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«Books: Playing with Signs: A Semiotic Interpretation of Classic Music (Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1991). Reviews Times Higher Education ...»

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Kofi Agawu: Publications


Playing with Signs: A Semiotic Interpretation of Classic Music (Princeton: Princeton University

Press. 1991).


Times Higher Education Supplement, 3 May 1991, 965 [C. Ayrey]

Music Analysis 10:3, 1991, 381-87 [W. Drabkin]

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Reviews West Africa 25-31 December 1995 & 1-7 January 1996, 2018 Times Higher Education Supplement, 4-4-97, 26 [J. Fargion] British Journal of Ethnomusicology 4 (1995), 158-60 [R. Blench] Musical Times, June 1996, 30-31 [W. Mellers] The World of Music 38 (1996), 139-142 [U. Bareis] Yearbook for Traditional Music 1996, 200-02 [D. Avorgbedor] Notes 53:3 (1997), 818-19 [B. Hampton] Journal of Anthropological Research 1997, 119-121 [J. Chernoff] The International Journal of African Historical Studies 30 (1997), 447-49 [D. Locke] Music Analysis 16:2 (1997), 282-89 [J. Stock] Revue de Musicologie 83:1 1997, 137-39 [Fernando] American Anthropologist 99 (1997), 864-65 [S. Ottenberg] Journal of the Anthropological Society of Oxford 27 (1996) [B. Connell] Music Theory Spectrum 20 (1998), 305-10 [S. Blum] Journal of the American Musicological Society 51 (1998), 158-63 [R. Vetter] Africa 71 (2001), 174-76 [S. Friedson] Journal of Religion in Africa 29 (1999), 498-500 [B. Meyer] South African Journal of Cultural History 11, 1997, 136-37 Glendora Books Supplement (Lagos) 6, 2001, 33-34 [S. Oluronyomi] Review-article Current Musicology 62 (1998), 69-83 [D. Temperley] Representing African Music: Post-Colonial Notes, Queries, Positions (New York: Routledge, 2003).

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Reviews Notes 66 (2009), 64-66 [S. Heimbecker] Tempo 63 (2009), 71-72 [C. Clarke] Musiktheorie: Zeitschrift für Musikwissenschaft 25 (2010), 89-91 [F. Wörner] Music and Letters 91 (2010), 110-11 (R. Monelle) Dutch Journal of Music Theory 16 (2011), 157-61 (B. Van Herck) Revista Teatro Colón 6 (2012), 108-09 (S. De Filippi) Journal of Music Theory 57(2013), 131-49 (J. Kraus) Review-article “Paradigms, Prototypes, and Other Analytical Adventures,” Theoria 16 (2009), 111-28 [S. Rodgers]

Edited collections:

The Landscape of African Music. Special issue of Research in African Literatures, 2001 African Musical Arts: Theory, Practice and Education. Edited by Anri Herbst, Meki Nzewi and Kofi Agawu. Pretoria, South Africa: University of South Africa Press, 2003.

Reviews Notes 61:1, 2004, 111-13 South African Journal of Musicology 22 (2002, pub. 2004), 70-72 Worlds of Music, 2007 Communication in Eighteenth-Century Music. Edited by Danuta Mirka and Kofi Agawu.

Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008.

Reviews Musical Times 149 (2008), 112-15 [P. Williams] Eighteenth-Century Music 7 (2010): 121-24 [R. Gjerdingen] Music and Letters 91 (2010), 107-110 [N. November] Fontes Artis Musicae 56 (2009), 423-24 [Bryan Proksch] Early Music (2011) [M. Pritchard] Composition and Transmission of Musical Forms in Africa. Edited by Kofi Anyidoho and Kofi Agawu. Dakar: CODESRIA, forthcoming.

Articles in journals, books and encyclopedias:

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008, 230-53.

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