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«Prepared by Dyfed Archaeological Trust For: Cambrian Mines Trust DYFED ARCHAEOLOGICAL TRUST RHIF YR ADRODDIAD / REPORT NO. 2013/77 RHIF Y DIGWYLLIAD ...»

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ITEM 11: Establishment of a ‘Mid Wales Mining Trail’ Working with other mine sites and attractions, such as those at Llywernog Mining Museum at Pont Erwyd and those at Devil’s Bridge developing a trail across the mid-Wales ore field for visitors to learn more about the metal mining industry of the area and its extent. The trail could include hiking routes or driving routes, as well as shuttle buses between sites (in a similar fashion to the Pembrokeshire coast shuttle buses).

Aims: To improve access to metal mining sites and education of visitors to the region and local communities.

Benefits: Increased knowledge of the mining heritage, ecology and geology of the region. Increased visitor numbers and thus economical benefits for local communities and the region.

Costs: Uncertain at this stage.

Key Issues: The scope of this work is uncertain at this stage and much may be developed as information leaflets or a website and therefore not have any direct issues with the Cwmystwyth Mines site. Footpath signage may be needed. It would increase the number of visitors to the site so the above aspiration Tasks 1 to 7 works would need to be implemented prior to this being undertaken to ensure managed access and interpretation is in place.

Partners: CMT will provide full support for the development of the trail, and likely partners would include other heritage attractions and former mine site owners in the region, local businesses/hotels/restaurants etc, WMPT, Cadw, RCAHMW and Ceredigion County Council.

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10.1 The following list highlights some of the potential funding opportunities that are available to the Cambrian Mines Trust. The aims of the CMT and a number of the aspirations they have for the site will mean that they would qualify for consideration of a grant from the various bodies, but does not mean that any application would necessarily be successful. Other funding sources, specifically those for the promotion of the geology or bio-diversity, may exist but these have not been identified at this stage.


10.2 Some of the proposed works at the site will have a direct benefit for the long term preservation of the Scheduled Ancient Monument and would therefore be eligible for consideration of an application for Ancient Monument’s Grant.

Additional pieces of work or recording of both above and below ground works could also be eligible for funding through Cadw grant-aid via Dyfed Archaeological Trust as specific projects (unrelated to development). The Cadw Civic Initiative Grant Fund may also be a possible funding source, which can provide small scale match funded grants for up to £5000 for interpretative materials (such as panels and plaques). Match funding for this grant money would have to be non-Welsh Government funding.

Cefn Croes Wind Farm Community Trust Fund

10.3 The main aims of the CMT, especially in terms of the Cwmystwyth site, are for the education of the public through works that they aspire to do at mineral extraction and processing sites. At Cwmystwyth, improving knowledge and understanding of the site and improving access, will hopefully make it one that visitors will choose to come to. In turn this should lead to an economic boost for the area, bringing in more spending to local shops, businesses, restaurants, cafes, hotels etc. The CMT would therefore qualify for consideration of a grant from the Fund. The Fund provides grants mostly in under £10,000, but has provided as much as £30,000 for one project. Grants are awarded annually.

http://ponterwyd.pumlumon.org.uk/index.php?page=104&lang=eng Ceredigion County Council

10.4 There are possibilities of funding through community grants or European Convergence / Rural Development Programme funding as the aims of the CMT are for improvement of education and increase in visitors, leading to an associated economic boost for the region. Other routes to European Rural Development programme funding may be available outside of the County Council. The Environmental Control section of the council may have access to Local Environmental Quality / Greener, Cleaner Tranquil Place funding which CMT may be eligible to apply for. These funds have a £60,000 ceiling level.

Heritage Lottery Fund

10.5 The aims of the CMT and the future aspirations for the Cwmystwyth Mines site fits in well with the criteria for a number of the funding stream offered by the HLF. The ‘Our Heritage’ fund for grants of between £10,000 to £100,000 (HLF 2013a) or ‘Heritage Grants’ for grants of over £100,000 (HLF 2013b) would be the most appropriate for Cwmystwyth, although both are very competitive. The

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outcomes the HLF require projects to deliver for both funds include the following (taken from the Our Heritage/Heritage Grant application guidelines):

Outcomes for heritage:

 better managed  in better condition  better interpreted and explained  identified/recorded

Outcomes for people:

 developed skills  learnt about heritage  changed their attitudes and/or behaviour  had an enjoyable experience  volunteered time

Outcomes for communities:

 negative environmental impacts will be reduced  more people and a wider range of people will have engaged with heritage  your local area/community will be a better place to live, work or visit  your local economy will be boosted  your organisation will be more resilient

10.6 As a minimum the HLF would expect projects to achieve one outcome for heritage and one outcome for people (Our Heritage) and one for communities (Heritage Grant). For Cwmystwyth the majority of the outcomes would be addressed for all categories. There have been a number of successful HLF applications for industrial and mining sites across the UK, including the King Edward Mine in Cornwall and the Mining Memories project in Cannock Chase.

10.7 The Heritage Grant application is undertaken in two stages, the first application stage unlocks the development stage of the project, for which a development grant may be available which could cover the planning applications, consent applications and other relevant surveys required. The second round application is for the delivery-grant request. For larger projects the HLF would require a Conservation Plan (HLF 2012) to be submitted at the development stage. The majority of the requirements of this plan would be included in information needed for SMC and SSSI consents and the planning application, but would require a specialist to put the plan together in a form that would comply with HLF requirements.

Natural Resources Wales

10.8 Applications could be made to NRW for grant aid, including applications for grants through the European Union Water Framework Directive (WMF) and/or the Resilient Eco-sytems Fund as the works will reduce the amount of pollutants presently eroding from fines and slimes dumps directly into the River Ystwyth due to the route of the un-managed water course. Other opportunities of working with NRW could be explored for other pollution reducing in general terms for the

improvement of pollution at the site, including the following funding source:

–  –  –

http://naturalresourceswales.gov.uk/apply-buy-report/apply-buygrid/grants/?lang=en#.U0UJTfldVDI The Prince’s Countryside Fund

10.9 One of the funding streams previously focussed on reconnecting people with the countryside, which may have been applicable for Cwmystwyth.

Unfortunately this is no longer offered as a primary objective for a project. It is possible that this could be jointly considered with the ‘Improve the sustainability of rural communities’ criteria. The Prince of Wales has visited the area previously so must know something of the site, and with his interest in history/heritage this may be worth pursuing.

http://www.princescountrysidefund.org.uk/ Royal Commission on the Ancient and Historical Monuments of Wales (RCAHMW)

10.10 Although not a grants offering body, there may be opportunities for survey and recording of the site as part of the work of the RCAHMW Reconnaissance and Survey section (no cost to the Trust). RCAHMW could undertake initial survey work to support applications for funding (preliminary surveys may be needed as part of the application process for some grants) or survey work could add value or in-kind contribution to grant funded projects (again something which would support any applications for funding). The RCAHMW would not assist with commercial projects.

Welsh Mines Preservation Trust

10.11 Application for grants to assist with preparation of interpretation boards as they promote the history and archaeology of the mining site. Alternatively WMPT members could be approached to provide volunteer time to assist with recording projects or research.

Bat Conservation Trust

10.12 The aims of the Cambrian Mines Trust will promote the biodiversity of the site and ensure that visitors to the site are aware that they should not do anything to disturb bats; there may be small grants available from the Bat Conservation Trust. One of the aims of the Trust is also to keep access to the mines open for researchers, including bat specialists (as is a requirement of the Mwyngloddfa Cwmystwyth SSSI citation) then there is the possibility of funded training for a dedicated Cwmystwth bat specialist.

Research Project through Brunel University

10.13 An application for a research project has been made by Brunel University with a number of other partners (including CMT) which includes research work being undertaken at the Cwmystwyth site. Unfortunately the nature of the research is such that it is presently confidential to protect intellectual copyright for the time being. If successful, this could release funds for improvements at the site, which would assist with access and implementation of the research project and at the same time ensuring that such works would be beneficial to the site.

–  –  –

Other possible funding sources  Lord Barnby’s Foundation Trust - grants of £1000 - £5000, including for environment, conservation and heritage  The H B Allen Charitable Trust – no restrictions on types of projects for which grants will be offered, but they do prioritise – and relevant to Cwmystwyth could be Environment/wildlife/animals. No limit on size of grants.

 Esmee Fairburn Trust – provides grants for Heritage projects and those for the environment. Grants are generally between £10,000 and £150,000

10.14 Funding Applications 10.14.1 To achieve the best way forward a mix of grants should be applied for to cover the majority of the works proposed by the CMT and discussed in Section 9.

10.14.2 Although separated into 11 individual items on the task list, it is proposed that a number would be grouped together to form a single Phase 1 project, although consideration and development of a second phase of works should also be considered and combined within any application. Thereby funding would be sought for the Phase 1 and Phase 2 combined proposals.

10.14.3 The following items from the aspiration list should be grouped into the Phase 1 part of the project – hereinafter called the Cwmystwyth Access and Information Improvement Phase.

ITEM 1: Signage to indicate ownership ITEM 2: Improved interpretation panels and signage ITEM 3: Improvement of the area adjacent to the B4574 to the south of the mill Item 3A: Managing the stream course Item 3B: Managing access to the mill area of the site ITEM 4: Improved Car Parking across the site area ITEM 5: Re-opening of the original track to the mine yard ITEM 6: Restoration of the portal to Level Fawr and improvement of underground access ITEM 7: Restoration and improvement to the packwall entranceway and portal to Taylor’s Level 10.14.4 All of the above items for the Phase 1 part of the project are focussed on the improvement of the site in terms of public accessibility, education and understanding as well as the preservation of the site both above and below ground for the future (whether through preservation in-situ or through preservation through record). They would thus qualify for application for funding from Cadw, Cefn Croes Wind Farm Community Fund, Ceredigion County Council and the HLF. The interpretation panels would include information on the heritage as well as bio-diversity and geology of the site and thus also potentially qualify for funding from the above sources as well as potentially The Prince’s Countryside Fund, NRW and the Bat Conservation Trust. The works would also prevent further erosion of the fines and slimes dumps leading to pollution directly into the River Ystwyth and thus further NRW grants may be available, as well as supporting any application for HLF funding.

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