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«PHILADELPHIA: Printed for the Author. 1737 This is an annotated text of All Slave-Keepers That keep the Innocent in Bondage, Apostates, published by ...»

-- [ Page 15 ] --

Now Friends, here is our strength, and these are the Weapons that we must war withal, against all Ungodliness that is come and coming up; but verily Friends if any of your Affections be centered in Husbands, Wives, Children, or any earthen Vessel or any visible thing whatsoever, so as that you cannot be willing to part withal, if it be required at your Hands, then may your Sufferings be great and dangerous unto you. G. F.

Much more the dear Lamb writ to this Purpose, but I am afraid of inlarging, lest I swell this Volume too much.

William Dewshery’s Works. 16, 18, 21, 23, 216, 218, 229.

Dear Friends, Servants and Children of the most High God, whom he hath called and chosen out of the World; be faithful! all of you in his Counsel, wait his Power to guide you in all your Thoughts, Words and Works, in his pure [page 180] fear in obedience, to will, I charge you in his Presence be valiant for your Freedom in dwelling in the Power of the living God, that may arm you against the fiery darts of the Devil.

P.16. Him to refit in his appearance in all his Wiles, who goes about like a roaring Lyon, to draw you every way, seeking to get your minds from the Pure to draw your minds into the visible things, your affections there to captivate, your Wills to satisfie, in created and perishing Objects, or the knowledge of the Truth in your or the Fleshy Wisdom, to seed with the Swine upon the Husks, the Form and image of what you have injoyed or what you see in the Vision, what you do not enjoy in the Possession, and speak in a drunken Spirit, Words without knowledge, and with them fits a painted Beast, the Will at Liberty out of the Cross, and thou whose condition this is, are the foolish Virgin turned from pure Wisdom of God, the Light of Christ, that convinced thee of Sin, and now appearest in the outward formality, in the sight of Men, with a Lamp like the wise Virgin’s but dwelling in the Power of God, wants the Oyl of joy and gladness, in the Power of his Love, [page 181] which the wife Virgins have in their Lamps, which excerciseth their Consciences and keeps all their Affections in order, to the Spirit of TRUTH, which Bridles their Tongues not to utter Words before the Lord, but in true silence, wait upon him until his Spirit moves, his mind to declare unto your Consciences, you foolish Virgins, I speak, you are Strangers to Life the wise Virgins enjoy, though amongst them you come, your Life is beautifying the outside of the lamp with Words being quickly spoken, but the fear of God is not before your Eyes, but your wills are out of the Cross, a false joy ariseth in you, speaking what you do not possess, prising and glorying in other Mens Lines, and contending for TRUTH with that mind which is out of the Truth, and becomes Trees Blossoming with Leaves, but bears no Fruit, and here your Folly is made manifest, while you speak to others, yourselves are under reproof, in you are strangers to Life of God: I charge and command you Silence, Silence, Flesh, and speak not before the Lord, you foolish ones, that dare to make mention of his Name, while the worker of Iniquity reigns in you, whom the Lord [page 182] will destroy except you repent. T. 19. Dear Children of the Lord God, be Valiant, Bold and faithful in your Measures, that in the Light, Life and Power of God, you may stand in the day of great Tryal, which they will upon all you that make mention of his Name, for Power will be given to the Beast His Horn to exalt, even to the Host or Heaven, for the clearing of the Sanctuary of the Lord, then will all foolish Virgins and painted Beast, that are Enemies to the Cross of Christ who hath defiled the Sanctuary of the living of God, in coming before him, amongst his Saints and Children, and from amongst them shall come trembling before the Power of the Beast, when he utters his Voice, and commands all to Worship his Image, but then shall all you Children of the most high God whom he hath called and are faithful to him in his eternal Life rejoice, who will you keep in that day in rest and Peace, in the Ancient of Days, who will sit to judge in righteousness, all that withstands the rising of his Glory and of his Dominion there shall be no end, therefore who make mention of the Name of the living God, examine your Hearts, and Search them, and try your ways with [page 183] the Light, so will you be preserved pure, clean and unblameable before him, and will be fortified by his Eternal Power against all the Deceit, Subtilty, Windings and Twistings of the Serpent within you, and without you: I charge you all in the presence of the Lord God, to abide with God, in what he hath communicated to you, and run not from the Witness of the Eternal Spirit, that hath Sealed you up in Measure, in the power of his Love thou dost run out to speak further than thou Witnesseth; art a filthy Drunkard that lavisheth out thyself without the fear of the Lord, and so spends and wastes upon thy Lusts, and the plagues and Vengeance of the Lord is thy Portion, thou filthy Drunkard. For no Drunkard or Lustful Person shall inherit the Kingdom of God.

All dear lambs, and Children of the Lord, abide in the Witness of the Eternal Spirit, which will pass Judgment and bruise the Head of the Serpent in you, so will you be Armed against all the Glorious Appearances of the Serpent without you, to keep him out of the Scriptures, and the least of you in the Truth of God, will over-turn all Priests and the men of the World, with their [page184] or that dwell in their Serpentine Wisdom and makes a Trade of the Letter, speaking and disputing of the Saints Condition, as the Devil did about the Body of Moses, but cannot Witness the Scriptures, Sealed up to their Souls by the Eternal Spirit.

Dear Friends, meet often together in the Name and Fear of the living God, and take heed of Words; let’s see that the Witness speak, which will cut down your own wills, and it will minister to the Witness in others, to the flaying of their wills; and take heed of watching over one another with an evil Eye, to spy out one anothers Weakness, and declare it to others, and discover their Nakedness thou that art here art cursed Ham, and the Wrath of will be revealed upon thee, but watch over one another with a pure single Eye, and if thou see the pure in Bondage in any one by the deceit whisper thou, not behind their Back to others, but let the Witness in thee which sees the Deceit, and suffers with the Pure that is pressed down in it, let it declare and Witness forth the mind of the living God, against the Deceit, and it will cut it down, and the Pure Holy Seed will be set at Liberty, and thy [page 185] Conscience will be kept clean unto the Lord, in discharging thy Duty, and so will thy captivated Brother or Sister be restored again forth out of the Hand of the Destroyer, and then thou wilt have Union together, in that which is pure forever in the Lord, and the eternal God of Power, keep you all his dear Children in his pure Wisdom, to walk faithfully with him and one with another, and the Blessing of the Lord God Almighty be with you forever. Amen. W.D.

So all Children, keep your Eye with God, and with Clearness eye him in every Motion, in his everlasting Power, then will cause his Light to shine in the brightness of his ever lasting Glory, which will stop all forward and dry Spirits, which is hasty to utter Words before the Lord. If any Simple Heart should utter Words through weakness out of the Savoury Life, in what you may, bear it in the Meeting, and after speak to them to restore them in a Spirit of Meekness; try all Spirits and taste the Breath from whence the Words proceed, and not to lay your Hands hastily on any, whatever they may pretend, but in that which tries and weighs your own Spirits in coolness and singleness of Heart, try [page 186] and taste what Spirits they are on that come amongst you, or in at this Day wherein many come forth to the owning of the TRUTH in their Judgments, and regulates the outward Man in some outward Gestures, like to the Children of the TRUTH. But though they pretend zeal and obedience to God in what they do, they being gone from the Light, they neither regard the Glory of God, nor the Good of his People, for all that they now do is wrought in a self-serving Spirit, where they enter in a Mysterious Working of the Deceit of their Hearts, to set up and cover themselves with a voluntary Humility and feigned Love, gathering all the eloquent and inticing Words of Man’s Wisdom as they can, with which they make, they make a flourish in a discoursative Spirit, speaking high Words of that they never did know, to get entrance upon the Affections of the tender-hearted ones, that are afraid to judge any but themselves, with others that look more at high Words, than to feel from whence they come, or to know the end for which they are spoken, and they seek to overcome, with their subtil inticing Words, to carry on their own Interest, intrude into the Ministry [page 187] and runs when God never sent them, therefore they do not profit the People.

So are the Children born of the Royal Seed burthened now; all dear Children of the Lord, Watch and Pray that you may be guided by the Power of his Spirit in all your Ways, and be careful that none be hasty to utter Words before the Lord, neither suffer any Sighs or Groans, or anything to be heard to pass through you, but you have the Seal of the Spirit of the Lord, he requires it of you, this I am commanded to lay as a charge upon you.

The Tryal of Spirit, both in Preachers and Hearers, by William Dell, Ministers of the Gospel, and Master of Gonvil and Cains College in Cambridge. The Epistle Dedicatory. To all the very little Flock of Christ, the truly faithful in these Nations, now despised and almost worn out according to the Prophesy for the Word of God, and the Testimony which they hold. Grace be Multiplied unto you, and Peace from God our Father, and the Lord Jesus Christ our Head and Hope.

I could not but distinguish you thus from all the rest of the People of these Nations, of what Condition or Quality soever, seeing God himself hath first [page 188] done it, having chosen you to himself in Christ, and set you apart for himself, as a peculiar People zealous of good Works, and I have chosen to speak this unto you, because ye are all taught of God, and have heard and learned from him, the TRUTH, as it is in Jesus, beside you are the Men whom God will use in his greatest and most glorious Works which he hath yet to do in the World; to wit, in Destruction of the Kingdom of Antichrist, and the setting up and inlarging the Kingdom of Christ, which Things are not to be done by the Might and Power of worldly Magistrates, which may be you have not received, and if you had it would not be helpful here, by the Spirit of the Lord, which you all have received in some Measure; yea further, none but you will be contended to live by Faith and to follow Christ in untrodden Paths, and to undertake impossible Works to Flesh and Blood, and none but you will be willing to have the residue of

Christ’s Life and Works, and of his Sufferings and Death, filled up in your Mortal Bodies:

Wherefore remember you that Word of the Lord, spoken by his Angel; Rev.xiv. 9, 10. If any Man Worship the Beast and his Image and receive [page 189] his Mark in his Forehead, or in his Hand, the same shall drink of the Wine of the Wrath of God, which is poured out without Mixture, into the Cup of his Indignation; wherefore you faithful ones had need to be well advised, seeing anti-Christ hath no-body else to oppose him in all the World that dare or know how to do it, but you; and if he can prevail with you, all the World beside will follow him headlong, as Gadaren’s Swine ran into the sea, and were choaked; the Mistery grows more Mysterious, yet this is our Comfort, God still causes his Light to shine proportionably to his People, to discover every new change and form of the Mystery of Iniquity, and though it’s mysterious enough to cozen all the World of unbelievers, though never so Wise and Learned, yet it is never able to deceive the faithful, who have sufficient Light from god to discover and sufficient Grace to overcome it. W.D.

The Tryal of Spirits.

I John iv. I. Beloved, believe not every Spirit, but try the Spirits whether they are of God;

because many false Prophets are gone forth into the World.

[page 190] Really they went forth betimes, no wonder there is so many now amongst all People.

Ver. 2. Hereby know ye the Spirit of God, every Spirit that confesseth that Jesus Christ is come in the Flesh, is of God.

Come into its own Heart, the Word Christ within, the glorious Hope, or Hope of Glory, Col.

i. 27.

Ver. 3. And every Spirit that confesseth not that Jesus Christ is come in the Flesh, is not of God; and this is that Spirit of Anti-Christ, whereof you have heard, that it should come, and even now already it is in the World.

Then sure there is abundance now in 1700, Satan has not been Idle, I’ll say that for him.

Ver. 4. Ye are of God, little Children, and have overcome them, because greater is he, that is in you, than he that is in the World.

Ver. 5. They are of the World, therefore speak they of the World, and the World hears them.

The World loves it’s own.

Ver. 6. We are of God, he that know-eth God heareth us; he that is not of God, heareth not us; hereby know we the Spirit of TRUTH, and the Spirit of Error.

[page 191] A B I N G T O N, The 18th of the 3d Mo. 1738.

A Close Concern came in my mind early, very early this Morning, for the sake of Mankind, and the good Welfare and Preservation of Posterity, which a right and perfect way of Instructing and Educating Youth, would tend much, to the Furtherance of; and I know not any better way than that which would be the most likely and certain way to bring ‘em to the knowledge of Divine Wisdom, the Word of the Spirit in their own Hearts, which Pride and Idleness very much obstructs, for as an excellent Author well observed, Divine Wisdom begets Humility, but that which is acquired by the Learned begets Pride.

I say, the Humble God teacheth, but rejecteth the Proud.

So then Divine Wisdom exceeds all Litterature and Humane Wisdom, so far as Light excells Darkness, Heaven exceeds the Earth, and the Almighty Lord God in Heaven, exceeds Satan in Hell; for Divine Learning and Heavenly Wisdom, brings us to the Knowledge of our Maker, and to have sweet Communion with him, as the Saints had, who could say their Fellowship was with the Father [page 192] and with the Son. This, this Wisdom, my Fellow Creatures of all Names, to this Learning, I do dearly, heartily and tenderly invite you, to this Brotherhood, this Fellowship, this Unity, Union and Communion.

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