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«STANDING LITURGICAL COMMISSION The Standing Liturgical Commission 1. Revision of the Book of Common Prayer The principal event which the Standing ...»

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Morton, Rt, Rev. Lyman C. Ogilby, Rev. Carroll E. Simcox, Mr. Harrison Tillman, Rev. Samuel E. West, Rev. Marion J. Hatchett, Rev. Leo Malania, Capt. Howard E. Galley, C.A., Very Rev.

Robert H. Greenfield.

Ad Hoc Committee on A Common Eucharistic Prayer Rev. Marion J. Hatchett, Chairman; Dr. Ralph A. Keifer, Rev. 1. Ross Mackenzie, Rev. Aidan Kavanaugh, O.S.B., Rev. Hoyt L. Hickman, Rev. Eugene L. Brand, Capt. Howard E. Galley, Rev. Don E. Saliers.

Pastoral Offices (Reconciliation of a Penitent, Ministration to the Sick, Ministration at time of Death, and BUrial) Mr. James D. Dunning, Chairman; Rt, Rev. Robert H. Cochrane, Rev. Don H. Gross, Rev. R. Frank Hipwell, Rev. Frank T. Griswold, III, Rev. Kenneth W. Mann, Rev. Lloyd G.

Patterson, Rev. Thomas J. Talley, Rev. Louis Weil, Rev. Richard C. Winn, Rev. J. Robert Zimmerman, Rev. Canon Lee M. Benefee (until his death).

Marriage Rite Rev. Lee M. Benefee, Chairman (until his death in 1974), was succeeded by Mrs. Richard L.

Harbour; Rt, Rev. Robert H. Cochrane, Mrs. Charles M. Guilbert, Rev. George F. Tillman, Mrs.

Maryanne Ward.

Thanksgiving for a Child Mrs. Virginia Harbour, Chairman; Mrs. Maryanne Ward.

Corresponding Members:

Rev. 1. Marion Hatchett, Rev. W. Babcock Fitch.

Episcopal Services Rev. H. Boone Porter, Jr., Chairman; Rt. Rev. Otis Charles, Mrs. James Crapson, Rt. Rev.

William C. Frey, Rev. Canon Paul E. Langpaap.

Corresponding Members:

Rt, Rev. Frederick Belden, Rt, Rev. Harvey Butterfield, Rt, Rev. John Higgins, Rt, Rev.

Donald Davies, Very Rev. Harry H. Jones, Mrs. Margaret Sloan.

The Psalter Rev. Canon Charles M. Guilbert, Chairman; Very Rev. Robert F. Capon, Mr. Vernon Perdue Davis, Rev. Robert C. Dentan, Mr. J. Chester Johnson, Rev. Ivan T. Kaufman, Rev. R. Rhys Williams.

–  –  –

An Outline of the Faith or Catechism Very Rev. Robert U. Greenfield, Chairman; Dr. Marianne Micks, Rev. Charles Winters, Rev.

Evan R. Williams.

Corresponding Members:

Rt, Rev. Stanley U. Atkins, Mr. Dupuy Bateman, Jr., Rev. Donald L. Garfield, Mr. Harrison Tillman, Dr. Thomas (Sylvai) Crocker, Rev. Richard Baker, Rev. G.S. Burchill, Rev. J.R.

Campbell, Rev. Richard McGinnis, Rev. Robert Prichard, Mr. F. Warren Morris, Mr. Matthew Thuney, Rev. U. Scott Tonk, Rev. David Veal, Rev. L. Powell Gahagan, Rev. Warner White, Rev. Bernard Lamer.

Historical Documents of the Church (originally a Committee of the Theological Statements Committee) Mrs. Richard Harbour, Chairman; Dr. Marion Kelleran, Rev. William Wendt, Rev. Malcolm MacMillan, Rev. Clement Welsh, Rev. Albert T. Mollegen, and members of the Editorial Committee.

The Lectionaries (See below under Committee on the Use of Scripture) In addition to the above, several Committees were constituted to keep the

entire work-in-progress under review. These include:

The Theological Committee (incorporating original "Theological Statements 'Committee," under the Chairmanship of Mrs. Richard L. Harbour). Rev. Charles P. Price, Chairman; Mrs. Richard L. Harbour, Rt. Rev. Arthur A. Vogel, Rev. Charles Winters, Rev. Albert T. Mollegen, Rev. Daniel B. Stevick, Dr. Marianne Micks, Rev, Milton Crurn, Rev. Donald L. Garfield, Rev.

H. Boone Porter, Jr., Rev. Bonnell Spencer, O.H.C., Rev. Canon Lee Benefee (until his death).

Corresponding Members:

Rt, Rev. Stanley Atkins, Mr. Thomas Babbit, Rt, Rev. M.P. Bigliardi, Rt, Rev. John Burgess, Rev. Edward Hardy, Rev. Charles Lawrence, Mr. J. Waring McCrady, Rev. Sunji Nishi, Rev.

Richard Norris, Dam Benedict Reid O.S.B., Rev. John Rodgers, Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, Jr., Rev. Louis Weil, Rev. Donne E. Puckle, Rev. Herman Page, Rev. Frank T. Griswold, Rev.

Marion J. Hatchett, Rev. Pierce Middleton, Rt, Rev. John S. Spong, Rt. Rev. Robert E.

Terwilliger, Rev. Cyril C. Richardson.

Committee on the Use of Scriptures [This Committee reviewed alllectionaries. and the use of Biblical material throughout the Draft Book) Rev. Robert W. Estill, Chairman; Rev. Reginald Fuller, Rev. Henry r. Louttit, Jr., Rev. Pierson Parker, Rev. Walter L. Pragnell, Rev. William Sydnor, Rev. Frank R. VanDevelder, Rev. Marion J. Hatchett, Capt. Howard E. Galley, C.A., Rev. Bonnell Spencer, O.H.C.

Corresponding Members:

Prof. Denis Baly, Rev. Massey H. Shepherd, Jr.

Committee on Rubrics Mr. H. Harrison Tillman, Chairman; Rt, Rev. E. Otis Charles, Rev. Canon Robert B. Dunbar, capt. Howard E. Galley, C.A., Rev. Marion J. Hatchett, Very Rev. Charles U. Harris, Rev.

Henry I. Louttit, Jr., Dr. Anne LeCroy, Rev. Powell Gahagan.

Constitutional and Canonical Committee Mr. Dupuy Bateman, Jr., Chairman; Rev. Canon Charles M. Guilbert, Rt, Rev. Hal Raymond Gross, Mr. Henry P. Bakewell, Hon, Clay Myers, Dr. Walker Taylor, Jr.; Rev. Leo Malania.

Committee on Rite I Services Rev. Donald L. Garfield, Chairman; Very Rev. Robert H. Greenfield, Rev. Canon Charles M.

Guilbert, Dr. J. Waring McCrady, Jr., Rev. Harold Bassage, Rt, Rev. Jonathan G. Sherman, Mr.

James D. Dunning, Capt. Howard E. Galley, C.A., Rev. Peter Chase, Mr. Dennis G. Michno, Editorial Committee Rev. Canon Charles M. Guilbert, Chairman; Rev. William Sydnor, Rev. Donald L. Garfield, Rev. Roddey Reid, Jr., Mr. George Lawler (Chief Editorial Consultant for Seabury Press), Capt.

Howard Galley, C.A., Rev. Leo Malania.

Corresponding Member:

Rt, Rev. Leland Stark.



Sub-Committee I (on "Sensitivity") Mrs. Richard L. Harbour, Chairman, Mrs. William Grey, Ms. Casey Miller, Rev. Richard C. Winn, Ms. Kate Swift, Rev. Canon Lee M. Benefee (until his death).

Sub-Committee II (on "Singability" of certain texts) Rt, Rev. Morgan Porte us, Chairman, Rev. Sherrod Albritton, Rev. Canon Jeffrey Cave, Capt. Howard Galley, C.A., Mr. James H. Litton, Rev. J.

Robert Zimmerman, Rev. Norman C. Mealy, Mr. Jack Noble White.

Corresponding Members:

Rev. Donald Irish, Rt, Rev. Charles Vache, Rev. Ormande Plater, Mr. Mason Martens, Rev.

Roswell Moore, Rev. Steele Martin, Rev. Leonard Ellinwood, Brother John Baptist, S.S.F., Sister Edith Raphael, 5.S.M., Rev. David Walker.

Committee on Design and Production Rev. Canon Charles M. Guilbert, Chairman, Rev. Craig Casey, Miss Olive Moore (Church Hymnal Corporation), Rev. Canon Jeffrey Cave, Mr. Nelson Gruppo, Rev. Leo Malania, Capt.

Howard E. Galley, C.A.


Mr. James Bradbury Thompson.

Headquarters Editorial Group By vote of the Standing Liturgical Commission taken at the last meeting of 1975 in July, and again at the last meeting of 1976 in May, the following were entrusted with the task of final editing of The Draft Proposed Book of Common Prayer, including all corrections and the preparation of alternative materials: Rev. Canon Charles M. Guilbert, Chairman; Capt. Howard E. Galley, C.A., Editorial Assistant;

and Rev. Leo Malania, Co-ordinator. The group used the services of Mr. Nelson Gruppo as technical advisor.

C. Chairmen of Diocesan Liturgical Committees Through these Diocesan Officials, the Standing Liturgical Commission was able to obtain the comments, criticisms, and invaluable advice from concerned liturgical groups in the various dioceses. The list of Chairmen given below is intended to recognize, as well, the invaluable contributions made by the members of these committees and of many non-members who spoke or wrote to them. In order not to lose the expert knowledge gained by the Chairmen in their work, those who resigned or moved to other dioceses were automatically transferred to the larger group of Reader-Consultants (see section D below) who also made a valuable contribution to the Commission's work from a more individual perspective.

ALABAMA Rev. Charles H. Douglass, Montgomery.

ALASKA Rev. Norman H. V. Elliott, Anchorage.

ALBANY Rev. Canon J. Alan diPretoro, Cohoes, N.Y.

ARIZONA Rev. Donne E. Puckle, Lake Havasu City.

ARKANSAS Rev. Charles T. Chambers, Fort Smith.

Rev. Gary McConnell, Jacksonville.

ATLANTA Rev. John McKee lII, Atlanta, Ga.

BETHLEHEM Rev. Charles A. Park, Stroudsburg, Pa.

CALIFORNIA Rev. Raymond Hoche-Mong, Pacifica.

CENTRAL FLORIDA Rev. A.C. Cannon, Cocoa, Fla.

CENTRAL GULF COAST Rev. William J. Gould, Mobile, Ala.

–  –  –

COLORADO Rev. Jerry B. McKenzie, Denver, Col.

CONNECTICUT Rev. Byron D. Stuhlman, Bridgewater, Conn.

COSTA RICA Rt. Rev. Jose A. Ramos, San Jose, Costa Rica.

DALLAS Rev. Canon K. Michael Harmuth, Dallas, Texas.

DELAWARE Rev. Myles W. Edwards, New Castle, Del.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC Rt. Rev. Telesforo A. Isaac, Santo Domingo, D.R.

EAST CAROLINA Rev. Webster L. Simons, Jr., Wilmington, N.C.

EASTERN OREGON Rev. Granville Waldron, Crescent City, Cal.

Mrs. Dirk Rinehart, Milton-Freewater, Ore.

EASTON Rev. Charles O'Fallon Mastin, Easton, Md.

EAU CLAIRE Rt. Rev. Stanley H. Atkins, Eau Claire, Wis.

ECUADOR Rt, Rev. Adrian Caceres, Quito, Ecuador.

EL SALVADOR Rt. Rev. George E. Haynesworth, San Salvador, EI Salvador.

ERIE Very Rev. A. Malcolm MacMillan, Sharon, Pa,


Rt, Rev. A. Ervine Swift,Nordenstadt, Germany.

FLORIDA Rt. Rev. Hamilton West, Jacksonville, Fla.

Rev. E. Boyd Coarsey, Jr., Jacksonville, Fla.

FOND DU LAC Rev. John O. Bruce, Waupun, Wis.

GEORGIA Rev. Henry I. Louttit, Jr., Valdosta, Ga.

GUATEMALA Rt. Rev. Anselmo Carral, Guatemala City, Guatemala HAITI Rev. Yvon Francois, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

HAW All Rev. Donn H. Brown, Ewa Beach, Hawaii.

HONDURAS Rt, Rev. Anselmo Carral, Guatemala City, Guatemala IDAHO Rev. Paul J. Tracy, Payette.

INDIANAPOLIS Mr. Leon E. Ritzman, Indianapolis, Ind.

Rev. James K. Taylor, Bloomington, Ind.

IOWA Rev. Douglas B. Haviland, Ames, Ia, KANSAS Rev. Hubert M. Dye, Jr., Olathe.

KENTUCKY Rev. H. Sheppard Musson, Louisville LEXINGTON Rev. Charles K.C. Lawrence, Lexington, Ky.

LIBERIA Rev. Emmanuel Johnson, Monrovia, Liberia.

WNG ISLAND Rev. Robert H. Walters, Levittown, N.Y.

–  –  –

MAINE Rev. Richard J. Simeone, Skowhegan MARYLAND Rev. Ronald H. Miller, Baltimore.

MASSACHUSETrS Rev. William C. Lowe, Auburndale MEXICO Rt, Rev. Jose Saucedo, Mexico City.

MICHIGAN Rev. Charles E. Curtis, Taylor MILWAUKEE Rev. Malcolm P. Brunner, Milwaukee, Wise.

MINNESOTA Rev. J. Greenlee Haynes, White Bear Lake.

MISSISSIPPI Rev. Hollis R. Williams, Jr., Jackson.

MISSOURI Rev. David P. Hegg, II, St. Louis.

MONTANA Rev. John S.W. Fargher, Butte.

NEBRASKA Rev. James M. Barnett, Norfolk.

NEVADA Rev. Karl Spatz, Las Vegas.

NEW HAMPSHIRE Rev. R.C.L. Webb, Plaistow.

NEW JERSEY Rev. Canon Vincent K. Pettit, Cranford.

NEW YORK Rev. Raymond DeWitt Mallary, Jr., New York NEWARK Rev. Harold 1. Shaffer, Sparta, N.J.

Rev. John F. Salmon, Jr., Bloomfield, N.J.

NICARAGUA Rt, Rev. Eduardo Haynsworth, Managua.

NORTH CAROLINA Rev. Uly H. Gooch, Salisbury, N.C.

NORTH DAKOTA Mr. Kent H. Horton, Jamestown.

NORTHERN CALIFORNIA Rev. J. Timothy West, Petaluma, Cal.

NORTHERN INDIANA Rev. Wright R. Johnson, Logansport, Ind.

NORTHERN MICHIGAN Rev. Canon 1. William Robertson, Iron Mountain, Mich.

NORTHWEST TEXAS Yen. Richard Wilson, Lubbock, Texas.

OHIO Rev. Robert C. Dean, Cleveland.

OKLAHOMA Rev. Charles H.D. Brown, Tulsa OLYMPIA Rev. John B. Winn, Bellingham, Wash.

Mrs. James B. Pierson, Bainbridge Is., Wash.

OREGON Rev. H. Bernard Lamer, Jr., Lebanon PANAMA AND THE CANAL ZONE Rt. Rev. Lemuel Shirley, Balboa.

PENNSYLVANIA Rev. Frank T. Griswold, III, Philadelphia.

PHILLIPPINES Rev. H. EUsworth Chandlee, Manila.

PITTSBURGH Rev. James M. Dix, Pittsburgh, Fa.

–  –  –

QUINCY Rev. Robert B. Meyer, Lewistown, U1.

RHODE ISLAND Rev. Paul Kintzing, Providence.

RIO GRANDE Rev. Peter C. Moore, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

ROCHESTER Rev. Richard M. Spielmann, Rochester, N.Y.

SAN DIEGO Rev. Arnold A. Fenton, San Diego, Cal.

SAN JOAQUIN Very Rev. John D. Spear, Fresno, Cal.

SANTO DOMINGO Rt, Rev. Telesforo A. Isaac, Santo Domingo, D.R.

SOUTH CAROLINA Rev. John E. Gilchrist, Charlestown.

SOUTH DAKOTA Rev. C.E.B. Harnsberger, Hot Springs SOUTHEAST FLORIDA Very Rev. William L. Stevens, Plantation, Fla.

SOUTHERN OHIO Rt. Rev. John M. Krumm, Cincinnati.

Rev. Lincoln Stelk, Delaware, Ohio•.

SOUTHERN VIRGINIA Rev. G. Donald Black, Bon Air, Va, SOUTHWEST FLORIDA Rev. Hoyt B. Massey, Tampa, Fla.

SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA Rev. Michael K. Thompson, Radford, v«.

SPOKANE Rev. G. Bruce Hotchkis, Yakima, Wash.

SPRINGFIELD Rev. Anthony C. Viton, Mt. Carmel, III.

TAIWAN Rt, Rev. James Te Ming Pong, Taipei.

TENNESSEE Rev. Charles Galbraith, Cookeville, Tenn.

TEXAS Rt, Rev. James Richardson, Houston.

UPPER SOUTH CAROLINA Rev. Peter D. Ouzts, Greenville, S.C.

UTAH Rev. William Hannifin, Brigham City.

VERMONT Rev. Canon James B. Leswing, Burlington.

VIRGIN ISLANDS Rev. Lionel S. Rymer, St. Thomas.

VIRGINIA Dr. John C. David, Richmond.

WASHINGTON Rev. Canon Jeffrey Cave, Washington, D.C.

WEST MISSOURI Rev. Donald R. Barton, Branson, Mo.

WEST TEXAS Rev. George H. Dettman, Port Lavaca, Texas.

WEST VIRGINIA Rev. David G. Thabet, Moundsville.

WESTERN KANSAS Rev. Herman Page, Liberal, Kansas WESTERN MASSACHUSETTS Rev. G. Garrett Carpenter, Shrewsbury, Mass.

WESTERN MICHIGAN Rev. Samuel E. West, Marshall, Mich.

WESTERN NEW YORK Rev. Canon William A.R. Howard, Silver Creek, N.Y.

–  –  –

WYOMING Very Rev. Howard L. Wilson, Laramie.


Rt. Rev. George M. Alexander, Columbia, S.c.

Rev. Horace T. Allen, Jr., New York, N.Y.

Very Rev. LC. Michael Allen, St. Louis, Mo.

Rt. Rev. John M. Allin, New York, N.Y.

Rev. C. FitzSimons Allison, New York, N.Y.

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