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«PHILADELPHIA: Printed for the Author. 1737 This is an annotated text of All Slave-Keepers That keep the Innocent in Bondage, Apostates, published by ...»

-- [ Page 9 ] --

Ver. 6. And the Woman the true Church, fled into the Wilderness, a very Solitary Place to weep and mourn out her Days, fearing at times her Spouse had forsaken her altogether, and then O the distress she was in for her beloved; but this was but to prove her constancy, where she had a Place prepared of God, though she knew it not for a time, that they should feed her there 1260 Days, if in adversity yet for her advancement in the End: Glory to the pure Spouse, forever, and to the Bride, the Lamb's Wife for she is Beautiful.

Ver. 7. And there was War in Heaven, what in that peaceable Place, which we read is so glorious and full of sweet delight, Michael and his Angels fought; what must the Saints fight then for Heaven? Yea verily, or else they never enter, and valiantly too, against the Dragon, and the Dragon fought, and his (Black) [page 104] Angels, for his Gain, to inslave the Bodies and Souls of Men, the very worst part of the old Whores Merchandize, nasty filthy Whore of Whores, Babilon's Bastards.

Ver. 8. And prevailed not, neither was there Place found any more in Heaven, in the Hearts of the faithful; after they have gained the Victory, for the Lamb, and his true followers shall be Victorious, in due time be made more than Conquerors.

Ver. 9. And the great Dragon was cast out, that old Serpent that has bitten so many, called the Devil, and Satan which deceiveth the whole World, no doubt because the worldly, covetous Spirit is always blind, very easy to be deceived; he was cast out into the Earth, and his Angels were cast out with him, out of Heavenly into earthly Minds, where he made Devilish Work no doubt and not much to be thought strange of; but that the Saints of the most high God should lick up what some such earthly minds, in several Professions have spued up, as being too Hellish, and too hard for them to digest, or for their Stomachs to bear, to my thinking is almost beyond compare, Slave-Keeping.

[page 105] Ver. 10 And I beard a loud voice, Saying in Heaven, Now is come Salvation and Strength, and the Kingdom of our God, & the Power of his Chris : All this is experienced within, when Men and Women are born again, then Truth reigns and rules in its own Kingdom, for the accuser of our Brethren is cast down; it was so, and I with some of my oppressed Friends do hope it will be so again; the Devil, which accused them before our God, Day and Night, does the Same to this Day, for if you reprove or admonish one of our Preachers which keep a Slave or Slaves, he will be in such a rage and fury, beyond that moderation I think that becomes a meek follower of the blessed Lamb of God, which suffered, the just for the unjust, to take away all Sin, then surely Slave–Keeping the worst of Sins; I say reprove one of these for that wicked Practice, and see if he will not accuse you Day and Night, from Meeting to Meeting, in Meeting and out of Meeting, right or wrong, as he thinks fit, and set his Brethren in Iniquity, Slave–Keeping, Preachers, and others against you, all he possibly can, and so proceed to get you disowned if possible: As several worthy Friends have been, for [page 106] Testifying against this sinful, soul Hellish practice, the Mother of Enormities. We may safely say as Solomon of an Whore or Harlot, that stands by the way side to catch who she can, their Guests are in the depths of Hell.

Ver. 11. And they overcame him the accuser, by the Blood of the Lamb, blessed dear Lamb, O that all would follow him wherever he goes, Ministers especially, and all others; then we should never Trade in Slaves, and Souls of Men, for cursed Gain; and by the Word of their Testimony;

they kept their Testimony clear and pure it's like, or else they had not overcame.

And they loved not their Lives unto the Death; then they were not afraid to reprove Wicked Men, it's very evident, or worse Preachers, which are a sort of Devils, that Preach more to Hell than they do to Heaven, and so they will do forever, as long as they are suffered to reign in the worst, and Mother of all Sins, Slave-Keeping.

Ver. 12. Therefore rejoice, ye heavens and all ye that dwell in them; they have great cause so to do, that know their warfare to be accomplished, & Sion in the Soul to be a quiet Habitation, free from [page 107] the accuser of the Brethren, these do no evil, comit no Sin; But Wo to the Inhabiters of the Earth, and of the Sea, which are People, for the Devil is come down unto you, having great Wrath, because he knoweth he hath but a short time. Great Wrath indeed, and so have his Ministers too, although they seem, and would be thought to be meek followers of the Lamb, yet do but reprove them for their gross Sin, and tell them they are the strongest Instruments in the Church that the Devil has to uphold and carry on, and continue that Hellish Trading in Slaves and Souls of Men;

and let ‘em now that they are the very greatest stumbling Blocks, the Devil has to lay in the way of Honest Inquirers, and you shall soon see what metal they are made of; yet they have cast down many wounded, yea many strong Men it is thought have fallen by their means, as Solomon said of an Whore.

Ver.13. And when the Dragon saw that he was cast unto the Earth, he persecuted the Woman that brought forth the Man Child. When the Dragon, Beast Serpent, Whore, and false Prophet, all one, saw he was discovered by some Members of the true Church, the Wopage 108] man that brings forth the Man Child the true Heir of God and joint Heir with Truth or Christ, all one; then he shows himself in his proper colours in his natural element, Hellish, as it is; to persecuting of the Woman he goes, the true Church, that brings forth the Man Child, Christ, God, and Man. Them that read, let them understand in Spirit.

Neither enter themselves, or suffer others; as Christ said of former Hypocrites, we may safely of these latter ones.

Ver. 14. And to the Woman were given, two Wings of a great Eagle, that she might fly into the Wilderness, into her Place; where she is to be nourished, for a time, and times and dividing of times, from the face of the Serpent.

Great Wings may signifie swiftness and strength but where shall we fly, but to the Lord, our Rock, for nourishment and strength; the Lord in his wisdom may have been pleased to hide some from the face of the Serpent for some time for Reasons best known to himself, but now I believe the time is near at hand, that some may or must come forth of the Wilderness, yet leaning on their beloved, to meet the Serpent, although with [page 109] their lives in their Hands, not loving their lives unto Death.

Ver. 15. And the Serpent cast Water out of his Mouth as a Flood after the Woman; out of the foul Mouths of his Instruments, Lying, Slandering and false accusations, persecuting with the Tongue until they have Power to proceed further; that be might cause her, the Church to be carried away of the Flood, of their Lies in Hypocrisy, which they are very generous of.

Ver. 16. And the Earth helped the Woman, and the Earth opened her Mouth, these messengers of Satan, false Ministers became so notorious wicked, in Lying, Slandering and false accusing, and other vile Practices, that the very earthly minded opened his Mouth, to plead for the Woman, the true Church; and swallowed up the Flood, which the Dragon cast out of his Mouth, made it appear that those things were false which the Serpent in his Instruments had accused her of.

Ver. 17. And the Dragon was wroth with the Woman, and went to make War with the remnant of her Seed; very true, War is his natural element, killing and taking the Plunder is his Hellish delight, [page 110] since he was cast unto the Earth again. Pretty much like our Slave-Traders, Killers, Stealers, Thieves and Receivers, Cousin-germans all, the Devil’s own Children. Let ’em pretend to what they please, Preachers or Hearers, Professors or profane, all that help forward that Work of Hell, they was wroth with the Woman, and remnant of her Seed, which keep the Commandment of God, and have the Testimony of Jesus Christ, which always testifies against such Hellish Practices, in every appearance, for they that worshiped the Beast or his Image, or received his Mark or Name in his Forehead or in his Hand, the same shall Drink of the Wine of the wrath of God, which is poured out without mixture, into the Cup of his Indignation; Cups are wicked Men; What does our Slave-Keeping Preachers think of these Scriptures? Do they believe, or are they Infidels, and Atheists in disguise? They that have this blessed experience, they Sing the Song of Moses and the Lamb. Rev. 14.9, 10, 11, 16. 2. 19, 20 15. 1, 2, 3, 4.

[page 111] If this, Revelation 13. should be proved applicable to our present SLAVE-KEEPERS, what will they do, my Soul is concerned for ’em on the Truth’s Account.

Verse 1. AND I stood upon the Sand of the Sea, by the side of the Water, which are People, and saw a Beast, the beastly Nature, rise out of the Sea, or People, having many Horns, and Crowns, Heads, very Glorious, with the Name of Blasphemy, the beastly Nature, Blasphemies against the Divine Nature, upon his Heads, a top of all, he is not ashamed it’s like but glories in it.

Ver. 2. And the Beast that I saw was like a Leopard, full of Spots, causes me to think of the first of Isaiah; feet like a Bear, to tear and rent, Mouth like a Lyon, roar against all that oppose ’em; and the furious Dragon gave the nasty Beast his Power and his Seat, his Chair to sit in as Chief Judge, and great Authority, to rule over almost all the Congregation in America.

Ver.3. And I saw as it were one of his Heads wounded to Death, some part of the beastly Nature subdued, and the deadpage 112] wound was healed, he got over his Convictions by Custom and Covetousness, and being a little wiser than some others, in the Wisdom that is from below, he could Preach so excellently as if he could almost make Slave-Keeping agreeable, with the Purity and Holiness of the Gospel of Christ Jesus, our Lord, and all the World in the fallen Nature wondered after the Beast.

Ver.4. And they worshiped the Dragon, and the Beast, he being very terrible to some, if not for Love, for Fear, as I have heard some Indians do the Devil, saying who is like unto the Beast;

who is able to make War with him, that is so strong and reigns long.

Ver.5. And there was given him a Mouth, speaking great Things, and Blasphemies, to be sure or else it would not do, and Power was given to continue 42 Months; but these has been longer, counting a Year for a Month: O faith my Soul if it were the Will of God Almighty that it might soon come to an End.

Ver.6. And he opened his Mouth in Blasphemy against God, to be sure, because God’s ways and doings are Equity, pure, just and true; his ways Iniquity, filthy, unjust, a Lye; and he Blasphemed [page 113] his Name and his Tabernacle, and them that dwelt in Heaven; the Tabernacle of God is with Men, and in Men, and they that dwell with God in a pure Heart, they dwell in Heaven, and have fellowship with the Father, and with the Son, and with Saints, and Angels, and they know him that is true and are in him that is true. Hebrews. 12.22, 23, 24.

Ver.7. The Dragon, Beast, Whore, & false Prophet don’t like this Doctrine, and it was given him to make War with the Saints, and to overcome them, for a time, or else how came so many worthy Friends to be disowned publickly, and more, many more privately and subtilly insinuated against, for no other Reason that I can find, but for declaring against the vilest practice that ever the Beast brought into the Church of Christ, in these Countries, Slave-Keeping; and power was given him over all Nations, no doubt.

Ver.8. And all that dwell in the earthly Nature unredeem’d, shall Worship him, whole Names are not written in the Book of Life, of the Lamb, slain from the Foundation of the World.

Ver.9. If any Man have an Ear, let him hear.

[page 114] Ver.10. He that leadeth into Captivity, shall go into Captivity: What does my dear Friends think of this, whose Salvation I desire, as my own Soul; he that killeth with the Sword must be killed with the Sword; do not we kill, when we receive the Plunder and send the Villains for more, who are too forward of themselves; Dear Friends, bear with me, are we not worse than they? We appear very Religious and Demure, Preaching against Iniquity and Vice; they appear to be what they are, the worst of Villains, the worst of Robbers and Murtherers.

Ver.11. And I beheld another Beast coming up out of the Earth, and he had two Horns like a Lamb, very demure seemingly. But soon angry, and he spoke as a Dragon, if he was contradicted, like the Craftsmen at Ephesus.

Ver.12. And he exerciseth all the the Power of the first Beast before him, and causeth the Earth, and them that dwell therein, earthly minded Souls to worship the first Beast, whole deadly wound was healed, got over the Reproofs of Instruction, which is the way to Life, so came again to worship the Beast’s Image. O sorrowful indeed it is, for many tender Souls to think of.

[page 115] Ver.13. And doth great wonders, so that he maketh Fire seem to come down from Heaven on the Earth, in sight of earthly minded Men, as if the Fire, Light and Life of the living Word, which was and is God, was with them in their Ministry, in our Meetings.

Ver.14. And deceiveth them that dwell on, or in the Earth; Beast do Miracles, it may seem so to the Beastly minded, the second demure Beast with his two Horns like a Lamb, would have an Image made to the first Beast, which had a wound by a Sword, the Word of God, but got over it and did live, the Life of the Beast again. Let them that read understand.

Ver.15. And he had Power to give Life to the Image of the Beast, it may seem so to the fallen Nature, that the Image of the Beast, should both speak and cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast, should be slain or killed; turn him out, Persecutor of the Church, a sower of discord among Brethren, will he not worship the Image of the Beast. I fear greatly, we have too many such Images in our Meetings, or Devilish Covetousness in the Stealers and else I am mistaken; O that I were. Eph. 4. 14.

[page 116] Ver.16. And causeth all, both small and great, Rich and Poor, Bond and Free, spares none, to receive a Mark in their right Hand, or in their Foreheads, that he may know his own, and not join with the Lamb, his Enemy; the Holy Lamb won’t receive them into his Fold, that has the Beast Mark; pray my dear Friends, what is more, or so much the Beast Mark, as Slave-Keeping.

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