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«LEARNING TO INTERVIEW Learning to Interview in the Social Sciences Kathryn Roulston Kathleen deMarrais Jamie B. Lewis University of Georgia A large ...»

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668 QUALITATIVE INQUIRY / August 2003 Kathryn Roulston is an assistant professor in the Qualitative Inquiry Program, Department of Educational Psychology, at the University of Georgia.

Her research interests take in qualitative research methodology and the application of conversational and ethnomethodological approaches to research topics, including music education. Her current research investigates young children’s music preferences.

Kathleen deMarrais is a professor and coordinator of the Qualitative Inquiry Program, Department of Educational Psychology, at the University of Georgia. Her research interests include qualitative research methodologies, qualitative pedagogy, and the preparation of teachers for diverse communities. Her current research investigates female teachers’ emotions, particularly anger, in school and classroom contexts.

Jamie B. Lewis is a doctoral candidate in social foundations of education at the University of Georgia. Her research interests include historical and qualitative research methodologies and the sociopolitical and historical contexts of education for marginalized groups. Her dissertation examines the production of segregated education as a social problem.

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