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«In the usual course of things I should have been forgotten at graduation. This is the keynote of the Fraternity. The Fraternity man never graduates. ...»

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Delta Chi Kansas State Chapter

Associate Member Program

In the usual course of things I should have been forgotten at graduation. This is the keynote of the Fraternity.

The Fraternity man never graduates. He receives his diploma and leaves his Alma Mater for the larger affairs of

the world, but as long as his Chapter stands, he is as much a part and parcel of it as in his undergraduate days.

His success is theirs and their success is his. He belongs to the family for life…

Most of us in our undergraduate days do not appreciate the fact that the fraternity is the one tie that will bind us to the college for life. It is only when we come back, when we return as strangers to the old campus from which all our acquaintances have long since gone, that we know that our fraternity is the one thing dear to us that has survived the going of the years.

The fellow who leaves should never think that his connection with his fraternity ends with his graduation. It has only begun. He will come across the members all the years of his life. Some can aid him and some he can aid, but the fact that a man is a member of your own society will cause you to “sorter snuggle up to him” wherever you find him. Man is a gregarious animal and cannot help it. There is one thing about it, whatever your fraternity brother’s position may be or what turns the fates may have given him: he is worthy of respect.

~Peter Schermerhorn Johnson, Founder of the Delta Chi Fraternity


Welcome and congratulations on being asked to join Delta Chi. We recruit men who possess the values that have become synonymous with Delta Chi here at Kansas State, but this does not mean that we intend to mold each associate member into a carbon copy of what we consider to be the “ideal” brother. Every member brings new ideas and insights, which help to distinguish ourselves as the best fraternity at KSU. Most importantly, all of this is accomplished while maintaining a positive image.

Your time as an Associate Member is specifically designed to familiarize you with the benefits and responsibilities of membership. Being a Delta Chi goes far beyond the individual. Membership education will not only build on character, but will help prepare an associate member to become a part of the chapter. Ideally, the chapter is a single entity, men working together to achieve a common goal, ranging from hosting a philanthropic event to playing in an intramural game. This requires individuals who care for each other to be open to the opportunity for great experiences and lasting memories that will be provided by the hard work and dedication of the chapter.

You have joined one of the strongest international fraternities in the country. The men beside you will be your brothers, not by birth, but by choice. The secret to Delta Chi’s success lies in the bond of friendship you form with not only the men surroundingyou, but with the entire chapter.

The purpose of the Associate Member Program is to assist in developing Associate Members into Brothers. The result of this program will aid you in becoming a contributing member as an undergraduate and throughout your years as an Alumnus.

Our associate member program is detailed and hazing-free. The members of this Chapter, and the International Headquarters are proud to have you as an Associate Member and will provide you with the opportunity to exemplify the ideals and values of our fraternity.

In The Bond, The Brothers of The Delta Chi Fraternity


This is the Associate Member Program Manual of Delta Chi. It is designed to provide you with a guideline for the associate member process. It will also work closely with the Cornerstone, and the Chapter Operations Manual, (C.O.M), including the BRIEFs system. These documents will assist you in setting the groundwork to offer each associate member the opportunity to learn and develop and understand the fraternal experience.

This manual contains information needed to fully utilize the associate member education process, but it is not all-inclusive. Always, feel able to ask any brother for an explanation or assistance not provided in the manual.

Remember, it is a guideline for your associate member education process.

This Program was created and distributed by the International Headquarters of the Delta Chi Fraternity. It was then edited and reworked to better accommodate the needs of the Kansas State Chapter, so that you learn what it means to be a Brother at Kansas State and Internationally.



As an associate member of The Delta Chi Fraternity, you have the opportunity to participate in a number of activities known collectively as the membership education program. The membership education program will

reflect these goals:

• To learn more about yourself

• To learn more about others

• To learn the history and the goals of our fraternity Most students who join a fraternity have an excellent experience. If you choose to join you do not relinquish

your rights as an individual. As an associate member, you have the right:

• To make your own decisions – to be yourself

• To place academic pursuits before any other activities

• To be treated with respect and treat other with respect

• Not to participate in any activity that involves harassment or has the potential for danger.

• Not to be subjected to any form of hazing that includes interference with the personal liberty of others or includes any act of domination by some students over others that may lead to injury, emotional disturbance, physical discomfort or humiliation. This includes the forced consumption of alcohol.

The goal of the Associate Member Program is to attain personal growth through brotherhood. If you are asked to participate in any new member function, you should evaluate the educational value of the activity. As an

individual you have the right to reject participation in activities that encourage or require you to:

• Consume alcohol or drugs

• Steal, take, or remove property from the college or others

• Participate in activities that transgress moral or ethical behavior


Few people are given the responsibility at such an early age to lead a group of men into an affiliation that will have a profound effect on their development as individuals.

The chapter’s success is a product of many factors, yet one of the most crucial is the education new members receive in the associate member education program. It is the duty of the associate member counselor to coordinate such a program. He will not be the one to conduct the entire program but rather organize the chapter and oversee the education process. The AMC has to utilize the resources of his committee, the initiated members and key alumni and then coordinate his effort according to the program developed and adopted by the chapter.

Job Description Organization is the key to being successful. The associate members will respond to you and the chapter’s program in much the same way that you approach the task of facilitating their assimilation into the chapter. If you are well organized, the associate members tend to be organized. If you are enthusiastic, the associate members will get excited about the Fraternity. If you show that you are knowledgeable regarding the Fraternity, they will work to become just as knowledgeable. Remember, it can work against you too. If you don’t take your job seriously, the program won’t work; you, the associate members and the chapter all lose.


1. Reread all membership education materials (including the Membership Education, Big Brother, and PreInitiation BRIEFs, and the evaluation forms from the last associate member class) as soon as possible after election or appointment.

2. Hold a chapter retreat, or at an already scheduled retreat, take sufficient time to update the associate member program. “What the group helps create, the group will support.”

3. Select members to serve on your committee. Committee structure and committee members’ responsibilities will be explained in Committee Responsibilities.

4. Order associate member pins, Cornerstones, and pick up materials necessary for your program well in advance, in conjunction with the Purchasing Chair.

5. Write up a schedule for all events during the education program.

6. Compile, type, and have all materials required during the program ready to hand out as men affiliate.

7. Familiarize yourself with the (anti)-hazing policies of The Delta Chi Fraternity, your host institution and state law.

8. Brief all your committee members on their responsibilities, and follow up on their performances.

9. Remind the Chapter members of their responsibilities.

10. Urge the Chapter members to set proper examples.

11. Be prepared for each associate member meeting with an agenda.

12. Announce in advance any changes in the schedule or program.

13. Communicate frequently with the Chapter or Executive Committee on the progress of the associate member class.

14. Send a letter and a copy of the Associate Member Program to the parents of the associate members.

AMC Responsibilities The AMC will be selected as a member who is knowledgeable about Delta Chi and excited about becoming involved. Because it is the AMC’s duty to instill this knowledge and excitement into the Associate Members. He shall be responsible for these aspects of the program. There are five main areas that will be covered – one for the AMC in general and four other specific responsibilities that either he may cover or a committee may be formed

with each area having its own chairman. Each of these sections or responsibilities for the AMC are:

1. Associate Member Counselor (AMC)

2. Scholastic Development Coordinator

3. Big Brother Program Coordinator

4. Chapter and Community Projects or Activities Coordinator

5. Special Events/Guest Speaker Coordinator


Associate Member Counselor

1.Attend all chapter meetings.

2. Attend all associate member events and meetings.

3. Monitor interactions between associate members and chapter members.

4. Ensure that the Chapter develops and adopts a progressive associate member plan, including a minimum of educational materials and schedules of events.

5. Plan associate member retreat.

6. Open all associate member meetings with the preamble.

7. Hold a by-laws seminar. Have “B” or another officer do the actual presentation.

8. Arrange for each officer and key alumni advisor(s) to give a talk on his duties.

9. Discuss new material as outlined in Section 5.

10. Assist and instruct associate members on leadership and fiscal responsibility.

11. Make sure meetings follow parliamentary procedure.

12. Inform associate members of upcoming events.

13. Address questions and problems of associate members.

14. Close meetings with a song.

15. Assist other committee members as needed.

Scholastic Development

1. Sponsor a “How to Study, Test Taking and Time Management” seminar twice during the program (1st and 4th or 2nd and 5th weeks suggested).

2. Arrange in-chapter tutoring services with selected members to advise in their areas of expertise.

3. Be aware of the associate members’ academic progress throughout the semester if feasible.

Big Brother Coordinator

1. Coordinate big brother-little brother selection process.

2. Educate big brothers regarding their responsibilities.

3. Educate associate members regarding the purpose of a big brother.

4. Monitor the performance of each big brother.

5. Conduct periodic individual conversations with each big brother regarding his involvement with, and


Chapter and Community Projects Coordinator

1. Act as a resource person for project ideas.

2. Assist in planning and coordinating projects.

3. Assist in arranging publicity and promotion of all projects.

4. Assist the class in selecting a chapter involvement project.

Special Events/Guest Speakers Coordinator

1. Arrange special events that are educational and fun (e.g., a formal exchange with a sorority associate member class, faculty reception, CPR certification, etc.).

2. Arrange guest speakers for the program and chapter. Have them weekly or biweekly. Speakers don’t need to be part of regular meetings.

3. Publicize your guest speakers, not only to chapter members, but to other Greeks and students as well (a good public relations and recruitment tool).

4. Even though the jobs are separated, it is important for all five to work closely together.



The idea of “learning by doing” will be one of the primary ideas of the membership education program. The associate members will be given the responsibility of organizing their own class so that they will be prepared to operate the chapter in the future.

Too often the AMC is tempted to run the meetings when, in reality, he will only instruct and advise the Associate Members on the outline, rules or order, etc. If the AMC dominate the meetings, little group interaction will occur, and little education about meeting management is gained. The first-hand experience that may be gained from allowing the members to run their own meeting far outweighs the minor mistakes that may be made because of their inexperience.

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