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information & studies), Fusion Expo, Praha, June 22, 2007 Milan Řípa: Soubor popularizačních činů na téma termojaderná fúze (The collection of popularization items on the theme of fusion), The competitive display of meaningful acts in physics disclosure for public, Charles University, Praha, December 4, 2007 Jan Mlynář: Kniha „Focus on JET: The European Centre of Fusion Research“, The competitive display of meaningful acts in physics disclosure for public, Charles University, Praha, December 4, 2007 Pavel Šunka: Termojaderná fúze – energie pro jednadvacáté století (Thermonuclear fusion – the energy for 21th century), Gymnázium v Jevíčku, Jevíčko, April 24, 2007 Television and broadcasting Milan Řípa (Dagmar Jánová), Termojaderná fúze (Themonuclear fusion), Český rozhlas, Meteor, March 3, 2007 Malina:Tři minuty s Milanem Řípou – seznámení s překladem knížky Garry McCrackena, Peter Stotta: Fúze – Energie vesmíru (Three minutes with Milan Ripa – prezentation of the Czech translation of the book Garry McCracken, Peter Stott: Fusion – the energy of the future)), UPC, December 5, 2006 Luboš Veverka, Milan Řípa, Vladimír Remek: Beseda o Fusion Expo (Talking about Fusion Expo), Třetí dimenze, ČRo Leonardo, June 11, 2007 Vladimír Kunz (Milan Řípa – co-ordinator, staring Jan Mlynář, Jan Stöckel, František Žáček): Cesta k umělému Slunci (The way to artificial Sun), Port, Popularis, ČT2, June 13,

Part V – Training & Outreach

Martin Veselovský (interview with Milan Ripa about fusion): Dvacet minut s Martinem Veselovským (Twenty minutes with Martin Veselovsky), Radiožurnál, July 23, 2007, 17:32 Zdeněk Vališ (interview with Milan Ripa): Čeští vědci studují termojadernou fúzi (Czech scientists are studing thermonuclear fusion), Radio Prague – broadcasting abroad, Kaledioskop – věda a technika,, October 13, 2007

Jiří Adámek: Kulový blesk (Fireball) Zprávy, Nova, June 22, 2007:

Pavel Chráska: Otevření výstavy Fusion Expo (Lauchnig of Fusion Expo), TV (ČT2), June 11., 2007 Pavel Chráska: Zahájení výstavy Fusion Expo (Lauchnig of Fusion Expo), Radiožurnal, June 11, 2007 Pavel Chráska, Fusion Expo: Eurofondue o Tokamaku (Eurofondue about tokamak), ČT 2, August 31, 2007; repetition two times Kořen (Pavel Chráska, Radek Pánek): Na pražské sídliště Kobylisy dorazilo zařízení tokamak (The facility tokamak has arrived in Prague habitation), ČT 1, Události, November 20, 2007 Martina Mašková (Pavel Chráska): Fúze – energie budoucnosti (The fusion – the energy of the future), Radio Leonardo, October 22, 2007 Folders Milan Řípa: Termojaderná fúze? Ano! (Thermonuclear fusion? – Yes!), ČEZ, Milan Řípa: Fusion Expo Translations Milan Řípa, Jan Mlynář (subtitles): ITER, the way to fusion power, DVD European Commision, Internet Josef Tuček:Hledá se energie zítřka. Buďte u toho („Future power sources are being searched for. Get involved!“), http://aktualne.centrum.cz/veda/clanek.phtml?id=391542


9th Open days: November 9 to 10, 2007 9th Tour de Plasma: September 21 to 23, 2007, bike trip from Prague to Marianska (IPP ASCR,v.v.i., cottage) and back.

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Overview of the tokamak COMPASS reinstallation in the Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, v.v.i., Association EURATOM-IPP.CR in 2007


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This appendix to the 2007 Activity report summarizes the status of the project „Enabling a programme of ITER relevant plasma studies by transferring and installing COMPASS to the Institute of Plasma Physics AS CR, Association EURATOM-IPP.CR”.

In all critical aspects the progress of the project is satisfactory. The tokamak COMPASS has been dismantled and transported to IPP Prague as soon as the building construction allowed. The construction of the new building is finished and COMPASS is fixed in its place. The tokamak energetics has been manufactured and is currently being installed. The vacuum system has been successfully tested and is ready for installation. Diagnostics, CODAC, Interlock, and IT Infrastructure are progressing essentially as scheduled. For feedback control the digital solution has been adopted and both, hardware and software, are in production. The tender for neutral beam injection is delayed. This should not affect the delivery at the end of 2009 and commissioning foreseen for 2010. Human resources for re-installation are available. Financial situation is manageable.

There are no indications that the next significant milestone – first plasma at the end of 2008 – would not be achieved.



- Dismantling of COMPASS-D started on October 16, 2006 (Fig. 1.1) and finished by August 2007.

- IPP staff spent in UKAEA Culham a total 56 menweeks.

- 6 lories of tokamak equipment has been transported to IPP Prague.

- Special transportation frame and box has been designed and manufactured in Prague for safe transport of the tokamak.

- After dismantling, the COMPASS-D tokamak was lifted through the dismantled roof of D1 building using a 500-ton crane and specially manufactured lifting cross on September 17, 2007 (Fig. 1.2 and 1.3).

- Consequently, the tokamak was placed on a frame, fixed to it and moved into the JET Assembly hall for temporary storage (Fig. 1.4).

- There, an iron frame covered by wooden panels was put around the tokamak to protect the tokamak during storage and, especially, for transport to IPP Prague.

- The COMPASS-D tokamak was loaded on a special oversized lorry; the transport left for IPP Prague on October 16, 2007 (Fig. 1.5) and arrived in Prague on October 20, 2007 (Fig. 1.6).

- In IPP Prague COMPASS was unloaded and put into temporary storage in the new assembly hall for six weeks.

- Finally, the COMPASS tokamak was placed to its final position on December 11, 2007 (Fig.


–  –  –

Fig. 1.2: The COMPASS-D tokamak Fig. 1.3: The COMPASS-D tokamak lifting (inside the experimental hall). lifting (outside view on crane).

• The new building consists of the assembly hall, tokamak hall and administrative part with offices and control room.

• The tender for the new tokamak building was launched at the end of December 2006.

• Company Podzimek a synove, s.r.o. was chosen as a supplier.

• The contract was signed on March 9, 2007.

• The construction started in May 2007.

• The Assembly and tokamak hall were finished in December 2007.

• The administrative building has been finished in January 2008.

• The final building approval is planned for the end of March 2008 – after installation of most of the technology.

Fig 2.1: Tokamak building - south view. Fig 2.2: Tokamak building - north view.

Fig 2.3: Tokamak building - west view.

• The tender for COMPASS energetics was launched at the end of December 2006

• CKD Nove Energo was chosen as a supplier for the energetic system.

• The contract was signed on April 10, 2007.

• It has been decided to procure two flywheel generators in the frame of this project. This solution (performance upto Bt = 2.1 T) was chosen for the following reasons (AHGs


o Better plasma performance – impact on scientific programme o In case of procuremement of two generators the price of the generator is considerably reduced.

o In case of malfunction of one generator, COMPASS can still operate at reduced performance.

• Presently, all parts of the energetic system have been delivered to IPP Prague (except for the flywheel generators) and are being installed in the new hall.

• The experts from IPP Prague were present at the tests of the individual systems at the supplier companies (convertors, OH system, transformers, etc).

• All tests were successful and required parameters were fulfilled and often also exceeded.

• The timetable for energetics is kept and no crucial delay is envisaged.

a) Flywheel generators

The two flywheel generators are presently being manufactured in the CKD Nove Energo (Figs. 3.1 and 3.2). The first one will be delivered in February 2008 and the second generator in March 2008 (the schedule is followed).

Detailed calculations were made to assess the impact of generator vibrations during the shot. The basement was sized (over 1 000 tons of reinforced concrete) according to these calculations to accumulate the energy of the impulse (Fig. 3.3-3.5).

–  –  –

b) 6 kV switching station, transformers and convertors All the systems have been already manufactured (convertors – CKD Elektrotechnika a.s., 6kV switching station – ABB Brno, transformers – SGB Regensburg, etc ) and have been delivered into the COMPASS hall (Figs. 3.6-3.11). Most of the systems are already installed and work on cabelling has started (Fig. 3.12). The progress is according to the timetable and no delay is envisaged.

–  –  –

Fig. 3.8: Convertors for toroidal and poloidal Fig. 3.9: Tokamak basement – deprecated circuits including their control. chokes (back) and the crowbar system (front).

Fig. 3.10: Detailed view inside the convertor cubicle (left), on the thyristors (middle) and the OH system (right).

Fig. 3.11: Transformers have been delivered and are being installed.

Appendix – Tokamak COMPASS reinstallation in IPP Prague Fig. 3.12: Heavy current cabelling is under work.

–  –  –

4.1 Activities done:

1. The original pumping stand (maybe 5-6 years out of operation) was moved to IPP Prague from Culham. The system was revised and the necessary maintenance (oil replacement etc.) has been performed. The stand has operated several months for pumping of the CASTOR tokamak. The operation of the system was controlled manually. The pressure 10-6mbar was achieved without any baking of the stand.

Fig. 4.1.1. The pumping system of COMPASS after testing on CASTOR

2. All parts of the gas filling system (Mass flow controllers and valves) have been identified and their functionality was tested.

3. The scheme of computer control of both the pumping and the gas filling systems was designed in collaboration with IST Lisbon and some parts were already tested.

Implementation of the control system in the central CODAS of COMPASS is under way.

New vacuum gauges (with a digital output), which are necessary in the new control system were identified (Pfeiffer HPT 100, CPP and 100 PPT 100) and shall be purchased.

4.2 Present status:

1. The pumping system is functional and prepared for installation in the new tokamak hall. As the first step, manual operation (using existing vacuum gauges brought from Culham) is envisaged.

2. Hardware required for the computer control of the pumping system has been designed and it is already partially under construction.

4.3 Future activities:

1. Installation of both the pumping and gas filling systems in the new hall and their connection to the COMPASS tokamak.

2. Fabrication of missing flanges of the vacuum vessel (some ports have remained open after dismantling at Culham).

3. Immediate purchasing and installation of the digital gauges for communication with computer control system.

4. Manufacturing of all HW (and development of corresponding software) needed for the computer control of the pumping and the gas filling systems.

5. Installation of the heating systems of all evacuated parts together with a unit for temperature measurements and control.

Appendix – Tokamak COMPASS reinstallation in IPP Prague


5.1 Magnetic diagnostics – the system of magnetic diagnostics was carefully dismantled and documented during the stays of IPP staff at Culham in 2007. The equipment (four cubicles + cables) have been transported to IPP Prague. Some parts, which will be re-used for the plasma control, in particular analogue integrators of signals from magnetic sensors were tested under realistic conditions on the CASTOR tokamak. Only a few of them are operational and compatible with original documentation. Remaining integrators, which were found to be non-operational, were modified already during COMPASS operation. Using the existing COMPASS database, the signals from magnetic sensors have been exploited for reconstruction of magnetic surface by means of the modified EFIT code.

5.2 Microwave interferometer – the existing equipment (the single channel interferometer at 2 mm) was transported from Culham. The system was tested successfully on the CASTOR tokamak using its 4-mm waveguides and antennae – see Fig. 5.2.1 and Fig. 5.2.2. The interferometer electronics was equipped by the conditioned cabinet for a better day-to-day operation. In 2007, IPP staff was trained for interferometer operation and signal processing by V.Shevchenko (UKAEA). In the first half of 2008, the interferometer will be installed on COMPASS.

–  –  –

Fig. 5.2.2 Interferometric signals in a standard shot of the CASTOR tokamak(red).

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