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«An Ant Colony Optimisation Algorithm for the Bounded Diameter Minimum Spanning Tree Problem ausgef¨hrt am u Institut f¨r Computergraphik und ...»

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Generally it can be noted, that the ACO algorithm is very slow in the beginning of the computation process, as the solutions constructed in this phase are very poor and the variable neighbourhood descent part can substantially improve these solutions, but this local improvement step is very time consuming. As time proceeds the artificial ants will construct better and better solutions, due to the information stored in the pheromone matrix. As a consequence the neighbourhood descent part needs less and less time to improve these solutions. So the time required for one iteration decreases over the whole runtime of the ACO algorithm, as the time needed by an artificial ant to build a solution is constant.


This master thesis proposed an ant colony optimisation algorithm for the bounded diameter minimum spanning tree problem. Its main characteristic is that it makes use of a local optimisation heuristic, namely a variable neighbourhood descent, to improve overall solution quality. This VND approach is based on four different neighbourhood structures for the BDMST problem, namely Edge Exchange, Node Swap, Centre Exchange and Level Change. When developing these neighbourhood structures main focus was on an efficient and fast exploration of a certain neighbourhood, for example computing only cost differences when evaluating a solution. For two of them, namely Node Swap and Level Change, an incremental enumeration, applied after having identified and executed the most profitable move, was presented. This incremental exploration could not reduce the theoretical worst case time complexity, but accelerated computation essential in practise.

Another important characteristic of the ant colony optimisation algorithm, developed within the context of this master thesis, is the way artificial ants construct solutions. A tree is not built by starting from a single node and successive connecting the remaining ones, but ants distribute the nodes to various levels, since given this level information always a local optimal minimum spanning tree ensuring the diameter bound can be derived in an easy and straightforward way.

To evaluate the overall performance of the ant colony optimisation algorithm it was compared to the so-far-leading variable neighbourhood search implementation for the BDMST, that operates on the same neighbourhood structures, as well as to three evolutionary algorithms, namely a permutation, a random-key and a edge-set coded EA. Results on complete Euclidean instances turned out, that when considering solution quality the ACO algorithm is not only superior to the EAs but also to the VNS, especially on larger instances. In case the computation time is highly restricted the solutions provided by the ACO algorithm are in-between those of the EAs and those of the VNS.

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without a time limit. A starting point for further research activities could be to adapt this ACO approach in a way that it also works on instances where the underlying graph is incomplete or, since the ACO algorithm was only compared to other metaheuristics on Euclidean instances, to test its effectiveness on random instances.


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