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«ANNUAL REPORT Riga 2012 Annual Report 2011, Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia. Editor: A.Krumins. Composed matter: A.Muratova. ...»

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2. R.Grzibovskis, I.Muzikante, J.Latvels, M.Rutkis, Photoelectrical properties of DMABI derivatives in thin films, Book of Abstracts,p. 97 International Conference on Functional materials and Nanotechnologies FM&NT 2011, April 5 – 8, 2011, Riga, Latvia

1. S.Popova, A.Vembris, I.Muzikante, E.Kirilova, Optical properties of organic metal complex with Cr atoms, Book of Abstracts, p 106

2. A.Vembris, I.Muzikante, R.Karpicz, V.Gulbinas, Fluorescence characteristics of styrylH-pyran-4-ylidene fragment containing derivatives, Book of Abstracts, p 107

3. E.Laizane, D.Gustina, I.Muzikante, M.Narels, Optical study of thin solid films with azobenzene molecules containing carboxyl groups, Book of Abstracts, p 147

4. K.Traskovskis, I.Mihailovs, A.Tokmakovs, V.Kokars, M.Rutkis, Small Molecular Azobenzene and Indanedione Based Chromophores as Potential Non Linear Optics Materials, Book of Abstracts, p 148

5. K.Pudzs, I.Muzikante, Studies of energy structure of organic films with metal electrodes, Book of Abstracts, p 149

6. R.Grzibovskis, J.Latvels, I.Muzikante, M.Rutkis, “Photoelectrical Properties of Thin Films of DMABI Derivatives”, Book of Abstracts, p 154

7. I.Kaulachs, I.Muzikante, L.Gerca, G.Shlihta, M.Roze, G.Rozite, Open circuit voltage dependence on electrode material for P3HT based organic solar cells, Book of Abstracts, p International Young Scientist Conference “Developments in Optics and Communications 2011”, Riga, Latvia, April 28-30, 2011

1. K.Pudzs, I.Muzikante, A.Vembris, J.V.Grazulevicius, Determination of eenergy structure of carbazole derivatives thin films with metal electrode, Book of abstracts, p. 52

2. M.Narels, E.Laizane, I.Muzikante, Photoinduced optical properties of azobenzenepolymer films, Book of abstracts, p. 58

3. M. Rutkis, Design of organic materials for NLO applications: insights on theory based construction strategy, characterization and achievements, Book of abstracts, p. 20

4. E. Nitišs, M. Rutkis, M. Svilāns, Application of Abeles matrix formalism for determination of thin organic film EO coefficients by Mach – Zehnder interferometer, Book of abstracts, p. 24

5. R.Grzibovskis, J.Latvels, I.Muzikante, M.Rutkis, Energy Structure of Thin Films of DMABI Derivatives, Book of abstracts, p. 54 E-MRS 2011 Spring & Bilateral Meeting, Symposium N “Controlling and characterising the structure of organic semiconductor films”, Acropolis Congress Centre in Nice (France) May 9 - 13, 2011

1. I.Muzikante, J. Indrikova, J. Latvels, K. Pudzs, M. Rutkis, Determination of the energy structure of the sandwich-type organic thin films, Programme.

2. I.Kaulachs, I.Muzikante, L.Gerca, G.Shlihta, P.Shipkovs, G.Kashkarova, M.Roze, J.Kalnachs, A.Murashov, J.Latvels, G.Rozite, Bi-layer GaOHPc:PCBM/3P3HT:PCBM solar cell, Programme.

12th International Conference „Electronic and Related Properties of Organic Systems ERPOS-12”, July 10-13, Vilnius, Lithuania,

1. A.Vembris, I.Muzikante, R.Karpicz, V.Gulbinas, Stimulated emission from original glass forming organic compounds, Book of Abstracts, p.60

2. M.Rutkis, A.Jurgis, Inspirations for EO Polymer Design Gained from Modeling of Chromophore Poling by Langevin Dynamics, Book of Abstracts, p.51

3. I.Muzikante, E.Fonavs, R.Grzibovskis, J.Indrikova, J.Latvels, K.Pudzs, M.Rutkis, Determination of the energy structure of the organic molecules in thin films, Book of Abstracts, p.55

4. R.Grzibovskis, M.Indrikova, J.Latvels, I.Muzikante, B.Turovska, P.J.Pastors, V.Kampars, Photoelectrical properties of thin films of DMABI derivatives, Book of Abstracts, p.135.

5. A.Vembris, I.Muzikante, R.Karpicz, V.Gulbinas, S.Jursenas, A.Masojedovas, Luminescence properties of styryl-4H-pyran-4-ylidene fragment containing derivatives, Book of Abstracts, p.61

6. E. Nitišs, E. Titavs, M. Rutkis, O. Vilītis, Poling of EO polymers - corona disscharge process optimization, Book of Abstracts, p.126.

7. K.Pudzs, I.Muzikante, M.Rutkis, J.V.Grazulevicius, R.Reghu, Studies of charge carrier transport in organic films with carbazole derivative, Book of Abstracts, p.127.

8. J.Kreicberga, J.Sirotkina, V.Kampars, I.Mihailovs, M.Rutkis, A.Jurgis, Covalently coupled multi-DMABI hromophores: synthesis, linear and nonlinear optical properties, Book of Abstracts, p.148.

9. E.Laizane, D.Gustina, I.Muzikante, M.Narels, Temperature impact on photoisomerisation of carboxyl group containing azobenzene molecules in polymer films, Book of Abstracts, p.151.

10. I.Kaulachs, I Muzikante, L.Gerca, G.Shlihta, I.Tale, G.Rozīte, Electrodes for GaOHPc :PCBM/P3HT:PCBM Bulk Heterojunction Solar Cell, Book of Abstracts, p.112 European Conference on Organised Films ECOF-12, July 17-20, 2011, Sheffield, UK

1. I.Muzikante, E.Fonavs, J.Sipols, R.Grzibovskis, J. Latvels, M. Rutkis, V.Kampars, P.Pastors, B.Turovska, Determination of the energy structure of indandione chromophores in thin films, Abstracts, p.66,

2. E.Laizane, D.Gustina, I.Muzikante, M.Narels, Photoisomerisation kinetics of carboxyl group azobenzene derivatives at different temperature, Abstracts, p. 105

3. J.Teteris, J.Aleksejeva E.Laizane, Photo-induced mass transport in azobenzene containing organic polymers, Abstracts, p. 52

4. K.Pudzs, I.Muzikante, M.Rutkis, J.V.Grazulevicius, R.Reghu, Studies of charge carrier transport in organic films of perylene derivatives, Abstracts, p. 98

5. A.Vembris, I.Muzikante, R.Karpicz,V.Gulbinas, E.Zarins, V.Kokars, Red stimulated emission from glass forming organic compounds, Abstracts, p. 104 International Conference “Advanced optical materials and devices AOMD-7”, August 28-31, 2011, Vilnius, Lithuania

1. E. Nitišs, M. Rutkis, M. Svilāns, Influence of multiple internal reflection and sample thickness change effects on determination of polymer film EO coefficients using MZI technique, Abstracts, p. 24 26th European Photovoltaic Solar Energy Conference and Exhibition (26th EU PVSEC), September 5-9, 2011, Hamburg, Germany,

1. I.Kaulachs, I.Muzikante, L.Gerca, G.Shlihta, P.Shipkovs, G.Kashkarova, M.Roze, J.Kalnachs, A.Murashov, J.Latvels, G.Rozite, Electrode influence on bi-layer bulk heterojunction solar cell containing P3HT, CD 52th International Scientific Conference of Riga Technical Universit, October 13-15, 2011, Riga, Latvia

1. V.Kampars, P.Pastors, M.Rutkis, I.Muzikante, J.Sipols, B.Turovska, Evaluation of LUMO energies of DMABI analogues by voltammetry and quantum chemical calculation, Abstracts, p. 17

2. V.Kampars, J.Kreicberga, P.Pastors, M.Roze, S.Gaidukovs, K.Balodis, M.Plotniece, J.Sirotkina, L.Laipniece, N.Kiričenko, K.Pīterāne, L.Vesjolaja, G.Bērziņa, B.Turovska, I.Muzikante, M.Rutkis, Jaunu organisko hromoforu sintēze un to raksturojumi, Abstracts, p. 90

3. E.Zariņš, J.Jubels, V.Kokars, A.Vembris, I.Muzikante, Apjomīgotritilgrupu saturošo luminoforu sintēze un īpašības, Abstracts, p. 87

–  –  –

1. Implement developing and manufacturing of unique measuring and monitoring apparatus

and systems, which:

• provide authorised access on the base of Touch MemoryTM elements and Proximity Cards to different objects, including ⇒ entrance check-points (entrance gates, access control systems, systems for multilevel parking buildings etc.);

⇒ computers and programmes;

⇒ car and other technical devices (anti-theft systems);

• execute electronic documentation functions (Touch MemoryTM -based electronic invoices, credit cards and so on);

• test power units (high-voltage switches, automatic disconnecting switches, powertransformers);

• determine a content of heavy metals (As, Cd, Co, Cu, Fe, Hg, Tl, Ni, Pb, Sn, Zn, Bi, Mn) in liquids, ground, food-stuffs;

• check various environment parameters (temperature, lighting, humidity, radiation level);

• control temperature and lighting at the different objects (housings, hothouses, production storehouses);

• are used in medicine and for determining of agricultural production parameters (digestion systems, fluorimetres, fall number determinators).

• drive and management of automatic devices.

2. Provide physical measuring and manufacturing process automation.

3. Also solve the other problems, not afore-mentioned.

–  –  –

27th Scientific Meeting of Institute of Solid State physics, University of Latvia, Riga, February, 2011

1. I.Gvardina, A.Kristiņš, J.Melderis, J.Zvirgzds Heat pump control unit.

Abstracts, p.38.

2. D.Gusevs. Usage of automatic passenger counting system for public transport purposesr. Abstracts, p.39.

3. P.Annus, M.Rist, J Ojarand, R.Land, A.Kristiņš. Current source considerations for bio-impedance measurement. Abstracts, p.40.

4. A.Kristiņš, J.Melderis. Device for monitoring and charging of reserve accumulators. Abstracts, p.71.

5. I.Gvardina, A.Kristiņš, J.Melderis. Controlling device for jewelry showcase.

Abstracts, p.72.

–  –  –

Software package provides the following functions:

- adding, editing and erasing of user data (name, surname, working number, key number, telephone number);

- working time calculation by four time types (ordinary working time, reserve time, evening working time + working time on days off till ten o'clock p.m., night working time) (these parameters could be changed);

- event searching by surname or working number, by date and time interval;

- printing of searching results;

- function "present – absent";

- text (or different) password system;

- calendar for setting of days off and working days and for setting of date intervals with reserve time;

- automatic archive creating in the form of text files;

- the other functions could be added by customer wishes.

Data reading block with the following parameters:

- identification device - Dallas identification button or Proxy card;

- data readers – two (entry and exit);

- real time indication / working number indication;

- user count up to 200 (this count could be greater);

- operational memory for 500 events (in autonomous regime) (this count could be greater too);

- connection with computer by RS485 port;

- powered from mains (220 V) with guarding from short voltage disappearance;

- the block is easy mounted to vertical wall.

–  –  –

There are many problems with starting of high power electric devices (motors) because initial current may be some times greater as nominal current for these devices. High initial current may be dangerous for power supply devices as well as for powered devices.

In the ISSP in cooperation with “ Fonons” Ltd there were worked out soft start devices for electric motors in general, but it is possible to use the soft starters also for other devices (high power heaters, for example).

The devices are based on phase drive of two thyristor pairs and are able to manage power up to 100 kVA and more.

Main features:

• digital controlled AC semiconductor soft starter

• start time from 5 to 20 seconds

• start voltage from 40 to 80%

• stop time from 1,5 to 20 seconds

• built in by-pass function.

–  –  –

Security Drawers and Safes for the Cash Points There are some versions of safes produced by Solid State Physics Institute & Co for storage of banknotes, coins and forms. A safe has an electromechanical lock, activated by electronic system with time delay.

The safe-drawer SF-1 has the keys based on Dallas Semiconductor firm Touch MemoryTM identification chips with unique registration number (up to 2,81 ⋅ 1014 numbers), but safes KT-2F may be completed both TM and mechanical key. The electronic time delay system can be activated by TM or control button, then a red LED flashes intermittently until the delay time has run out. At that moment a buzzer beeps and a green LED flashes for access time. During of that time the safe may be pulled open.

–  –  –

Usage of this communication protocol makes possible to work without wiring of additional communication lines and allows to transmit information in far distances practically without difficulties.

In the developed remote control systems “Rabbit” controllers are used.

Different modifications of microcontrollers permit to collect information due from contact sensors (hercons, magnetic loop controllers, move detectors etc.), from data carriers based on DS19XX protocol (i-Buttons, thermometers and others) or based on Viegand protocol (Proximity cards).

It is possible to connect the system with other peripheral devices via standard RS232/485 ports.

Controllers can provide communication with main server via TCP/IP ports by using local, corporative or world wide nets.

Practical applications:

1. The system of access, control and management is worked out for LatRosTrans company. The system consists of 25 controllers (number of technological blocks on RussiaVentspils oil pipeline), dispatcher program (in Daugavpils) and some client applications.

2. Entrance in/out system for “Latvijas Gāze” company is worked out, which consists of three in/out gates with automatic barriers, server administrator and guard programs and some other client applications.

3. The system including checkpoint, the authorized access in cabinets and the security signal system for two buildings of the Latvian Shipping Company with a unified database.

–  –  –

High-voltage Breaker Analyzer Device "OSKARS" The device was designed for the verification of high-voltage (110 and 330 kV) breakers.

14 timing channels and the current in the driving solenoid are simultaneously controlled and necessary time parameters calculated.

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