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«In the usual course of things I should have been forgotten at graduation. This is the keynote of the Fraternity. The Fraternity man never graduates. ...»

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Top Athlete - The person who has actively participated in intramurals this semester. While participating have shown great athletic ability, but more importantly, great sportsmanship on and off the field.

Unsung Hero - The person who has been working behind the scenes to help get what needs to be done get done. They have not asked for recognition, but are always there to help out where they are needed and are there to help their brothers.

Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum - This is awarded to two members who are always together. It is as if one would not be able to function without the other.

Funny Man - The person who is always good for a laugh, if they know it or not.

Best Dressed - The person who is always well put together, dressed for success, and is all around a representation of swag.

AM Class Awards Voting Sheet Once again, on this sheet, vote for those who you wish to receive the award. If you believe you deserve this award you may vote for yourself. This sheet will be torn out and turned in with your review sheets you will be turning in today.

Future Fraternity President Top Recruiter Most Organized Top Athlete Unsung Hero Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Funny Man Best Dressed Recruitment Evaluation Every week you have heard from our Recruitment President, learned how to recruit, and been involved in recruitment yourself. Fill out the evaluation sheet before on how you feel on our recruitment program approach and how you did in recruitment. Be honest, the more truthful you are the better gage we have on improving any problems.

–  –  –

How would you improve or change our approach to Recruitment?

Associate Member Program Evaluation The most important thing about the Associate Member Program is that as an AM you felt that was an effective transition to becoming a Delta Chi. On this evaluation we ask that you evaluate the program, its content, and the AMC’s effectiveness at his job.

Do you think that the AMC did a good job presenting the AM Program? Why or Why not?

–  –  –

Are there any topics you would like to be discussed more that were covered over the last 7 weeks?

Is there any topics you thought could or should be added to or taken out of the AM Program, and why?

What is the one main thing you would take away from the AM Program?

Do you think your Big Brother and the Big Brother Program did a good job of helping you along during your semester as an AM? yes or no Class Project/Event Evaluation By this point in the semester hopefully you have completed your class’ event or project you have been working on in your business meetings. It is important in any kind of planning that you take time after to evaluate how successful you were. Below is a personal evaluation form. Please fill it out based on your participating in the project and its planning

–  –  –

What is the lesson you have learned from having to do this project?

Activity Take a sheet of paper for each member of your Associate Member class and fold it in half. On the top half write down your first impression of each person in your class from when you first met them. These will be kept confidential and no one will know who wrote them, so be as honest as you wish to be. Take a few moments to think about each person and how your impressions have changed as the semester has gone on till now. On the bottom half of the paper write down your impression of them now.

Each person can then share their first of impressions of their classmates and how those impressions have changed as everyone has gotten to know them better. Take from this simply how you initially come off to people, and then what people come to think of you once you open up. Are you conveying what you wish when you first meet someone? Think back to our etiquette week and when we discussed presenting yourself, is there something you should change to improve how people perceive you at the first meeting?

WEEK 8 THEME: iWeek Orientation

1. Recite the Preamble and 5 Pillars

2. AM Class Award Ceremony

3. Presentations of the BRIEF Papers

4. Purpose of iWeek

5. iWeek Schedule

6. Bylaws Part 3

7. Activity

8. Pass the Ladle.

9. Bond Song AM Class Award Ceremony Today we will start off by presenting the awards you voted on last week. Congratulations to those who

were voted on to win these awards. Once again the awards are:

Future Fraternity President Top Recruiter Most Organized Top Athlete Unsung Hero Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum Funny Man Best Dressed Presentations of the BRIEF Papers Everyone please turn in your BRIEF papers today. If you would like to share yours you are more than welcome to speak. It would be nice and it is encouraged for a few of you to share your ideas. The important part of this project is to take time to learn more about operations within the fraternity. As you move forward in your experience in the Fraternity use this information to better Delta Chi and how we operate.

Schedule of Events

1. Sunday a. Recruitment Meeting

2. Monday a. I Am Ritual

3. Tuesday a. Rock and Candle

4. Wednesday a. Business Meeting b. Ritual Exemplification

5. Thursday a. Passing of the Ladle

6. Friday a. Initiation The Purpose of iWeek Next week is what this semester has been all about. iWeek stands for Initiation Week and is what you have been working towards the last 7 weeks. During the week we will have several activities that sum up your entire first semester, emphasis brotherhood, and prepare you for the importance of what you are going to experience come the end of the week.

Initiation and the ritual is what being Delta Chi is all about. The ritual is secret and many of the things you will learn or see in ritual are secret. It is this ritual and these secrets that bond us all as Delta Chi’s around the world.

The weeks events are specifically “I Am Ritual”, Rock & Candle, Passing of the Ladle, and finally your Initiation. Initiation is a formal attire required event, which of course means suit and tie. Anytime we are in any Ritualistic meeting or Initiation it is formal attire, so make sure you have your suit ready to go for Friday. Also make sure you have your AM Pin on as well for this night. The other nights are dress appropriately to the night.

Some of these are outside, or some parts of it will be outside, and so of course those may require appropriate attire as well. You will be notified the morning of on what you should wear for that night.

The only other thing is to be mindful of is Rock & Candle night. You will need to find a rock for this event.

This should not just be any random rock that you find. You should strive to find a rock that in some way represents you, and be thinking how it does so. Go out by yourself or with some of your fellow Pledge Class members to find one. Other than this you will need nothing else for any of the other nights beside yourself.

On the next page you will find a more detailed schedule of how the week will flow. A few important notes

about the week:

This week is for you so get excited for it.


Make sure you arrive promptly and on time for each event.


Pay attention to any specific details about the specific nights and their events.


Make sure to be paying attention to your group text in case there is a change in plans or location.


Bylaws Part 3 We took last week off in our work on learning the Bylaws. Today we will quickly finish the third and final section of the Bylaws we have not yet covered. As always as we go through these make notes, ask questions, and try to put the important points to memory so you can better understand how we operate within the Fraternity.

Pass the Ladle Tonight we have been purely on the subject of your iWeek and ritual. Of course initiation being a secret and closed ritual I have not been able to say a lot on it. So I am sure there are a lot of questions you have regarding this week. The pass the ladle tonight will give you a chance to ask some of these questions. I am sure there will be a couple questions I cannot answer, but I will answer as many of them as I can the best I can. With this in mind consider some of these topics as we pass the ladle around. What are your thoughts and feelings going into iWeek? Do you have any questions about anything happening during the week?



Rhett Jones for Compiling Michael Kennedy for Designing

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