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«STANDING LITURGICAL COMMISSION The Standing Liturgical Commission 1. Revision of the Book of Common Prayer The principal event which the Standing ...»

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Resolution A-1l9 Whereas, The American Bible Society has performed a distinguished service to the Churches in their work of evangelism and of study of the Holy Scriptures in their translation of the Bible, known as Good News for Modern Man; and Whereas, The Episcopal Church, acting through its General Convention, has authorized in its Canons (Title II, Canon 2) the use in public worship of the Society's translation The New Testament in Today's English Version (1966; and Whereas, The completion of the Society's comparable work of translation of the Old Testament (of which several Books have already been completed and published) is soon to be published: now, therefore, be it Resolved, the House of concurring, that this Convention, meeting in Minneapolis, September 11-22, do hereby request The American Bible Society to proceed to a translation of the Old Testament Apocrypha, upon completion of its translation of the Old Testament Books, in order that the said Old Testament Apocrypha also be available for use in public worship among those churches which read it for edification in their services of worship; and be it further Resolved, the House of concurring, that The American Bible Society be commended for its translation of the Holy Scriptures, known as Good News for Modern Man, in its work completed to date for both the Old and the New Testaments; and be it further Resolved, the House of concurring, that The Episcopal Church hereby pledges its full cooperation in a new translation, in the aforesaid series, of the Old Testament Apocrypha.

The Celebration and Blessing of a Marriage The Commission took note of a number of comments and suggestions it had

–  –  –

received for changes in its last revision of the marriage rite, and requested its editorial committee to study them, and, if appropriate, submit a revised text to the Liturgical Commission for its approval. As there was no time to complete this task between the conclusion of its May meeting and the deadline for submitting this Supplementary Report, the Commission hereby makes the revised text part of its Supplementary Report by reference, and undertakes to submit the text for the consideration of the Liturgy Committees of the House of Bishops and the House of Deputies early in September 1976, for appropriate action and submission to the General Convention.

The Good Friday Liturgy While the enrichment of the Holy Week rites have been received with considerable approval by all who have commented on them, two optional sections of that rite were subjected to weighty criticism by a number of correspondents. The section entitled "'The Reproaches", two moving poems cast in Old Testament imagery contrasting the great good Jesus has accomplished for the salvation of the human race with its rejection and crucifixion of him, were criticized by some scholars and liturgiologists as conveying undesirable anti-Jewish overtones. These poems have been understood by many parishes which have used them unofficially, and by members of the Commission, as being addressed not to a nation or race, but to the entire Church, and, indeed, to the whole of mankind.

However, the objections to this section of the rite were supported by reference to the tragic history of the Jewish people, the role played by the Church's exclusion and condemnation of Jews in the Middle Ages, and by a resolution on Christian-Jewish relations, adopted by the General Convention of 1964. In keeping with its policy of being sensitive to the feelings of all peoples, the Standing Liturgical Commission decided to replace this optional material by other more suitable, but equally optional, materials. As in the case of the Marriage Rite, there was no time to give adequate study to suitable substitutions. The Commission, therefore, assigned the task of preparing such materials to its editorial committee, and herewith makes the submission of alternative texts a part of this Report by reference. The texts will be reviewed by the Standing Liturgical Commission in early September, 1976, and if approved, will be presented to the Liturgy Committees of the House of Deputies and the House of Bishops for appropriate action by the General Convention.

Financial Implications In its main Report in "The Blue Book", the Standing Liturgical Commission outlined a program of work for the triennium 1977-1979. Special emphasis was laid on the educational aspects of the Commission's work, on the revision of the Book of Offices, and on the preparation of other related materials, including a Prayer Book Study on the sources of the new liturgical material in The Draft Proposed Book.

The Commission desires to stress once more that this work cannot be accomplished without a staff and adequate provision for office expenses, such as mail, telepnones, and a minimum amount of travel. Already, a number of requests for members of the Commission's staff to make personal presentations of the proposed revision of the Book of Common Prayer, following the General Convention, are being received, together with a large number of letters requesting background information, clarifications, etc.

The Commission feels that an adequate completion of the revision program calls for adequate staff expenditures, and it urges the General Convention to ensure that its minimal staff needs will be given serious and favorable consideration.



Membership of the Commission, Drafting Committees, and Reader-Consultants In this unprecedented effort at a comprehensive and intensive dialogue with the whole Church with regard to its liturgy, the Commission has received invaluable assistance from a very large number of correspondents, who have literally prayed their way through the successive drafts it has presented and which the General Convention has authorized for trial use. There is sufficient evidence to indicate that for many members of the Church, active participation in the processes of trial use has been a profoundly spiritual experience, tantamount in some cases to a spiritual conversion, a rediscovery of faith, and a deepened insight into the meaning and mission of the Church.

Much as it would like to do so, the Commission cannot possibly list the names of all those earnest and devout men and women who have contributed to its work, and who, in a real sense, can be described as co-authors, with the Commission, of The Draft Proposed Book.

The best that can be done is to list the names only of those who have been officially involved in its work - members of the Commission, members of Drafting Committees, and officially-appointed or co-opted consultants. Their names are listed below. To all of them, and especially to the much larger number who have taken the trouble to read, mark, inwardly digest, and comment on this work now brought to the present stage of near-completion, the Standing Liturgical Commission is once more happy to express its deep gratitude.

A. Members of the Standing Liturgical Commission The General Convention of 1967 approved a plan for revision of The Book of Common Prayer, submitted at its request by the Standing Liturgical Commission, and at the same time authorized the trial use of The Liturgy of the Lord's Supper, prepared by the Commission, and published by The Church Hymnal Corporation.

At that time, the membership of the Commission consisted of two bishops (Chilton Powell, Chairman, and Jonathan G. Sherman); six presbyters (Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., Vice-Chairman, Charles W.F. Smith, Louis B. Keiter, H. Boone Porter, Jr., Charles M. Guilbert, Custodian of the Standard Book of Common Prayer and member ex-officio, and Bonnell Spencer, a.H.C.); two lay persons (Frank S. Cellier, Secretary, and Dupuy Bateman, Jr.); and two bishops serving as consultant members (Arthur Lichtenberger and Albert R. Stuart).

An expansion of the Commission's membership was authorized by the General Convention of 1967, and the Presiding Officers of the House of Bishops and of the House of Deputies added bishops, presbyters and lay persons to serve as additional members and as consultant members. In practice, the distinction between the "canonical" members and others became non-existent, except with regard to the duration of their terms of appointment.

During the first period of trial use, 1968-1969, the membership of the Standing Liturgical Commission was as follows:

five bishops (Chilton Powell, Chairman; William C. Frey, J. Joseph Harte, Jonathan G. Sherman, and Albert R. Stuart); eight presbyters (Robert W. Estill, Charles M.

Guilbert, Custodian of the Standard Book of Common Prayer and ex-officio member, who was elected Secretary upon the expiration of the term of Frank S.

Cellier, Louis B. Keiter, H. Boone Porter, Jr., Charles P. Price, Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., Vice-Chairman; Charles W. F. Smith, and Bonnell Spencer, O.H.C., and four lay persons (John W. Ashton, Dupuy Bateman, Jr., James D. Dunning, and Mrs.

Richard L. Harbour). Beginning in 1968, the Rev. Leo Malania became Co-ordinator on a part-time basis, and Captain Howard E. Galley, C.A., was added to the Co-ordinator's staff as Editorial Assistant, also on a part-time basis.

In 1970, the membership of the Commission was as follows: six bishops (Chilton Powell, Chairman; Stanley H. Atkins, A. Donald Davies, William C. Frey, James W.

Montgomery, and Morgan Porte us who began as presbyter); twelve presbyters AA-287


(Harold Bassage, Lee M. Benefee, Robert W. Estill, David R. Forbes, who replaced the Rev. Morgan Porteus upon his consecration as bishop, Donald L. Garfield, Charles M. Guilbert, Custodian and Secretary, H. Boone Porter, Jr., Charles P. Price, Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., Vice-Chairman, Charles W.F. Smith, Bonnell Spencer, O.H.C., and Richard C. Winn); and four lay persons (Dupuy Bateman, Jr., Harrison Tillman, James D. Dunning, and Mrs. Richard L. Harbour).

During the triennium 1974-76, the membership of the Commission was as follows: five bishops (Chilton Powell, Chairman; Otis Charles, William Dimmick, James W. Montgomery, Morgan Porteus); twelve presbyters (Lloyd S. Casson, Robert W. Estill, Donald L. Garfield, Robert H. Greenfield, Charles M. Guilbert, Custodian and Secretary, Paul E. Langpaap, H. Boone Porter, Jr., Charles P. Price, Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., Vice-Chairman, Bonnell Spencer, a.H.C., C. Preston Wiles, appointed to replace William Dimmick when he was consecrated bishop, and Richard C. Winn); six lay persons (Dupuy Bateman, Jr., James D. Dunning, Mrs.

Richard L. Harbour, Mrs. Donald Kingsley, Dr. Anne LeCroy, and Harrison Tillman).

The terms of office of these members are given in the Commission's main Report in "The Blue Book.".

B. Drafting Committees

Membership of Drafting Committees 1974-76 One of the cardinal principles of the Plan for Prayer Book Revision was the distribution of the work of drafting among a number of committees, composed of bishops, priests, and lay persons, chosen for their special competence or interest in the particular subject. Each committee functioned under the chairmanship of a member of the Standing Liturgical Commission. At most of the committee meetings, a representative of the Standing Commission on Church Music was present and took part in the work. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions relating to the work of the particular committee were referred to it, and were taken into account in preparing the draft text for study and consideration by the Standing Liturgical Commission. In all cases the Commission itself did a detailed job of editing and redrafting the committee's proposals.

The membership of committees in the trienniums 1968-70 and 1971-73 was reported to the General Convention in the Commission's Reports for those years.

Committee memberships for 1974-76 are listed below, generally in the order of

the contents of The Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer:

Contents and Order of the Draft Proposed Book Rev. Robert W. Estill, Chairman; Rt. Rev. E. Otis Charles, Mr. James D. Dunning, Rev. John B. Coburn, Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., Rev. William Petersen.

Committee on The Calendar, Eucharistic Lectionary and Collects Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., Chairman; Rev. Canon James R. Brown, Rev. Lawrence L.

Brown, Rev. Reginald H. Fuller, Rev. Donald L. Garfield (See also Committee on the Church Year and Editorial Committee).

Committee on Prefactory Materials Mr. Dupuy Bateman, Jr., Chairman; Rev. John K. Baiz, Rev. Lawrence L. Brown, Very Rev.

John B. Coburn.

The Daily Office Rt. Rev. William A. Dimmick, Chairman; Rt, Rev. Morgan Porte us, Rev. Benjamin Minifee, Sister Mary Clare, O.S.A.; Rev. Charles W.F. Smith; Mrs. Donald Kingsley, Rev. Paul Wessinger, S.S.J.E., Rev. Donald L. Garfield, Capt. Howard Galley, C.A., Rev. Canon Charles M. Guilbert, Rev. H. Boone Porter, Jr., Rev. Thomas J. Talley, Brother John Baptist, S.S.F., Mr. Dana Cotton, Mr. Edmund Fuller, Mr. Bernard Zinkgraf.

–  –  –

The Great Litany (See under "Rite I Services" Committee below. This work was largely based on the revision by the late Morton Stone, P.B.S., 1953).

Committee on the Church Year (Responsible also for Proper Liturgies for Special Days) Rev. H. Boone Porter, Jr., Chairman;

Mrs. Charles F. Clarkson, Rev. Hubert M. Dye, Capt. Howard E. Galley, C.A., Rev. Richard F.

Grein, Miss Suzanne Peterson, Rev. Edward L. Warner, Mr. Robert D. Gillespie.

Corresponding Member:

Rev. Herman Page.

Holy Baptism (Responsible also for Confirmation) Rt, Rev. Frederick B. Wolf, Chairman; Rev. Bonnell Spencer, O.H.C., Convener; Rt, Rev. E. Otis Charles, Rt, Rev. John P. Craine, Mrs. Richard L.

Harbour, Very Rev. Urban T. Holmes, Rev. Canon Paul Langpaap, Rev. Leonel L. Mitchell, Rt, Rev. James W. Montgomery, Rt, Rev. Morgan Porteus, Rev. Thomas K. Ray, Rev. Daniel B.

Stevick, Mr. Harrison Tillman, Mrs. Michael Vinik, Rev. Louis Weil, Rev. Thomas J. Talley.

Corresponding Members:

Rt. Rev. Robert B. Appleyard, Rt. Rev. George Barrett, Mrs. Howard O. Bingley, Rt, Rev.

John Krumm, Rev. James Madison, Dr. Margaret Mead, Rev. Joseph S. Young, Rev. Canon Lee M. Benefee (until his death in 1974).

The Holy Eucharist Rt, Rev. James W. Montgomery, Chairman; Rev. David E. Babin, Rt, Rev. Morgan Porte us, Very Rev. Charles U. Harris, Mrs. Donald Kingsley, Dr. Anne LeCroy, Very Rev. James P.

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