sometimes up to fifty kilometers away, depending on where the ancestor used to find himself when he lived on earth.

Dreams and visions then become frequent … particularly if the recipient is unwilling to take up the job.

To hearld this inyanga spirit, the spirit will make the host dislike certain foods and introduce an ailment which, sometimes, can not be treated by a doctor. If the victim will not accept or listen to this spirit, he or she will continue to be tormented as long as they live.

Different spirits bestow different powers to heal particular diseases. This kind of specialization has enhanced credibility to traditional and cultural advancement of the tribe. The inyanga is seen with various kinds of apparatus … horns, calabashes, snail shells, and so on … to impress the patient’s mind that healing has began.

Some witchdoctors keep animal pets like tortoises, hedgehogs, and little snakes in special containers and will expose these to patients … another attempt to get speedy recovery.

The inyangas are the spiritual backbone of the tribe and help to strengthen the morale of the nation because they are able to call upon the spirits to assist in the fight against pestilence and epidemics by driving away crop insects and locusts.

Isangoma Spirits Another so-called “good” spirit is the “isangoma” or “isanuse” spirit. This is a witch-hunting spirit dreaded by wizards and witches. Sick people consult it to see who is harming them. This isongoma spirit usually reveals its presence before or shortly after puberty. It seldom will show after marriage.

If it is a female-spirit, the host will marry; if it is a male-spirit in a woman, the woman cannot marry or bear children as it will hinder sufficient development of sex organs.

If a female-spirit enters a man, he becomes either bisexual or homosexual and this complication cannot be cured (without Jesus!).

The isongoma spirit is both a doctor and fortuneteller in one. The host has to

do the following unaided:

He has to fight and kill and eagle, vulture and a python for bones • which make up his robe and girdle. These are sewn together and worn across the shoulders, and around the neck and waist.

The isongoma spirit does not want to see a corpse and the host has to try by all means to avoid seeing dead people.

Wizards And Witches Evil spirits dwell in men and women, and make them vehicles. These are commonly known as witch-spirits, and are mostly said to be found in women.

They are believed to have supernatural powers and can enter locked doors and interfere with the sleeping person in an effort to make him sick or cause harm.

Small bleeding cuts in the body, as well as part of the head being shaven with a sharp instrument, are signs that you have been visited by a witch-spirit.

Waking up feeling very tired could be because these spirits have used you in the night as a horse, or that you have been running errands for the witches.

The presence of these spirits in the home is often linked with disturbances or sounds of movement on the roof or ceiling. There is the smashing or dashing of things on the floor disturbing sleep and causing panic or confusion in the house.

The spirit can leave the host’s body in his sleep and go to neighbors without breaking the link between it and the host. (This is what we call a “spirit-tie”.) The spirit will go to places the host had visited in the day. If anything goes wrong with the spirit while engaged in terrorizing people, the host is also affected in his or her sleep.

–  –  –

The grey owl is another example of a familiar spirit.

A witch trains her daughters to be like her before puberty. The trainee is taken along in night travels and made to stand at entrances to guard against intruders. Familiar spirits will be place all over the vicinity to assist in the operation.

Witches are said to practice cannibalism and when someone has died they try

to get to the body to eat the flesh. Witchcraft may be of two kinds:

–  –  –

The day-time witch or wizard premeditates the death of the victim. He/she directs a death spell on a victim in the disguise of a snake or thunderbolt. The magical spell may cause heart failure, paralysis, epilepsy and so on.

The witch-spirit can also harm domestic animals. Witches may be seen in complete nudity with their bodies smeared white with ashes.

If a witch is caught, long sharp pegs are driven into her arms that will eventually cause the rectum to rot. When a new home is built, these magical pegs are buried in the entrances of the home to keep away witches at night.

Charms These are used for enticing people or to avert evil. For instance, the wearing of amulets by babies. A talisman is believed to have occult power and can cause or determine the course of events.

Charms can be used to keep the spouses together in renewed love even if used after separation. A charm can also cause divorce or bad luck. It can drive away birds from the corn in the lands and make the crop plentiful at the same time.

It can procure fortune and good luck. Charms are worn as an amulet around the neck or waist. Charms are not transferable as they are meant for the specific needs of the man or woman wearing them.

Rain-Making The belief is that the rain-gods brought the rain from the sea and stayed in the clouds all the time it was raining and the lightning and thunder were the work of their actual presence.

After striking a tree or a home, a human being or a domestic animal … a big hole is left in the ground. The rain goddess does all of all this riding on a rain bird. It is white and shiny and is about the size of a stork.

As it strikes the object, it is believed that it leaves eggs in the ground which, if not treated, may cause the bird to come back again for another strike.

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