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«PHILADELPHIA: Printed for the Author. 1737 This is an annotated text of All Slave-Keepers That keep the Innocent in Bondage, Apostates, published by ...»

-- [ Page 20 ] --

But this is a notorious delusion of Satan and all his Ministers the World over, to lead Peoples minds out, and to look for that a great way off, that is so high and in them, for fear poor Mankind, that are his, Satan’s, Slaves, tho’ Keepers of Slaves, should turn their minds inward and find a Redeemer there that is willing if faithfully obeyed, and able easily to bind the strong Man armed, Satan, and, cast him out and spoil all his Goods which is Sin, and then he Satan knows he loses his Kingdom, in such a Soul and Body.

Oh! that it might be so with every individual Body and Soul in the whole Universe, that the Earth might become like Eden, and Eden as the Garden of the Lord, where he the Holy one the [page 244] Truth would then take delight to walk amongst his pleasant Plants, and dwell in and amongst such well-beloved Children, Sons and Daughters, Servants and Hand-Maids, and such Children Born of the Royal Seed of Heaven, the Offspring of their Eternal Father the Truth, being filled with his Power and his great Glory, and ravished with his inessable Beauty, then, then, then it is as it was of old, the Morning Stars can and does sing together and the Sons of God shouted aloud for Joy, because the Heavenly Father, Lord and King, the Truth is amongst them, in them, and is Glorious in Holiness, fearful in Praises, and working wonders for them, and in them, and here in him, in him, not out of him, but in him only and alone, and in none else; the Earth enjoys its Sabbath again, as it did before there was any Sin in the World, in as full and as sweet a Glorious and Heavenly manner I firmly believe as of old, because it is the mind of TRUTH it should be so, I do know. B.L.

There is no Saviour that saves from Sin, But him that saves, and dwells within.

[page 245] Something came into my Mind this Day, concerning the Foundation of the Righteous, which are Saints, and the Foundation of the unrighteous, to wit, Sinners of all Professions.

2 Tim. ii. 19. Nevertheless the Foundation of God, standeth sure, having this Seal, Oh blessed Seal indeed, Oh holy Evidence, the Lord knoweth them that are his, and his know him, and Worship him, in Spirit and in the Truth, without any Sin, and let every one, that nameth the Name of Christ depart from Iniquity.

He that hath not his Spirit is none of his, but is an Idolater, and his Worship is such; Preacher or Hearer of whatever Name.

He that doth righteousness, is righteous, as he (to wit) God is righteous.

Little Children, let no Man deceive you; he that committeth Sin is of the Devil.

All unrighteoutness and Iniquity is Sin, and all Sin is the Devil's Foundation, so all that are Building in Sin, and living in Sin, are Building on the Devil's Foundation, and here the Devil's [page 246] Foundation, standeth sure likewise in Sin his Servants and Ministers are established in his Kingdom in Sin, built on his Foundation, and have a Commission from him too, to Preach the Doctrine of his Government or Kingdom, Sin, Term of Lite, no Freedom from it, say they, while we are in these Bodies; altho' the Holy Ghost said to the Believers, your Bodies are his Temple.

Now consider my dear Fellow Creatures, of all Names, while you are committing of sin, and living in sin, you are established in Satan's Government or Kingdom, and built and building on his Foundation, which is sandy or worse, you may read and pray, sing Songs or Psalms at home, or go to Meetings, carry your Bibles under your Arms, make an Idol of them, and hear Preaching or Praying, either by Form or Extempore, or receive the Bread and Wine, call it Communion, but it is with Satan, you may go and be Sprinkled, Dipt and Plunged a Hundred or a Thousand times calling it Baptism, yet it is all of Satan. while in sin, you may go to Q ----r’s. Meeting and sit in silence, fall, asleep, fall fast asleep, then wake, first fall a sighing, spitting or blowing the Nose, [page 247] stand up pretending to Preach, kneel down pretending to pray, or sit or stand to hear Preaching and Praying, its all of Satan, while in sin, the new Moons and Sabbaths, Sabbaths, Sabbaths, and most solemn Gatherings of Assemblies, were a cursed Abomination to the Lord of old, although of his own appointment, while their Hearts were after Satan and their Idols; their offering Swines Blood, cutting off a Dog's Neck, or slaying of a Man was not more offensive to God, because both done in the Spirit of Satan, & so it is now with the Nominal Christians; for the Plowing of the Wicked is sin, tho' nothing more warrantable scarsly in this World; an offering well accepted in Abel, rejected and cursed in Cain, because his Heart was not right in the sight of God; are not some of us as bad as they were. Read Isa. I. And you false Ministers read Jer. 23. B. L.

–  –  –

Dear Friend, Notwithstanding the great Bustle there was concerning my sitting quietly in, and being carried out of Meeting Yesterday [page 248] so roughly without speaking a Word, signified little to me, or nothing in comparison to the Burthen and Exercise I was then under, on Account of a false and forward Ministry, which does so much Work for Satan in our Meetings, by bringing great weights and burthens on the true Seed of God's own right Hand, planting in his tender Babes which go not forth, or dare not into Words when they please, to spend them upon their Lusts, as the satanical Ministers do in our Meetings in this Country and in England and elsewhere.

Nay, dear Friend, we need not go far, for I believe in this very Monthly–Meeting of Abington, there is such as are restless and uneasy with sitting in Silence in Meetings, so will be Hammering and Hammering in Words without Life, and so bring Death and Darkness over our Meetings, to the wounding and almost slaying of some dear tender young Creatures belonging to our and other Meetings, and for ought I know may be drove into Despair, if there be not some powerful means used that may be effectual to stop these Leviathans that plays and sports in the great Waters: The People are as Waters, Oh! That it might be so saith my Soul. B. L.

[page 249] Dear Friend, this has been the exercise of my sorrowful Soul above 20 Years, and I still hope Truth, Time and Patience with Perseverance in well doing will manifest my sincerity, whatever some of my Friends may be pleased to think or say of me; and dear Friend, I can in all sincerity say, my tongue, my Heart and my Hand went together Yesterday, when I told thee I had good Unity with the Testimony, which was against a false and forward Ministry, which took more care to feed the Multitude with Words, than to feed the Children of God with Life, or to that Effect;

signifying that some Preachers were afraid what the People would say, would think or say if they sat in silence; then they were in grieving the true waiters, in speaking when they should not. And they were more careful to feed the Dead than the living, which I say is the Work of Self, Satan or the Devil, all one, altho' Man, vain Man and Woman do not see it so, for as Blessed Jesus said, they that gather not with us, scatters abroad, and that thou knowest dear Friend is the Work of the Devil. Please to read W. Penn’s Advice to the Ministry, in his Preface to G. Fox’s Journal, p. lvi.

And the Journal, p. 216, 224. the First Part.

[page 250] William Dewbery's Works, p.18, 21, 216, 218.

William Edmonson's Journal. p. 300, 306. Concerning Offerings and Prayer, and many more I mentioned in that Paper I left with Friends at Spring Meeting in Philadelphia; which I think if they were Reprinted and Bound up together they might be of some Service to some young Preachers, and to old ones too, which never see them, if it should, my end would be answered.

I wish, my dear Friend, our false and forward Ministers would consider these Scriptures underneath.

Deuter. 13.1, to the End. 18. 20. Is it not to serve or bow to other Gods to join with Idolatrous Prayer.

1 Kings 18, 19, 22. 6. There was a time when there was 850 false Prophets to one true;

what has been may be again.

Jer. 2, 13, 31. xiv.14, 15, 16. xxiii. 9, to 16, 29, 30, 31, 32. xxvii. 15. Ezek. xiii. 2, to the End. xxxiv. 2,3. xxii. 28. Isa. Ix. 14, to 17. xxviii.7, 8, 9. Lam. Ii. 14. iv.13. Mic. iii. 5, 6, 7.

Zechar. xiii. 2, 3, 4,. 2 Pet. II. 1, 2, 3.

Eccles. 5.1. Be more ready to hear, than to give the Sacrifice of Fools; for [page 251] they consider not that they do Evil.

What is the chaff to the wheat? The chaff is for Beasts, the Wheat is for Children, to keep them alive in the Kingdom or Church of God, New–Jerusalem.

New–England Judged, p. 299. Dear William Leddra's Advice to Ministers, the Day before be was put to Death, in Boston, New–England, for the Testimony of Truth.

Dear Friend, believe not all Reports, but what thou knowest amiss in me, reprove me for it, and admonish me as a Father does a Son, who me be dearly loves, and I hope it shall be well received, by B. L.

–  –  –

Body: Where is the Consistency of this dark, very dark Doctrine.

But Satan's Children are disputing about the Vail, the sanctified Body of Christ, (that was made perfect through Sufferings; and he learned Obedience by the Things which he suffered) as their Father did about the Body of Moses, but could not find it, no more can they the other, altho' it be before their Eyes. There's no Occasion for Vails of Flesh in Heaven, or a Shadow, as the Substance or Essence of Mary's Flesh was, which Christ took on him for a Time: But there was nothing ascended but that which descended, no other. Now go thou Caviller, go learn what that was, and is, and ever will be the same that it was, before all Worlds, eternal Truth, Christ, Father, one divine Essence, not two Essences, no no, not Flesh and Spirit, not earthly and heavenly, but heavenly only. B.L.

–  –  –

Pythagoras, that great and worthy Philosopher, asserted, That it is the greatest of Injustices, to separate Children and Parents from each other.

[page 253] Is there any Practice, any Thing like Slavekeeping? For that and all other gross Sins, take it from first to last, in all its Twisting, Twinings and murtherous Complications.

–  –  –

THE right Establishment, Building, Settlement, Fountain and Foundation of the true Congregation or Church, is God, is the TRUTH; and in him not in Books, I say in him, not out of him, no, no, no, not a great way of, but in Christ, not out of him, but in him; the TRUTH is his holy House, built Church or Congregation, (one) his living Body in him, and he in his living Body, and in every living Member thereof, and every living Member knows it to be so, in Verity and in the Truth; and the Truth, the Verity of Verities in them forevermore. In his Children, born again in him the Truth, and he the Truth brought forth in them to his own Praise and Glory, forever perfected in his Saints.

And this is the Foundation, which is already laid, was, and ever will be firm as a Rock, which did, does, and ever will stand sure, and no other Foundation [page 254] can any Man lay; no, no, not Christ himself can lay no other than this, which is Truth, in the inward Parts of his Saints, his own Children which he hath made clean and holy, and hath perfected forever, such as he hath so sanctified: But this Foundation is not in the unsanctified, unholy, and Sinners, that live and delight in Sin, plead for Sin Term of Life, will freely acknowledge they cannot cease from Sin in Thought, Word and Deed; such indeed are established also, but it is in Unrighteousness (a bad Foundation) and in Sin, which is Satan's Church, Government and Kingdom, where he rules in his own Body, and every Member thereof are all Sinners; and he himself is Head of his own Body, which is his sinful Church, or Church B.L.

full of Sin and Iniquity.

Dear Babes and tender Lambs of my heavenly Father's Fold; it is in my Heart this Morning, to visit you with a few lines, in the sweet Love of my heavenly Father, truly sympathizing with you in your Afflictions, Exercises, and sore Travel; which (my very dear and tender Friends, Brethren and Sispage 255] ters born of the immortal Seed and Word of God) you go through on Account of the great Degeneracy, declension and Apostacy that is got in, and spread itself over almost all the Congregations of Friends, every where, for ought I can understand, in this long time of Peace and Plenty, a loose, libertine, careless Spirit has got into the Congregation; some are centred in their great Possessions, so are buried in the Earth that Way, as with thick Clay. Some of these are Ministers and Elders, but sleepy dead Weights, and very great Burthens in Meetings, especially a false and forward Ministry, which intrude into Things which they know not, but what they know naturally, as brute Beasts, and are vainly pufft up in a fleshly carnal Mind; with such our Meetings are often annoyed and disturbed, whose Voices being that of the Stranger, which I very well know, dear Lambs, you can not follow or join with, for they are fitly compared to the unclean Beasts, which mudled and dirtied the pure Water with their Feet: Such as these in our Meetings when gathered together, and the true Sheep and Lambs of Christ's Fold are drawing near the Fountain of eternal [page 256] Life, with sweet Breathings and Prayers; that the pure Well might spring up in 'em, to the refreshing of their weary Souls and traveling Spirits, which are often heavy laden, and with Grief go mourning on their Way, because of the Abomination of the Times.

And if the blessed Fountain seem to open and spring, although but a little, in steps the Prodigal with his unclean Feet and so fouls the Water, and maybe the Current is stopt, but he catches a Portion perchance in an unclean Vessel, to spend on harlots in riotous Living. Up he starts to preach, when its not required of him or her; and here the Offering is not nor cannot be accepted by the true Seed. The Cain is wroth and his Countenance falls, then Abel must be slain;

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