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«In the usual course of things I should have been forgotten at graduation. This is the keynote of the Fraternity. The Fraternity man never graduates. ...»

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3. Associate Member class president’s Report

4. Organization Involvement Follow Up

5. Presenting Yourself a. How To Dress b. Verbal and Physical presentation c. Introducing yourself

6. Social Media

7. Proper Dining Etiquette

8. By-Laws Part 1

9. Activity

10. Pass the Ladle.

11. Bond Song and Sweetheart Song Pass the Ladle Last week we discussed becoming involved both within the Fraternity and outside in the campus community. During this discussed you were challenged to begin the process of finding a group that you could find yourself becoming involved in. This first step was to go through the various resources available to you and find 5 potential groups to look into joining. As we go around share your list and a brief description as to why you selected each.

From here it is your choice on which you would like to pursue and if you would like to pursue any of them. Remember that getting involved is great but your first job at college is your classes. If you feel that you have too much on your plate then you are probably right and should focus as much time on your classes and not jeopardize your grades.

Presenting Yourself and Etiquette Notes

Activity Along with it being etiquette week we will be putting some of this in practice. This week on ___________ we will be having a meal to use the information we learned today. We will be doing this because hearing someone speak on the topic is great, but actually using the information in the real world will help you remember the process. Not only that but practicing it may bring up more questions or points left out in todays discussion.

Second, since it has been a little dry today I would like us to have a fun activity to help get to know each other a bit more again. We will be playing never have I ever. Try to keep it as clean and appropriate as possible.

Remember the etiquette lesson we just had and lets do this in a way that doesn’t make us look bad.

Halfway Checklist

Make sure you have all of this in:

PR Form will have already been turned into the “C” 1.

Associate Member Dues are due to the “D” next week to be initiated 2.

Greek Life Edu is complete.


Have been keeping up on your attendance at meetings and now what is going on 4.

Have started on your summary and application paper on a BRIEF 5.

Have completed the first 3 steps towards biding a member for the next semester 6.

Pass The Ladle Today for pass the ladle this will also serve as your half way check. I would like to know how you are feeling about Delta Chi at this point. Think back to what you wrote about why you joined Delta Chi, are you getting everything out of it that you wanted so far? What are you looking forward to in these last 4 weeks before your initiation? What has been the highlight of the last 4 weeks for you?

Write a short paragraph or two based on this discussion on how you are going to make the most of the next 4 weeks. Talk about what you still want to do, how you are going to get to know brothers you haven’t yet, or what are you wanting to do different that what you have been doing so far. We will talk about these at the beginning of next meeting.

WEEK 5 THEME: Alumni

1. Recite the Preamble and 5 Pillars

2. Recruitment Discussion

3. Associate Member class president’s Report

4. Alumnus Guest Speaker

5. By-Laws Part 1 a. Amendment Process

6. Big Brother Activity

7. Activity

8. Pass the Ladle

9. Bond Song Alumni Guest Speaker Today we have __________________ here with us today. He is here to discuss a little bit about what it means to be a Delta Chi after you graduate. Ask him questions about getting involved as an alumni, and about his experiences as an undergrad member.

Amendment Process It is important to know that while we are talking about the By-Laws that you know that they are not a fixed document. It is ever growing and changing as we grow and change. As long as it does not conflict with Delta Chi Law our own personal Law can change as we need. There is a very specific process though for this to happen. Below is what the amendment form looks like.

To make an amendment you must first fill out this form including your amendment that you are wanting to propose. Second you need to contact the “C” and let him know that you will be bringing up the amendment in new business so he gets you on the meetings agenda. At meeting you will read the amendment and give a brief summary of it. It will then be tabled until the next week.

The reason for this is so that everyone can have a chance to think over the amendment and come up with any question about it. The following week if you proposed the amendment you must be present to bring it off the table and onto the floor for discussion. If you are not there, or if it is not brought off the table in one week it will automatically die and have to be repurposed.

Once it has been properly brought off the table it is reread and then discussed by the Chapter. This will include questions and probably some debate. The floor will be closed and a vote will be called for. It must past with a 2/3rds vote of quorum to pass. If it passes it is now a part of the Kansas State Bylaws. If it doesn’t changes can be made and it brought back up again.

To finish up our Bylaw discussion today we will read start reading our’s today. We will start by reading the first third of the Bylaws and then read another third the next two weeks. As we go through these make notes, ask questions, and try to put the important points to memory so you can better understand how we operate within the Fraternity.

Big Brother Activity A simple homework assignment for this week. You and your big brother are to go out on a one on one Bro Date this week sometime. Write a one paragraph summary of what you guys did and include a picture of you guys hanging out. Talk to them about their AM experience, and about what to expect in the next few weeks ahead as we draw closer to the end of the semester, finals, and initiation. This should be fun for both of you, so feel free to get creative with your bro date, just make sure that it is conducive to conversation.

Activity Today we will be playing a game called Let Me In. Everyone stand in a circle shoulder to shoulder. One person stay out of the circle. It is this one person’s mission to get his way into the circle by any way possible.

Do be careful and do not injure yourself or others. We will play a couple rounds of this game so that a few people can try their best to get in.

Pass The Ladle This week we had an Alumni come and talk about his experience as a Delta Chi and what that meant for him after. As we pass the ladle this week lets talk about what you have taken away from this. What will you do for Delta Chi once you graduate? How do you plan to be, if you plan to be, an active alumni for Kansas State and internationally? Take some notes so that when you look back someday as an Alumnus you can see what you planned to do.

WEEK 6 THEME: Health and Project Review

1. Recite the Preamble and Five Pillars.

2. Recruitment Discussion

3. Associate Member class president’s Report

4. SHAPE/SNAC comes and talks

5. By-Laws Part 2

6. Activity

7. Bond Song

–  –  –

Bylaws Part 2 To continue our work on bylaws we will be reading the second third of the bylaws today. Once again as we go through these make notes, ask questions, and try to put the important points to memory so you can better understand how we operate within the Fraternity.

Activity Create a work out plan for yourself, or for small groups. This should include a schedule, what type of workouts, and your overall workout goals for the plan. This may also include notes on diet plans as well.

WEEK 7 THEME: Review

1. Recite Preamble and 5 Pillars.

2. Recruitment Discussion.

3. Tradition vs Development

4. Recruitment Evaluations

5. Associate Member Program Evaluation

6. Class Project Review

7. AM Class Awards

8. Big Brother Recognition

9. Activity

10. Pass the Ladle

11. Bond Song Tradition vs. Development Webster ’s Dictionary defines tradition as, “The passing down of opinions and stories through oral communication.” The definition of development is, “To lay open to view, to make grow.” If we just go by these definitions, we see that tradition is an oxymoron in that anything that is an opinion and given by oral communication will change with whomever is telling it. Hence, tradition is not the old idea that we think it is, but an ongoing, changing process. Even the concept of “pledgeship” only dates from the turn of the century (roughly 100 years out of the almost 225 years of the Greek-letter movement). Now, if we take our second word “development” and look at it beside the word “tradition,” in the context of fraternity, a chapter needs to ask itself, “Would you rather have a chapter based on something growing, or would you rather let it be left to the opinion of the storyteller?” Now let’s put an associate member program through this test.

Success of each Associate Member is the responsibility of the whole chapter.

Traditional programs follow the concept that the brothers leave everything up to the Associate Member Counselor. Development would lean towards every member (active and associate) taking part in the educational process.

Understands and is able to apply the material, instead of simply memorizing:

Which is better: To have a brother who is versed in the trivial information (i.e. What was Peter Johnson ’s address?) or to have a brother who knows the history of Delta Chi, how to run a chapter, and what it takes to achieve success?

Chapter activities involve the whole of the membership:

Traditional programs shelter the associates by not allowing them to attend meetings or to be involved in the decision-making, goal setting, and planning processes. Generally this causes misconceptions. The false sense of safety is destroyed at the first meeting attended after initiation. This leads to an associate member feeling he was misled.

Chapter unity is stressed:

Traditional programs stress, “pledge class unity,” as if this matters once a man is initiated. This lends itself to divisions or cliques in the chapter (i.e. men voting for their associate class brother and not necessarily for the best candidate). When you meet brothers at a Regional Leadership Conference or an International Convention, would you want to say, “Our chapter unity is terrible, but our associate member class unity is great?”

Emphasis is on the individual rather than the group:

This is very similar to chapter unity vs. associate member class unity, except that the chapter needs to realize each person is an individual with his own goals, needs, strengths, etc. If the chapter just looks at the group and says, “The class has its own identity,” or “What’s good for one is good for all,” then it will cause an individual to feel hopeless and that his actions, no matter how good, are overshadowed by the group.

Tradition vs. Development cont.

Striving to keep up the development of brothers after initiation:

In traditional programs you’ll hear brothers say after initiation, “You’ve finally arrived,” or “You’ve made it,” and these new brothers are suddenly shown that they are “cool” and “a bright future for the chapter.” When these seemingly positive remarks are made at initiation, the older brothers are really telling the new brothers that initiation is the end of the road. This misdirected attitude can initiate the same end to their involvement in the chapter as brothers. “Personal Growth Through Brotherhood,” means that the individual will continue to grow, as he remains involved!

Self-respect, Confidence, Acceptance, Pride, & Understanding:

Traditional programs use fear and intimidation (hazing) to motivate people. It is true those methods do have results, yet they come with too many negative side effects and often have short-lived results. If hazing is so great, why not advertise during recruitment that the chapter hazes? Is a person more likely to do a good job if he feels supported or if he is threatened? Ask any psychology professor or major, “Is positive reinforcement better than punishment for desired results?” Now the chapter has to ask itself, “Have we been sleeping in our management and psychology classes? Is it time to update the program? Is it time to start using the things we’re taught in class? Could the chapter be a testing ground for a brother’s academic career? Could this be a selling point for recruitment?” Pass The Ladle On the theme of review this week lets talk about how the semester has gone so far for you? As we pass the ladle talk about what you liked about this previous semester both within the fraternity and outside of it. Is there anything you have learned and would do differently? What have been some of your favorite experiences? What events and activities have you liked, and which ones have you not liked? How could things been done better?

What are you looking forward to most over the rest of your experience at K-State and Delta Chi?

AM Class Awards To finish off the semester I would like you to have the chance to kind of award each other for who each of you, what you have done, and what you have done this semester for your AM Class. Below is the list of the awards that I will be handing out next week in our last meetings. We will go over each of these a little to explain what the award is for. Then write on this page who you believe is best deserving of the award, and include this with your review sheets that you are turning this week.

Future Fraternity President - The person who has shown exceptional leadership and looks to be an “A” someday in his career with Delta Chi.

Top Recruiter - The person who has gone above and beyond to introduce guys to the Fraternity. Constantly is bringing guys around, and has began the process of bidding those men to possibly future members of Delta Chi.

Most Organized - The person who has shown that he is always on top of his game and consistently is prepared. He should have shown good principles in time management.

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