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«In the usual course of things I should have been forgotten at graduation. This is the keynote of the Fraternity. The Fraternity man never graduates. ...»

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Format for an Associate Member Meeting The basic format that may be used for associate member meetings involves one meeting per week that is divided into two parts, a business meeting and an educational session. The business meetings will be run entirely by the class officers with input from the AMC only when his advice is necessary. Activities, projects, finances, etc. will be discussed at this meeting.

The educational portion of the meeting will include instruction on Fraternity history, guest speakers, and instruction on chapter operations. Initiated members are encouraged to attend the educational sessions (depending on the topic). Initiated members are only observers, and they will not interrupt the meeting.

Associate Member Class Officers

When deciding how the Associate Member Class Officers should be selected, the AMC will take applications from the associate members who are interested in a specific position. Along with the executive committee the AMC would then review each application and may have a interview with applicants for more information regarding his overall interest and knowledge. The positions and a brief description of each of these positions


President – Will preside over all class meetings. He will have the meeting agenda pre-planned and approved by the AMC and other class officers. He will see that all members of the associate member class are carrying out their responsibilities. He will report any updates necessary to other members of the AM Class during Associate member meetings. Have a biweekly meeting with the chapter “A”.

Vice President – Will be in charge of parliamentary procedure and know the chapter by-laws. He should know Robert’s Rules of Order and help control the meeting accordingly. Have biweekly meetings with the chapter “B”.

Secretary – Will be in charge of taking roll and the minutes of the AM Exec Board meetings and at the AM Program meetings. Assist “C” in distributing and gathering Personal Record forms filled out by the associate members as well as preparing them to be sent to Headquarters. Have biweekly meetings with the chapter “C”.

Treasurer – Is responsible for the timely collection of class dues and payment of its approved expenses. It is recommended that the Chapter “D” work closely with the class treasurer to insure the proper maintenance of financial responsibility and records. Have biweekly meetings with the chapter “D” Corresponding Secretary – Will carry on all outside correspondence for the class. Organize the associate members to contact alumni with letters, cards, phone calls, etc. Assist the Public Relations Chair in work need to publicize various promotions. Work along side the “E” to produce the semesters Alumni Newsletter. Have a biweekly meeting with the chapter “E”.

Sergeant-at-Arms – Keeps order in the Associate Member meetings. Assist other class officers in the enforcement of Bylaws, rules, and regulations of the chapter and associate member class. Have a biweekly meeting with the chapter “F”.

Recruitment Chairman – Organizes the recruitment efforts of the Associate Member Class. The Recruitment Chair must be organized/detail-oriented and work well with the chapter Recruitment President. Serve on the Recruitment Committee as the class representative. Have biweekly meetings with the Recruitment President.



The best results will come from a relaxed discussion. It should provide a conducive atmosphere for reflecting about the purpose of the Fraternity and each associate member’s role in Delta Chi’s future. The retreat is not a time for a detailed history lesson or a study of the Cornerstone.

Retreats are an excellent way of introducing the associate members to one another, to the Fraternity and to the membership education program. A retreat is usually held the first weekend after the associate member ceremony and at a location away from the chapter house. It is simply a time for the new associate members to recognize themselves as a group and discuss some goals for the Chapter. A retreat will help the natural leaders within the group emerge. The experienced and capable will begin to establish themselves, and the group will be prepared to hold elections at the next meeting.

Attendance and Organization Who should attend? Attendees will include the associate members, the AMC, and special guests who might be considered, depending upon the size of the class. The number of initiated members should be few compared to the number of associate members. Initiated members are there to facilitate discussion or give speeches regarding the chapter and/or some special area of concern, after which they could leave.


1. Introduction a. Explain the format for the day i. Introduce guests and host ii. Go over agenda b. Pass out materials needed for the day and the program

2. Ice Breaker – Never have I ever

3. AMC explains membership education program a. Cornerstone b. Explain Associate Member Counselor responsibilities c. Explain Associate Member responsibilities d. Talk about Associate Member Officers e. Explain Associate Member class project

4. Cheers and Songs a. Teach the Bond Song and the Delta Chi Sweetheart Song b. Come up with a new cheer/chant for class

5. Scholarship (Scholarship Chair should be present) a. Time Management b. Study skills c. Goal Setting i. S.M.A.R.T. Goals ii. Set individual goals for GPA iii. Set a class GPA

6. Chapter Involvement a. How business meetings work b. How to get involved in i. Discuss Officers and Chairs c. Types of events the Fraternity puts on d. The Jimmy V Foundation

7. Lunch Break a. Associate Member Gift b. Fill out Associate Member Committee application

8. Pass the Ladle a. What do you want to get out of the Fraternity?

9. Associate Member Class Project a. Idea generation b. Project selection i. Voting procedure c. Event planning Agenda Continued

10. Personal Pyramid Goal Setting Activity

11. Recruitment Session a. Recruitment President Speaks on the importance of Recruitment b. Evaluation of what they went through during recruitment.

c. Explain the 5 step process

12. Case Studies a. Divide into groups b. Each group has to solve a problem c. Present the problem and their solution

13. Pass the Ladle a. Questions about what has been discussed

14. Conclusion a. Review the associate member program.

b. Review their Goals personal Goals Notes


WEEK-BY-WEEK Associate Member Program I’d rather see a sermon than hear one any day; I’d rather one would walk with me than merely show the way.

The eye’s a better pupil, and more willing than the ear; fine counsel is confusing, but example’s always clear.

And the best of all preachers are the men who live their creeds; for to see good put in action is what everybody needs. I soon can learn to do it, If you’ll let me see it done; I can see your hands in action, but your tongue too fast may run and the lecture you deliver may be very fine and true, but I’d rather get my lesson by observing what you do. For I may understand you and the high advice you give, but there’s no misunderstanding how you act and how you live!

-ANONYMOUS The point of the poem is that a membership education program will succeed or fail largely based on the attitude displayed by the initiated members. Even the best programs fail without the support of the entire membership, including alumni. The initiated members are role models. If you have heard such a statement as, “I’m initiated, thank goodness I’ll never have to clean the house again!” then the Chapter puts too much responsibility for success on the associate members. When there is a problem involving the associate members, the initiated members claim that it must be the associates’ fault, but how could it be? Generally speaking, who should know more about managing a fraternity, the associate members or the brothers? Well, the brothers should know more and the associate members are just learning and following the current example they are given. When there is a problem, the Chapter should question itself. Is the Chapter providing a quality experience or is it telling the associate members one thing and doing another? Remember, only 30% (on average) of memorized information is retained, while active learning (i.e. leading by example and having the associate members take part in chapter operations) produces much better results.


Parent Orientation An optional event to help welcome not only your new Associate Members but their families. Held in a way that would allow for new parents to meet members of the Fraternity as well as any of their parents that want to attend. There should be some kind of information session involved focusing on explaining Fraternity functions and purpose with the parents as well as explaining the Associate Member Program to them. Ideally this would be held on the same day as the Associate Member Pinning Ceremony allowing the Parents to attend. With them in attendance it would be the option to allow the Associate Member’s parents to then pin their AM Badge upon them during the ceremony.

Associate Member Pinning This is the first ceremony an Associate Member will experience in their life as a Delta Chi. During this ceremony the bid men will become Associate Members of the Kansas State Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity. It will end with the pinning of the new Associate Members with their Associate Member pin by their parents representing the transition from home to college and Delta Chi. This ceremony will be followed as laid out within the Associate Member Pinning Ceremony.

Associate Member Retreat After the Associate Member Ceremony the Associate Members, AMC, “A”, Scholarship Chair, Recruitment President, Alumni representative, and a select few active members will leave for the Associate Member Retreat.

This will be held prior to the start of the Associate Member Program Classes on day and at a to be determined location. This should be a fun day bonding and a more detailed orientation for the Associate Members themselves. Refer to Section 3 for more details on the exact format and schedule for the Associate Member Retreat.

Big Brother Ceremony Held a week to two weeks into the AM’s Associate Member Program this is when they will receive their Big Brother. It is important to do this as soon as possible as to allow for the Big Brothers to be a part of the Associate Member’s experience within Delta Chi and allow them to help them through the Associate Member Program. The preference form is found in Week 1 of the Associate Member program. Follow the procedures as laid out in the Big Brother Ceremony.

WEEK 1 THEME: The Mission

1. Preamble

2. 5 Pillars

3. Recruitment Session

4. Pass the Ladle

5. What does it mean a. Preamble b. 5 Pillars

6. PR Forms

7. Nominations for Associate Member Officers

8. Parliamentary Procedure

9. Greek Alphabet

10. Cornerstone Section 2

11. Bond Song Pass The Ladle Lets review what has gone on during the first few weeks as a Delta Chi. Is there anything that could be improved; Do you still have questions on anything we have covered thus far?

As we go around talk about anything else you feel that has been a great experience in this short time you have already been with us. This could include things such as the Associate Member Ceremony, hanging out with brothers, or any event you may have attended prior to being pinned.

Always remember to speak up and ask questions. All of the Active Members are here to help you as you grow as a Delta Chi. If you don’t speak up we can not help you. Below is some space to write down any thoughts about these topics. Keep not because this will be a great reminder later on of your first experiences with Delta Chi.


Delta Chi Preamble “We the members of the Delta Chi Fraternity, believing that great advantages are to be derived from a brotherhood of college and university men, appreciating the close association may promote friendship, develop character, advance justice and assist in the acquisition of a sound education, do ordain and establish this constitution.” This comes straight from Delta Chi law. Delta Chi law is the rules and regulations that each chapter and Chapter must follow to be in good standing with the international organization. In addition to this we have our own Bylaws that regulate our own business and organize us as a Chapter. We will go over these in later weeks in more detail.

In this you see the outline of the 4 Core Virtues of Delta Chi. These being Promoting Friendship, Developing Character, Advancing Justice, and Gaining a Sound Education. What do you think these mean to you?

Promoting Friendship Developing Character Advancing Justice Sound Education Kansas State Chapter 5 Pillars We, the Men of the Kansas State Chapter of the Delta Chi Fraternity, will foster a perpetual bond amongst

brothers through:

1. Welcoming men from all walks with respect and friendliness

2. No toleration of hazing

3. Always striving toward social responsibility and academics come first

4. Being proactive leaders on campus and in the community

5. Embodying the core virtues of Friendship, Character, Justice, and Education.

Like the preamble these 5 pillars outline what it means to be a Delta Chi, but more specifically what we strive to be as a Delta Chi here at Kansas State. These were written by Scott Whittle ’14 and voted in by the founding fathers of the Delta Chi Chapter on December 5th 2010.

Why do you think these were the 5 Pillars that our Chapter founding fathers decided on?

How do you plan on incorporating these 5 Pillars and the 4 Core Virtues into your day-to-day life now that you are a member Delta Chi?

These both are recited at the beginning of every meeting. So it is important to learn both the Preamble and the Kansas State 5 Pillars. We also sing the Bond Song at the end of every meeting that we sang at the Chapter Retreat, so this also should be something you are working on memorizing.

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