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«PHILADELPHIA: Printed for the Author. 1737 This is an annotated text of All Slave-Keepers That keep the Innocent in Bondage, Apostates, published by ...»

-- [ Page 14 ] --

The Works of Hermes Trismegistus, p. 1, 2, 3, 33, 72, to 82, 171. I, O my Son, write this first Book both for Humanity sake and for Piety towards God: For there can be no Religion more true or just, than to know the Things that are, and to acknowledge Thanks for all Things to him that made them. What then should a Man do, O Father, to lead his Life well, seeing there is nothing here true? Be pious and religious, O my Son, for he that doth so, is the best and highest Philosopher; and without Philosophy it is impossible ever to attain to the height [page 167] and exactness of Piety or Religion. And let this, O Son, be the End of Religion and Piety whereunto thou art once arrived, thou shalt both live well and die blessedly, and this only, O Son, is the Way to the Truth which our Progenitors traveled in; and thus it came to pass or happened unto me, which I received from my Mind, that is, Pimander, the Lord of the World, whereby I became inspired by God with the Truth, for which Cause with my Soul and whole Strength I give Praise and Blessing unto God the Father. Holy is God the Father of all Things!

Holy is God, whose Will is perform’d and accomplished by his own Powers! Holy is God, that determineth to be known, and is known of his own, or those that are his! Holy art thou! that by thy Word hast established all Things. Good, O Asclepius, is in nothing but in God alone, or rather, God himself is the Good always. -- The Seeds of God are few, but great and fair and good; Virtue and Temperance, and Piety, and the Piety is the Knowledge of God, whom whosoever knoweth, being full of good Things, hath divine Understanding, and not the many.

And therefore they that have that Knowledge, neipage 168] ther please the Multitude, nor the Multitude them; but they seem to be mad, and move with Laughter, hated and despised, and many times also murthered.” This Book of Mercurius is thought to have been written some Hundreds of Years before Moses. J. F. who writes the Preface, says thus, In this Book, tho’ so very old, is contained more true knowledge of God and Nature, than in all the Books in the World beside, I except only sacred Writ. And they that shall judiciously read it and rightly understand it, may well be excused from reading of many Books, the Authors of which pretend so much to the Knowledge of the Creator and Creation. If ever God appeared in any Man, be appeared in him, as appears by this Book; that a Man that had not the Benefit of his Ancestors Knowledge, being, as I said before, the first Inventor of the Art of communicating Knowledge to Prosterity by Writing, should be so high a Divine, and so deep a Philosopher, seems to be a Thing more of God than of Man, and therefore it was the Opinion of some, that he came from Heaven, not born upon Earth. There is contained in this Book, that true Philosophy, without which it is impossible ever to attain the height and exactness of Piety and Religion. The [page 169] Glory and Splendor of Philosophy is an endeavouring to understand the chief Good, as the Fountain of all Good.

I have writ the more from Hermes, because of its Excellence and Scarcity, altho’ it’s a very small Book.

As to pure divine Philosophy, the Scriptures themselves are a more excellent System of it, witness Solomon in the Old, and Paul in the New Testament; although we know not whether we have the hundredth, or hundred thousandth part of what was written from the Beginning, yet Christ, the Word, the TRUTH, was always the Instructor of good Men, to teach and write Truth, freely, as they had freely received of him. So likewise Lucifer, the Devil and Satan, always instructs bad Men to teach and write Lies, for Gain, Glory or Applause, like unto the Manichees and Theologasters of our time, these shameless Devils, that poison the World for Gain, amongst all People.

A Book called, Christ Jesus owned as he is God and Man, written by John Whiting, concerning the Divinity, Eternity, and Omnipotency of Christ the Word, the Truth, the true God, that made all Things, without Beginning of [page 170] Days or End of Life. See page 37 to 57. With many notable Testimonies collected from the Works of many Men of Learning and Moderation, in the Church of England Way, &c. in answer to wicked caviling Priest, one Edward Cockson.

Robert Barclay’s Apology, p. 279. concerning the Call, Qualification, Work, and Wages of a true Gospel Minister; very notable. I think the Book may be had at B. Franklin’s in Philadelphia, which I believe might give Satisfaction to all or most impartial Readers.

William Sewel’s History of the Quakers, in folio, p. 120, 176, 717. concerning the Call, Qualifications, &c. of the true Ministers.

George Fox’s Doctrinal, fol. p. 23, 27, 933, to 937, 1018, 1089, concerning the Kingdom of Heaven, what it is, and where it is, and how to be attained, by living, true, and infallible Experience, Where the holy God reigns in Righteousness, there is his Kingdom: So where the unholy Devil reigns in Sin, there is his Kingdom. The Kingdom of God is within you, said Christ to the Pharisees, Luke 17. 21. Christ within, in his own Kingdom, where Truth and Righteousness is; but where Sin is within, there [page 171] Satan is, Satan within, in his Kingdom. So all that live in Sin, the Devil lives, rules and reigns in them.

G. F’s Great Mystery, p. 242, 250. concerning the Kingdom of Heaven within.

M. Fox’s Writings, p. 220, 137, 509. To all the professed Teachers in the whole World, who go under the Name of Christians, and make a Profession of Christ, having a Form of Godliness, but deny or neglect the Power.

S. Fisher’s Works, Fol. p. 23, 62, 775, 851, 856.

P. 62. A Lamentation over lost Souls, with a Word of Warning to all Kings, Princes, Parliaments, and Powers, and People, to beware of all such Priests as uphold the Devil’s Kingdom, by pleading contrary to the Scriptures of Truth, a Continuance of Iniquity for Term of this Life, and a necessity of Men’s Transgressing of God’s Law, while they live in the World, or have any abode in the Body.

P. 73. Likewise the Rustick’s Alarm to the Rabbies, or the Country correcting the University and Clergy, and not without good cause, contesting for the Truth against the nursing Mothers & their Children.

[page 172] Balm from Gilead, by William Smith, Fol. P. 108, 77, to 89, 109, 117, 139. A few Words of tender Counsel unto all Born of the Spirit who walk in the way of Life.

P. 110. A few Words concerning true Discerning and Judgment. They that have not the Spirit of Christ are none of his, but all that receive it, and have Unity with it, that walk not in the Flesh, but in the Spirit, in which they see the Shapes and Forms of every Likeness and Image, and Ground from where they do arise, and no false Birth can have an hiding Place, but from the least to the greatest they are discovered; and the fair coverings that any have cloathed themselves withal is seen through, and all the formed likeness, they are all seen to be of the Flesh (in what they do profess to be of God) and their Root and Principle is of that Part and Nature that is earthly, from which no good thing can arise, and it brings forth a birth of its own Nature, and though this may seem to be rash Judgment and you may call it so, yet it will stand a Witness against all that are satisfying the Flesh, for there is not any so hardly received as that Testimony [page 173] which strikes at the Life another, and which deals plainly and simply with all, and desires the good of all, that meets with the least Entertainment in the Hearts of the People; but that which flatters and cries Peace when the Bonds of Iniquity stands, that is pleasant to them that walk in the Flesh, but that which rips ‘em up and discovers their shame they kick against, will not receive it for Truth, for there is no Work of the Flesh that would come under the Spirit’s Judgment; so every form and likeness would save its own Life by putting off the Judgment, as if none could discern it; and no false Birth would have its Nakedness appear, left it should come to same thereby.

Much more has dear William writ touching this matter, very excellent, and many other things relating to the Kingdom of God, very sweetly.

Collected by Ellis Hooks. The Spirit of the Martyrs, Revived, in a Brief Compendious Collection of the most remarkable Passages and living Testimonies of the true Church, Seed of God, and faithful Martyrs, in all Ages From the Creation. A little Book of great value, I could wish all well-minded People had of them.

[page 174] The Art Happiness, Meditations, the Heavenly University, great Oracle & Mystical Marriage, by F. Rous, Esq; p. 489. To the Right Noble the Sons of the most High, his Blessed Brethren by the best that is the second Birth. Truly Honorable whose Father is God and whose Inheritance is a Kingdom. The divers Sparks of Holy Fire, which issued from the Spirit that Baptized with Fire, I have gathered together; by their United heat to kindle a Flame where is none, or to increase it where it is already kindled; this blessing must come from God, and therefore of God have I desired it: The Glory of God by our Benefit, is that which I seek, desiring also to be holpen by you both in Prayer and Exhortation, a great Lover of you and your Peace. F.R

P. 643, 4, 5. 685, 735. In his Heavenly Accademy, very excellent Advice to Ministers indeed:

in his Mystical Marriage, sweet Consulting Advice to Heaven’s New-born Children, to the Bride the Lamb’s Wife. The Soul Seeketh a Husband and finds him.

F. Rous’s Works. p. 643. He that will be Taught of God must come, or retire in, diligently to his Teacher; they shall be all Taught of God and meet him [page 175] when and where he useth to Teach, know therefore thy own Insufficiency, yea, the insufficiency of the best Teacher in the World; for who is sufficient for these things to teach thee inwardly except God; but that thou mayest not be mistaken concerning the true Heavenly Teaching or the use of it, take with thee some cautions; first do not mistake a teaching of thine own for an Heavenly Teaching, neither set thine own Imagination in the Celestial Chair; this hath mis-lead many into many and great Errors: Whiles being taught by the strength of their own Imaginations, they have thought themselves to be taught of God; and indeed many times, as Errors do thus come from the Strength of Humane Apprehension so their Prosecution doth favour of this strength, and shews from whence they come, for too often Opinions are headily nursed into Schisms and Divisions as they were headily brought forth; the same Flesh, that was the Mother being also the Nurse.

p. 644. His Advice is very excellent agreeable to the Apostles, for none to go beyond their bounds and measure of Faith. Rom. 12.13.

Job 42. 3. Job 40. 5. 2Cor 14. 30. Phil. 3. 15, 16.

[page 176] George Fox the Younger’s Works. P. 242. Dear Friends, when you are met together to wait upon the Lord, O feel his living Gift in yourselves in your Meetings, and at other times, whereby satisfaction and refreshment shall be received unto the Seed Immortal.

So dear Hearts, let the living Measure of the eternal Father of Life, and Power, and Wisdom be your continual stay and Habitation, that so if any shall come among you that are out of the true favour & feeling of the Life in themselves, and shall act or speak any thing among you, that is out of the Life, that ye may not then be drawn out of the favour and feeling thereby, but wait ye single in the innocent patient-long suffering of Christ, and if ye feel the Seed burthened, wait in true Patience and fervent love to Truth, then the Lord’s Counsel you will know, & the Evil you will know that caused the Burthen, and be judged; and the Truth will be adorned, and its Enemies shall be ashamed.

P. 453. And if any Member would act any thing that might hurt the Body or any part of it, either through being out of the Sense, what is of Service to the Body or otherwise, then another [page 177] Member or Members be made sensible of the same, it or they are bound in Love to the Body to seek to hinder the same. G.F.

B.L. Now I say my dear, inwardly and intirely beloved Friends, my Joy and my Crown, and my exceeding great Reward for all my Labours, and small Sufferings, is and I trust ever shall be your Unity, in the holy spotless eternal TRUTH, which I prefer before all my chiefest Joys in this World, my sweet Heavenly Father is Witness for me. B.L.

My dearly Beloved, search and see, weigh it in the Balance of the Sanctuary, in the Light of Truth, without which you know we cannot see clearly, nor judge impartially.

See, I say, if there be any thing more black, more gross and dangerous or likely to destroy the Body and Branches and lay it intirely waste; although I know I know the root shall and will abide forever, and shall spring up elsewhere; if all the lame, dry, withered, fiskly and dead Branches should be cut off by some Judgment from above, and the whole Body detected and Buried in Oblivion. Which I shall pray with my [page 178] whole Soul and Spirit to my Dear Dead (when I can) that it may be prevented for the sake of some that are living Branches, sweet, green and fruit-bearing amongst us. Inquire strictly dear Friends if there be any thing more likely to bring sudden Destruction upon us, than that Satanical Practice of SLAVE-KEEPING.

Ezek. xiv. 3, to 7. xx.7, to 39. Rev. iii. 15, to 19. ix. 2,3,21. xiii. 12, to the end. xiv. 9, 10. xv.

2. xvi. 2, 6, II. xviii. 4.

And a false and forward Ministry, & that dark dry earthly Spirit that gives Life to it, and strength, and Worship the Images & Idols, that it makes & almost the Image Makers; but they shall all have their part in the Lake, except they repent in time, which I heartily desire they may.

P.254. G.F. Ah Friends, the Unity, the Unity (in the Spirit) the Love, the Love (from a pure Heart) is exceeding precious, the yearning of Bowels towards each other (in the Lord) the Faith, the Patience, the Watching, & Breathing, and Groaning, & Sighing, & Praying, and Crying in the Spirit and Power of Emanuel, in able to astonish the Heathen and [page 179] confound Armies and Powers that withstand the Kingdom of Christ the Lord, and to cause Vengeance to come upon such as will repent and turn to the Lord, in the Day of their Visitation, even in the Day of God’s long Patience and Forbearance, but set and bend themselves against the Lord, and his Anointed.

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