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«Service Without Boundaries 2005 Annual Report “Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.” - Albert Einstein A Matter of Choice ...»

Service Without Boundaries

2005 Annual Report

“Only a life lived in the service to others is worth living.”

- Albert Einstein

A Matter of Choice

It’s a fact. Our customers can bank anywhere.

And with all the new or newly-renamed banks in our

community, we recognize they have ample choices.

So, while they could bank elsewhere, they’ve chosen

Bankers Trust.

It’s a responsibility we don’t take lightly. Every day, in every

branch, and during every transaction, we’re asking our customers to continue to choose us. We’re asking them to invest their trust in us. And in return, we strive to be deserving of that trust.

It makes us work harder, go further, and try to do more than we have to. We are not obligated to do more – it’s just the right thing to do. Over time, we have witnessed how exceptional customer service has positively affected the Bank – in our performance, in our position in our community, and in our profitability.

The year 2005 was no different. The Bank again realized solid growth in assets and deposits. While we continue to offer quality financial products and innovative programs to meet the needs of our customers, we believe the service we deliver is the basis for our accomplishments.

Service to our customers is everything at Bankers Trust. It is the commitment of our organization and the foundation of our success.

J. Michael Earley President and CEO Keeping Our Edge It’s not uncommon for today’s banking customers to be confused, frustrated, and even a little irritated. After all, they’re continually being asked to endure changes in bank names, personnel, products, and owners. The continuity they crave in their financial institution is virtually nonexistent in our market.

The exception is Bankers Trust.

As Iowa’s oldest and largest independent bank, Bankers Trust stands with nearly a century’s worth of history and bears a name that has stood the test of time.

When customers bank with us, they know they’ll receive the same exceptional service they have always enjoyed. They’ll be greeted by familiar faces – and be treated with courtesy and respect. Our customers can rely on our commitment to satisfying their financial needs.

This past year, we maintained market share and grew our customer base. That’s no small accomplishment in a year that saw rising interest rates, inflationary trends, and the widespread financial effects of both the Gulf War and Gulf Coast hurricanes. Throughout everything, our customers chose to stay the course – and stay with us.

In 2005, Bankers Trust achieved assets of $1.78 billion. Our loan portfolio increased to $1.2 billion, representing a 6.85% increase over 2004. Real Estate continued to show its mettle in the marketplace, closing nearly $366 million in loans. And our Cash Management group was entrusted with managing more than $735.9 million in transactions – a 3% increase over the previous year.

We believe our success is attributable to an emphasis on satisfying our customers.

Outstanding service is a Bankers Trust hallmark, which will continue to give us a competitive edge for years to come.

–  –  –

At Bankers Trust, we recognize that our customers can obtain basic financial products from any number of sources. But product alone isn’t the foundation for customer satisfaction. Our expertise lies in pairing quality products with quality service.

It’s the combination that keeps our customers coming back.

We don’t just ask customers to switch their accounts to Bankers Trust, our professional Relationship Bankers provide a streamlined, step-by-step kit that makes their transition fast and easy.

We don’t just pay lip service to community improvement. We make loans to homebuyers in low- to moderate-income neighborhoods and then conduct informative seminars to provide educational materials, which help them stay on solid financial ground.

We don’t just talk about identity theft, we take preemptive action to protect our customers.

We offer our customers ID Secure, a protection program that helps Bankers Trust monitor fraudulent activity before it becomes a larger problem. To help businesses control fraud, the Cash Management group introduced ACH Debit Block – a risk management service giving businesses and organizations more control over those who conduct electronic transactions with the Bank.

Each Bankers Trust product or offering is complemented by services that make it more valuable to our customers. In 2005 alone, we introduced or enhanced dozens of products and paired every product with services that increased their value with our customers.

Bankers Trust knows the most important part of every product we offer is the service that comes with it.

“To give real service you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.” – Douglas Adams With Convenience in Mind It has always been Bankers Trust’s philosophy to take our services to our customers, rather than make our customers come to us. We want to make their banking experience as convenient as possible. Our extensive banking network backs this up. Bankers Trust is pleased to serve customers at nine convenient branch locations strategically positioned throughout Greater Des Moines.

Our newest branch in Ankeny continued to prosper with customers in the northern metro in 2005, adding 534 new accounts and building assets to $8.3 million, while helping to establish the Bank’s presence in this important community. And, after extensive remodeling, our North Branch reopened in November to a phenomenal neighborhood welcome. Officers opened more than 100 new accounts and brought in more than $2 million in new business during the week-long event.

During the past year, we further enhanced our Online Banking services to meet the growing requests and requirements of our Internet customers. We also use the site to offer valuable information about identity theft and the safeguards necessary to protect our customers’ accounts.

In addition to supporting 42 Bankers Trust ATMs in the metro, we continue to participate in the Privileged Status program, which allows our customers surcharge-free transactions at more than 1,300 ATMs throughout the metro.

In whatever form it takes, convenience is never an afterthought with Bankers Trust. Every service is performed with our customers’ convenience foremost in our minds.

–  –  –

Sustaining the Community “You can’t live a perfect day without doing something for someone who will never be able to repay you.” – John Wooden Unlike banks whose corporate offices are out of state, Bankers Trust’s roots are firmly planted in Iowa. We recognize that we owe our existence to those who make their home and conduct their business here.

That’s why giving back to the community is a fundamental practice of Bankers Trust.

Throughout 2005, we conducted mortgage seminars in several low- to moderate-income neighborhoods throughout Des Moines. Our loan officers provided extensive information to customers in these areas, and served as these customers’ main contacts for processing home loans. Our officers also helped customers assemble and prepare their tax forms, working after hours on many winter evenings to do so.

In December, the Trust Operations team decorated a Christmas tree for the annual Festival of Lights and Trees event, benefiting Blank Children’s Hospital. In addition, a challenge issued by the department resulted in more than 400 books being donated to the Festival’s book drive.

Our energetic team of ten interns also learned the value of community service and leadership while working at Bankers Trust this summer. They contributed their time and talents to various projects including the Des Moines Arts Festival, Juneteenth Celebration, Animal Rescue League, and Iowa Special Olympics.

Our employees participate in community service on their own time as well. Collectively, our employees contributed more than 6,945 hours in service to others during 2005. Bankers Trust employees can be found chairing boards of directors, mentoring youth groups, teaching classes, putting on seasonal events, and much more. They’ve embraced the philosophy of our company and have witnessed the value of their contributions.

Bankers Trust has built a solid reputation for community service and support. When the opportunity to serve presents itself, we answer the call with, “How may we help?”

–  –  –

Service is an integral part of the Bankers Trust culture. We ask our employees to be Ambassadors of the Bank, serving our customers’ needs and exceeding their expectations.

We believe our employees are deserving of exceptional service, too.

We encourage a work environment that rewards service, both to our customers and to each other. During 2005, Bank management presented Bankers Trust Quality Mugs to 144 highachieving employees in recognition of their outstanding efforts. We encourage colleagues to come together as teams in work, community, and social settings. We have found that as their familiarity and sense of loyalty grow, so does an outpouring of support and service.

We provide far-reaching programs to help our employees achieve a healthy work/life balance – including everything from wellness activities to flextime to tuition reimbursement.

Bankers Trust realizes the value of providing support, which enhances our employees’ lives – whether they’re at work or away from the office.

Bankers Trust is recognized as an employer that seeks and welcomes employees of different nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures. Not only does this practice make us a more hospitable employer, it serves to enrich all of our employees’ lives. We also sponsor cultural and health-related Lunch ‘N Learn sessions, which allow employees to acquaint themselves with colleagues who have rich and varied stories to share.

Embracing diversity also enables Bankers Trust to provide exceptional service to diverse customer groups that may have been underserved in the past. Our multilingual employees serve to bridge the gap between customers and cultures. We celebrate important cultural events through our marketing and in our branches such as the Chinese New Year, Black History Month, Cinco de Mayo, Hanukah, and others.

To Bankers Trust, service is essential, whether the recipient is on the other side of the teller window or standing right next to us.

–  –  –

Bankers Trust celebrates the successes we enjoyed in 2005 and looks forward to the year ahead with enthusiasm and anticipation.

Much lies ahead for the Bank, our employees, our customers, and our stakeholders. It is our responsibility to serve the needs of each with dedication and resolve and to be deserving of the trust that has been placed with us.

We believe that when we approach service without boundaries, we will achieve growth without limits.

–  –  –

“Life’s most persistent and urgent question is: What are you doing for others? Living is a form of not being sure, not knowing what next or how. The moment you know how, you begin to die a little.”

- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

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