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The course, Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Fusion, actually takes place at the Faculty of Nuclear Science and Physical Engineering (FNSPE) but is open also for the students from the Charles University. It is organized for students in the last year of their Master studies, at the Department of Nuclear Reactors, and the lecturers are mostly, though not exclusively, from the IPP. In the winter semester 2007, twelve lectures were presented.

They were devoted to energy problems in general, basics of plasma physics, principle of fusion reactor, plasma diagnostics, principle of tokamaks, inertial confinement, status of ANNUAL REPORT 2007 ASSOCIATION EURATOM/IPP.CR magnetic confinement, pulsed plasma systems and to material problems of fusion. Two excursions to Prague Asterix Laser and the CASTOR tokamak were organized as well.

From the school year 2006/2007, a new Curriculum Physics and Technology of Thermonuclear Fusion was started at FNSPE (for the students in the third year of their studies), and this course is gradually converged to the corresponding regular Master Programme. Within this curriculum, several new courses were launched in 2007, including Introduction to thermonuclear fusion, Physics of tokamaks, Physics of ICF, Introduction to Power Production, Theory of Plasmas. Other new or modified courses (Plasma diagnostics, Technology of thermonuclear devices, Atomic and molecular physics and Topics from MCF) were under preparation for the MSc summer term with the first run in 2008. Considerable ratio of the courses are read by fusion experts from IPP Prague.

On the 3 September 2007, the first bachelor degree of the curriculum was awarded to Mr Michal Kubič. On 21st September 2007 FNSPE hosted the international meeting of European universities, participants in joint call for EURATOM CSA in education. Association IPP.CR actively participates in several proposed workpackages of this call and heads the workpackage „multimedia“. On 18th December 2007, FNSPE transferred the hardware of the decommissioned tokamak CASTOR to the faculty premises in the Břehová street, with a strong determination to find a new educational role for the historical device.

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The year began by very successful launching ceremonial of book translation G. McCracken, P. Stott “Fusion – the Energy of the Universe” (godfathers: prof. V. Pačes – chairman of Academy of Science, prof. P. Chráska – director of Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v. v.

i., Ing. V. Remek – first non Russian and US astronaut and Member of European Parliament), Jan Mlynar said Good bye! to long time stay in EFDA JET CSU at Culham by an overview book for high-school students “Focus On: JET”.

During the year 2007 Association EURATOM-IPP.CR has published 14 articles in different mainstream newspapers and magazines. The members of Association were interviewed six times in radio broadcast and six times in TV broadcast. Very interesting were one hour radio interview with MEP Vladimir Remek “Talking about Fusion Expo”, “Twenty minutes with Martin Veselovsky” about fusion, 20-minutes tv reportage “The way to artificial Sun” about Castor and Compass tokamaks, fusion education and Fusion Expo Prague 2007. Another example was interview with the IPP director in the TV series "Eurofondue" focussed on successful applicants to the EU funds. The internet newspaper www.aktualne.cz is covering the construction of Compass tokamak in a continuous reportage "Hledá se energie zítřka.

Buďte u toho" („Future power sources are being searched for. Get involved!“). Several high school excursions visited the fusion departments of our Association.

The Fusion Expo exhibition has been presented in Prague from 11th to 23rd June, 2007. It was hosted by the Czech Association Euratom-IPP.CR in the building of Faculty of Nuclear Sciences and Physical Engineering of the Czech Technical University, located in Prague Old City. Because this faculty opened a new fusion-oriented Masters curriculum in the last academic year 2006/2007, posters and exhibits detailing role of the Czech Association in the European fusion research, in particular focussed on the imminent installation of the Compass tokamak in the Institute of Plasma Physics in Prague, enhanced Fusion Expo. Twenty-one of public lectures, that accompanied the exhibition, proved to be popular with the audience.

Moreover, special fusion-promoting souvenirs had good sales: T-shirts, teacups, the Czech translation of the book “Fusion: The Energy of the Universe” - or just a postcard with the Fusion Expo stamp. A large publicity of the Fusion Expo has been organized in media and a special website (in Czech language) http://fusionexpo.fjfi.cvut.cz has been arranged to see more Expo details, images and all posters presented.

More than 2000 visitors – that is the final score of the Fusion Expo presentation in Prague in

2007. The visitors often asked surprisingly detailed questions and had many enriching comments to the topics. Compared to 1998, when Fusion Expo visited Prague for the first time, the public seemed to be much better informed about the problem and much more concerned with the global energy challenge.

ANNUAL REPORT 2007 ASSOCIATION EURATOM/IPP.CR Very extraordinary is a number “twenty” of the members of Association’s lectures for wide public and high school students.

Two members of Association were awarded for meaningful act in physics popularization by Association of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists’ Czech Physical Society.

Two 9th events – Open Days and Tour de Plasma bike trip finished successful Association public activity year.



Jan Mlynář at al: „Focus on JET: The European Centre of Fusion Research“, EFDA JET Close Support Unit, Culham Science Centre, Abingdon, Oxfordshire, OX14 3EA, United Kingdom, 2007 Book translation: G. McCracken, P. Stott: Fusion – the Energy of the Universe Launching ceremonial, eight recensions in newspapers and magazines, two in television, one in brodacast Launching ceremonial: (godfathers: prof. V. Pačes – chairman of Academy od Science, prof.

P. Chráska – director of Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v. v. i., Ing. V. Remek – first non Russian and US astronaut and Member of European Parliament), 22. února 2007, 14:00 hod., Akademie věd, Národní 3, Praha 1, posluchárna 206


Association of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists’ Czech Physical Society awarded Milan Milan Řípa for meaningful act in physics popularization – longtime and comprehensive popularization of thermonuclear fusion Association of Czech Mathematicians and Physicists’ Czech Physical Society awarded Jan Jan Mlynář for meaningful act in physics popularization – book „Focus On: JET“ Milan Řípa: Nomination in the competition Czech Head for media category


František Žáček et al, Fusion Expo, Praha, June 11 to June 23, 2007 2000 visitors, press conference, invitation cards, folders, booklets, posters, books, fusion promoting merchandisers (T-shirts, teacups, postcard with the Fusion Expo stamp), 21 lectures, special websites, 13 servers, info broadcating three times per day from June 8 to June 16, ten newspaper and magazines papers, included into the projets of„The Science on the Streets“ and „Physical Week 2007“ Jan Mlynář, Milan Řípa: Poster „Participation in projects of JET and ITER“, Reopening of Conference Centrum of the Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Liblice, September 6 to September 20, 2007 Milan Řípa: Fragments of Fusion Expo, Week of Science nad Technology, Praha, November 1 to November 11 2008

Author’s papers:

Dagmar Jáňová, Milan Řípa: Fúze – Energie vesmíru (Fusion – the Energy of the Universe), Zpravodaj České energetické agentury, No 1, March 2007, cover p. 4 Part V – Training & Outreach Milan Řípa: Kutil vyrobil termojaderný reaktor (The handyman has made the thermonuclear reactor), Lidové noviny, March 17 2007, p. 11 Milan Řípa: ITER současnosti: od fyziky k technologii (Today ITER: from physics to technology), Technický týdeník, 55 (2007), p. 18 Milan Řípa: Patent, který si dává na čas (Patent with long time delay), Lidové noviny, April 27, 2007, p. 17 Milan Řípa: Fúze dnes a zítra (Fusion Today and Tomorrow), Mladá Fronta Dnes, attachement Věda, 18, číslo 140, p. C/8, June 16, 2007 Milan Řípa: Budeme rozlišovat jaderné štěpné a jaderné fúzní elektrárny (We shall differentiate between fission nuclear plant and fusion one), Halo noviny, 17, No 139, p. 8, June 15, 2007 Milan Řípa: Fusion Expo – putovní evropská výstava v Praze! (Fusion Expo – the Traveling European Exhibition in Prague), Technický týdeník, 55, No 11, May 29, 2007, p. 13 Milan Řípa: Přítomný stav energie pro budoucnost (Today Status of the Energy for the Future), Energetika, 57(2007), No 7, pp. 234 – 235 Milan Řípa: Ohlédnutí za výstavou Fusion Expo (Hindsight the Fusion Expo exhibition), Akademický bulletin, No 9, 2007, p. 12 Milan Řípa: Jak tokamak a stelarátor soutěžily (How the tokamak and stellarator had competed), Vesmír, 86 (2007), No 9, pp. 583 – 585 Milan Řípa: Vesmírný tokamak na Zemi (The universe tokamak on the Earth), Inovační podnikání, 15 (2007), No 3, pp. 12 – 14 Milan Řípa: Výzkum termojaderné fúze u protinožců (The fusion research by antipodes);

Technický týdeník, 55, No 21, October 9, 2007, p. 29 Milan Řípa: Rusko chce předběhnout svět (Russian wants to outrun the world), Lidové noviny, November 28, 2007, p.17 Štěpán Plaček (interview with Jan Stöckel): Paliva bude dost miliony let (The fuel will be enough for millions years), Nedělní svět, Svět vědy, p. 9, January14, 2007 Marek Telička(interview with Pavel Chráska): Jak se staví slunce (How the sun is building), Svět, February 2007, pp.12 – 17 Papers – tutition Matouš Lázňovský (Milan Řípa – tutor): Podaří se spoutat Slunce? (Shall we be succensful in sun enchaiment?), Lidové noviny, Byznys book, Věda attachement, p. 17, June11, 2007 Darina Boumová (Milan Řípa – tutor), infoWIN: Jak snést energii hvězd na Zemi?(How star energy bring down on the earth?, No 6, 2007, p. 1 Zdenka Petáková (Milan Řípa – tutor): Jaderná fúze: vzdálená naděje (Nuclear Fusion – beautiful hope), Krásná paní, 2007, No 10, pp. 50 to 51 Lectures Milan Řípa: Hvězdy míří na Zem – střípky z fúzní historie (The stars head for the Eather – the crocks from fusion history), Fusion Expo, June 21, 2007 Milan Řípa: Hvězdy míří na Zem – střípky z fúzní historie (The stars head for the Eather – the crocks from fusion history), lecture for high school teachers in the frame of Expo Fascination by light, Veletržní palác, November 1, 2007 Milan Řípa: Iter je cesta (ITER is a way), Gymnasium Turnov, Decemebr 6, 2007 Milan Řípa: Iter je cesta (ITER is a way), Gymnasium Čáslav, December 19, 2007 Vladimír Kopecký: Plazma, budoucí zdroj energie z termojaderné fúze, Otevřená věda, Praktické kurzy z fyziky, 15. března 2007, Akademické a univerzitní centrum Nové Hrady ANNUAL REPORT 2007 ASSOCIATION EURATOM/IPP.CR Vladimír Kopecký: „Plazma, budoucí zdroj energie z termojaderné fúze“ (Plasma – the source of the energy of the future), The multibranch seminary: The science opened to regions,. Tréšť castle, April 28, 2007 Jan Mlynář: Světlo pozemských hvězd – jak vidíme termonukleární fúzi (i doslova) (The light of the earthly stars – how we see the thermonuclear fusion (even literally), The week of science and technlogy, Academy of Science of the Czech Republic, Praha, November 6, Vladimír Weinzettl, Vladimír Kopecký, Jan Mlynář, Milan Řípa: Zkrocení Prometheova ohně (Subjugation of Prometheus's fire), Fusion Expo, June 19, 2007 Vladimír Kopecký: Fúzní energie pro modrou planetu (The fusion energy for blue planet), Fusion Expo, Praha, June 11, 2007 Pavel Pavlo: Česko a fúzní Evropa (The Czech Republic and fusion Europe), Fusion Expo, Praha, June 12, 2007 Jan Stöckel: Fúzní minulost Česka – tokamak CASTOR (The fusion history of the Czech Republic – tokamak CASTOR), Fusion Expo, Praha, June 13, 2007 Radek Pánek: Fúzní budoucnost Česka – tokamak COMPASS, (The fusion future of the Czech Republic – tokamak COMPASS), Fusion Expo, Praha, June 18, 2007 Vladimír Weinzettl: Zkroceni Prometheova ohne (Subjugation of Prometheus's fire) Assembly of young physicists and mathematicians, Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Charles University, Plasnice v Orlickych horach, July 8, 2007 Vladimír Weinzettl: Zkroceni Prometheova ohne (Subjugation of Prometheus's fire), Open Science project, gymnasium Voderadska, Praha, October 11, 2007 František Žáček: Tokamak ITER a kdo je víc? (Tokamak ITER and who is more?), Fusion Expo, Praha, June 19, 2007 Jan Mlynář: Evropský tokamak JET je největší na světě (European tokamak JET is the bigest all of the world), Fusion Expo, Praha, June 20, 2007

Jan Mlynář: Fúze – věc veřejná: informace & studium (The fusion – public item:

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