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«STANDING LITURGICAL COMMISSION The Standing Liturgical Commission 1. Revision of the Book of Common Prayer The principal event which the Standing ...»

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The Anglican Church of Canada, through its Synod Committee on Doctrine and Worship, has already taken an active share, during the period of trial use, in the experience of this church. Its members have also made a valuable contribution to our work. Through the Executive Secretary of the Anglican Consultative Council, valuable contacts with other Anglican churches have been developing. Scholars of the Lutheran, Roman Catholic, Presbyterian, and Methodist Churches have cooperated with representatives of the Commission in preparing the text of eucharistic prayer D in Rite II. A number of texts prepared by the International Consultation on English Texts, (ICET), tested during the period of trial use, and amended, in part because of the active contribution of the Standing Liturgical Commission, will no doubt continue to be the subject of further study and expanded use. At least one of the other liturgical churches is now in the process of considering the adoption of the Psalter included in the Draft Book. Failure to anticipate a considerable increase in correspondence and personal contacts among the churches would be short-sighted. Accordingly, some provision for this work has AA-274


to be made.

(7) Further cooperation is essential with diocesan liturgical committees, whose great contribution to the work of revision has been indicated above. These contacts will continue. It is hoped that the diocesan commissions and committees will play an increasingly important _r()le in the continuing renewal of the Church) spiritual life. They will need the help, and sometimes the leadership, of the Standing Liturgical Commission.

(8) An important editorial task will be the revision of The Draft Book with a view to incorporating all amendments the General Convention may wish to make, and insuring that these amendments are fully integrated in The Proposed Book.

Spelling, capitalization, punctuation, etc., will need to be made consistent. Any resulting changes in page references will need to be carefully checked. This task alone will take not less than three months, i.e. The Proposed Book should be ready for the press early in 1977. Only after this work is completed will it be possible to proceed with the preparation of an Altar edition, insuring that materials needed by the celebrant, including sung portions of services, are conveniently placed. This is not a merely technical task. It will require the advice and guidance of the Standing Liturgical Commission. It is anticipated that careful work on the Altar Book will require at least six months after the completion of The Proposed Book.

(9) Now that a Standing Commission on Church Music has been established, and is beginning to produce materials for use in conjunction with a future Book of Common Prayer, it is to be expected that contacts with the Standing Liturgical Commission, provided for under Section 2(a) of Canon 11.6, will be of increasing value to the Music Commission. During the period of trial use, members of the Joint Commission on Church Music participated in the work of the Standing Liturgical Commission and its drafting committees. They made a valuable contribution. In the coming triennium it is anticipated that the cooperation of the Liturgical Commission will be sought by the Music Commission, especially in the evaluation of existing and proposed texts of hymns for inclusion in a revised Hymnal. Desire for such cooperation has been expressed by members of the Commission on Church Music.

(10) Finally, assuming the completion of the revision process in 1979, the General Convention is faced with the question, How long an interval of time must elapse before the next revision of the Prayer Book is undertaken? The Standing Liturgical Commission was constituted as a permanent agency of the Church when the 1928 revision of The Prayer Book was completed. This was only the second revision of the American book. Yet it was recognized at that time that "another revision would be needed in a generation or two:' Nearly fifty years have elapsed since then. The assumption on which the Standing Commission was established has been reinforced by the speed of change since the Second World War. With the publication of The Draft Proposed Book, a turning point has been reached in the history of Anglican liturgy. Even if the General Convention should reject The Draft Book its influence will continue to be present, in the pioneering process by which it was produced; in the new ways of worship it has opened up; in the new methods of participation in the liturgical life of the Church it has charted; and in the fullness of the historic tradition of the Church it has brought together into one volume.

If the General Convention adopts a revised Proposed Book, the Standing Liturgical Commission will be called upon to carry out more intensively than before its original mandate, set forth in Section I of Canon 11.4, of systematically collecting and collating materials bearing upon future revisions of the Book of Common Prayer, including criticisms of The Proposed Book, suggestions for improvements, etc. An important process of Churchwide communication has been opened up. It should not be aIlowed to lapse.

The recognition by the General Convention that the central Book of worship of AA·275


the Church cannot be allowed to become out-dated makes it necessary for the Liturgical Commission to be prepared to present to the General Convention, at reasonable intervals of, say, fifteen or twenty years, major suggestions for further revisions of The Prayer Book. This, in fact, is the continuing responsibility which the Standing Liturgical Commission has been established to discharge.

3. Membership, Organization, and Meetings Term ends at 66th General Convention Rt, Rev. Chilton Powell Rt, Rev. Morgan Porteus Rt, Rev. Otis Charles Rt. Rev. William A. Dimmick (Appointed as Presbyter, continued as Consultant upon consecration as Bishop) Rev. Robert W. EstiU Rev. Canon Paul E. Langpaap Rev. Charles P. Price Rev. Richard Winn Mr. Dupuy Bateman, Jr.

Mr. James D. Dunning Mrs. Richard L. Harbour Term ends at 65th General Convention Rt, Rev. James W. Montgomery Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, Jr.

Rev. Bonnell Spencer, a.H.c.

Very Rev. C. Preston Wiles (Appointed to complete term as Presbyter of Rt. Rev. WUliam A. Dimmick) Mn H. Harrison Tillman Consultants (Termends at "65 tit General Convention) Rev. Canon L.M. Benefee (died.3 October, 1974) Rev. Lloyd Casson Rev. Donald L. Garfield Very Rev. Robert H. Greenfield Rev. H. Boone Porter, Jr.

Dr. Anne LeCroy Mrs. Donald Kingsley Ex Officio Rev. Canon Charles M. Guilbert, Custodian of the Book of Common Prayer Staff Rev. Leo Malania, Coordinator Capt. Howard L. Galley, C.A., Editorial Assistant Organization The Commission organized on 14 January, 1974.lt reelected the Rt. Rev.

Chilton Powell as Chairman, the Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., as Vice-Chairman and the Rev. Charles M. Guilbert as Secretary.


The Commission held 8 meetings during 1974-76:

January 14-17,1974;

June 24-28, 1974;

October 8-12,1974;

January 7-10, 1975;

March 11-14, 1975;

May 6-9, 1975;

June 16-21, 1975;

July 14-18, 1975.

The Commission plans a further meeting May 17-20, 1976; and a meeting with members of the two legislative committees of the General Convention September 8-10,1975.



4. Membership of the Commission for 1977-79 In view of the program of work outlined above, the Commission considers that the canonical membership of ten will be too small to enable it to carry out its tasks expeditiously. However, a membership of 23, while undoubtedly more representative of the Church as a whole, may become rather unwieldy. Provided that the Commission is given the necessary staff and facilities, and provided that it is granted sufficient budgetary flexibility to engage and to invite consultants if this should become necessary, and also to establish drafting committees, the Commission considers that sixteen members, including the Custodian of the Book of Common Prayer, ex officio, should be adequate for the tasks enumerated above.

Accordingly the Commission recommends the adoption of Resolutions A-I 09 and A-l10 below.

S. Draft Resolutions on Prayer Book Revision

Resolution A-I04 Whereas, the Sixty-Second, Sixty-Third, and Sixty-Fourth General Conventions approved a Plan for Revision of The Book of Common Prayer; and Whereas, the Standing Liturgical Commission has completed the task assigned to it of producing a Draft Revised Book of Common Prayer; and Whereas, this Sixty-Fifth General Convention has received The Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer and has given full and detailed consideration to it; now, therefore, be it Resolved, the House of concurring, That this Sixty-Fifth General Convention hereby takes the first constitutional action, under the terms of Article X, of the Constitution, to adopt the said Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer, as amended; and accordingly designates the said document as The Proposed Book of Common Prayer; and refers it to the Sixty-Sixth General Convention for the second constitutional action under the terms of Article X. of the Constitution.

Resolution A-lOS Whereas, this Sixty-Fifth General Convention has taken, under the terms of Article X. of the Constitution, the first constitutional action on The Proposed Book of Common Prayer; now, therefore, be it Resolved, the House of concurring, that this Sixty-Fifth General Convention, in accordance with Clause (b) of Article X. of the Constitution, authorize for use throughout this Church, for a period of three years, as from the First Sunday of Advent 1976, being the twenty-eighth day of November, 1976, all the rites and materials contained in the said Proposed Book of Common Prayer as "an alternative at any time or times to the established Book of Common Prayer."

Resolution A-I06 Whereas, the various consultants to the Standing Liturgical Commission appointed by the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies since the approval by the General Convention of the Plan of Prayer Book Revision, or co-opted by the Commission itself during the triennium 1973-1976, have rendered valuable services to the Commission in preparing The Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer; now therefore, be it Resolved, the House of concurring, That this Sixty-Fifth General Convention place on record its deep appreciation of the services rendered to this Church by those Consultants who served as members of Drafting Committees and by those who served as Reader Consultants.


Resolution A-t07 Whereas, the various diocesan liturgical commissions and committees have demonstrated admirable qualities of initiative in organizing study programs, during the period of trial use, of the rites and materials authorized for trial use and incorporated in The Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer; and Whereas, these diocesan bodies have also shown their value in the renewal of the liturgical and spiritual life of the Church; now, therefore, be it Resolved, the House of concurring, That this Sixty-Fifth General Convention place on record its appreciation of the work accomplished by the Chairmen and members of the said diocesan organs; and, be it further Resolved, the House of concurring, That this Sixty-Fifth General Convention recommend to the Bishops and other Ecclesiastical Authorities that the said liturgical bodies be encouraged to continue, and to intensify, their programs of education in liturgy, and that they be adequately supported in deepening the renewal of the Church's prayer life.

Resolution A-tOS Whereas, the Standing Liturgical Commission has completed the first stage of the process of Prayer Book Revision entrusted to it by the Sixty-Second and subsequent General Conventions; and, Whereas, it is essential for the successful completion of this process that a program of intensive education in the use of The Proposed Book of Common Prayer be undertaken during the triennium 1977-79; and, Whereas, the completion of the first phase of the program of Prayer Book Revision makes it necessary that related programs be undertaken and brought to speedy conclusion; now, therefore, be it Resolved, the House of concurring, That the Standing Liturgical Commission be requested, and is hereby authorized, (1) to edit and prepare for publication The Proposed Book of Common Prayer as expeditiously as possible;

(2) to prepare an Altar edition based on The Proposed Book of Common Prayer;

(3) to undertake a revision of the Book of Offices;

(4) to complete a study of the sources of various liturgical formularies included in The Proposed Book of Common Prayer, and arrange for the publication of such study;

(5) to review the Main Lectionary and the Daily Office Lectionary, and to prepare and publish a study setting forth the rationale and principles on which the lectionaries have been constructed;

(6) to initiate, in cooperation with diocesan liturgical committees and commissions, an intensive program of education in the use of The Proposed Book of Common Prayer;

(7) To maintain and develop contacts with other churches of the Anglican Communion and with other Christian churches with regard to the revision of the liturgies of their churches;

(8) to maintain close contacts with the Standing Commission on Church Music;

(9) to continue the task assigned to it under its original mandate of collecting and collating criticisms. suggestions for improvement, and proposals for amendments of the Book of Common Prayer. with a view to undertaking, at a date to be decided by a future General Convention, such a further program of revision as may be considered necessary to keep the Prayer Book of this Church up to date in terms of growing discoveries in liturgical research, and also in terms of the spritiual needs of the people; and further;

(to) to report to the General Convention on all aspects of this work.



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