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User’s Guide

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Data Loggers

User Guide


1.  Document Overview

2.  Product Overview

3.  Technical Specifications

4.  Buttons and LED Indicators

5.  Packaging List

6.  Installation of the Software

7.  Using the Software

7.1.  Front Page

7.2.  Main Page

7.3.  Configuration of a Data Logger (Start on Disconnection)

7.4.  Saving a Configuration File

7.5.  Loading a Configuration from File

7.6.  Retrieving Logged Data

7.7.  Viewing Logged Data from File

7.8.  Configuration of a Data Logger (Start at Specified Time)

7.9.  Configuration of a Data Logger (Start using Button Press)

7.10.  Configuration of a Data Logger (Real Time Logging)

8.  Mounting Guidelines

9.  Battery Replacement

10.  Technical Support

Revision 1.0.5

–  –  –

This guide is provided to distribute the following information:

 the main features of data logger  how to install the software for the logger  how to use the software for configuration, data extraction and data viewing  how to mount your data logger  how to replace the battery for the data logger  contact information should you have further technical questions

–  –  –

The OM-90 Series are compact temperature / humidity data loggers measuring just 35mm x 60mm x 15mm. These data loggers are commonly used in transport applications including but not limited to

transport of:

–  –  –

The OM-90 Series comes in two versions; OM-91 is a temperature only version and OM-92 is a temperature and humidity logger. This document applies for both versions.

–  –  –

Suppose for example you would like to transport some delicate or fragile cargo from one location to another. By attachment of a data logger one can record temperature and humidity conditions during the journey. At the destination you can then extract the logged data using very simple software and see graphically or in raw data format the changes in environment over time.

When you would like to guarantee that items are transported within particular environmental limits then one can also set operating ranges above or below which light indicators will be activated so that the user can become aware that the desired transportation conditions have been exceeded.

Revision 1.0.5 Page 4 Figure 2: Data Logger Indicators The data logger offers accurate and repeatable logging for temperature and relative humidity.

Temperature is measured to an accuracy of +0.3oC over the range +5oC to +60oC. Over the full range oC to +80oC the accuracy is +2.0oC. Relative humidity is measured to an accuracy of +2.0% over 20% to 80% humidity range and +3.0% over 0% to 100%. Both temperature and relative humidity are logged at a user configurable logging rate which can be set in software.

The data logger is equipped with the largest logging memory when compared with comparable portable logging devices currently available. The data logger has provision for an impressive 65520 records, each of which is a time-stamped recording of temperature and humidity.

–  –  –

The data logger includes one button located on the side of the logger. It is possible by configuration in the software to use this button as a way to start and stop logging. See section 7.9 Configuration of a Data Logger (Start using Button Press)

–  –  –

The logger contains two LED indicators - LED left and LED right with the following functionality:

Status LED  When the logger starts logging then this LED pulses green once for 1 second.

 When logging this LED pulses green for 7 milliseconds and off for 6 seconds.

 When the logger stops then this LED pulses red for 1 second then off forever.

Alarm LED  When a temperature or humidity alarm is triggered this LED pulses red for 7 milliseconds and off for 6 seconds.

–  –  –

Installation of the software is very simple. The data logger needs no special drivers since it is a USB HID device and such devices can make use of the standard drivers that come with Windows. Simply install the software from the CD included with the data logger.

In order to use this software consult the next section – Section 7 "Using the Software".

–  –  –

When the software is started the welcome screen appears and gives a brief introduction to the data loggers and what they can be used for.

 Click on the Configuration Wizard Button to start configuration of the logger.

 Click on the Graph Button if you want to view data graphically.

 Click on the Raw Data Button if you want to view logger data as a table.

–  –  –

The main page of the software consists of a configuration pane, a graphical pane and a spreadsheet pane. It is possible to have any of these enabled or disabled by the buttons located top left in the window. The panes will automatically start in an enabled or disabled view depending on the viewing mode select from the front page.

–  –  –

Buttons are also included for saving/loading configuration and logged data to and from file.

There is also a button for selection between Celsius or Fahrenheit temperature scales.

A connection indication on the right hand side becomes blue when your application is connected to a data logger and is greyed-out otherwise.

Finally a home icon provides a link back to the front page.

–  –  –

Configuration of the data logger starts by specifying the device name. Up to 16 characters is allowed in the  name.        Figure 11: Configuration Step (Start on Disconnection)      Next select the logger start to On Disconnection. There are other options (At Specified Time, Button Press  and Real Time Logging) which will be discussed in later sections of this manual.    Select the logging interval (this is the time between samples).    For temperature logging then one needs to enable or disable the logging. In the case the temperature  logging is enabled then one can also set alarm thresholds for which the alarm indication will signify that  temperature limits have been exceeded.    Revision 1.0.5 Page 12 Similarly for humidity one needs to enable or disable the logging and configure the alarm limits.    Finally to save the configuration setup to the data logger, press the Configure Button.        Figure 12: Write Configuration to the Logger      Once configured the software will show the logger time will be synchronized to the PC time. The logger  firmware revision will also appear in the application.    Once you disconnect the logger from the PC, logging will start automatically and at the configured logging  interval. A green light will flash every 6 seconds to indicate that the unit is logging. The red light will flash  also in the case that the temperature or humidity goes outside of the allowed limits and triggers the alarms.    If the logger becomes full then all lights will stop flashing.   

–  –  –

Configurations can be saved to file so that you can use the configuration next time or if you have multiple devices with the same configuration.

Saving a configuration file is just a matter of selecting the save icon and filling out the file name. If the logger contains no logged data then it will only save the configuration settings. Configuration and logged data is stored in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format.

–  –  –

Loading a configuration file from disk is just a matter of selecting the open icon and selecting the configuration file name. This upload presents a simple way to configure multiple loggers with the same configuration. This ensures a common configuration and saves time/effort when configuring multiple devices.

–  –  –

Data can be retrieved from the logger by connecting to the logger and then pressing the read button at the bottom left of the software.

Both the device configuration and logged data will immediately become uploaded and viewable in the configuration, graphical and spreadsheet views.

Zooming in and out of the graphs can be achieved by the following controls:

 To Zoom In - Drag the left mouse button  To Zoom Out - Click the right mouse button  When zoomed in you can move around using the key-board arrows or the mouse scroll wheel To write data and configuration to file, press the save icon. Data and configuration is then stored in Comma Separated Value (CSV) format which can be edited by third party software such as Microsoft Excel or read back into the data logger software at a later point.

–  –  –

It is a simple matter to read back data from file (CSV format) into the software and view previous logs graphically or using the spreadsheet views. Simply press the open icon and then select the file which you would like to view.

–  –  –

You can configure a device so that it starts at a specific time. Configure as per section 7.3 but select At Specified Time. Fill in the exact month, day, hour, minute and seconds when you want the logging to start.

Remember to write the setup to the logger by pressing the Configure Button.

When you have disconnected the logger and the time reaches the desired start time for the logging then the logger will begin to log. This is a perfect way to have multiple loggers start logging at exactly the same time.

–  –  –

You can also configure the device so that it starts logging on a button press. Configure as per section 7.3 but select Button Press.

Remember to write the setup to the logger by pressing the Configure Button.

When you have disconnected the logger you can start logging by a simple button press. You will then see it is logging because the green light starts flashing every 6 seconds. You can also stop it using a button press – and all lights will stop flashing.

Figure 19: Configuration Step (Start using Button Press) 

–  –  –

You may also use your data logger in Real Time Logging mode. Select the start logging to Real Time Logging with the appropriate logging interval. Next press start. You will then see the software take samples from the logger directly and display them on the table and graphs. This is a way to monitor temperature and humidity conditions directly from your PC instead of using the remote logging.

–  –  –

There is no particular limitation with regard to transporting your data logger. The logger may be fastened to a transportation container or loosely packed.

It is recommended however to keep some air space around the ventilation slots on the logger or else the logger may take longer to track humidity and temperature changes.

9. Battery Replacement Your data logger uses a CR2450 3V Lithium-Ion battery.

In order to replace the battery:

 First un-mount the logger.

 Next the cover needs to unscrewed and removed.

 The old battery should then be removed and a new battery inserted. Please try not to touch any exposed electronics in the process.

 Finally attach the cover again with screws.

10. Technical Support

For technical support questions please contact Omega at:

–  –  –

The information contained in this document is believed to be correct, but OMEGA accepts no liability for any errors it contains, and reserves the right to alter specifications without notice.

WARNING: These products are not designed for use in, and should not be used for, human applications.


OMEGA ENGINEERING, INC. warrants this unit to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 13 months from date of purchase. OMEGA’s WARRANTY adds an additional one (1) month grace period to the normal one (1) year product warranty to cover handling and shipping time. This ensures that OMEGA’s customers receive maximum coverage on each product.

If the unit malfunctions, it must be returned to the factory for evaluation. OMEGA’s Customer Service Department will issue an Authorized Return (AR) number immediately upon phone or written request.

Upon examination by OMEGA, if the unit is found to be defective, it will be repaired or replaced at no charge. OMEGA’s WARRANTY does not apply to defects resulting from any action of the purchaser, including but not limited to mishandling, improper interfacing, operation outside of design limits, improper repair, or unauthorized modification. This WARRANTY is VOID if the unit shows evidence of having been tampered with or shows evidence of having been damaged as a result of excessive corrosion;

or current, heat, moisture or vibration; improper specification; misapplication; misuse or other operating conditions outside of OMEGA’s control. Components in which wear is not warranted, include but are not limited to contact points, fuses, and triacs.

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