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«Prepared by Dyfed Archaeological Trust For: Cambrian Mines Trust DYFED ARCHAEOLOGICAL TRUST RHIF YR ADRODDIAD / REPORT NO. 2013/77 RHIF Y DIGWYLLIAD ...»

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10.14.5 With the items being grouped into the initial Cwmystwyth Access and Information Improvement Phase (Phase 1), this would mean that the applications for SMC and consents for working in the SAC, SPA and SSSIs should also be combined, as should a planning application. Initial surveys, such as an archaeological impact assessment, targeted lichen survey and bat surveys for the two adits should also be combined to single phases of work. Combining these surveys for the Phase 1 project would be far more efficient than dealing with them individually. Such works may be funded by the development-stage grant of the HLF Heritage Grant (if successful). The information would also assist with the development of the Conservation Plan 10.14.6 To ensure that the works qualify for larger amounts of funding (eg through the HLF Heritage Grant), the applications would also need to consider the longer term sustainability of the Cwmystwyth Mines site. This is where the Phase 2 part of the project would need to be developed. Within the aspirational items, this had already been considered by CMT in ITEM 9 and ITEM 10, whereby guaranteed income through rental monies would be fed back in to the Trust for future management of the site. It may be worth CMT considering developing the hydro-electric scheme themselves, and bringing in a developing partner to work with them (as opposed to the other way around) as part of the Phase 2 part of the project, thereby ensuring more income from the scheme would pass directly to the Trust for use in the management and promotion of the site in the future.

By developing the hydro-electric scheme along the same route as that built at the turn of the 19th century it also provides an opportunity to provide information for visitors on how the original scheme worked in comparison to the modern one.

Grants may be available to aid with the development of this project. The electricity generated by the hydro-electric scheme could be used to provide the local community with renewable energy.

10.14.7 ITEM 9: Rebuilding of Neville Place and Staff House would be a project aimed to bring revenue into CMT again to ensure the sustainable future of the Cwmystwyth Mines site. Unfortunately feedback from the council indicates that this is unlikely to be granted planning permission. The intention of this aspiration is a commendable one and perhaps needs a rethink as to how such a scheme could be achieved, or alternatively Item 10 could be pursued as a CMT development instead as indicated above.

10.14.8 Other things that might be considered as part of the Phase 2 element of the project could be further consolidation of structures at the site which are unsafe; undertake areas of laser scanning or panoramic photography of the below ground workings, prior to further degradation and use this to construct visual tours of some of the below ground workings for use on website;

development of education resources for and working with local schools;

development of a mobile exhibition which could be taken to various locations in the region (village halls, schools, libraries, museums or galleries) to promote the site to the community and visitors to the region, with displays panels, photographs, exhibits and other media. Such works would further promote the site and provide information on its significance to the wider community, school children and visitors, and allowing virtual access to some of the below ground workings and geological formations.

10.14.9 ITEM 8: Working with Natural Resources Wales for any future water treatment works at the site would be a separate project funded and developed by NRW if it is taken forward. This would not require grant funding and could not be included in any initial applications for planning or other consents at this stage. As noted above there may be other opportunities for NRW to work with CMT to reduce pollution into the Ystwyth, such as through the management of the stream course at the mill to divert it from eroding the fines and slimes dumps.

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10.14.10 ITEM 11: Establishment of a ‘Mid Wales Mining Trail’ would be a collaborative project to involve a number of partners across the metal mining area of mid-Wales. This could be eligible for grant funding from a number of sources, but would need to be developed further with other partners. This aspiration is one which would encourage visitors to the site in the future.

10.14.11 It is essential that any future proposals for the site will not negate the works done in the Cwmystwyth Access and Information Improvement Phase.

The majority of proposed works are very unlikely to cause any effect to the works carried out in this phase, but those associated with any future hydro-electric scheme potentially could. The design of such a scheme would be done to ensure this does not happen, although potentially they could be undertaken at a similar time.

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11.1 The following section presents a summary of the various planning regulations and requirements that will be relevant to the implementation of future works at the Cwmystwyth site. The Cwmystwyth Mines Access and Information Improvement Phase would certainly need to consider the following planning guidance, though the list is not exhaustive. Other regulations and guidance will be necessary where other items in the wish list are taken forward.

 Advertising Guidelines – relevant to the display of signage for the mine and any interpretation boards;

 Highways regulations – applicable for any works located on or adjacent to the highway;

 Welsh Office Circular 60/96: Planning and the Historic Environment:

Archaeology – covers archaeological issues within the planning process.

 Welsh Office Circular 61/96: Planning and the Historic Environment:

Historic Buildings and Conservation Areas – although buildings on the site are not listed, nor is it a Conservation Area some of the principles relating to the built heritage would be applicable to the site

11.2 Ceredigion County Council has produced a document which provides details of what should be included with a planning application ‘National Requirements for Planning Applications at Ceredigion County Council’1. The online document is most useful in identifying the various documents and assessments that should be included with a planning application, dependent on the nature of development and where the site is located. In the case for the proposed Cwmystwyth Mines Access and Information Improvement Phase the following information will (probably) be required, supported by this Management

and Protection Plan:

 Design and Access Statement – The council recommends initial consultation to establish the scope of the D&A statement. The two component parts of the statement should identify and explain how issues such as context, scale, use, sustainability and landscape have been addressed through an inclusive design. For small projects, the access and design components will be fully combined into one short statement to describe in simple terms how design and access issues relevant to the

application, have been considered and addressed – to include:

environmental sustainability;

 movement to, from and within the development  character  community safety   Ownership Certificates - Under Article 7 of the Town and Country Planning (General Development Procedure) Order 1995, the local planning must see proof of ownership of the site.

 Plans and Drawings – including site plans, block plans, existing and proposed.

 Community Impact Assessment – This might be a useful document to include, combining more local opinion on the project and more detail on how the works will benefit the community in the longer term.


–  –  –

 Ecological/Geological Survey Assessment – As the site is covered by European and National designations, it will be necessary to have such assessments in place to support the planning application. Such information will be necessary to support applications for consents and licences as well.

 Heritage Statement – As the site is a Scheduled Ancient Monument a heritage statement will be required. Detailed historic backgrounds already exist for the site, so it is most likely that an impact assessment would be required. This would combine existing knowledge with the potential impacts from the various items outlined in the Access and Information Improvement Project.

 Protected Species Survey and Assessment – initial surveys targeted at the specific areas identified within the Access and Information Improvement Project will be needed. Again this would support both the planning application and applications for consents/licences.

 Bilingual Statement – to confirm that the interpretation boards, information leaflets, websites and all signage will be bilingual.

 Land Contamination Assessment – as noted in Item 3A Section 9, such information will be necessary to support the proposals for management of the stream course next to the mill.

 Landscape Assessment – This may be necessary as the works in the mill area would alter the landscape to some extent. Obviously it is intended that the Access and Information Improvement Project cause as little change to the landscape of the site.

 Photographs and Photomontages – A series of photographs of the site and the various locations for access and information improvements could be included with the application. Much of this would be included with any Design and Access Statement, Heritage Statement of Landscape Assessment undertaken for the site.

11.3 The above information should also consider any works that the CMT would like to take forward as the Phase 2 element of the project. This could include the hydro-electric scheme, below ground recording and remediation works of structures.

–  –  –


12.1 The responsibilities of CMT in terms of adits, level and shaft entrances are discussed above in Section 8. In summary as the site is open access land, all known adits, levels and shafts must be secured to prevent accidental access by members of the public which could result in injury. Additional signage and other warning information about the site and its dangers as a whole should be used to demonstrate that all reasonable measures are being taken to prevent accidental access into the below ground workings or injury on other parts of the site.

12.2 The site area contains heavy metal contaminants (zinc and lead specifically). No bare soil should be touched without gloves. Hand-washing / cleaning facilities should be made available on-site to any contractor (or volunteer) who will be working on the delivery of any items within the wish list (most specifically Items 1 to 7 at this stage). Hands should be washed before eating and drinking.

12.3 A health and safety plan should be developed for the delivery of the Cwmystwyth Access and Information Improvement Plan. This would highlight potential health and safety risks for the whole of the project. Specialist advice should be sought in the preparation of this document as elements will involve below ground working.

12.4 Access to below ground workings is possible at Cwmystwyth by experienced mine explorers and cavers, assuming they have been given permission by CMT and are appropriately equipped (which must be appropriate and in full working order). Ensuring the above is being adhered to it is also necessary that the individuals or groups accessing the mines will be members of the British Caving Association (BCA) and therefore covered by the BCA Public Liability Insurance (limit of indemnity is £5 million). CMT are an Access Controlling Body to the mines as defined by the BCA, and thus they are covered by the Zurich public liability insurance and also by the BCAs own £250,000 indemnity to landowners. Any seasonal or other restrictions into specific adits due to bats will be made known to any groups who ask for permission to access the workings.

12.5 The mines are not accessible to general members of the public, with maintained barriers covering the entrances to the known adits, levels and shafts.

Warning signs have been erected in the mine entrances and these will be replaced with more permanent signage as part of the Cwmystwyth Mines Access and Information Improvement Project.

–  –  –


13.1 The Cwmystwyth Mines site is recognised as being one of national importance in terms of archaeological and heritage value, as well as for its ecology and biodiversity, and its geological importance. The site has evidence for 4000 years of mining, from the Bronze Age through to the early 20 th century.

13.2 The site area was purchased by the Cambrian Mines Trust from the Crown Estates in 2012 with the aim of improving accessibility to the site and providing more information to visitors on its significance, in terms of archaeology, ecology and geology.

13.3 The area owned by CMT is almost entirely within the defined area of the Scheduled Ancient Monument. The CMT owned area lies almost entirely within the Elenydd Special Area of Conservation, the majority of it lies within the Elenydd Mallaen Special Protection Area, it is also covered by the Elenydd and Mwyngloddfa Cwmystwyth Sites of Special Scientific Interest. These are all statutory designations protecting the archaeology, ecology and geology of the site.

13.4 The present management regime across the site area is quite limited.

Graziers rights across the land are held by a number of the local farmers, which is acknowledged in the various ecological designations as something which should be maintained at its present level as this manages vegetation levels. The site area is also monitored by graziers as they access the site to check on livestock.

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