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«PHILADELPHIA: Printed for the Author. 1737 This is an annotated text of All Slave-Keepers That keep the Innocent in Bondage, Apostates, published by ...»

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Page 117, 118. he advises Friends, That none appaear in Words beyond what they be in the Life that gave forth the Words, here none shall be as the untimely Figs: Let no Image or Likeness be made, but in the Light wait, which will bring Condemnation on that Part that would make the Images, and speaks with the Egyptian Tongue.

Page 24, 225, 361. All Friends that speak abroad, see that it be in the Life of God, for that begets to God; the Fruits of that shall never wither; and this sows to the Spirit which is in Prison, and of the Spirit reaps Life (to you this is the Word of the Lord God) and the other sows in the Flesh, and of the Flesh reaps Corruption. There is that which maketh merry over the Witness of God; and there is that which maketh merry in the Lord. Such the Lord doth beautifie, whose Trust is in his Strength: But such as be from the Light, whose Eyes be after their abominations and [page 154] Idols, their Eyes are to be blinded, and their beautiful Idols and their Abominations to be destroyed, that nothing may rule and reign but Power and Life itself.

W. Penn’s Preface to G. Fox’s Journal, p. lvi, 1xi. his Counsel to Ministers. O feel Life in the Ministry, let Life be your Commission, your Well-Spring & Treasury in all such occasions; it not our Parts or Memory, or Repetitions of former Openings in our will and time that will do God’s Work. A dry Doctrinal Ministry, however found in Words, can reach but the Ear, and is but a Dream at the best.

Page 782 to 789. 885, 6, 7. of W. Penn’s Works in Folio. Vol. I.. It’s the Ignorance and Idleness of the People, that gives the Clergy and opportunity to effect their Designs, for so meanspirited are the People as to take all upon trust for their Souls, that would not trust or take a Brass Shilling from an Arch-Bishop; tis prodigious to think what Veneration the Priesthood has raised to themselves, by their usurpt Commission, and their Clink-Clank of extraordinary Ordination;

did the People examine their Bottom, the Grounds of their Religion and Faith, it would not be in the Power of [page 155] their Leaders to cause them to err. What, doubt my Minister! Arraign his Doctrine! Put him to proof by no means: but the consequence of not doing of it, has been the Introduction and Formality, (amongst the Quakers, as well as others) which gave just occasion for Schism; for the Word has no hurt in itself, and implies only a Separation, which may as well be right as wrong.

W. P. mentions two Men, Jacobus Acontius, and John Hales of Eaton, that were of the same Mind, & does heartily beseech his Readers to be more than ordinary intent in reading what he cites of them, they write very much of People’s Carelessness, in trusting too to much Pastors.

Wherefore J.A. says we must obey the Advice of a Poet, Principiis obsta, sero Medicina paratur, Cum mala per longas invaluere moras.

Resist betimes, that Medicine stays too long.

Which comes when Age has made the grief too strong.

Now there is need (he says) of a double caution, viz. that there be no change in the Doctrine when it is pure; and if any change be made, that there be Notice taken of it.

[page 156] Now forasmuch as the profit will be very small, if some private Man shall discover or observe that an Error is introduced, unless he discover that said Error and lay it open; now there cannot be a more sitting way than that in I Cor. 14. he says, and abundance more very excellent. I could heartily wish The Address to the Protestants were reprinted, for the sake of my Friends called Quakers as well as others; I believe it might be of great Service, for I think the matter therein contained belongs to us, as much as to any People in the World.

E. Burroughs’s Works, Fol. 204 to 210. 368, 9. 548, 9. To all the Children of Light every where, be careful who ye receive as Ministers, believe not every Spirit, for Lying Spirits may arise amongst yourselves; who are not in the Truth, but in feignedness and Hypocrisy with false Visions and lying Imaginations, handling the Word of God deceitfully; believe not that Spirit which ministereth to others what it hath not learned of the Father.

He advises p. 368. Be not hasty to utter Words before the Lord, but wait for Power from on high. P. 548, 550. meet together in the Name and fear of [page 157] the Lord, and mind the Lord’s presence amongst you, mind not Words, but mind the presence or the Lord, and feel his Power in your Hearts, and the Words that come from the Power will refresh the Seed of God. But if any Speak Words out of the Power, the Seed of God, will be burthened, and will judge such Words.

F. Howgil’s Works, Fol. 28, to 36. 137, to 140, 211, 369, 422, 733. To all the Seed of Abrabam, who are Jews indeed, and Israelites, in whom is no Guile; [ no Guile, observe,] whom your Brethren have cast out, and have been as a Dove without a Mate. P. 137. God is a Spirit, his Kingdom is Spiritual, his Habitation is Suitable to his own Nature, Glorious in Holiness, Words are too short. Colo. 1, 12, 13. What, no other Kingdom but what you enjoy in this Life? P. 139.

Thus I know dark Spirits reason. The Saint looked for no other Glory, but that which stood in eternal Life, and in the Immortal Life; they were in him that is True, in the Father, and in the Son, all one, and he in them: O HOLY UNION.

P. 736 The Faithful say in their Hearts, he is come, and they look not after any other [page 158] Stephen Crisp’s Works. 423. 6. to 441. Take heed my dear Friends, in sitting down or holding the Truth in a bare formality: O my dear Friends this is a dangerous State, yea more dangerous than my Tongue or Pen can declare.

W. Bennit’s Works. P.100.

P. 3. of Cburch Government by John Milton, his Observation that Religion brought forth Wealth, and the Daughter devoured the Mother.

W. Edmunson’s Journal. 15. 279. 306. to 311. And sometimes the Lord’s Power and Sprit would move in me to speak a few Words in Meetings, which I did in Fear, being under a great concern less a wrong Spirit should get entrance and deceive me, in the likeness of an Angel of Light, for I was sensible of my own Weakness.

P. 279. A Letter of Examination to all, who have assumed the place of Shepherds of People of all Sorts in Christendom, to see it your Accounts be ready, and what order our Flocks be in, Quakers and others.

W. Edmunson’s Journal. 306. 7. to 311. Concerning Offerings that are offered to God, in Prayer and Supplication; the offerings that are acceptable [page 159] to God, must be offered in righteousness and with clean Heart and Lips, for the Lord is pure and holy, and will be sanctified of all that come near him, and is a consuming Fire, who consumed Nadab and Abihu, that offered strange Fire, though they were of the high Priests Line.

Charles Marshal’s Works. p. 100. 222. For the outward Conformity may in a great measure be kept to, which is cover under which the Enemy may work undiscovered by unwatchful.

Thomas Elwood’s Life. 15. 367. to 386. He writes excellently concerning the Wiles of the Enemy transforming himself into the likeness of an Angel of Light and deceiving of him, when he was young and tender, put him upon Religious Performances; suppose appearing in Meetings, in his own Will, Time and Strength, (as too many now adays does in our Meetings, or else many worthy Friends are mistaken.) Richard Habberthorn’s Works. p. 45, 6, 7, Receive nothing but that which speaks from the eternal moving of the living God; have Salt in yourselves to savour withal Words, you may discern which is without Life and Power, and [page 160] stand single in that which is Pure of God, all such deny to be your Teachers, which have the Words of Truth, but live not in the Life and Power of what they say.

Roger Haydock’s Works. p. 1. 162. Be watchful in your Meetings, Friends, the seed which God hath sown is good, but if you sleep the Enemy will sow Tares, which will grow up with it choak it, so the Ground that affords them Nourishment will be cursed; this is the Word of Truth unto you.

John Burnet’s Works. p. 141, 2. He that continues to the end shall be saved, and he that is faithful unto Death shall have the Crown of Life and therefore let a concern be always upon your minds in this weighty matter, that you may see how it is with you.

John Crook’s Works. p. 17. 258. An excellent Piece concerning Truth’s Progress.

Thomas Beven’s Works. p. 74. to 90. For all Prayer by or in which the Divine Spirit is not felt to lead and influence the Soul, whether it be in Publick or Private, is of no availance in the fight of God.

[page 161] I find upon the Margin of the old Bible, printed about the Year 1599, this Note, viz. When the Mind thinketh nothing, when the Soul coveteth nothing, and when the Body acteth nothing contrary to the Will of God, this (saith the Note) is perfect Sanctification. 1 Thess. 5. 23. Coll. 2.

10. 1 Joh. 2. 5. 4. 12.

Forbidden Fruit or Tree of Knowledge, writ by August Eleutherius. p. 68. We read Wisdom is Foolishness with God, which From of Speech we steal from Paul, and babble of it, when indeed we neither know our own, nor Paul’s meaning touching it; no Man renounces his own Wisdom;

this forsooth Man thinks is spoken of Turks and Infidels, hence it comes a pass that Man is deceived in himself.

Page 93, 4. I. What is the Beast of which Daniel writeth, which speaketh against the Highest, and slayth the Saints of God?

II. What is the Serpent which deceived Adam and Eve?

III. What is the Tree of whom Daniel and Paul speaketh. I Thessal. 2.

Iv. What is that impudent King of Anti-Christ of whom Daniel and Paul speaketh.

[page 162] V. What is that many headed Monster, mentioned in the Apocalyps, whom the whole World doth worship.

VI. What is Sin? What is Death? What is the Devil?

I answer, it is every Man’s own carnal Wit and Reason, Righteousness and the like, for which cause Paul calleth it Death, Enmity and Foolishness unto God, and James calleth it Earthly, Human and Devilish, because these three are one, for the Devil, Man, Adam and the Serpent are sworn Brethren, yea Brethren, yea both one.” Much more has this worthy Man writ very excellently, as p. 166, to the End of Book.

It is given me at this time thus to write concerning Faith.

All the Books, Bibles, and Men in the World, cannot give one Man Faith in the Holy Ghost, or God, which is one; but the least Touch of the Holy Ghost can give any Man Faith in God in the Scriptures which testifie of him, that has well read them. B.L.

The Spiritual Guide, which disentangles the Soul, and brings it by the inward to the getting of perfect Contemplapage163] tion and the rich Treasure of Internal Peace, Written by Dr. Michael de Mohmus, Priest; I could heartily with every distressed Soul in America, or elsewhere had one of them.

P. 172. Concerning Ministers, he writes, those that Preach with Zeal and Sincerity, preach for God; those that preach for themselves, feeding their Hearers with the hurtful Subtilties, giving ‘em Stones instead of Bread, Leaves instead of Fruit, and unsavory Earth mix’d with Poisoned Honey instead of Food; these are they hunt after Honour, raising up an Idol of Reputation and Applause, instead of seeking God’s Glory and spiritual Edification of Men.

P. 175. The Study that is not ordered for God’s Glory only, is but a short way to Hell, not through the Study but the Wind of Pride that begets it.

P. 189. His mournful exclamation, O! Divine Majesty, in whole presence the Pillars of Heaven do quake and tremble; O thou goodness more than Infinite, in whose Love the Seraphims burn, give me leave O Lord to lament our Blindness and Ingratitude; we all live in Mistakes, seeking the foolish World, and forsaking Thee who art our God, [page164] we all forsake thee, thou Fountain of living Waters, for the stinking Dirt of this World.

The Christian Pattern, by Thomas a Kempis, concerning the Doctrine of Truth.

P. 6. Happy is he whom Truth itself doth Teach, not by Figures and Words that pass away, but as it is in itself. Our senses do often deceive us. What have we to do with Genus and Species, the dry Notions of Logicians; he to whom the eternal Word speaketh, is delivered from a World of unnecessary Conceptions; from that one and this is the beginning which also speaketh unto us, no Man without that (Word) understandeth or judgeth rightly; he to whom all things are one, he who reduceth all to one, & seeth all things in one, may enjoy a quiet mind, and remain peaceable in God: O God who art the Truth, make me one with thee in everlasting Charity. It is tedious to me, to read and hear many things, in thee is all that I would have and can desire; let all Doctors hold their Peace, let all Creatures be silent in thy sight, speak thou alone unto.

[page 165] P. 115. The Truth speaketh inwardly without noise of Words.

P. 140. That the World being despised, it is a sweet thing to serve God.

O if these two Books, Spiritual Guide and Christian, were Reprinted here! but the People are asleep in their Sins, Teachers and Hearers, in the Devil’s Bosom in Hell, and don’t know it, for their Preachers cannot or dare not tell them, for they are Blind, Dumb, Blind, Sleepy Dumb Dogs, they cannot Bark rightly, but they can Bite; so there is something for all such to chaw upon, of all Congregations, as much as they please, and if this be not enough, they may have more in time.

Let such read Psal. xxii. 1. 16, 17, 18. xix. 12, 16. Isa. i. 10, 11, 12. Philip. iii. 2, 3. Beware of Dogs. Rev. 22.15. Men unconverted in the Nature of Dogs, and confess they cannot cease from Sin Term of Life, yet all Sin is the Devil’s Kingdom where he reigns, and such as these are the Teachers of the People. Oh! What will become of us.

Eusebius’s Ecclesiastical History, fol. P, 1, 2, to 8. 27 to 32, 273, 326. Constantine’s Orat. P.

86, 92. The Proem of Eusebius. Successions of the Holy [page 166] Apostles, together with the Time from our Saviour unto us, hitherto continued, I determined to publish, will I take from the Dispensation and Divinity of our Saviour Christ, higher and deeper to be considered, than that which concerns his Humanity, diviner than it seemeth to many termed Christians; p. 2. His Generation who can declare, the Word was with God, and God was the Word. The Prophets also which conceived of God with the cleansed Eyes of the Mind, have known him. The Son of God, the Word, appeared to the Fathers before any Books were written, pa. 3, 6, 7, &c. so after.

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