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“A Legacy of Limitless Possibilities”

Toddler through Middle Years

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Thank you for your interest in Montessori By The Sea! We offer a progressive Montessori program for children aged 21

months to 14 years old, in a purpose-built Montessori school, with a wide array of Montessori educational

materials.Following, please find information which we hope will serve as an introduction to Montessori education.

Our VisionOn a global level, we envision a world community that coexists in harmony, recognizing the inherent worth in us all. Our vision for Montessori By The Sea's school community is students who are passionate about life and discovery; loving, dedicated, teaching professionals who facilitate learning; administrators who both understand and create an environment to implement our vision; and supportive and involved parents.

Our MissionAt MBTS we promote a legacy of limitless possibilities by striving to achieve the following aims:

Love of life, learning & laughter Environments that engage, excite and embrace all Acquisition of skills necessary for a balanced, fulfilling life Respect: for self, others, and the universe Nourishing self-awareness and peace within Inspiring innovative thinkers Nurturing relationships &cultivating self-worth Global responsibility& citizenship At Montessori By The Sea, the concept of educating the whole child is central to everything we do. The Montessori curriculum is interdisciplinary, cyclical, individualized, contextual, meaningful and holistic, and provides students with the opportunity to learn in a variety of ways. Additionally, each student participates in enrichment classes (PE, Art, Music, Foreign Language and ICT—at the Elementary and Middle Years levels-) weekly. This further facilitates the child’s total development. We empower our students to initiate their own activities, helping them to develop selfreliance, independence and a sense of ownership of their classroom and school environment.

The best way to gain a better understanding of Montessori education is to come by and visit our campus! We are very proud of our students and school, and encourage parents to observe and see the children working and interacting in the classroom. In addition, we require that parents, preferably both if possible, schedule a tour of the classroom and school environment to give you a feel of the philosophy as well as the warm, nurturing Montessori By The Sea environment. A positive experience for your child requires that parents and school share a common view of the purpose of education. A glimpse into our day at Montessori By The Sea will give you a feel for the Montessori philosophy in action and will allow you to decide if it is a right fit for your child and your family. This is of utmost importance, as home and school must work together to optimize your child's experiences. Observations are by appointment only, so please call the school at (345) 947-0684 to schedule one.

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This system of education is both a philosophy of child growth and a rationale for guiding such growth. It is based on the child's developmental needs for freedom within limits in a carefully prepared environment.

Materials and experiences are designed to take full advantage of children's unique ability to develop their own capabilities and motivation.

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Multi-Age Classrooms The Toddler through Upper Elementary classrooms, which are teamtaught, are multi-age, allowing the child a three-year cycle of development to acquire specific skills. In contrast to age/grade level classrooms where the child has one year to cover certain learning objectives, the Montessori classroom provides flexibility over three years. The areas that do not attract the child's interest this year may hold great fascination next year. The child can explore them whenever the interest arises, without ever being 'behind'. Children are, however, encouraged to choose materials from each area of the classroom, and are assessed according to developmentally appropriate benchmarks. Multiage classrooms also enhance learning. The youngest children receive stimulation from the older children's activities before the younger ones even receive the lessons. And of course, they want to emulate the older children's progress. The older children, in turn, benefit from helping the younger ones. They reinforce their own knowledge by 'teaching' the younger children.

Is Montessori By The Sea Right for Your Child?

Children from a variety of cultures and backgrounds all over the world have benefited from a Montessori education. Your child will as well!

Academia is only one aspect of a Montessori environment as personal excellence in all areas of development is facilitated. The Montessori teacher is interested in the child’s cognitive, physical, social, emotional and spiritual development, and it is with this mindset that the classroom environment is prepared.

You, as the parent, sense that the time may be right for your child to come to school. Perhaps the toys at home no longer seem interesting. Maybe your child has already had some positive experiences away from you. You feel that your child is ready for new experiences, challenges and friends. Now your child is ready to benefit and grow in a Montessori By The Sea classroom.

Here, he/she will feel connected to a caring community, in which his/her individual developmental needs are assessed and guided toward satisfaction through manipulative materials. Here, he/she can learn at his/her own pace, free from the time pressures of our fast-paced society. Here, he/she will gain independence, self-esteem, respect for others and life skills. Childhood happens only once. An education at Montessori By The Sea ensures that your child will make the best of his/hers in his/her preparation for life!

Working Together to Educate the Whole Child At Montessori By The Sea, we work together with parents to nurture and preserve the child's natural curiosity and to develop an openness to the unlimited possibilities of life.

–  –  –

In addition, parental involvement adds to this community spirit.

Because parents are treated as collaborators in Montessori, you are invited into the classroom to share and participate in activities. For working parents, classroom participation is not always possible, but there are a variety of ways to be involved. A child’s educational experience is always enriched by his/her parents’ direct input and action.

We also encourage and expect an open communication between teachers and parents. We welcome the opportunity for two-way communication on any ideas, suggestions or concerns.

–  –  –

At Montessori By The Sea, each classroom is led by a specially trained teacher. He/she organizes and maintains the prepared environment for a program of inquiry with an atmosphere of calm and order, warmth and care, awareness and joy.

–  –  –

According to Dr. Maria Montessori, children absorb their environment unconsciously and are capable of great learning during the first three years of their lives. We channel your child's natural curiosity and desire to learn into positive and enriching experiences in Montessori By The Sea's Toddler Program.

Our Toddler classroom is carefully planned to meet the needs of toddlers and organized for their convenience. Areas of learning are defined, yet the space is open to allow plenty of room for social interaction and activities required for growth and development. Teachers lead classes using age appropriate Montessori materials and activities that are designed to arouse their focused interest and engagement.

Activities will support your child’s growth in these areas: language acquisition, basic numeracy, practical life skills, and sensory, perceptual, and physical development.

Children do not need to be toilet-trained for acceptance into the Toddler Program. Although toilettraining is primarily a parental responsibility, we will reinforce and aid in the process.

Casa Program ages 3 to 6 years At Montessori By The Sea, each child is allowed the freedom to safely experience the excitement of learning at his/her own pace, by his/her own choice, and in an environment that appeals to his/her inner needs. Using methods and materials developed by Dr. Montessori, the teacher provides a sequence of tasks sufficiently challenging and interesting to engage the child. These tasks or exercises are broken down into five areas of learning: Practical Life, Sensorial, Culture, Mathematics and Language.

–  –  –

Montessori materials are designed to heighten the child's five senses.

Children's senses are a key to understanding and classifying the environment. Through distinguishing, categorizing and comparing the concrete, children develop a foundation for understanding the abstract.

Children learn about people, their countries and the world through continent studies which include: food, music,pictures, flags, maps/landforms, artifacts, holidaycelebrations and other cultural observations. Cultural studies help to develop global awareness.

–  –  –

Children's understanding of the basic mathematical operations emerges from using manipulative materials such as rods, beads, and sandpaper numbers. These specially designed materials build a strong foundation for numeracy which will allow them to later work with


mathematical concepts. The mathematics materials in our casa classrooms are vast, covering arithmetic and the decimal system, measurement, fractions, patterns and geometry.

Montessori materials, your child will acquire a rich vocabulary for labelling, Using describing, comparing and contrasting the environment and the people in it with precise terminology. Through use of the sandpaper letters, children learn the sounds of letters, and are soon linking letters to make words, then words to make sentences. Additional language materials teach phonograms, puzzle words and other language conventions. They soon progress to writing letters and thus enhance their ability to express their thoughts and feelings more effectively in a variety of ways.

Peace education plays a vital role at Montessori By The Sea. By offering a global curriculum, we are able to offer the children knowledge on cultures and beliefs other than their own. By providing this diverse experience, children will ultimately respect themselves and others around them as individuals and develop tolerance of differences. We encourage children to resolve conflicts by using respectful words and teachers model and assist children to develop problem-solving and conflict resolution skills.

Elementary Program ages 6-12 years "Education between the ages of six and twelve is not a direct continuation of that which has gone before, though to be built upon that basis. Psychologically, there is a decided change in personality, and we recognize that nature has made the [elementary grades] a period for the acquisition of culture, just as the [primary grades] were for the absorption of environment. Knowledge can be best given where there is eagerness to learn, so this is the period when the seed of everything can be sown, the child's mind being like a fertile field, ready to receive what will germinate into culture. But if neglected during this period, or frustrated in its vital needs, the mind of the child becomes artificially dulled, henceforth to resist imparted knowledge. Interest will no longer be there if sown too late, but at six years of age, all items of culture are received enthusiastically, and later these seeds will expand and grow."

~ Dr. Maria Montessori

Lower Elementary: Ages 6-9; Upper Elementary: Ages 9-12

The Elementary Program offers a continuum that is built on the Casa experience with the intention of engaging the imagination of the child in developing a global perspective. The higher level materials further expand and deepen the child's understanding of the concepts in their movement towards abstraction. The spiral nature of the curriculum enables students to revisit concepts to which they have been exposed at increasing levels of complexity. By building on the basic skills acquired in the Casa Program, the elementary child now transitions from concrete to abstract reasoning. Our Elementary Program provides a full expression of the Montessori principles of self-directed, individualized learning in a truly integrated curriculum. Time management skills are developed through daily and weekly planners. Conflict resolution skills are honed through weekly community meetings. The academic curriculum of Montessori

By The Sea's Elementary Program is highly enriched and challenging, focusing on three key elements:

mastery of the fundamental skills and basic core knowledge, the 'Great Lessons', and individually chosen research.

MASTERY OF THE FUNDAMENTAL SKILLS AND BASIC CORE KNOWLEDGE: In this fully integrated curriculum, the student explores Language Arts studies, Mathematics, the Arts, Science, Social Sciences, Life Skills, community involvement and service, and Peace Education.

Language Arts: The world of Language is expanded upon at the Elementary level as the students have the opportunity to explore the intricacies of the English language. On a daily basis, students read and express themselves through various forms of language, such as written, spoken and visual. By developing the student's ability to use these forms, we build their confidence and enhance their ability to express their thoughts and feelings more effectively. Spelling, word study, writing mechanics and research and reference skills are also developed.

Mathematics: The Elementary Math curriculum continues to work from the concrete to the abstract to create a greater understanding of mathematical concepts. Students have higher level materials available for practical applications of these concepts as well as the opportunity for real world mathematical applications.

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