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«Books: Playing with Signs: A Semiotic Interpretation of Classic Music (Princeton: Princeton University Press. 1991). Reviews Times Higher Education ...»

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“Afterword.” In Communication in Eighteenth-Century Music, edited by Danuta Mirka and Kofi Agawu. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2008, 310-17.

“Topic Theory: Achievement, Critique, Prospects.” In Passagen/IMS Congress Zürich 2007:

Fünf Hauptvorträge, edited by Laurenz Lütteken and Hans-Joachim Hinrichsen. Zurich:

Bärenreiter, 2008, 38-69.

“Meki Nzewi and the discourse of African musicology: a 70th birthday appreciation.” Journal of the Musical Arts of Africa 5 (2008), 1-18.

“The Dynamics of Orality and the Politics of Music Analysis.” In L’analyse musicale: une pratique et son histoire, edited by Rémy Campos and Nicholas Donin. Genève: Droz & Conservatoire, 2009, 123-130.

Commentary [on Rhythm: Africa and Beyond], Music Theory Online 16 (2010) http://mto.societymusictheory.org/issues/mto.10.16.4/mto.10.16.4.agawu.html “The Challenge of African Art Music,” Circuit, musiques contemporaines 21(2), 55-72.

“Taruskin’s Problem(s),” Music Theory Spectrum 33(2), 186-90.

“In Memoriam William Oscar Anku (1949-2010),” Journal of the Musical Arts of Africa, 93-95.

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“The minimalist impulse in African musical creativity,” in Resiliency and Distinction: Beliefs, Endurance and Creativity in the Musical Arts of Continental and Diasporic Africa. A Festschrift in Honor of Jacqueline Cogdell DjeDje, edited by Kimasi L. Browne and Jean N. Kidula Richmond, Ca.: MRI Press, 2013.

“Analyzing Analysis: The largo appassionato from Beethoven’s Piano Sonata in A major, op. 2 no. 2.” In Analizar, interpretar, hacer música: de las Cantigas de Santa María a la organología.

Escritos in memoriam Gerardo V. Huseby. Edited by Melanie Plesch. Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires: Gourmet Musical Ediciones, 2013, 349-64.


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Christopher Waterman Jùjú: A Social History and Ethnography of an African Popular Music.

Africa 61, 400-01.

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