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Father, forgive me for calling upon an ixhwele or witch-doctor when the second fermentation failed to identify the “problem” and to correct it. Forgive me for believing the lies of the enemy as to what the solution was spoken by the witch-doctor. Lord, forgive me for paying money into the kingdom of darkness to pay for the services of the demonic priesthood. I ask You Lord, to redeem every cent and to break the curses that have come upon my finances in Jesus Name.

Forgive me Lord, for believing that the spilled beer into the ground was to appease the ancestors. I ask You Lord to pour the Water of Your Word out on every drop of beer and to cancel out every effect of this in the spirit. I ask You to silence the speaking of the beer against me in the spirit, in Jesus Name.

Father, according to Your Word, You have placed principles in place, one of which is that man has a very close relationship with the earth. If we are disobedient to Your Word, the earth has authority to curse man and to vomit out its inhabitants.

Leviticus 18:28 “28 [Do none of these things] lest the land spew you out when you defile it as it spewed out the nation that was before you.” I have confessed my sins before You Lord, and because I now have peace with You through the Blood of Jesus, I now also declare to be at peace with the earth. I thank You Father, that the earth will not curse me any longer but I will prosper and be blessed everywhere I go, in Jesus Name!

Father, I ask Your forgiveness for partaking in all the rituals at every birth and death ceremony where all the meat of the sacrificed animals were boiled and eaten and no meat could be taken away.

I ask Your forgiveness for burning all the bones to retain the so-called “blessing” for our household. I ask forgiveness for believing the lies of the enemy that I would be cursed if I took away the meat prepared for such occasions.

Please forgive me for all the superstitious beliefs that kept me bound to the kingdom of darkness. In the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I now reject and renounce every one of these superstitious beliefs.

I break every demonic covenant that I made with the ancestors and the spirits of the dead, in Jesus Name. I ask You Father to send Your Holy Fire and destroy any trace of eating this meat in my body, soul and spirit.

In Jesus Name I cancel the power given to the ancestors when the animal bones were burnt. Father, send Your East Wind and blow away the ashes in the natural and the spiritual. In Jesus Name, I break the curses that came upon myself and my household when we burnt the bones Pre-birth Father, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, please forgive us for announcing the pregnancy to the ancestors so that they could protect the unborn baby. Please forgive us for giving the pregnant mother things to drink and/or eat that will “open the passage for the baby.” Forgive us Lord for not praising You for the new life of a baby and for asking Your protection during pregnancy.

In the Name of Jesus we now cancel all legal right given to the ancestors over the baby. We withdraw their right to “protect” the baby, we take the child out of their arms in the spirit, and dedicate him/her to the Lord God of Israel, God of the Bible.

We cancel all effects of the food or drink that was eaten by the mother and transferred to the baby, in Jesus name.

Birth Ceremonies Father, I ask Your forgiveness for every dedication ceremony that was held when each child in our tribe was born to thank the ancestors for the child and to ask protection of the child. Lord, I also include my own dedication ceremony.

I ask Your forgiveness for making demonic covenants with the kingdom of darkness on behalf of every innocent baby. In so doing we placed very strong curses on each baby which ensured a very difficult road ahead for the child.

Father, please forgive us in Jesus Name! We know according to Your Word how You feel about children – we have grieved You so much – have mercy O Lord, in Jesus Name! Forgive us for not giving You the glory and thanks giving for each baby born. You are the Only One that can give life and to You alone belongs all the Glory! Forgive us for not dedicating our babies to You, God of Israel!

I cut loose from every person who officiated the ceremonies I attended … Tetanus infection through the umbilical cord is the biggest enemy while the stub is drying up. If the child is not infected by tetanus thanks is given to spiritual snakes for having “saved” the infant from this dreadful disease.

I redeem my buried umbilical cord in order to stop the demonic manipulations over my life... and bring the umbilical cord under the Authority of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Most clans bury the placenta under the floor of the labour hut. Other clans bury it in an ant-hill or compost heap. Some clans take the cord-stub to the river and chip it on a rock as fishes take the pieces away – a sign that the wife has been faithful.

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7 For a in depth study, see “Altars And Covenants” available on the website or for order from the office.

Father, forgive us where we took the umbilical cord of each baby and did

specific rituals with it:

Burying it in the grounds of the homestead/kraal … usually the • grand parents’ family home.

Placing it onto the family altar and dedicating the baby to the • animal spirit which is the family totem.

Placing it into the waters on the family marine altar and • dedicating the baby to the water spirit which is the family totem.

Father, forgive us for tying the baby to specific spirits and opening the doors for demonic possession. Forgive us for giving legal right to demonic spirits to control the baby all the days of its life.

Thank You, Father, for sending Jesus who made a Way where there was no way! Because of the Blood of Jesus we can now take authority over these demonic spirits in the Name of Jesus. We bind you in Jesus Name and command you to go to the feet of Jesus according to Psalm 110.

I cancel dedication rituals and adoption papers with the Sword of the Spirit, we cut off the spiritual umbilical cord linking the person that was passed on through this umbilical cord, in Jesus Name.

We anoint the belly button with oil in the Name of Jesus to place the seal of the Blood of Jesus upon this spiritual opening and we now declare it closed and sealed off for all demonic entrance, in Jesus Name.

We ask you Lord to assign an angel with a flaming sword as a gatekeeper over this point of entry and to forbid any re-entry of any demonic spirit ever again, in Jesus Name!

A Name Is Given8 The name of one of your ancestors may have been given to you as a memorial. This can be to invoke the spirit of the ancestor so that it blesses the household. Some names mark occasions while others describe the life in the home.

Love for the dead and the belief that they care for the living make them think of them and long to see them. So, the names of ancestors given to their children will bring them “comfort” and “hope.” Belonging to a family means living in close communication with the dead and the living. Belonging to a family, therefore, means belief in the living and the dead as an entity.

8 For additional prayers … see “Prayers of Renunciation: General” available on the website or for order from the office.

Heavenly Father, we ask forgiveness for participating in the baby dedication

ceremony and using the following elements:

The slaughtering of an animal and then spilling its blood to appease • the ancestors.

The fermenting beer as the sign of approval by the ancestors.

• Forgive us Lord, for taking the gall bladder of the slaughtered animal and for believing it represented a life element, and then wrapping it around the child for a number of days for “so-called” protection.

Forgive us for making this demonic covenant with the kingdom of darkness and for asking for demonic protection.

Please forgive us for believing we needed to eat all the meat at the venue and that no meat was to be carried off to retain the “blessings” for our own household only, have mercy Lord, in Jesus Name!

In the Name of Jesus, we now take authority over every evil spirit that was assigned to me/ the person I am praying for, through partaking in this birth

ceremony. We command you to go to the feet of Jesus according to Ps110:1

We break this demonic covenant in the Name of Jesus and speak to the earth to vomit out all remains of the umbilical cord, the animal blood, and the fermented beer, in the natural as well as well as in the spiritual.

Father, send Your Holy Fire to destroy all of the above in Jesus Name! We silence everything speaking against us from the demonic kingdom in Jesus Name!

Everything that was recorded in the heavens, in the waters, on the earth or under the earth – let it all be blotted out with the Blood of Jesus!

In the Name of Jesus I cut myself free from the elder that officiated my baby dedication – I declare that this demonic priesthood will no longer have any more authority over me in Jesus Name!

I have been transferred out of the kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of the Son of Almighty God of Israel. Thank You Jesus!

First Birthday Father God, in Jesus Name, I ask Your forgiveness for partaking in first year birthday ceremonies which were held to thank the ancestors for sparing the child and to ask for further “protection” and “prosperity.” I ask Your forgiveness for the slaughtering an animal and spilling that blood into the ground, in the Name of Jesus.

Forgive me for believing that the fermented beer was a sign of approval of the ancestors and for spilling the beer into the ground for the ancestors. Have mercy upon me and my family Father, in Jesus Name!

In the Name of Jesus, I take the Sword of the Spirit and cut myself loose from the family elder who officiated over the slaughtering and ceremony. I declare that I am set free from this demonic priesthood, in the All Powerful Name of Jesus because of His Blood!

We speak to the earth to vomit out all the blood and beer in the natural as well as the spiritual, in the Name of Jesus. Send Your Fire, Lord, and destroy all that testifies against me and my family in Jesus Name.

In the Name of Jesus we bind the demons that have been assigned with the first birthday ceremony and we decommission you in Jesus name! We strip you of all authority and ranking that you have had over the child in Jesus Name. We remove the child out of the arms of every evil spirit/ ancestor and place him/her into the Arms of Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

Thank You Jesus, that You made a way for every child to come unto You!

Initiation Into Adulthood Ceremonies Circumcision is generally considered a necessary rite of passage to obtain identity and authority. A common explanation for initiation is that it means a male leaves boyhood to enter manhood. In some cultures like the Venda, women also go through initiation rite called “domba”.

Circumcision qualifies a man to slaughter animals for sacrifice to the ancestors and to speak to the ancestors. A spiritual authority – an ungodly priesthood – is thus conferred.

In Xhosa tradition the male is circumcised and the foreskin is buried in the ground at the end of the two weeks period. Xhosa males spend two weeks on the mountain or basically outdoors to experience symbolically the hardships of manhood without food and water.

Their faces are painted white to protect against bacteria from dirt that forms as they are not allowed to wash for the entire period. They are naked and wrapped in blankets only … this allows for healing of the circumcision.

On the seventh day a Xhosa initiate (umfwana) will come down for a ceremony – umofizo – where an animal is slaughtered on his behalf and he can drink water and have good food. The gall bladder – life element – of the slaughtered animal is wrapped around the umfwana for protection for the rest of the period. At the end of the second week the wmfwana is allowed to return to his community and a celebration – umgidi – is held to welcome him into manhood. At this celebration the foreskin and the gall bladder that was wrapped around him for protection, are buried next to each other in the ground … and in turn these parts are given to ancestors.

The ancestors are thanked for the young man’s safe return and his passing into manhood and the ceremony is mainly about the older ndotas (initiated males) giving speeches of advice to the new ndota about being a real man.

African males who are born again Christians also partake of the rites that qualify them in the eyes of their tribe as real men. They have the circumcision done by a medical doctor, and without any ceremony in honour of the ancestors.

Through Christian African males tend to argue that it was merely a medical procedure and not unholy due to the exclusion of the ancestor worship, the

Lord revealed the following to me:

1. That circumcision is a sign of a covenant that binds you to the clan confers an authority to access the spirit world – an ungodly priesthood.

2. If the circumcision was done as a matter of conscience (the man cannot imagine being able to confidently admit to his tribal peers that he does not require it as a sign of his manhood and that his identity as a man comes from God alone) then he has entered into a covenant that binds him to his clan and their gods.

3. I discovered that a Xhosa male (ndota) cannot imagine renouncing this status as an ungodly authority even when confronted with Scripture that challenges him to lose his life so that he may gain it … that he is part of a royal priesthood in Christ Jesus … and his identity and authority should come from God alone.

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