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«Diploma S u pple me n t Funktion - I nh a l te - U m s e tz ung Serv ice-Stelle Bologna Beiträge zur H ochschulpolitik 4 /20 0 5 Diese Publikation ...»

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Pr ob l e m e b e i d e r Ei n f ü hr u n g d e s D i p l om a S u p p l e m e n t s i n d e r H oc hs c hu l e Die Probleme bei der Erstellung v on Diploma Supplements betreffen sehr unterschiedliche Aspekte dieser Aufgabe. Am häufigsten werden mangelnde personelle K apazitäten genannt (32,0 % aller N ennungen). Es folgen Probleme bei der Erstellung der Inhalte (25,7%). An dritter und v ierter Stelle folgen EDV-technische Probleme, zum einen mit der Software zur Erstellung v on Diploma Supplements selbst (13,7%), zum anderen mit deren Anbindung an die Studierenden- und Prüfungsv erwaltung (12,9 %).

Probleme bei der fachbereichs- bzw. fakultätsübergreifenden Prüfungsv erwaltung, die technischer oder organisatorischer N atur sein können, werden nur selten genannt (4,1%).

–  –  –

Die sonstigen Probleme betreffen zu etwa gleichen T eilen organisatorische und EDV-technische Probleme sowie Schwierigkeiten bei der Erstellung der Inhalte. F ünf H ochschulen beklagen die schwierige K oM a t e r ia lie n u n d A r b e it s h ilfe n 2 71 operation mit den F akultäten/F achbereichen bzw. den Studiengängen.

Ebenso v iele Anmerkungen betreffen Probleme bei der Übersetzung der Inhalte in die F remdsprache, zumeist Englisch.

F a z it Auf dem Weg zur automatischen und kostenfreien Ausstellung v on Diploma Supplements für alle Absolv entinnen und Absolv enten liegen v or den meisten H ochschulen noch beträchtliche Aufgaben. Die Erfahrungen der H ochschulen zeigen, dass die H erausforderungen nicht allein in der T echnik liegen. Vielmehr zeigen die Erfahrungen, dass insbesondere die Erstellung und Abstimmung der Inhalte ebenfalls nicht leicht zu lösen sind. Umso wichtiger erscheint es, durch eine - häufig schon praktizierte zentrale K oordination Mittel und Wege zu finden, durch Z usammenarbeit aller Beteiligten effiziente und q ualitativ zufrieden stellende O rganisationsstrukturen und Abläufe zu finden. Die Dokumentation und Präsentation v on Diploma Supplements, aber auch v on Prozessen zu ihrer Einführung und Erstellung, während der T agungsreihe der Serv ice-Stelle sowie in diesem Band leistet einen Beitrag dazu.

2 72 D ip lo m a S u p p le m e n t B e is p ie le

3.3. D i p l o m a Su p p l e m e nt -B e i sp i e l e [Name of the Higher Education Institution] D ip l oma S up p l ement This Diploma Supplement model was developed by the European Commission, Counc il of Europe and U N ESCO / CEP ES. The purpose of the supplement is to provide suf f ic ient independent data to improve the international ‘ transparenc y’ and f air ac ademic and prof essional rec og nition of q ualif ic ations ( diplomas, deg rees, c ertif ic ates etc. ). I t is desig ned to provide a desc ription of the nature, level, c ontex t, c ontent and status of the studies that were pursued and suc c essf ully c ompleted by the individual named on the orig inal q ualif ic ation to whic h this supplement is appended. I t should be f ree f rom any value j udg ements, eq uivalenc e statements or sug g estions about rec og nition. I nf ormation in all eig ht sec tions should be provided. W here inf ormation is not provided, an ex planation should g ive the reason why.

–  –  –

4.2 P r o g r a m m e Re q u i r e m e n t s / Qu a l i f i c a t i o n P r o f i l e o f t h e G r a d u a t e E xplanatory N ote: I f av ailable, prov ide details of th e learning outcomes, sk ills, competencies and stated aims and obj ectiv es associated w ith th e q ualification. I f applicable, prov ide details of th e reg ulations cov ering th e minimum standards req uired to secure th e q ualification, e. g. any compulsory components or compulsory practical elements, w h eth er all elements h av e to be passed simultaneously, any th esis/ dissertation reg ulations etc. I nclude details of any particular features th at h elp define th e q ualification, especially information on th e req uirements for successfully passing it.

–  –  –

B u si n ess A d m i n i stra ti o n a n d E n g i n eeri n g, M a ster o f M B A ( F a chho chschu l e M ü n chen )

4. 2 P rogramme R equirements T he M aster’ s P rogramme in B usiness A dministration and E ngineering is geared to broadening and enriching the competence of students with an undergraduate degree in v arious fields of engineering or in industrial engineering and management. G raduates of the programme should be able to apply research findings in the fields of engineering and economics to management task s in firms operating in an international env ironment.

T he strength of the program lies in the intensiv e dialog with business and industry and is designed to enable engineers and other professionals currently engaged in full-time employ ment to study on a part-time basis.

T his, howev er, requires a high degree of responsibility and self-discipline on the part of the students in addition to the appropriate aptitude.

T he main goal of the program is to integrate engineering with business administration and management, thus enabling graduates to tak e a holistic approach to analy sing and ev aluating complex situations and dev ising appropriate processes and structures.

I n addition to professional sk ills, M aster’ s program also dev elops the social competence as well as the cooperation and communication sk ills needed to work successfully in teams and to lead teams.

–  –  –

ing the host countries and it shall qualify students to international and intercultural co-operation.

T he basics studies program consists of the following 2 4 compulsory modules with 1 2 0 E C T S credits completed through a final examination: I ntroduction to B usiness S tudies; A ccounting T echniques/ C ost A ccounting 1 ; Financial M athematics; S tatistics 1 ; S tatistics 2 ; B usiness L aw 1 ; P ersonal C omputing; M ark eting; C ost A ccounting 2 ; M acroeconomics 1 ;

B usiness M athematics; B usiness L aw 2 ; P rocurement and P roduction M anagement; A ccounting S tandards 1 ; M acroeconomics 2 ; P ublic L aw;

B usiness T axation; I ntroduction to B usiness I nformation S y stems; E lectiv e M odule B asic S tudies; Finance; H uman R esources M anagement; B usiness O rganisation; A ccounting S tandards 2 ; M icroeconomics. I f failed or incomplete, each module may be repeated twice. T he abov e modules form a foundation for the subsequent main studies program.

T he main studies program is made up of 1 2 modules with 6 0 E C T S credits which are also each completed by a final examination. I f failed or incomplete, each module may be repeated twice. Upon study ing regularly according to the stipulations of the course regulations, the student has an additional attempt to complete a particular module in this program. B esides the compulsory modules B usiness M anagement (inc. business game) and B alance S heet A naly sis/ C ontrolling, the student has to select from the catalogue two main options consisting of three modules each.

M oreov er, the student has to choose two compulsory modules from a special catalogue as well as two additional electiv e modules. T he additional electiv e modules of at least 5 E C T S credits each can be selected from the faculty course catalogue or from the course catalogues of other faculties of the univ ersity. T he entire study program is completed with an honours proj ect and an oral examination on this proj ect (3 0 E C T S credits).

–  –  –

R egion. I n addition, students extend their k nowledge of E U L aw and E uropean P riv ate L aw. T hey dev elop and enhance their research sk ills and original think ing through the completion of their L L. M. thesis within a period of nine months. S tudents are required to improv e their competence in a second foreign language. A practical training period of at least two months is also part of the program.

N a tu rw i ssen scha f ten

B i o techn o l o g y, B. S c., ( F a chho chschu l e L a u si tz )

4. 2 P rogramme R equirements T he B achelor P rogram graduates students as a B iotechnologist with broad theoretical and practical k nowledge and capabilities of basic principles in (natural) science and modern areas of B iotechnology. T herefore, a lab course belongs to nearly ev ery topic in the curriculum and scientific publication sk ills are continuously trained throughout the study.

I n the first three semesters the program has a strong focus on mathematics, phy sics, inorganic chemistry, organic and phy sical chemistry, and on cell biology, microbiology and biochemistry. T he curriculum is supplemented by basics in computer science, business management and scientific E nglish. T echnical microbiology, molecular biology, bioinformatics and bionengineering are the main topics of the 4 th semester. A n essential part of B achelor study play s the so called practical semester (5 th semester, work experience term), where students hav e to stay for 2 0 week s outside the univ ersity in research institutes or companies preferably to work on an own proj ect which has to be completed by a written scientific report and presented in an official colloquium at univ ersity. T o further promote this k ind of independent lab work a small proj ect in the research area of one of the faculty members is part of 6 th semester curriculum.

S tudents present their results in a poster session. A dditionally, the 6 th semester offers lectures and lab courses e. g. in gene technology, special biotechnology law and down stream processing and optional subj ects lik e immunochemistry, technology of cell culture or biotechnology of microalgae. T he B achelor study will be completed by an experimental thesis of at least 4 month duration abd its presentation in a colloquium.

280 D ip lo m a S up p lem ent B eisp iele P hy si k, D i p l. -P hy. ( U n i v ersi tä t H a n n o v er)

4. 2 P rogramme R equirements During the training, the phy sics students hav e to acquire broad k nowledge of E xperimental and T heoretical P hy sics as well as fundamental k nowledge of mathematics. T he deep understanding of scientific concepts and the ability to dev elop further academically is most important. T he training of phy sicists is not geared to a high lev el of specialisation; it is meant to prov ide professional sk ills to solv e complex problems.

T he study programme is structured into three interrelated parts:

(i) S y stematic study of basic scientific elements cov ers the first three y ears. I n includes intensiv e courses in M athematics (L inear A lgebra, A naly sis), T heoretical P hy sics (C lassical P hy sics, Quantum T heory, S tatistical P hy sics), E xperimental P hy sics (B asic L ectures with E xperiments, L aboratory C ourses, adv anced L ectures on S olid S tate P hy sics, A tomic and M olecular P hy sics, N uclear and P article P hy sics and Quantum O ptics) and an E lectiv e S ubj ect (to be chosen from C hemistry, E lectrical E ngineering, M echanical E ngineering, C omputer S cience, M eteorology or C omplex A naly sis).

(ii) A dv anced study of selected topics is scheduled for the fourth y ear.

S tudents broaden and deepen their k nowledge and understanding in basic phy sics, applied phy sics and topics outside phy sics in lectures, seminars and adv anced laboratory courses.

(iii) R esearch training with thesis is carried out during the entire final y ear. S tudents are integrated in one of the institutes of the Faculty of P hy sics or its associated institutes in a research group that work s on, for example S pectroscopy and G rav itational W av es or P lasma P hy sics or A tomic P rocesses or E xperimental S olid S tate P hy sics in the field of S urface P hy sics and N anostructures or Quantum O ptics or T heoretical N uclear and P article P hy sics or T heoretical M atter P hy sics or T heoretical Quantum O ptics.

Materialien und Arbeitshilfen 281

S p ra ch- u n d K u l tu rw i ssen scha f ten

E n g l i sche L i tera tu rw., B. A. ( U n i v ersi tä t M a n n hei m )

4. 2 P rogramme R equirements T he completion of the programme recquires the accumulation of 1 80 credits in accordance with the E uropean C redit T ransfer S y stem (E C T S ).

1 2 0 credits hav e to be accumulated in the main subj ect area, and 6 0 credits hav e to be accumulated in the supplementary subj ect area. T he main subj ect area contains foundation modules, in linguistics, literature, cultural studies as well as practical language training, and adv anced modules, in linguistics or literature. T he thesis has to be written in the main subj ect and the candidate has to undergo an obligatory traineeship of at least six week s. T he supplementary subj ect area contains a subsidiary subj ect, consisting of two modules, a social sk ills module and an interdisciplinary cultural studies module.

T he main focus in this course of studies is oriented towards questions relating to the language, literature and culture of G reat B ritain and A merica. During all stages of the programme interdisciplinary course units, either in the form of a series of thematically link ed lectures or team-taught seminars, are offered, thereby facilitating a cross-fertilisation of methodologies and approaches from allied E uropean national literatures and linguistics programmes, as well as, subj ect areas such as philosophy, psy chology and history. W ith regard to the requirements of the labour mark et, the entire programme is accompanied by intensiv e practical language training.

–  –  –

Upper div ision:

Further study of two of the following subdisciplines: ancient history, mediev al history, modern/ contemporary history, B av arian history, auxiliary historical sciences, east and southeast E uropean history and didactics of history ; familiarity with the historical method and tools of historical research; ability to analy se and interpret sources and representations as well as to see special issues in the general v iew; well-founded study of political history, constitutional, economic and social history, ancient, mediev al and modern history of ideas and culture; ability to work independently according to academic principles.

I n terd i sz i p l i n ä re S tu d i en g ä n g e

L i v e S to ck S ci en ce, B. S c. ( U n i v ersi tä t K i el )

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