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«STANDING LITURGICAL COMMISSION The Standing Liturgical Commission 1. Revision of the Book of Common Prayer The principal event which the Standing ...»

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Resolution A-I09 Whereas, the Standing Liturgical Commission was designated under the Plan of Revision adopted by the General Convention of 1967 as its instrument for the revision of The Book of Common Prayer; and, Whereas, the General Convention of 1967 augmented the membership of the said Commission, until such revision was completed, to a total of sixteen Members, including one ex-officio Member; and, Whereas, the constitutional process of revision of the Book of Common Prayer is expected to be completed in 1979; now, therefore, be it Resolved, the House of concurring, That the membership of the Standing Liturgical Commission be established, during the triennium 1977-79, at a total of sixteen Members, including the Custodian of the Book of Common Prayer, as ex-officio Member, without amendment of Section 2 of Canon 11.4.

Resolution A-II 0 Whereas, the plan of Prayer Book Revision adopted by the 63rd General Convention, provided for the appointment of a Co-ordinator to furnish the necessary assistance and staff services to the Standing Liturgical Commission; now, therefore, be it Resolved, the House of concurring, That the Presiding Bishop and the President of the House of Deputies be authorized and requested to appoint a Co-ordinator for Prayer Book Revision, to assist the Commission in carrying to completion the tasks assigned to it, in such a manner and under such terms of reference as the said Commission may determine.

6. The Lesser Feasts and Fasts The 1973 General Convention authorized for trial use a revised version of this' valuable book of Collects, in both contemporary and traditional forms, together with suitable readings and suggested Psalms for the lesser feasts and the week-days of Lent. The Commission considers this collection an invaluable enrichment of the Church's worship, and recommends its continued use during the triennium 1976-1979.

Accordingly, the Commission recommends the adoption of the following


Resolution A-HI Resolved, the House of concurring, That this Sixty-Fifth General Convention authorize for optional use, throughout this Church, that certain document entitled "The Calendar and the Collects, Psalms, and Lessons for the Lesser Feasts and Fasts," Revised Edition, prepared by the Standing Liturgical Commission, published by The Church Hymnal Corporation (and appended to this Report); Provided that the use of this document be according to the "Tables and Rules for the Movable and Immovable Feasts, etc." in the Book of Common Prayer, or according to the rules of "The Calendar of the Church Year," published in The Proposed Book of Common Prayer as authorized by this Sixty-Fifth General Convention for Trial Use, in accordance with the provisions of Clause (b) of Article X. of the Constitution.

7. Modern Versions of the Bible The Sixty-Fourth General Convention adopted an amendment to Canon II.2 permitting the reading at Morning and Evening Prayer of several translations of the Bible, including "Good News for Modern Man: the New Testament in Today's Speech," published by The American Bible Society in 1966. This year the Bible Society is publishing its translation of the Old Testament. The Commission AA-279


considers that since "Good News for Modern Man" has been found helpful during the period of trial use, it would be equally helpful if the American Bible Society's translation of the Old Testament were also authorized for use. Accordingly, the

Commission recommends the adoption of the following two resolutions:

Resolution A-112 Resolved, the House of concurring, That Canon 11.2be, and the same is hereby amended, by the substitution of the title "The Good News Bible in Today's Speech (1976)" for "Good News for Modern Man: The New Testament in Today's Speech (1966)."

Resolution A-113 Resolved, the House of concurring, That this Sixty-Fifth General Convention, in accordance with Clause (b) of Article X. of the Constitution authorize for trial use throughout this Church, for a period of three years, as from the First Sunday of Advent, being the Twenty-eighth day of November, 1976, in place of the Epistles and Gospels set out in the Book of Common Prayer, the corresponding passages from any of those translations of the Holy Scriptures that are permitted by Canon 11.2 to be used for the Lessons at Morning and Evening Prayer. '

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PART III - Appropriations for the Triennium 1977-79 In order to bring to completion the task of Prayer Book Revision, as set forth above and as approved by the General Convention, the Standing Liturgical Commission must hold meetings, organize at least four committees which also will need to meet, and be assisted by an adequate staff. The appropriations granted in the past have never been sufficient to meet the actual costs, which, on the whole, were reasonably estimated. In the triennium 1977-79, it is reasonable to expect that costs of transportation, subsistence, telephone, part-time assistance, etc., will rise sharply in accordance with the continuing trend in rising costs, and will thus off-set much of the savings from a reduction in the membership of the Commission and in the number of committees. However, costs for professional staff assistance, which have always been minimal, should remain reasonably constant. Such decrease as there may be in the volume of correspondence will be off-set by the rise in mailing costs, and the costs of paper and other office supplies.

The estimates below are based on past experience. They are divided under two headings: the travel and subsistence of a Commission of 16 members; and the costs of committees and staff, consisting of one full-time secretary, a part-time AA-281


Coordinator, and a part-time editorial assistant, together with minimal office expenses, including correspondence, telephones, and the need to engage part-time staff during periods of peak activity.

Whatever the General Convention may decide about the distribution of expenses between the Assessment Budget and the General Program Budget, the Commission feels that it cannot be expected to carry out its tasks without the necessary substantive and administrative tools.

I. Meetings of the Standing Liturgical Commission 1976 (Pre-Convention meetings with Legislative Committees of the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies) $26,341.00 1977-79 (Ten meetings of 16-member Commission, travel and SUbsistence) 48,800.00

–  –  –

The Commission, therefore, recommends the adoption of the following two


Resolution A-1l4 Resolved, the House of concurring, That this Sixty-Fifth General Convention appropriate in the Budget of the General Convention for the triennium 1977-79, the sum of $75,141.00 for the expenses of the Standing Liturgical Commission.

Resolution A-liS Resolved. the House of concurring, That there be included either in the General Church Program or in the Budget of the General Convention, the sum of $137,000 to be expended over the years 1977, 1978, and 1979 by the Standing Liturgical Commission for the technical and professional assistance required to carry out the program of Prayer Book Revision and other related activities authorized by this Sixty-Fifth General Convention.

Respectfully submitted,


Annex I - Memorial Minute Lee Maur Benef'ee (died 3 October 1974) The Standing Liturgical Commission of The Episcopal Church, assembled in regular session at the Bishop Mason Retreat and Conference Center, Flower Mound, Texas, wishes to record its gratitude to God for the life and work among us of the Rev. Canon Lee Maur Benefee.

Since Canon Benefee was ap pointed to this body in 1970, his Christian devotion, his warm personality, and his forthright honesty have endeared him to all members of the Commission. He has repeatedly spoken up to criticize any material that was insensitive or unjust to any individual or group, and he has helped all members of this Commission to be more aware of particular outlooks and cultural backgrounds within our society and the Church whose recognition and contribution is so AA-282


essential to the total life of the Church. Our work has been better because of his presence among us, and as we remember him in the future we will try to be true to the perceptions to which he alerted us.

We have celebrated together the Holy Eucharist, to offer God our thanks and our prayers for him. We likewise wish to express to Elna Louise, his wife, to his family, and to his many friends, our sympathy and the assurance of our prayers that God will continue to uphold them in that divine love which has been so real to Lee in his life and which we believe he now enjoys more fully in that heavenly Jerusalem which is the Mother of us all.

The Standing Liturgical Commission Meeting in Flower Mound, Texas II Oct. 1974

–  –  –

Annex III - List of Corrections This list does not include such minor technical errors as, for example, the omission of the period after the word Alleluia on page 103, line 6; or the omission or insertion of commas when the sense of the passage is not affected, as after the title "0 Gracious Light" on page 111. Nor does it include typographical refinements such as spacing, over-hang quotes, etc. Only those corrigenda are listed below which affect the substance of the text. A supplementary list may be presented at a later date.

(See consolidated list following the Supplemental Report)


Following the submission of its Report to the General Convention, published in "The Blue Book", the Standing Liturgical Commission held another meeting from May 17 to 20, 1976, in St. Paul, Minn. In addition to those members of the Commission who were present, the following Bishops also participated in the meeting at the invitation of the Chairman: The Right Reverends Stanley H. Atkins, Frederick H. Belden, John H. Burt, William A. Franklin, Walter C. Righter, and Arthur A. Vogel. The Very Rev. Harold F. Lemoine, Chairman of the Liturgical.

Committee of the House of Deputies, also participated. Present as guests and observers were two representatives of the Synod Committee on Doctrine and Worship of the Anglican Church of Canada: The Very Reverend David J. Carter and the Venerable Peter S. Lucas.

The Commission noted once more the generally favorable comments it was continuing to receive regarding The Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer, published on 2 February, 1976, by The Church Hymnal Corporation and distributed free-of-charge to all Bishops and all Deputies to the General Convention.

At the same time, the Commission took note of the numerous helpful suggestions it had received for the improvement of the Book, ranging from the identification of typographical errors to more substantive comments. In the light of all these comments and suggestions, a consolidated list of changes, incorporating those appended to the main Report, as well as those made at its May meeting, and others received subsequently, has been prepared and is appended to this Report.

The Commission presents this list for consideration by the General Convention in conjunction with The Draft Proposed Book.

Theological Commentary on The Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer At its May 1976 meeting, the Commission read and approved a theological commentary on The Draft Proposed Book, prepared at its request by the Rev.

Charles P. Price, Chairman of the Commission's Theological Committee and Professor of Theology at The Protestant Episcopal Theological Seminary in Virginia. This commentary entitled "Introducing The Draft Proposed Book" was adopted by the Commission as an integral part of its Report to the General Convention. However, the commentary could not be prepared until after


The Draft Proposed Book had been published, and since the deadline for including materials in "The Blue Book" had passed, the Commission requested and received the permission of the Presiding Officers of the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies to give interim distribution to the commentary. The task of distributing it to all Bishops and Deputies was assigned to the Co-ordinator for Prayer Book Revision.

In view of its outstanding merits as a working tool for understanding not only The Draft Proposed Book, but also the principles of all current Anglican revisions, the commentary is being published by The Church Hymnal Corporation as Prayer Book Studies 29, and is being made available for purchase by the general public as well. The value of this commentary will last well beyond the General Convention of 1976 and the triennium of 1977-1979.

The Commission hereby presents this theological commentary, entitled Introducing the Draft Proposed Book, to the General Convention, and by this reference makes it part of its Report.

Translation of The Apocrypha by The American Bible Society The Standing Liturgical Commission presents to the General Convention a resolution, expressing appreciation to The American Bible Society for its great contribution to the cause of evangelism by its excellent translation of Good News for Modern Man and requesting the Society to proceed to the translation of The Old Testament Apocrypha. Together with its forthcoming publication of The Old Testament in modern English speech, the translation of the Apocrypha would be another valuable addition to the outstanding accomplishments of the Society. The

Commission recommends the adoption of the following Resolution:


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